20 Parents Admit How They Feel About Their Babies

In this world obsessed with social media, the visual, and the practice of pretty much constantly comparing oneself to everyone else, it’s easy to feel the need to create a picture-perfect exterior.

Maybe it’s posting a flawless outfit of the day Monday through Sunday. Or perhaps it’s posting only happy updates, such as typing out excitedly to share with all your “Friends” when you get a new job, go on a beautiful vacation, or are going to have a baby.

I’m just saying, it’s rare (especially for my generation, I think) to be as open about sharing the realities of life as we are about plastering the joys and boasts of life all over the Internet.

We keep a calm, cool, happy exterior. Everything is perfect – all the time.

Except for on Whisper.

Users take to this app to confess what they’ve really done that perhaps they shouldn’t have. They share what they really think about other people, about themselves, and yes, even about their own kids.

Although it’s expected that parents will find their babies to be the most beautiful little creatures, and to just be stoked that they are here and healthy, just wait ’til you read the reality…

Check out these 20 Whisper confessions from parents who were disappointed by their own babies.

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20 Looks Too Much Like HIS Side Of The Family


She is NOT a fan of her boyfriend’s mom. She, quite frankly, finds her obnoxious. So when she looks at her own baby and sees some of this person in the little features before her, she does not exactly like what she sees.

She seems to understand that maybe it’s not that the features are inherently unattractive but rather just that she associates them with this woman whom she just doesn’t really like.

When she sees that nose, maybe she also hears that annoying (potential mother-in-law?) laugh. When she looks into those little eyes, perhaps she sees that woman watching her, judging her…

What I think I kind of love about this one is that at least this particular confessor is getting a little bit to the why of her thoughts and feelings.

19 Thought She Was Having A Boy


What I have to wonder is what exactly led this expectant mother to think that she was going to have a little girl instead of a little boy.

I suppose maybe she means that it was just one of those inklings or “feelings” that she had. Heck, when you’re pregnant, total strangers on the street sometimes walk up to you, look at your baby bump, and decide to venture a guess about the gender of your baby, as if they have some secret way of knowing. (By the way, I have a pretty good track record of guessing genders correctly myself, though I’ve never based my guess on how a mother is carrying her baby.)

The other thing that might have happened is an error. Did the ultrasound tech or doctor tell her that she was going to have a boy and then realize later on that this was a mistake?

18 Awkward Crying


I’m sure it’s not unusual for expectant mothers to cry during ultrasounds – especially at the big ones when you find out the gender of your baby, or that some potential problem is actually okay after all, things like that.

The thing is, this woman wasn’t crying happy tears. The emotion she was feeling was actually good old-fashioned sadness. She had just really hoped for a boy!

What we might wish to consider as we peruse this list today is why there are so many people out there who are so dead-set on having male babies. While I think I read maybe one or two confessions from people wanting girls instead of boys, it much, much more often went the other way.

Does this have something to do with the family values / socioeconomic status of the people who tend to use Whisper? That is far too complicated to consider here…

17 The Wrong Skin Color??


I mean, I know parents can be picky. I know they can be hard on their children an on themselves, both.

But in this case, it’s the actual color of the baby’s skin that is being critiqued. But it gets more interesting than just some preference that they had.

The mother and father to this child are both blonde people. The thing is, when their baby was born, it didn’t really look much like either of them.

And what did the husband conclude? In classic sitcom (or maybe even soap opera? Or Shakespearean??) fashion, the dude jumped to the conclusion that the baby boy wasn’t really his own son. In other words, he accused the new mother – his wife – of cheating on him.

He’s disappointed by what he thinks happened – and she’s disappointed that the way her baby looks is causing her husband to think this. Yikes!

16 ‘The Thing’


Although we do not know specifically if this is a man or a woman confessing disappointment about the gender of the baby (or in other words, the father or the mother), does anyone else get the vibe that maybe it’s the father, and that there is at least some possibility that this is not exactly a happy and traditional family situation?

Who knows. It’s all a bunch of guess work. But the speaker here refers to the baby as “the thing” and is mainly concerned with his (apparently somewhat burdensome) responsibility of paying for the child (presumably the living expenses of the future, or perhaps also the hospital bill).

This person is so against the idea of having a female baby that they claim to not even want to really deal with raising the child.

15 No Good If He Doesn’t Look Like The Hubs


Some people seem to be really trying to provoke a reaction in the way they tell these little mini stories in their Whisper confessions.

It’s one shocker after another in this little gem.

First of all, this lady drops the bomb right at the start that she actually thinks that her own baby is ugly. And, I mean, we’ve seen that one before actually. And it’s the stuff of sitcoms that some people just find newborns to look, well, kind of weird – the classic thing is to say that they can sometimes look like little old men or something.

The next line goes on to say that this woman did actually cheat no her husband.

But the real kicker is that last part: The baby is in fact not his.

14 Just Not What She Pictured


For whatever reason, this mother of one (and soon mother of two) envisioned that she would be having a boy after already having had a little girl. I wonder what made her think or feel this so strongly.

Whatever it was, she was wrong. She is not going to have one of each gender, a son and a daughter, as she was picturing all along in her head. Instead, it will be two little girls for this particular mom.

The more I think back on being pregnant, which I have been fairly recently – two times – the more I do realize that there’s really quite a lot of time in many cases for the anticipation (and the dreaming of this or that gender) to build or strengthen. Although some people have genetic testing done early on, say, at the end of the first trimester, it’s around the midpoint at week 18 – 20 that others learn the gender.

13 Could Do With Some Work


Okay, so one other confession in this strange little bunch we’ve gathered here today included a father going so far as to claim that he wished his own children were never born. I thought at the time that his words might have just been some of the harshest of this whole list.

And then came these words, spoken by a new parent who is not exactly pleased with the appearance of his or her own baby.

It’s not just that this parent thinks the baby looks a little strange or too much like this or that relative at certain times. It’s not as simple as hoping the baby grows into this or that feature or puts on a little more pudginess or something like that.

Nope, it’s simpler. It’s more straight-forward. It’s less fixable. It’s that this parent thinks his or her own baby is the ugliest one ever to have existed, or at least that they’ve ever seen.

12 Trying To Be Happy


This person turns to none other than the World Wide Web for some help, some inspiration in how to try to make herself feel happy that she is going to have a daughter and not a son.

She can’t even think of any good things about baby girls, and so she asks others to help her to think of some things in order to try to get herself more pumped on the idea.

How wild that people still think in such dichotomies – that it’s almost as if a female baby is like an entirely different creature than a baby boy would be in this confessor’s mind.

She wants to be happy about it. (But the fact of the matter is that she’s just not.)

I guess at least she’s trying.

11 Caring About Hair


Some parents have said that they think their own baby’s hair is the wrong color. Others just don’t think their kids look good enough, aren’t attractive enough to be loveable, or look okay but just not quite as good as the children of their friends.

This parent has decided that her own child looked “weird” – and for a very specific reason. She wasn’t even what this mom considered cute until she was about a year and a half old. At that point, her hair was finally long enough for her own mother to find her cute – or at least bearable.

I think the reason some of these are so interesting to read is that even if people find this or that feature funny or not perfect when they look at their own kids, they still usually think they’re the cutest and most loveable babies in the world. But in these confessions, that’s not the case!

10 Not Loving La Niña


Okay, so I am just trying to figure out what exactly is going on here, as you probably are, too, and all I can do is make my best guess based on the language that is being used. But I think I’ve had an epiphany, here.

I keep wondering, in reading through these confessions, why in the world so many women – and sometimes their dudes, too – are so set on having a boy, and so very disappointed to have a girl. What the heck? Girls are great. And, um, we sort of need some of each, right?

But when I see the phrasing of the second sentence in this particular Whisper confession, particularly that the speaker says she does know “how will I ever care for her,” I realize that maybe this is a cultural thing. English would not appear to be this confessor’s first language, right?

9 A False Positive


At last! It’s one of just a few Whisper confessions that are out there in which the expectant parent was hoping for a little girl and instead found out that she would be having a little boy – and was disappointed by this news.

This mother-to-be says that she actually didn’t really expect that this is the way she would feel upon receiving the big news of her baby’s gender.

But it is the way that she feels, it turns out. She was just hoping for and dreaming of a baby girl, for whatever reason.

She doesn’t say whether or not this is her first baby, and I know that some parents, after having a baby of one gender, really hope for a child of the other gender during their second pregnancy.

8 Looks Like The Mama


So not only does this dude think his own children are, well, unattractive people. He also thinks that – without hesitation or doubt – there’s a clear and obvious reason for this: His wife is ugly, too!

Just like, how did this whole situation develop? If he found this woman to be so bad-looking, why did he then proceed to get married to her and have children with her? Is anyone else out there a little confused how everything played out in this particular family history?

This guy actually claims that he wishes his own children were never born. I’m not sure there are words as strong as this anywhere else in this article.

Sure, there are parents trying to convince themselves to be excited about this gender or that feature when they’re just not, but oh, man…

7 A Secret Sadness


Okay, so I think that even if parents are a bit bummed (even if they really don’t want to be) upon learning the news of an expected baby’s gender, with time, they often realize that whatever baby they are going to have is the baby that is perfect for them. Throughout the course of the pregnancy, they (perhaps ESPECIALLY the mom carrying the baby in her uterus) bond with the unborn child, feel him or her kicking and moving and grooving in there, and begin to picture this baby as a real person of a certain gender, and even imagine what it will be like to have this son or daughter in their lives.

The thing is, this first-time mom is only days away from having her baby, by which she must mean either her due date or perhaps a scheduled C-section, and she still feels the same way – disappointed.

6 Shallow Circumstances


Ah, yes, what do some people call this? Coveting thy neighbor? Keeping up with the Joneses? Something in that vein?

Some people have to have the newest and best car on the block. Or maybe it’s that their hair has to obviously be colored and cut and styled in a way that makes it obvious that they paid someone a huge wad of cash each month to have it done.

From fake nails to expensive fashions to, well, you name it, so much of what some people do seems to be trying really, really hard to come across as richer, more attractive, or generally “better” than others. That must be EXHAUSTING.

This particular woman has taken it as far as to covet how her friends’ children look. She thinks that her own just aren’t quite as cute.

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5 Trying To Replace What Was Lost


She hoped, it sounds like, that she could in some way replace the baby girl that she thought she would be having at one time in the past. But that was then, and this is now, and there’s no going back. There’s no undoing what has happened. There is only moving on to what is here and now.

Even though this poor mama had it in her head that she almost should be having another girl like she thought she would before during her previous pregnancy, it is simply not the case.

This is one of the (perhaps oddly / problematically?) rare cases in which the confessor is actually sad about having a boy instead of a girl. Usually, for whatever reason, it’s the other way around.

But then it’s also sort of a unique case.

4 She’s Alright, But He’s Not


So this mother and wife and her husband are having a little girl, it turns out. The thing is, they already have one of those, and – like other confessors out there – they, quite honestly, were really hoping to mix it up this time.

In other words, they were quite set on giving their little girl a little brother, NOT a little sis. And of course, giving themselves the experience of having a son instead of another daughter.

And actually, the mother herself doesn’t specifically say how SHE feels about the whole thing. Instead, she says that her husband really wanted the son he did not yet have. She is trying to reach out to see if anyone has some idea as to how to try to get him stoked on the idea of another daughter.

3 Short And Not Sweet


While sometimes it’s fun to read a lengthier confession and try to picture the details and circumstances of the person’s life behind it, it can actually be the shorter and simpler Whisper confessions – the ones that really get to the fact of the matter – that shock and entertain the most.

This woman is just going to lay it all out there, okay? She thinks that her own children are ugly, and quite honestly, she thinks that it is because of her husband.

In so many words, it seems that she is saying that her own husband is completely unattractive – and that she thinks that she is so attractive that it could never be due to her own genetics.

Last time we checked, kids were sort of a combined effort, no?

2 Takes One To Know One


This parent thinks she sees a pattern, and she’s hoping that it will bode well for the future of her own kids.

First of all, let’s start with the fact that she thinks that she was ugly when she was younger. It’s not just that she thinks that she needed to gain confidence, grow into herself, or something like that. She thinks that she was straight-up unattractive before, and that now – now ­– she looks good.

This queen of judgment has also decided that people she knew when she was younger whom she considered to be more attractive than herself are now the ugly ones.

By this logic, her own “ugly” children will certainly have some hope of being the pretty people later on down the road. It’s quite a system she’s worked out.

1 Looks ARE Everything


This woman doesn’t say that she’s having some trouble bonding with her new child. She doesn’t state gingerly that she hopes her newborn grows cuter as the weeks pass.

She says that she straight-up thinks that her new baby is ugly. Because of this, she says that she cannot even accept him as her own child.

She does feel that this makes her a bad mother – but it doesn’t change her thoughts on the matter.

Hmm, ugliness leading to dislike… So when people judge others as unattractive, this also makes them feel that the unattractive people are unlikeable and even unworthy. Cleary, many things about this might be considered very problematic.

And then this is also her own child.

Maybe someone on Whisper responded to her and was able to help her see things differently.

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