20 People Who Married Their Celeb Crush (And Now Have Kids With Them)

Sometimes dreams really do come true, at least they did for this list of celebrities. We may think that it’s impossible to end up marrying our celeb crush, but for these people, they did exactly that.

Some of these people are just regular folk who happened to be at the right place at the right time and walked away with someone they could spend the rest of their lives with. We have stars like Matt Damon and Patrick Dempsey who married regular girls they met randomly. Katie Holmes dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise since she was a young girl and she literally manifested that dream and married him. Crazy things like this really happen for some people.

It’s fun to hear the stories about how two people met, fell in love, and eventually got married, and some of these stories sound like they really are from the movies. But they’re not — it’s real life. Some of these stories can really give others hope that there really is true love out there. We have some fun stories to share that will have readers shaking their heads in wonder. Check out these 20 people who married their celeb crush (and who also have kids with them now).

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20 Katie Holmes Loved 'Top Gun'

via NY Daily News

When word broke out that Katie Holmes was dating Tom Cruise, we almost could not believe it. It turns out that Katie Holmes had always had a crush on Cruise growing up. We all have our celebrity crushes growing up and for Katie—who lived in Ohio at the time—it was Tom.

Mary Beth Peil, who played Grams on Dawson’s Creek stated that Holmes was ready for Tom Cruise. “She said, ‘I have had a crush on him since I was 15, and his posters were on the walls of my bedroom.’ She could not stop talking about Tom Cruise. This was way before they got together, but she was certainly ready for him.”

19 Jason Momoa Fangirled Over Lisa


Like many young guys, Jason Momoa crushed on Lisa Bonet when she was on The Cosby Show; he was only 8 at the time! When he was on The Late Show with James Corden, he confessed that he fell for her long before he met her. "I was eight years old and I saw her on the TV and I was like, 'Mommy, I want that one,'" the actor recalled. "I was like, 'I'm going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I'm going to get you.' I'm a full-fledged stalker. I didn't tell her that until we had two babies otherwise it would have been creepy and weird. I've always wanted to meet her. She was the queen always."

We’re sure that she was impressed.

18 Joe Manganiello Crushed Hard For Sofia

via Bustle

When stars have crushes on other stars, sometimes they work creatively to meet the one that they want. Joe Manganiello was crushing on Sophia Vergara a year before they got together. He admitted that he had a crush during a magazine interview. "I had forgotten I had said that," the actor said during an interview with On Air With Ryan Seacrest. "And when the magazine came out, by that time, we were seeing each other and when I got the magazine and opened it up and read it, I forgot I said that. I started laughing." It must have worked because they have been together ever since.

17 Cash Warren Got His Girl

via ABC News

A lot of people were surprised when Jessica Alba fell for Cash Warren. It was at a time when she was at the height of her success and she could have dated anyone. Warren was a production assistant on the set of Fantastic Four in 2005 and it seemed like an unlikely pairing. He was enamored by her and got the opportunity to chat her up. She fell for him and after four years of dating, they got married. It just goes to show that you can meet the love of your life in the most unlikely places. They have now been together for 14 years.

16 Kanye Wanted Kim To Be His Girl

via W Magazine

Kanye West had been into Kim Kardashian long before they started dating and he had a plan of making her his. He was crushing on her since 2006 when he saw a picture of her with her former friend Paris Hilton. But at the time, Kim was with Kris Humphries. "I just knew I wanted her to be my girl for a long time," he revealed during On Air With Ryan Seacrest in 2013. "I remember I saw a picture of her and Paris Hilton, and I remember telling my boy, 'Have you seen that girl Kim Kar-dijon?'" Now the pair have three kids and one on the way.

15 Jackie Titone Met Her Crush On Big Daddy

via Pinterest

Jackie Titone actually starred alongside her crush Adam Sandler in the movie Big Daddy. Rob Schneider helped to get her the role by putting in a good word for her. It must have been meant to be because the two started to date while on set. Four years later, the two tied the knot and have never looked back. She even made the decision to convert to Judaism for him. They also have two children now and couldn’t be happier. They are one of the longest-running couples in Hollywood, being married for 16 years now, which is a lightyear in Hollywood.

14 Josh Duhamel Got Flushed With Fergie

via People

At the time, we thought it was an unusual matching for these two, but they managed to make it work for a while, and got married and had a child. Josh had always been a fan of the Black Eyed Peas, especially the lead singer.

When he was on the show Las Vegas, he convinced them to write the band into an episode so that he would be able to meet her. When they finally came face-to-face, he could only manage to tell her how attractive she was, which isn’t always what a girl wants to hear. Fergie went for it though and it wasn’t long before the two started dating. The two are no longer together these days but they seem to be co-parenting together beautifully.

13 Danny Moder Found His Crush In Julia Roberts

via People

Danny Moder found his crush on the set of the movie The Mexican that she starred in alongside Brad Pitt. He was working as a cameraman and was already married at the time. The two fell in love and they married in 2004 after his divorce. They have been married for 16 years now and they have three children together. She stated in an interview, "You know what? He's an awesome human being. We have so much fun," she gushed. "When I think about what makes my life my life, and just makes sense, and just shines inside of me, it's him. Everything has come from that."

12 Jillian Fink Couldn’t Believe She Met Patrick

via Entertainment Tonight

Jillian Fink was stunned in 1994 when she realized that her '80s crush was coming into her salon for a haircut. He was going to be her next appointment and she couldn’t have been more ready for it. "I was shocked," she recalled of that day at the Delux hair salon. "But at the same time, I was happy because he was so cute." They didn’t start dating right away but there was a whole lot of flirting going on. Five years after meeting each other, they were married. They have had some bumps in the road, including a time when they were considering breaking up, but the couple pulled through, becoming stronger than ever.

11 Adam Shulman Crushed on Anne Hathaway

via People

Adam Shulman had a fanboy moment when he met Anne Hathaway during the Palm Springs Film Festival. It was love at first sight for both of them and even Anne was smitten by him. The two were married in 2012 and have been living happily ever after ever since.

Adam used to be an actor but is now a jewelry designer and after eight years they are still going strong. When Anne met Adam, she told a friend, "I'm going to marry that man." They also have a son together and the two look so cute together on social media.

10 Kelly Preston Knew She Was Going To Marry John

via Popsugar

Sometimes when you meet someone, you just know. It’s a feeling that you have where you just know that you are meant to be with another person. When they met, these two were both well-known actors, but Preston has stated that when she was just 16, she saw a poster of Travolta when she was leaving a theatre. “I’m going to marry that man,” she said to herself. It sure worked out for her and the two have been married since 1991 and are one of the longest-running marriages in Hollywood. She said that there are plenty of things to love about Travolta. “There are too many best things,” she admitted. “His lips, dancing, fun, laughing. [We dance] all the time, all the time. The kids dance with us, we go out dancing. We love it.”

9 Luciana Barroso Helped Matt Escape Fans

via:Daily News

Their love story is proof that you can be a regular person and end up marrying a movie star. Luciana Barroso was a bartender that was working in Malibu in 2003 and probably never thought that her life would change one day at work. Matt Damon was working on the movie Stuck On You when he walked into the bar and Barroso helped him hide behind the bar away from fans. “Matt’s story is that he saw me across the room and there was a light on me. And I’m like: ‘yeah it was a nightclub - there were lights everywhere!’” she laughs. The two got married in 2005.

8 Steve Harvey Married A Fan

via Star Magazine

Marjorie Bridges-Woods was sitting in the audience of one of his comedy sets in 1990 when she met her crush. At the time, Steve Harvey cracked a joke during the set that he was going to marry a woman in the audience one day and it certainly happened for him. He called out Marjorie in the audience and started dating soon after. They did break up for a period of time because long distance was too stressful for them, but they eventually re-connected later on and started dating again. The two finally got married in 2007 which finalized their love story.

7 Conan O'Brien Fell In Love With His Wife On Camera


This might be the cutest story that we have ever heard. We’re sure that Liza Powel had no idea that she would be making a life-changing decision when she was part of the audience at a 2000 taping of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. It’s just another time when you just don’t know how quickly your life can change. O’Brien has said that he “instantly” fell for Liza when he saw her in the audience. "Somewhere, in the vault at NBC, there's footage of me literally falling for my wife on camera," he said during an interview with Piers Morgan. They tied the knot in 2002 and have two children together.

6 Liam Payne Had A Huge Crush On Cheryl


These two never got married but they did have a son together which is just as big of a commitment. When Liam Payne auditioned for The X Factor in 2011, he met Cheryl Cole who was a judge on the show. He was crushing on her long before he went on the show and had said in an interview, “She's been my dream girl since I was younger. She's so ace.” He told Wonderland magazine, "In a non-cliche way, it's weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream..." The two never lasted however and they broke up in 2018.

5 Wiz Khalifa’s Ideal Girl Was Amber Rose

via Life & Style

Wiz Khalifa had a thing for Amber Rose long before they laid eyes on each other. He had such a crush on her that he couldn’t even hide the fact in interviews, he wanted her to know. "Initially we met through Twitter," Amber explained to Us Weekly. "He did an interview about me and the guy who interviewed him asked, 'If there was one girl in the world who would you be with?' He said 'Amber Rose,' and then I hit him on Twitter, and I said, 'That's really cute' and we fell in love!" She filed to end their marriage in 2014, but these two have been back and forth for a while. They were also seen kissing on the red carpet in 2017. The two do share a son, after all.

4 Carmelo Anthony Met Up With La La

via People

Some fans go out of their way to make a connection happen. When Carmelo Anthony wanted to meet her crush VJ La La Vazquez, she asked a close friend to make it happen. "We met through a mutual friend DJ Clue," La La said of the start of their courtship. "I was hosting a show on MTV with DJ Clue at the time and he said 'I really want to introduce you to someone that wants to meet you.' He introduced us and it started off as a friendship which evolved over time into something more." Sometimes being forward works out for you in the long run because you get the person of your dreams. They were married in 2010 but after seven years, the two separated.

3 Mila Kunis Adored Ashton Kutcher

via:RealTime Images

We all know that Ashton Kutcher was Mila Kunis’ first kiss on That 70’s Show. Who would have thought that after so many years that the two would eventually get married and have kids? She also admitted during an interview that she had a crush on Ashton for years. "We all get movie star crushes,” she said in an interview with W magazine. “I’m marrying mine.” They couldn’t be cuter together and the two even have wedding bands that they wear that are under $100. They live a very normal life and try to keep their kids out of the spotlight as much as possible.

2 David Beckham Had A Huge Crush On Posh Spice

via:Celeb Central

When David Beckham met Victoria, she was known as Posh Spice, from the Spice Girls girl group. David admitted that he had a huge crush on her when he saw pictures of her with the band. How can you blame him? She was one of the cuter girls in the group! This was way back in the '90s, of course, and David wanted to meet the star. Victoria admitted to W Magazine, "I didn't really know who he was. I was never into football." A year after they met, they were engaged and then married, and they have been together ever since (with a brood of children under their roof).

1 Jim Toth Had A Crush On Reese

via Access

Jim Toth ended up saving his crush while having a few drinks at a bar with friends. She was having an altercation with a guy who had had a few too many and Toth came to her rescue. “Jim came over and said, 'Please excuse my friend. He just broke up with someone.'" She didn’t think too highly of his friend at the time but she was pretty impressed with Jim. “And that Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation.” The two eventually started dating and now are married with a son of their own.

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