20 Perfectly Preppy Baby Names That Will Never Go Out Of Style

When people about to become parents and they're settling on a baby name for their boy or girl, whom they couldn't be more thrilled to meet, they know that there are various categories of names. There are traditional and classic names. There are family names or names that they choose in order to honor someone. There are names that seem to be chosen simply because they're so wacky. And then there are the baby names that celebrities choose, and we have mixed feelings about those — while some are beautiful, others are really weird.

A couple that is deciding on a baby name might not be thinking about preppy names, but it could be a really helpful starting place... particularly if they're not on the same wavelength when it comes to choosing that perfect name. When we think about the word preppy, we're picturing gingham print, little bowties, perfectly pressed shirts, striped sweaters, and boat shoes. We might also be picturing a nice lake house or a front porch. That's not a bad place to start when brainstorming, and since there are tons of preppy names for both girls and boys, we'll like sorting through them.

Here are 20 perfectly preppy baby names that will never go out of style.

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20 Emmett

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Town and Country magazine mentions Emmett as a preppy name. If we watched the sweet TV show Switched at Birth, then we might recognize this name since this was one of the characters. According to Nameberry, this name means "universal."

Emmett is not only a preppy baby boy name but it's also considered to be the male form of Emma. If you do a bit of research about baby names, you'll quickly discover that Emma is a popular name. If you don't want to know if you're having a boy or a girl, why not decide on Emmett and Emma? It sounds like the perfect plan.

19 Scarlett

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Mom Junction mentions Scarlett as a preppy baby girl name. Are you thinking about Scarlett O'Hara right now?

While the meaning of Scarlett probably isn't "fabulous" it does seem like it should be. It's just one of those names that sounds really fancy. According to Nameberry, this is a name that is beloved and is "one of the most popular girls' names starting with S, right after longtime favorites Sophia and Sofia." It's also a Southern name.

If you want a preppy girl name that is also old-fashioned, Scarlett is a contender, and it's hard not to fall for its beauty.

18 Kensington

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Real Simple mentions Kensington as a preppy baby girl name. This is most likely not a baby girl name that comes to mind right away. Just like there are popular baby girl and boy names that we can't really hear one more time, there are preppy names that are overused. Thankfully, Kensington isn't one of those at all. It's a good name to choose if you want a preppy (and peppy and adorable) baby girl name.

According to Baby Center, this name is at number 1,621 in 2019. That's great for parents who want a name that is different from the name that their pregnant friend or neighbor will be picking.

17 Samantha

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Samantha is a perfect preppy baby girl name and it comes with a preppy nickname, too, since if you name your baby girl Samantha, you can call her Sam. That's one of the cutest nicknames.

Baby Center says that this name's meaning is "listener" which is cool. You definitely want your baby girl to grow up to be a good listener, right? It's one of the best and most admired personality traits that someone could have. Baby Center puts this name at number 108 in 2019 which is interesting as it's not super popular right now but it's almost in the top 100.

16 Blair

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Town and Country magazine mentions Blair as a preppy name. If you don't know the gender of your baby yet, you could pick Blair and it would work for a boy or girl.

Of course, if you hear the name Blair, you're definitely going to picture Blair Waldorf, Leighton Meester's character on Gossip Girl. Of all the preppy teen girl characters on TV, Blair is one of the most interesting. She's sassy and she dresses in perfect dresses and blazers and headbands. If you have a baby boy or girl and name them Blair, you can find tons of cute outfits that would suit the name.

15 Blythe

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According to Mom Junction, Blythe is a preppy baby name.

Like Scarlett, Blythe is a name that has an old-fashioned sound but is also preppy. According to Ancestry.ca, Blythe is a "nickname for a cheerful person." Since you want to give birth to a baby who is happy and healthy and grows up to be someone who is often in a good mood, Blythe seems like it has some good vibes attached to it. Blythe is also a last name, but it honestly sounds awesome as a first name, so if you want a really different and preppy baby girl name, this is a good one.

14 Chip

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Chip Gaines may be the most famous Chip out there and you probably have gotten sucked into re-runs of Fixer Upper, the home renovation series that he starred in with his wife, Joanna Gaines. Chip seems so funny and so nice, and if you want to name your baby boy after him, that's an amazing idea.

Chip is definitely a preppy baby name that will never go out of style. It's not chosen so often for baby boys that your friends and relatives will groan and say that you couldn't possibly choose this name. It can be nice to pick a name that has one syllable, too.

13 Hadley

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Hadley is another preppy baby name mentioned by Real Simple. This is another old-fashioned name, and it's a preppy name that will never go out of style since it's gorgeous.

According to The Bump, this name means "heather meadow" and it's number 260 in terms of how popular it is. A mom-to-be posted on the What To Expect community forum and said, "My husband and I love the name Hadley, but [worry] it’s becoming too popular! Anyone know any Hadley’s?" People wrote that they could think of one person named Hadley or they couldn't think of anyone. If you love Hadley, it's good to know that it's not only perfectly preppy but it's also not super popular.

12 Whitney

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The funny thing about the name Whitney is that when it's used as a baby girl name, it honestly doesn't sound super preppy... but if you name a baby boy Whitney, suddenly it sounds preppy. It's another perfectly preppy name that will never go out of style since it's not too trendy.

If you name your baby boy Whitney, it might not be as popular as a name like John or Mike, but it's a really good name to add to your list while you and your partner are brainstorming. There are certain names that just sound solid, and this one is really solid and strong.

11 Oliver

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A baby boy named Oliver would be really cute... especially if you call him Ollie for short.

One mom posted in the What To Expect community forum, "I see the name Oliver on lots of baby name lists but I have never actually met one in real life. My husband and I love this name but don’t want to name our baby something entirely too common." This is definitely common among parents-to-be: wanting a great baby name that isn't the most popular name ever.

While some say that this is a popular name, it's not exactly Matt or James, so you can rest assured and pick it. As a bonus, it's perfectly preppy and feels classic.

10 Wilder

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Wilder is a baby boy name on a list from Mom Junction. We can probably agree on two major things: we never hear this name... and we really, really love it.

Wilder just sounds cool. Since it has the word "wild" in it, it brings to mind a baby boy who is super curious and just wants to go on fun adventures. A baby boy named Wilder would be adorable. This is definitely a perfectly preppy baby name that will never go out of style.

If you're having a girl and really adore this name, you could also use it for your little girl. It may not be conventional to choose Wilder as a baby girl name but it does sound great.

9 Ethan

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Ethan might not be the preppiest baby boy name that you've ever heard but it's still up there with preppy baby boy names.

Nameberry says that this name means "strong, firm." The website says of the name's background, "Ethan, which was given a big boost via the name of the Tom Cruise character in the Mission Impossible film series, is still popular but dipping a bit, after having hit a peak position at Number 3 in 2012. Ethan is a name that succeeds in being at once classic and fashionable, serious and cheery, strong and sensitive. There are several Ethans in the Old Testament, the most prominent of whom is praised for his wisdom."

8 Tinsley

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How about Tinsley for a baby girl?

Nameberry says that Tinsley means "Tynni's meadow." The website explains more about this preppy name: "New York socialite Tinsley Mortimer introduced this one to the hoi polloi. Its similarity to the trendy Kinsley boosts its profile. It debuted in the US Top 1000 in 2016." 

If you watch The Real Housewives of New York then you're familiar with cast member Tinsley Mortimer. Both her first and last name are really preppy. Tinsley is a pretty name, that's for sure, and you can't go wrong with it since it won't ever go out of style.

7 Serena

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Serena is another baby girl name that is considered to be preppy, according to Mom Junction.

It's funny to think that two of the main characters on Gossip Girl both have incredibly preppy names: Blair and Serena. If you're a big TV person and you're expecting a little girl, why not be inspired by this great teen drama and pick the name Serena or Blair? They're both beautiful and they're more sophisticated than a lot of baby names. (And maybe if you have a friend who is also pregnant with a baby girl, you can each pick one of the names and your kids can be friends... but hopefully they'll get along more than the characters on Gossip Girl.)

6 Campbell

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Sometimes, when you're brainstorming baby names, you can think about names that are typically last names and come up with some really great choices. That's totally the case with the name Campbell. While this is definitely a last name, it can also be used as a baby boy name, and it's up there with the best preppy baby names.

Campbell has a nice ring to it (no pun intended) and if you really want to do something different with your baby's name, you can absolutely use for a baby girl. But most of the time, this is going to be a baby boy name.

5 Matthew

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Matthew is such a common and popular baby boy name that you might not necessarily put on a list of preppy names but when you think about it it's definitely got a preppy vibe.

Just picture a kid named Matthew (Matt for short, of course) wearing a private school uniform and talking about his college plans. He plays sports on the weekends and wears board shorts and is never seen without his baseball cap. He's preppy, right?

Matthew is a beautiful name and if you want a preppy baby boy name that will never go out of style, why not pick it?

4 Bailey

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While Bailey can be chosen for a baby boy, it's also great for a girl. It's one of those tomboy-sounding names that often sounds even better as a girl's name.

If you're pregnant with a baby girl and preppy names are totally up your alley, why not choose Bailey? It's not used so much that it becomes tiresome, and it's beautiful.

Nameberry says, "Bailey -- a jaunty surname -- was first used for a female TV character in 1978 in the show WKRP in Cincinnati, then caught on big time. Bailey's still an appealing choice, though, and a celebrity fave. Parents of daughters named Bailey include Scot Baio and Stella McCartney."

3 Blake

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Expecting a baby boy soon? What about Blake as their name? According to Baby Center, Blake is a preppy name for baby boys, and it's easy to adore this name.

This is absolutely a name that will never go out of style. According to Nameberry, this name means "fair-haired" and "dark." It's sitting at number 150. As the website explains, "Blake -- an early unisex option -- dropped out of the Top 100 in 2017 for the first time since 1988, but remains a sophisticated choice. And yes, both conflicting meanings of Blake are accurate. It originated as a surname in England derived from a nickname."

2 Addison

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Is Addison the preppiest of preppy baby girl names? It seems like a rhetorical question. After all, there is a character on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice named Addison Montgomery, and the combination of that first and last name contribute to a seriously preppy and classic vibe.

If you're brainstorming baby names and know that you're having a girl and would love a really preppy name, Addison is a great name. You can call her Addie or Addy for short, too, and it's definitely nice when you can offer your kid a choice of a full name or shorter nickname.

1 Ellery

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According to Baby Center, Ellery is a preppy baby name. This seems like the rarest baby name on this list and is probably the one that makes you do a double take because you might not have any mom friends who named their baby girls Ellery.

Ellery kind of sounds like Emily mixed with Eleanor, and it's a beautiful name. Like some of the other perfectly preppy baby names on this list, this name has a great nickname potential and you could call her Ellie for short.

If you really want a preppy-sounding baby name for your little boy or girl, these 20 names are all good ideas.

Sources: Momjunction.com, Townandcountrymag.com, Babycenter.com, Community.whattoexpect.com, Nameberry.com

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