20 Parenting Styles We'd Only See From A '16 And Pregnant' Mom

The ladies of MTV's 16 and Pregnant have definitely made their mark on culture. What was meant to be just a one-season show turned into an entire empire. Regardless of viewers opinions, moms on 16 and Pregnant have made a unique mark, to be sure.

Sure, some of what they do is ill-advised. It's hard for teen moms to get everything together as they navigate becoming adults along with being on TV, getting public scrutiny, and trying to be a parent.

Not everyone on the show was privileged to have access to the tools necessary to help them be better moms either. Many of the things we see are a result of the obstacles many of the moms on 16 and Pregnant had to deal with as they had to reinvent themselves.

Still, being on TV also gave moms (and dads!) on 16 and Pregnant a much bigger paycheck. They're now bona fide reality TV stars living the celebrity lifestyle. A lot of cast members used these opportunities to become better people and seek help. That doesn't mean everything we've seen them do is all that great.

Hey, we get that being a mom as a teen and being a TV star will make life kind of different. Here are some things we'd only see the moms on 16 and Pregnant do.

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20 Sometimes Irresponsibility Gets The Best Of You

Emily McKenzie and Daniel were an example of irresponsible parents. Granted, it makes sense that teen parents aren't exactly the picture of responsibility.

But the couple still had a lot to work on. Emily lived with a very conservative mom and moved out with her equally judgy father. She constantly mentioned that she was bitter about her pregnancy.

She felt her life would consist of changing diapers and whatnot. Granted, Emily and Daniel eventually did become more responsible.

They got married and Daniel started studying engineering, and Emily made education plans of her own. Good thing time allowed the couple to change.

19 You Will Make Tough Choices

Via The Knot News/ Starcasm

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra were one of 16 and Pregnant's fan favorite. They made the tough choice to give up their first child for an open adoption.

Though it was what was best for Carly and the couple, it was a tough decision to make. The couple was able to work on several things they needed to. Eventually, Catelynn and Tyler got married and had two more children.

They're known for keeping a fabulous home and having a stable relationship. Though they were separated, they still show love and affection to each other. They're definitely one of the more exemplary couples on the show.

18 Kids See Drama Firsthand

When 16 and Pregnant premiered everyone had babies who weren't old enough to watch MTV. Young children can also be oblivious to the drama they experience, or they may get used to it.

Things are probably different now considering that children now are older and aware of what's going on. Amber Portwood is known for an altercation she got into with her ex, Gary.

Some of the cast members have also gotten into feuds with each other. Not only do the children of cast members see the drama firsthand, but they also get to relive some of this stuff on TV and YouTube clips.

17 Very Little Censorship

via: Reality Tea/ IG

It's normal for most parents to use parental control and have opinions about what their children can watch, read, or listen to. Usually, it's in the child's best interest to stick to age-appropriate things.

Once again, Farrah Abraham has decided to march to the beat of her own drum when it comes to parenting. She doesn't exactly filter any of what Sophia can watch, read, or see. In this sense, she has been criticized for being her daughter's friend instead of a mom.

Though it seems innovative, there are some things children still need help with when it comes to deciding on entertainment.

16 Some Moms Will Still Make Selfish Choices

Via Hayu

Maci Bookout is known for being an exemplary mom, but like anyone else, she's had to make choices for herself. Her relationship with Ryan Edwards ended, so naturally, Maci began looking for love in other places.

She eventually moved to Nashville to be closer to Kyle King. This made it a little harder for Edwards to visit his son Bentley. Things didn't work out with King when Maci found out he wasn't being the partner she had hoped for.

Bookout made more choices and eventually left him. So, in a way she wasn't being selfish. Someone has to look out for her, and it can definitely be her.

15 But There Are Surprise Visits To Disneyland

Daily Mail

Not every cast member on 16 and Pregnant is based in Los Angeles. Former cast members can surprise their children with great presents, especially if they became a later part of the cast of Teen Mom or Teen Mom OG.

Farrah Abraham has taken Sophia to Disneyland a few times. She's not the only one. Former castmember Nikkole Paulun has also surprised her children to Disney World as well (a great option for the cast members who live closer to the Eastern seaboard).

Kids may get exposure to drama, but they also get wholesome memories they can treasure for years to come.

14 Grandma Often Plays A Big Part In The Kids' Lives

Via People

Jenelle Evans didn't exactly have all her ducks in a row when the world first got to know her. Though she seems to have gotten her act together, she willingly gave up custody of her son, Jace, to his grandmother.

She is now married to David Eason, who got kicked out of the Teen Mom 2 because of a series of tweets.

Still, grandmothers have played a big role in the children of cast members of 16 and Pregnant.

Whether or not the mothers in question have a good or bad relationship with their own parents, the cast members of the show can trace a lot of their happiness and issues with each child's grandma.

13 Makeup Before The Double Digits Is Okay

Via Romper

Farrah Abraham is the mom on 16 and Pregnant we all like to judge. And yes, she's done a few questionable things that have gotten her grilled on the Internet.

When fans found out Sophia was allowed to wear a full face of makeup they were pretty angry! It's common for moms to let their daughters play with makeup or nail polish once in a while, but most parents have an age limit for when their daughters can start wearing makeup.

It seems like Sophia and Farrah agree on this, but as other folks say, this is a bit worrying. Right?

12 Breaking Up Is Often Best For The Children

Hollywood Life

Having a relationship go sour while you're a pregnant teenager can seem really tough at the moment. However, many of the cast members found solace once they broke up with their baby's fathers.

Maci Bookout's relationship with Ryan Edwards is a great example of this. Though she did her best to be a good mom to Bentley, Edwards had his own battles in life and simply wasn't interested in being a dad.

Not having this in common sounds like a major dealbreaker, and thankfully Maci did the right decision. Things still seem rocky with Ryan, but at least his parents are good grandparents to Bentley.

11 Some Moms Encourage Their Children To Follow Their Dreams


Amber Portwood has definitely grown up since we first got a glimpse of her. She really turned herself around and has been public about the battles she's had to overcome.

In one touching episode of Teen Mom, Amber tried to teach her daughter to be more confident. Not that she wouldn't have done this on 16 and Pregnant, but the episode highlighted a few things that show us Amber has truly grown up.

Leah is afraid to use the fireman's pole on her own and Amber comforts her. When Leah mentions she wants to be an astronaut, Amber encourages her dreams.

10 And Some Parents Only Know How To Struggle

Via Cheatsheet/ MTV

Alexandra Sekella did not reap the same amount of fame as her castmates, but her ex-boyfriend definitely left his mark on us.

Sekella went through a tough unplanned pregnancy and grappled with tough choices after she found out about her predicament. Her ex, Matt McCann was dealing with several issues, including dangerous lifestyle choices.

Things didn't improve as time went on. Eventually, Sekella had to break up with McCann, but that seems to have helped her out.

Honorary mentions for dads who struggled are Mario Escovedo, who had temper issues. And of course, we can't forget Ryan Edwards who seemed to want to improve but had a hard time.

9 Some Of The Kids Are Expected To Work!


Expecting kids to do chores and pull their weight around the house is pretty normal. A lot of teens can probably attest to having to get a job for the first time.

But Farrah Abraham's expectations are on another level. She expects little Sophia to work as an influencer. Sounds like a lot of work for a tween, but so far Sophia has obliged.

Some fans even debate whether or not Sophia should have her own social media account at her age. This worry probably extends her daughter's Twitter presence as well. There's no harm in teaching your little one the importance of a work ethic, but this seems like a lot!

8 Financial Obligations Can Make It Hard To Focus

Via Popsugar

The dads of 16 and Pregnant have also had a few missteps here and there. Being a teen parent means finding a way to ensure your child will have what it needs.

Regardless of how they did it, many of the moms in the cast did whatever they could to put food on the table. Several teen dads had a few issues with paying child support.

Ryan Edwards was almost arrested for missing out on child support payments. He's not the only father who had these problems. So did Adam Lind, Chelsea Houska's ex, and Andrew Lewis (Jenelle Evans' ex).

7 And You Might Give Your Kid Too Much Money For Losing A Tooth

Many parents give their children money after losing a tooth. It's important to keep the image of the Tooth Fairy alive, and giving kids some money is a rite of passage.

Perhaps parents with a little more money give their kids a bit more cash. "A lot of cash" may be about 3 dollars or something.

Farrah Abraham gives Sophia a lot of cash whenever she loses a tooth. Turns out Sophia is one lucky child in that she receives as much as $600 for this small sign of growing up. This is definitely something you wouldn't see ordinary parents do.

6 Mom Is Your BFF

Via Fandom/ dailymail.co.uk

It's kind of hard to get into "mom" mode when you're also trying to become an adult yourself. It's common to see some of the cast members on 16 and Pregnant act as if their children are their friends.

But then, this is one of the better scenarios on the show. A few moms on the show are known for treating their children more like friends than their children. Experts say that children need to have structure and need parents to act as authoritative figures for their children.

Though we can say this about a few moms, Farrah Abraham is one main offender of this.

5 You Might End Up Writing A Book!

Several of the cast members of 16 and Pregnant wrote books about their journey. They weren't exactly best-sellers, but they were a step in the right direction. These books also showed that many of the cast members grew up and wanted to let others learn from their struggles.

Catelynn Lowell and Tayler Baltierra wrote a book together that discussed their struggles in life. Others who wrote books included Amber Portwood, whose book was said to be funny.

Others who wrote books were lesser-known cast member Ashley Salazar, Farrah Abraham, Kailyn Lowry, and Maci Bookout. It's kind of a relief that we can read about the cast members in their own words.

4 Parents Can Be Flakes

Via People

Chelsea Houska always seemed happy and bubbly, but she was in a rocky relationship with the father of her first child, Aubree. Fans constantly saw images of them squabbling and simply not getting along.

Houska did everything she possibly could for Aubree. We learned that Aubree's father, Adam Lind really needed to clean up his act. Lind even mentioned signing over his parental rights after Aubree was born. To this day, Adam is still not really involved in his daughter's life.

We saw many examples of flaky parents on the show. Thankfully Chelsea was eventually able to find love and reinvent herself.

3 All Over The Place

Via MTV Asia

Every mom on 16 and Pregnant chose to parent differently, so variety in parenting isn't inherently a bad thing. There are times when the cast makes great decisions, like when Farrah Abraham tries to include Sophia into her life as much as possible.

Leah Messer has done as much as she could and now shares custody of her children. Jenelle Evans seems to have become a little wiser over the years, but she still doesn't have custody of her son

It seems like the moms on 16 and Pregnant learned a lot of life lessons, and their parenting can seem a bit all over the place.

2 A Lot Of Traveling Is Involved

Via SheKnows

We know that some of the moms on 16 and Pregnant are now doing well. Some of them can afford to take their children out on lavish vacations.

Other moms have to travel for more practical reasons. Many parents on 16 and Pregnant ended their relationships. They now have shared custody or other co-parenting agreements, and this tends to work for many of them.

In Leah Messer's case, she shares custody of her children and has to deal with her own health issues. But other parents have similar travel experiences. Though we know about the post-worthy moments, we're aware that not all travel is meant for vacation.

1 Not Everything Is As Peachy As It Seems

Via The Talko

When fans saw Ebony Jackson, they assumed she was levelheaded and responsible. She and her boyfriend Joshua even got married and moved to Little Rock.

During an MTV special, they seemed to be settling into their role as parents. But then things turned sour. Ebony got pregnant a second time, and she and her boyfriend got arrested.

The couple was accused of neglecting their child and welfare fraud. Ebony also had a difficult time getting pregnant a third time and suffered from a series of losses before her third pregnancy via her boyfriend James Baldrick.

Not everything is peachy in 16 and Pregnant's aftermath.

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