20 Painfully Relatable Tweets About Mommy Exhaustion

There is a universal truth that any mommy with a new baby is in want of some sleep! I wish I could say sleep happens after they're out of the newborn phase but that's not necessarily true. Some moms have all the luck, a great pregnancy, a great delivery and a baby that sleeps! But that easy going baby who just seems to go with the flow is a rare find, and so there is a whole community of moms dubbed “Team No Sleep” for obvious reasons. They’re up all day, up all night, and still have to work, watch other kids, and function? Is “function” a real word? I think it’s more like “survive!”

At least these sleepless moms can band together, support each other and instil hope of better days where sleep may return to them. These “Mombies” are so exhausted that they relate better to the walking dead than human beings they used to know.

The lack of sleep can make us irritable, frazzled and forgetful, but thankfully these 20 tweets exist to let you know you’re not alone! There is an entire army of Mombies out there fighting the no sleep battle, and they’re winning the fight by keeping the funny going, even when it’s so true, it kinda hurts!

20 Mombies Unite

Poor moms, to call themselves mombies, you know they're in a rough spot. Company @PoguUK sure has some fun tweets, they're a safety brand, but surely it's a brand run by a fellow mombie! You can just tell from the tweet below! This company knows all about the hardships of being a mom, especially one with many sleepless nights. The meme sums up our pain perfectly.

We look "meh," we need our coffee fix, we only communicate on a need-to basis so don't be surprised if it's mostly a grunt and we definitely look lost in our thoughts, because, well, mom brain is simply at its worst when you're trying to manage on little to no sleep. If you happen to stumble upon a struggling mombie, best not to stare, but if you do, it's certainly welcome if you approach with coffee, you'll bring them back to life that way!

19 Who Needs An Alarm Clock?

Twitter user @Jru321 is a mommy blogger to 3 little munchkins so she knows exactly what no sleep is all about! If you had an alarm clock before you had kids, chances are you don't have one anymore, because who needs one when your kids are up at the crack of dawn? I certainly don't need mine anymore, gave mine away and hope I'll need one again someday because right now, sleeping in looks like 6am! As soon as the little ones are in toddler beds, all bets are off!

This mommy took an adorable photo to go along with her very honest tweet. A very familiar photo of kids invading bed space, and here's the kicker, she's already got enough company because she's pregnant too! Hey boys, give mom a break! Haven't you ever heard three's a crowd?

18 No Sleep For You

Getting up multiple times a night is sure to turn you into a mombie in no time! Emily Carmona painfully describes what her nights have been like and I'm sure many moms know the struggle of trying to be alert and ready for the day when you've had an entire night of interrupted sleep!

YouTuber mommy of 2 girls @EmilyCarmonat perfectly sums up a night in the life of momming with little ones who don't understand what bed time means! Emily makes light of the current situation by calling it a new “routine” but I’m certain she’s hoping this routine won’t stick around forever! You can hear the pain in her tweet, the sleepless nights are taking their toll and there isn’t enough coffee in the world to help her stay awake for an entire day!

17 Multi-Tasking Until It Hurts

They really should hand out capes in the delivery room because from the moment you leave that hospital, you've become super mom because you sort of have to be! We learn to multitask in ways we never thought possible and the multitasking only gets more complicated as the kids get older. As babies they have many needs and you have many things you want to get done, but when they're older you have to juggle your job, their schooling, lunches, dinner, after school programs, sports, extra classes, and it all adds up quite quickly leaving mom feeling pretty overwhelmed.

Somehow, even while completely exhausted, we somehow get it done! @Eastonsmomma12 is a perfect example of that ridiculous juggling we have to do sometimes. How is any tired mombie supposed to do 21 hours worth of work in 2 days when momming is already a full time job?

16 All Work And Nope!

All work and no play makes mommy absolutely exhausted! @theimpossiblekj's face says it all, just look into those eyes and tell me she looks thrilled about her current situation. I'm not even sure how she's able to look as fab as she does on only 3 hours of sleep! I would definitely not be as put together. After a long day, all this momma wants to do is have a break, but guess who won't cooperate with their own bedtime? The boys of course! Not only are they not sleeping, mom still has stuff to do before she can go to bed, isn't that always the case. We need the kids to go to bed so we can prepare for the next day to just do it all over again! My goodness!

15 Get Your Paws Off My Coffee

That tiny little hand better back off real quick, because no one, I repeat no one should ever mess with a mombie's morning coffee, it's essentially what keeps tired moms alive! Funny momma @khadeejakalanad certainly knows how to bring the giggles with her tweets. This cute snap perfectly illustrates the struggle between momma and baby. Just when you find something that will allow you to function in the adult world, baby is there ready to take it away! This mombie isn't afraid to confess that coffee has become her life force, it's what keeps her going when there's not much left to give! Standing for one can be very difficult, but somehow that beautiful scent of brewing coffee can wake a mombie struggling with her morning routine. So let's all take a moment to praise the coffee for its superpowers.

14 There's Nothing Pretty About Mornings

Funtastic mum @whitbert certainly brings the honesty with this tweet and a pretty stellar photo that's sure to brighten anyone's day! There are days where we just want to feel beautiful, unfortunately being tired doesn't make us feel all that glamourous. Somedays it's hard to get out the make-up or even care about what clothing we throw on, somedays it's just about the survival and nothing more! Whitney hilariously points out that, hey! at least the sky looks good right now, but a few cups of coffee from her coffee run can surely fix those sleepy eyes. Coffee can help us spring into action, and it can apparently also help us begin to appreciate mornings again and how beautiful they can be. It’s hard to find time to pause a moment, but a coffee run is that much needed refreshment, a tiny break for your sanity.

13 Mom Brain

Mommy brain is a real thing! I didn't realize how forgetful I could be until I became a mom! This tweet is one of mine and I do mombie quite often @thepoeticzombie, which is why it feels so good to know I'm not alone in the sleep deprivation battle! I'm not the first mombie to do something weird while my brain decided to go on holiday, and I certainly won't be the last.

This is one of my tweets from summer holidays, which aren't entirely holidays with two super active munchkins running about and refusing to sleep because there's too many fun things happening! Imagine my surprise when I took the first sip of my morning coffee to find it tasting tangy instead of that familiar bitter and sweet flavour combo. Yeah, I guess I was sleep walking or something, because orange juice and milk certainly look different!

12 Sleepy Showers

Poor Shari managed to find time for a shower in the hopes that it would not only help her winddown and wake up, but instead of using conditioner to moisturize her tired hair, she placed body wash on instead, no big deal, but certainly won't do the same job.

11 Team No Sleep

Poor @averi_delahunt has clearly not slept in quite some time, her tweets reflect many sleepless nights with no end in sight! A week of sleep deprivation can seem like years and for this momma the struggle is certainly real! "I'm so tired my tired is tired" should be every momma's mantra, because it's unfortunately incredibly true! You can't possibly be more tired than a mombie! Averi admits that there's no such thing as waking up blissfully from her slumber, because guess what, there is no slumber, no beauty sleep, no nada! You know what they say, if you can't get the sleep you need, you might as well get all the coffee you need. Okay, given, no one actually says that, but if you're a mombie, you're feeling it!

10 Everybody's Working For The Weekend

Party planning when you're super tired is a special kind of torture. You obviously want to enjoy and have friends and family over for special events, especially your child's first birthday. Sometimes we also forget that it's okay to ask for help and sometimes we take on too much. We are guilty of going all out for first birthdays, cake smashes, amazing toys, lots of guests, balloons, special cakes, colour themes, and all that planning can only add to that massive amount of tired you already feel.

@BabyAdventurous admits that seeing other parents perfectly plan a party just makes them feel less efficient, sometimes we're all just trying to survive the week, and that's sometimes a win in and of itself! We need to be less critical of ourselves, comparing ourselves to other parents is exhausting too! Do you!

9 Level Up

Apparently, you can even be out-mombied! That's right, let's see who went with the least amount of sleep! This is for sure not a contest anyone wants to win, it's more out of necessity than want. Twitter user @Mombiehood is all about that sleepless mom life and at least they're keeping it funny out there on the internetz because tired mom's certainly need a good laugh, or they'll cry!

Mombiehood confessed to doing a late-night laundry sesh only to be out mombied by her pal who took a shower at 1:30 in the morning just to be able to shower without interruptions! Jeez! Remember when 1:30am felt way too early to call it a night? Yeah, neither do I. Still being up at 1:30am means someone's gonna be a mombie the next day!

8 Selective Hearing

What is it with kids and their selective hearing? They never hear us yelling their names, but they certainly hear us whispering words like "ice cream" and "candy." It certainly has something to do with what interests them and grabs their attention at the time. The same is true with their sleep patterns, they may not hear the loud beeping of a car alarm outside, but they will hear mom and dad's soft snores and that's enough to make them jump out of bed!

Tara @TARAxVx has many tweets about how her sleep patterns have changed since having her son River, she even claims it's been six months since she's slept! She’s at a loss as to why her son will sleep through fireworks, but not a tiny sneeze? I guess she better stop sneezing or months like those are going to continue.

7 Alone Time?

It seems that kid free time is like the holy grail of parenting. It's something we rarely get and it's really only a couple of hours a night unless you stay up way later than you should, thus resulting in a mombie-like state the next day. It's so tempting to stay up until midnight, think of all the things you could get done! You could clean, prepare things for the next day, laundry, uninterrupted bath or shower, organize, surf the web, work out, online shop, Netflix until you pass out. Unfortunately, you can't do them all, or you can, but you forfeit sleep entirely, and last time I checked, humans need sleep, especially parents to little ones! The amount of energy it takes to get through a full day with them requires a good night's sleep, but sometimes we all get a little greedy, myself included and think, hey what's another hour in front of the screen I'm enjoying myself and it's quiet for once!

6 Define Sleep Again

Once upon a time sleep existed, but as moms everywhere began to stop believing in it, it disappeared entirely, never to return again! Okay, sad story, but it's true, how many of us miss sleep and worry it will never come back to us? I worry I might even become so accustomed to my kid’s schedules that I'll never sleep solidly through the night again! It's terrifying! Even brilliant comedienne Amy Poehler gets that being a mom means sleep and rest is a rare commodity. The @Baby_Tula company retweeted the American actresses quote because it's just too true to ignore! Sleep is a concept while your kids are young, a lovely idea, but it's just not meant for a lot of mommies out there, mombie's can only hope that sleep is in their future.

5 Deal With It

There are so many phases kids go through and we're right there with them. When they're newborns, they don't sleep because they're hungry every two hours, and I guess I would be too if I were on a straight diet of milk. When they're toddlers they get a mind of their own and think they can make up their own bedtimes, that and night terrors can start!

When they're just past potty training another issue arises and that's the pee pee sheets! yuck! Mombie @JacleneAnn is definitely my hero, rather than stress out about her tiny co-sleeper wetting the bed she sleeps in, she decided to just toss a towel over it and continue sleeping. Hey, if it means this mombie can get even another five minutes, I'd do it too!

4 Mombie At The Dentist

It's a sad day when ordinary things like going to the doctor or the dental office feels like a vacation. I'm totally guilty of having naps there and even at the hair salon, it must be hard to cut hair on a bobble head but man do I appreciate that little space out time.

Mombie @KateWicker is not only a mom she's also an author and a nurse who sometimes works nights. She has every right to feel exhausted! The funny mom even posted a snap of her sleepy self on Instagram showing us all just how easy it is to space out when we get 5 minutes to ourselves. Many of us will relate to Kate's "I dream of sleep" motto, we all have the same dream, hopefully someday we'll be mombies no more!

3 A Win Of Sorts

This is so honest, some of us have trouble admitting that moming is hard, we're expected to juggle it all and do so gracefully. It's hard to just say, hey! I'm barely holding on this week! Instead we cover it up with "I'm good," "we're fine," and the most popular one "nope, I don't need anything, but thanks."

2 Teething Sucks For All

Is there a more miserable time than the dreaded teething stage? I'm sure there are but I've only just seen the light at the end of that tunnel and trust me it was a long road! Dianne's Twitter name @RunninOnCaramel says it all, if you're not drowning in caffeine to keep functioning then you must be going the sugar route, or caramel in her case.

Needless to say, you need something to fuel those tired mombie brains and bodies! Dianne is certainly angry with the teething process, begging it to leave her toddler alone and just be over already! Waking up at 5:45am every day to a crabby toddler is no fun, first, that's way too early, and secondly, it's perhaps the worst thing to wake up to screams. Yup, over it!

1 Lost My Keys And My Mind

Doing weird things because you're tired? Then you're probably a mombie, just like myself, @mrslane0615, and countless other moms who don't remember what sleeping looks like! Bee is momma to a newborn and I certainly feel for her, those first few weeks after the hospital are hard and then one day you find your routine and somehow life begins again. Even though you have a routine in place, it certainly doesn't mean that you're not bound to have it disrupted by sleep regression, dreams, time change, teething, hunger, diaper changes, or even something as simple as an itch! We can't know what they need, so we try it all and we just don't get much sleep at all, so forgive yourself if you misplace things or break things, it's all in the name of just trying to function normally. Poor Bee misplaced her keys, but on a positive note, she did find them, albeit a little on the chilly side.

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