20 Parenting Styles We'd Only See From The Duggar Moms

When it comes to a family who are not only famous but who have also created their own traditions that they stick very firmly to, we can only really think of the Duggars. Every other family who has been on their own reality series is pretty easy to relate to (yes, sometimes people can even relate to the Kardashian moms and the ways that they parent). But the Duggars? There are many things that they believe that not a lot of people agree with.

We have probably heard that the Duggar family has lots of rules, and that is certainly true. From rules surrounding dating to what clothing is okay to wear to lifestyle factors such as whether Halloween should be celebrated, the Duggars have specific thoughts on various aspects of raising children. Let's just say that they have a fairly long list of rules that not every other parent would want to follow.

Now the daughters of Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar, Jill, Jessa, and Jinger, have their own families. There are many rules that we would see listed somewhere and think, "That sounds like something a Duggar mom believes in."

Read on to find out about 20 parenting styles that we would only see from the Duggar moms.

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20 A Strict Belief In Never Getting Divorced (Or Hanging Out With Moms Who Aren't Married)

via The Gospel Herald

According to Ranker, a Duggar rule is to never get divorced... and also to never hang out with moms who aren't married. As Ranker says, "Marriage is forever for the Duggar family."

This perspective on divorce is definitely a parenting style that we would only see from a Duggar mom. Most people agree that while divorce is one of the most trying times that anyone can go through, it can be necessary, and it can better for the kids. It's very old-fashioned to say that divorce should never happen. Many of us would say that we're not looking to split up with our husband or wife, but what if a situation gets so bad that it's the only option that we see?

19 Coming Up With Creative Ideas That Aren't Safe (But Are Inspired By Your Mom)

via YouTube

Something else that we would only see from a Duggar mom is the firm belief that even though you have a "mom hack" that isn't safe, you got that idea from your own mom, so you're going to keep using it. These are creative ways to use objects that are supposed to make daily mom life better but they don't seem like a great idea.

In Touch Weekly describes the "car seat hack" that Jill has been talking about. The website says, "In a video, Jill revealed that if you combine a car seat and an umbrella stroller you can easily fit your kids in small places, to which I say, “What small places?” and “What are you talking about?” Sure enough, Jill revealed this was something her dear old mom taught her. Sigh.

18 Literally Putting A Tortilla On Your Toddler's Head (Because You Say It's A Useful Idea)

via The Hollywood Gossip

Yes, this really happened. Jill Duggar put a tortilla on her baby's head, and she said that it was a useful idea.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, "Earlier this year, Jill Duggar was harshly criticized for placing a tortilla on the head of her infant son Samuel. Seems like she just needed something to block the sun in a pinch, but the decision to substitute food for clothing didn't sit well with fans."

Would we see this from someone other than a Duggar mom? We don't think so because it ties into their "hacks" and creative ways of doing things.

17 Feeling That You Can't Decide On How Many Kids You Will Have And Just Leaving It Up To Fate

via Daily Mail

In Touch Weekly says that Michelle Duggar has taught her daughters that the number of children that they have will be "as many as God allows."

While other moms definitely choose how many children to have, the Duggar moms will leave it up to fate. It seems like they're not going to sit down with their husbands and decide if two or three kids sounds like a good fit. They will just wait and see. This is a parenting style that we would only see from a Duggar mom, and let's just say that we have some questions about it.

16 Making A Parenting Decision That Is Definitely Unpopular (But You Feel Makes Sense, Like Jinger's Baby's Head Wrap)

via CafeMom

Moms who aren't celebrities would say that pals, neighbors, and coworkers do talk to them about their parenting styles and choices and sometimes have some mean comments. It makes sense that moms on a reality show or who are famous like the Duggars would hear that other moms don't agree with some of their parenting styles.

One thing that the Duggar moms do is make parenting decisions that are unpopular. For example, Jinger had her baby wear a head wrap.

As In Touch Weekly says, "The most recent controversy came out when the 24-year-old mom showed off photos of her daughter in a head wrap, which some called cultural appropriation."

15 Strict Rules For Dating (Like 'Side Hugs' And No Dates Without Family There)

via In Touch Weekly

According to Ranker, the Duggars hare strict rules for dating, like "side hugs" being the only hugs that are allowed, and not being able to date without having family there.

As Ranker describes, "That’s right, the Duggar parents go out on all the children’s dates with them. If for some reason a parent can’t attend, then they send a cluster of siblings along..."

We would only see this parenting style from a Duggar mom. Most moms don't talk about the types of hugs that are allowed or go on dates with their kids. (Okay, that would be probably be all other moms.)

14 Telling Your Daughters To Only Wear Skirts And Dresses

via SheKnows

Would we expect moms other than the Duggar moms to say that girls can only wear skirts and dresses? Definitely not.

Ranker quoted Michelle Duggar: "I feel like the Lord is impressing upon me that I should be modest in what I wear [and] defining who I am as a woman by choosing to wear dresses and skirts.”

The rest of us are going to wear pants because it just doesn't seem that logical to wear dresses all the time. It gets cold, right? Don't we live in places that have snow and freezing temperatures? Many moms don't have such strict rules about clothing.

13 Instead Of Cooking For Your Family, You Have Your Little Ones Make Dinner

via Duggar Family Blog

According to In Touch Weekly, Michelle Duggar said in a blog post in 2013 that the kids cook for everyone. It seems like a Duggar mom parenting style is to have your little ones make dinner.

The rest of us are cooking dinner for our families, aren't we? Some moms love the chance to cook and others are dreaming about take-out but we know that this is part of the job of being a parent. It seems pretty rare that parents would opt out of cooking and have their kids do it, so this is one of the many rules that the Duggars have that we have questions about.

12 Older Siblings (While Still Pretty Young) Have To Help Raise Younger Ones

via Us Weekly

Have we heard about something else that the Duggar family does? Older siblings help raise younger ones.

As In Touch Weekly explains, "And these days, the girls have used their little kids to 'help' them out." This seems like a parenting style that every generation of the family is happy with and something that will continue.

Sure, maybe we have our older child teach our younger one how to tie their shoes or something but for the most part, we're watching our kids and doing the bulk of the raising. But it does make sense that this might happen with so many kids and such a large family unit.

11 Halloween Is A Big No In Duggar Households

via Instagram/jillmdillard

Halloween is a big no in Duggar households, according to Ranker, and it's safe to say that this is a parenting style we would only see from a Duggar mom.

Any moms out there going "What?! Not celebrating Halloween?!" We can see how people would have that reaction. Kids absolutely adore the chance to dress up in a fun costume and walk around their neighborhood and get candy. (And moms love taking the candy that their little ones don't like.) It does seem weird not to have this be a part of the family tradition every year, but it's just not something that the Duggars like.

10 Keeping An Incredibly Messy Home

via The Hollywood Gossip

As Cafe Mom says, Jessa Duggar has a very messy home, and there are many examples of just how dirty it seems to be. Jessa has posted photos so we have been able to see the proof.

Jessa wrote about one photo, "Henry's dried spit up on my side of the bed, that I've slept on for who knows how many nights." And about another photo, she said that it was "clean laundry" (but it was still a massive amount of clothing). As In Touch Weekly wrote, many of the Duggars seem to have homes in similar states: "In fact, we’re kind of noticing a trend — the Duggar kids raising kids of their own can be pretty messy."

9 Not Remembering Your Kids' Birthdays (And Saying That's Totally Fine)

via Duggar Family Blog

Would we expect moms to say that they don't know their kids' birthdays? No way. As it turns out, Michelle Duggar has said that she doesn't remember her children's birthdays. She has acted like this is totally fine which makes this a parenting style that we would only see from the Duggar moms.

As In Touch Weekly says, "Okay, we admit that remembering all 19 kids' birthdays is probably a challenge, but the way Michelle flippantly admits it publicly allows for some major side-eye."

What about having some kind of system... or writing them down on a calendar? Honestly, even if we don't have 19 kids that's still a good idea.

8 The Duggars Have An Intense Chore Plan For The Kids (Which Is Too Much For Most Parents)

via The Bump

Michelle Duggar has come up with a very intense chore plan, and that would definitely be a lot for some parents to set up. This goes beyond a simple "chore chart" which we might instill in our own homes. This is also a parenting style that we would only see from one of the Duggar moms.

According to Cafe Mom, "The Duggar kids don't have traditional "chores." Instead, Michelle and Jim Bob have implemented a jurisdictions system where the little kids are each responsible for a certain home cleaning, minding, or upkeep list. They last anywhere from six months to a year and then rotate between the siblings."

7 Dancing Is Seen As A Bad Idea

Duggar Family Blog

Cafe Mom says that dancing is seen as a bad idea by the Duggars, so dancing isn't something that they do. Bustle explains that this is because of their beliefs.

It seems like very few mothers would tell their children not to dance. We probably want to encourage that our kids go to school dances, for one thing, since those are a rite of passage and also a nice way for teenagers to socialize and get more involved with school. And some of our children might even take dance classes, which can be awesome for building self-confidence (and dancing is just fun).

6 Not Giving Kids Helmets For Biking

via CafeMom

Would we tell our kids not to wear helmets while biking... or rollerblading... or going on their scooters? We can say no because we definitely wouldn't.

The Duggar family has been known to not give their kids helmets for biking. The Hollywood Gossip says, "Speaking of headgear, some fans got upset about recent photos that showed young Duggar children riding bikes without helmets."

We don't have to explain why it's a good idea to be safe and wear helmets, and it's confusing to hear about this, that's for sure. This is another parenting style we would only expect to see from a Duggar mom.

5 Having Strange Social Media Opinions

via Parents Magazine

The Duggars also have very strange social media opinions. For one thing, when Jessa's son had an accident during their potty training process, she posted the photo online. That just seems strange and not something that most moms would do. People felt that you shouldn't post about your kids' private moments. Michelle Duggar has also said that the daughters can't have social media until they get engaged.

We would only see this kind of belief about social media from a Duggar mom. They have rules about clothing and dancing, and now we see that they look at social media a certain way.

4 Having Kids Help When Their Siblings Are Acting Out

via Duggar Family Blog

When Popsugar interviewed Michelle Duggar, she said, "And, we've seen that happens with our kids. One child will put the hand on their sibling's arm and say, "I think you are kind of getting angry. And, for the other one, it's like ice cold water being poured over [...] We're all human and we're going to struggle, but we love each other."

It seems that the Duggars have their children help out when their siblings are acting out, which is another parenting style that we would only see from a Duggar mom. We would probably just talk to our kids ourselves, right?

3 All Of Them Wanting To Be SAHMs

via E! Online

According to Popsugar, Michelle Duggar has said, "Our girls are go-getters. No matter what, I know they could do that if they wanted to or needed to, but in their hearts, they would love to marry and lord willing if they had children to stay at home and raise their families."

While of course the Duggar moms might decide to get jobs or do some kind of work in the future, it does seem like they have decided to stay home with their kids right now.

Everyone should make this personal choice, but we can agree that many moms are picking part-time jobs or working from their houses these days.

2 Saying No To Family Beach Vacations

via Variety

According to The Hollywood Gossip, the Duggars say no to family beach vacations. We may have heard that they don't like the beach and that's because of the way that people dress.

Would other moms say no to the beach and have this belief be part of their parenting style? We don't think so because the beach makes for such an enjoyable family vacation. We can just imagine our little ones getting into the sand, feeling waves for the first time, and making sandcastles. It's really too cute. It seems like a very Duggar kind of decision to make rules like this and say that the family can't ever go to the beach.

1 You Have To Homeschool Your Kids (And Can't Imagine Sending Them To Regular School)

via The Inquisitr

The final parenting style that we would only see from a Duggar mom? Feeling that you absolutely have to homeschool your kids and you couldn't imagine sending them to a regular school.

Michelle Duggar homeschooled her kids and it appears that the other Duggar moms are doing the same. According to C. Sheet, Jill is homeschooling and using Advanced Training Institute (or ATI) which is how they were all taught. People have mentioned that Jill was "car-schooling" or basically homeschooling in a car.

It definitely seems like these are 20 parenting styles that we would only see from a Duggar mom.

Sources: Usmagazine.com, Intouchweekly.com, Bustle.com.

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