20 Perfectly Normal Things Kids Of A-Listers Never Get To Do

Many people assume that being raised as a celebrity child would be the best thing in the world. Don’t get us wrong, clearly, there are a lot of perks to being raised with celebrity parents. There are private jets, closets filled with clothes, trips to Paris, trust funds, and the list just goes on and on. Certainly, there are plenty of reasons why any child would want to be raised by a celebrity. But there are also some downsides to being a celebrity child as well, and some of them might surprise everyone. Believe it or not but there are also perks to being a regular child, raised in a normal household where we don’t have paparazzi flashes around us. It may be hard to believe but there are likely some celebrity kids that wished that they too had a regular life.

Some of these celebrity kids we have watched grow up right before our eyes, and we have seen them stumble from time to time. Other kids are fairly new to the celebrity world, and we get to see them grow up as well. Check out these 20 perfectly normal things kids of A-listers never get to do.

20 Go To Public School

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Most celebrity children end up in private school, not only because it’s considered to be a more elite education but also for their children’s safety. Private school affords celebrity parents extra security so that they don’t have to worry about their children being photographed or worse. With private school comes a big price tag as well. Tom Cruise pays $40,000 a year for Suri Cruise to attend a private school, and that’s just middle school. That’s not even high school or college, so it can be a hefty price for celebrities.

19 Leave The House Without It Being On The News

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We rarely see Julia Roberts kids in public because she is very protective of them. She doesn’t want them to be in the spotlight, and it’s only her niece Emma Roberts that has decided to become part of the celebrity world. Julia wants her kids to have as much of a normal life as possible. One thing that normal kids get to enjoy is walking out the front door of their home and not worrying about ending up on the news that day. Being the child of a celebrity can be a weird feeling indeed and we all take for granted what it’s like to have complete privacy as we walk to the library.

18 Go A Day Wthout Being Photographed

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In the same respect, celebrity children have to keep in mind that if they go to the club with their friends that there is a chance that they will be photographed. Lindsay Lohan learned that the hard way and when you are young and partying, sometimes there is no way to hide it. Normal kids don’t have to worry about getting photographed while they are doing things that their parents don’t know about. Celebrity children have to worry about being photographed all the time and it can sometimes get them in trouble with their parents.

17 Go To Regular Summer Camps

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We all remember how awesome it was the first time that we left our homes and went off to summer camp. That was one of our favorite parts from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Even some of the celebrity parents themselves came from regular homes and can remember summer camp. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds certainly come from that group. But they could never send their own children to a regular camp because surely the paparazzi would be all over them and they would get no peace. There is also once again the issue of safety and protection for their children.

16 Being Spared The Comparisons To Their Mega Star Parents

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It can’t be easy for celebrity children to grow up with parents like Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage and Robert Downey Jr. These celebrities are legends in the industry and it can be tough when their children grow up and are then compared to their celebrity parents. Connor Cruise, for example, is a young adult who is constantly criticized for living on a yacht without a real job and that can’t be easy for anyone. Nicolas Cage’s son is another celebrity kid who couldn’t possibly live up to his father’s celebrity status.

15 Watch A Movie Without Their Parents In It

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Kids and young adults love watching the latest blockbuster movie that’s coming out. But what happens when it’s your parents in the movie? How awkward is that? Especially when your dad is in a marriage with another woman onscreen. It must be weird for kids to see their parents in movies, to begin with. Obviously, for normal kids, they don’t have to deal with the awkwardness of seeing their parents in popular movies. There may be times where these kids wish that they could see a superhero movie without their parents being the lead.

14 Go for Coffee Without TMZ There

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Going out and getting coffee is a big part of a lot of people’s lives. We do it first thing in the morning before we go to work and sometimes, we do it with a friend. A lot of celebrities have been caught with new girlfriends, all because they wanted to go grab a cup. It’s a tough world indeed when you can’t even get a cup of coffee without the paparazzi catching up to you. Of course, regular kids don’t have to deal with daily annoyances like these. It can make a celebrity kid like Brooklyn Beckham wish that he wasn’t the child of a celebrity.

13 Have A Girlfriend That Their Parents Don’t Know About

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When regular kids go out on a date, they can even hide it from their parents at least for a little while because no one really knows about it. Unfortunately, celebrity kids just aren’t that lucky. Hailey Baldwin could hardly keep the fact that she was dating Justin Bieber from her parents because any time that they were out in public they were photographed. It sure wasn’t long before the world knew that the two were engaged as well. Hopefully, her parents knew beforehand or it would have been a very awkward moment indeed.

12 Be Their Own Individual Authentic Selves

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Tom Hanks is a high-profile star who has two sons, one of which became an actor just like him and another that became an unsuccessful rapper. It was hard for him to portray the poor boy life of a rapper when he had a trust fund. He was once called out by Howard Stern because of it, and they got into a Twitter war. It’s the same way with a lot of celebrity parents like Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt. These are huge stars and the kids may feel like they couldn’t possibly fill such big shoes.

11 Travel Anywhere They Want

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Regular people get to go wherever they want for vacation without worrying about people asking for autographs while they are there. Celebrities can’t just go to any place without being mobbed. They want to bring their children to cool places but they don’t want to see it on the news either. Some celebrities even take their children to private islands so that they can be assured they can have a great time without being bothered. It’s pretty bad that they have to go to a private island just to get a moment of privacy.

10 Make Their Own Way

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Some celebrity kids like Dakota Johnson follow their parents into show biz while others don’t know what to do with their lives. Nicolas Cage’s son has been in various issues throughout his life, and we don’t really know what he does for a living. He probably wishes he could live the life of a regular person instead of having to be compared to his father or having the media tell him that he shouldn’t be allowed to make his own life outside of his father’s setup. Being a celebrity kid isn’t always an easy thing.

9 Go To The Beach Without Being Mobbed

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We’re sure that Katie Holmes would just love to be able to go to the beach with Suri and not be photographed. Regular people get to go to the beach, make castles and go swimming without anyone really noticing them at all. Celebrity kids have to deal with being photographed at a young age even during a time when they don’t understand why they are even being photographed at all. Regular kids are able to have fun without people bothering them during private moments. Sometimes being a non-celebrity can allow you to experience more in life.

8 Just Have Baby Pics In An Album

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When we have babies, we save the adorable pictures on our phones or we make an album out of them. We may show them to our friends and family but for the most part, we keep our children’s lives private. Every time that Angelina Jolie had a baby or adopted one, she sold her pictures to tabloid magazines. Granted, she gave all the money to her favorite charities, but those personal pictures are out there for all the world to see. Now that her kids are all grown up, they may not want those pictures out there. Regular kids don’t have to worry about seeing their first bathtub pictures on social media.

7 Not Having Their Clothing Choices Scrutinized

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Let’s be honest, we have all made poor clothing choices at one point in our lives but we are not publicly ostracized for it. Our friends may tell us we look ridiculous but that’s the extent of it. Celebrities kids get called out for their clothing choices just like their parents do and it’s not always fair. Suri Cruise has been criticized for wearing heels and for the fact that she has millions of dollars worth of clothing in her closet. Do you blame her? Who wouldn’t want that? Suri was criticized because the coat she was wearing in this picture cost $1,600/ She’s a celebrity kid; what do you expect?

6 Not Having To Hear About Parents' Past Lives

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Some celebrities had wild lives before they became parents, Angelina Jolie is one of them. We’re sure when she was having fun in her teen years, she never thought about her children googling her name. Most regular people don’t have to worry about that because their past is kept from their children. Celebrity children probably learn more about their parents than they want to and that can be tough on them. It can be just one of those times when you can be glad you aren’t living in the celebrity world.

5 Go To College Unrecognized

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Not all celebrity children choose to go to college but some do, even the ones that choose to become actors as well. Imagine if you were Jennifer Garner’s daughter and you end up at college with a bunch of regular people. Those kids have to wonder whether the friends that they make at college are real friends or if they want to get close to their celebrity parents. Regular kids don’t have to worry about stuff like that. They go to college and they can be themselves without worrying that someone will recognize them or their parents.

4 Have Any Flaws

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We know that when it comes to being a celebrity, there is a need for perfection. They are constantly judged by the way they look, dress and act. They aren’t allowed to make mistakes otherwise they get judged by the media. It’s really not fair for the parents or the kids. Regular kids do have to deal with physical flaws or low self-esteem but definitely not on the level that celebrity kids have to be exposed. Celebrities can’t even have a bad hair day without it hitting the news. It can be very embarrassing for celebrity kids.

3 See Their Parents Regularly

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Regular kids get to see their parents much more than they probably want to. Their families have dinner on the table and there are family vacations. Regular kids get to spend a lot more time with their parents. That’s something that celebrity kids are probably pretty envious of. Celebrity kids often grow up around nannies because their parents are filming movies or there are on tour with their band. It can be a hard life for kids. Even if they get to visit their parents at work, it’s not always the same.

2 Not Have Their Parents Broadcast Their Lives To Everyone

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Some kids don’t mind being the center of attention but when you are in the spotlight all the time, it can be annoying. What’s worse is when your parents are interviewed and they start talking about you. Of course, regular kids don’t have to worry about that. Will Smith is on record for telling an interviewer that he feels like he and Jada may have made a mistake allowing their children to do what they wanted. Imagine being the children and seeing that in print. It can be embarrassing for both parties.

1 Go To Special Events With Their Parents

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In the real world, if your parents are being honored for something because of their job, the whole family gets to go. We’re proud of our parents and their accomplishments. For Julia Roberts, if she wins an Oscar, her children have to watch her at home on the TV. Some celebrity parents will allow their children to go on the red carpet but there are also just as many that won’t take their children with them. Parents like Julia don’t want their children to be in the spotlight at all. They don’t want them photographed and they want their privacy intact.

Sources: Business Insider, Born Realist

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