20 Photos Of Carrie Underwood Pregnant (That Mike Fisher's Obsessed With)

Carrie Underwood is the cream of the top. She’s stunning, successful, and man, can she sing. Happily married to retired hockey player Mike Fisher, the Idol alum is on top of the world, winning award after award as she tops the charts and keeps ‘em coming.

As a mom, Underwood seems to have been born to nurture. She has two adorable kids, proving that having an amazing professional life can go hand-in-hand with raising a family. Motherhood suits her equally as well as superstardom does.

As a celeb in the spotlight, while pregnant, Underwood was under the microscope. The paparazzi were always on the prowl, peeking out from bushes, and hiding behind buildings, seeking out that rare moment to snap the singer in all her maternal glory. But Underwood wasn’t shy about showing off her ever-growing shape. She showed up for red carpet appearances and hosted shows. She performed in concert and cheered on her man. She was glowing and growing, and looked gorgeous all the while.

Hubby Fisher was smitten with his sweetheart while she swelled up with his seedlings, understandably since she is always spectacular. And these pics prove it. Peruse Underwood in some special pregnancy pics and get wowed by her bounty of baby bump beauty.

20 Casual Carrie

Via: starmagazine.com

Sometimes a gal’s gotta give in to her casual cravings and swap her sequin-studded gown for something more laid back and comfy. That’s exactly what Underwood is doing in this adorable pic – proving that she can look super cute in a cotton t-shirt and a basic button down. Hubby Fisher still fancies his foxy wife, even though she’s channeling Sunday vibes instead of designer duds. Underwood doesn’t need to do much to look good, so even in this “Plain Jane” look, she still steals the spotlight. With her baby bump front and center, this is exactly the sort of style a pregnant woman wants to wear.

19 Side-By-Side Sparkle

Via: starmagazine.com

There is nothing more magnificent than seeing a pregnant woman wow us with her curvy shape wrapped snugly in sequins. Underwood flaunts her fab figure in not one, but two amazing mini dresses, each showing off her shapely silhouette and stunning smile. She’s not one to shy away from form-fitting looks no matter her state of pregnancy, so these sparkly dresses are right up her alley. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t mean Underwood needs to ditch her love for high-end elegance. She can still rock a red carpet look alongside her non-pregnant peers and catch the attention of the paparazzi.

18 Cub on the Way

Via: Hollywoodlife.com

Looks like this deer (or is she a cute kangaroo?) has been trapped. But who wouldn’t want to be taken away by a hunk as flawless as Underwood’s hubby? The playful duo are dressed up and having tons of fun, with Underwood’s little “cub” hidden underneath her cute brown costume. It appears that Underwood and Fisher have a fun-loving relationship, something that will likely grow stronger as they raise their child together. Hopefully, these two maintain their silliness and down-to-earth attitudes for years to come. It seems to suit them and their personalities. But he better let her free so she can get back to business!

17 Black Tie Bump

Via: Pinterest.com

Going for a formal look in head-to-toe black and sparkle, Underwood is showing off her pregnancy in a beautiful gown that hugs her in all the right places. With a hairdo that turns heads and a smoky eye that sizzles, Underwood’s entire look is a perfect 10. Her man must be in awe of her beauty, as is the fella in the pic beside her. Underwood always nails it when she’s dolled up for a special event, and even while pregnant, she still manages to look flawless. Sure, she may have a helping hand from her styling team, but so do all the other stars. Deep down, it’s Underwood’s inner beauty that emerges and enchants us all.

16 Walk (or Waddle?) of Fame

Via: pinterest.com

Underwood was proud to receive her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fans agree that she more than deserved it, so she stood there with her head held high and covered her bump under a breathtaking red trench coat. Smiling for the cameras, Underwood was likely pinching herself as she received such profound recognition. It’s not every day that a small town girl gets to achieve such amazing success. But fans who first saw Underwood on Idol had a hunch that one day, the blonde-haired beauty would be on top of the world. Her hubby must be so happy for her and he supports her every step.

15 Pregnant in the Parking Lot

Via: hawtcelebs.com

Flats are just fine when you’re pregnant, unless Underwood is just wearing them ‘till she gets from the parking lot to her final destination. It’s hard for a woman to wear sky-high stilettos when she’s got a bump up front, so the less time her feet are stuffed in uncomfortable shoes, the better. Needless to say, the rest of her all-black ensemble is spot-on, showing off her maternity style the modern way. With flowing hair and elaborate earrings, this entire look is all-around amazing. Glad to see Underwood has some hydration on hand since a pregnant woman must make sure her body is always recharged.

14 Barking Big Brother

Via: today.com

Underwood’s pampered pooch is no longer the only “baby” in the family. As his shirt suggests, that pup is now the big brother to two younger brothers. Perhaps to his dismay, he had to make room for a tiny human to take over his domain, so jealousy most likely emerged. After being the only one who got all the attention, this dog had to get used to having his mommy dote on another living thing. But surely Underwood has plenty of love to go ‘round, so her furry friend has nothing to worry about. Before long, he’ll be best buddies with the new baby.

13 A Lot to Love

Via: HawtCelebs.com

What could be cuter than Underwood professing her love for her unborn child in a casual shirt bearing the letters L-O-V-E? Her bump is getting there and she’s already over the moon for her little one. She’s happy and headed somewhere, perhaps on her way home from a concert or just dinner with friends. She’s also obviously in love with her handsome hubby, so maybe the message on her shirt is for him. Once that baby arrives, Underwood won’t need a shirt to express how strongly she feels for her baby. It will be written all over her face and felt through her tender touch. With so much love to give, this baby will be blessed.

12 Heck Ya! I'm Pregnant

Via: nationalenquirer.com

Someone’s super happy to be pregnant. With a look of utter joy on her face and her hand in the air, mom-to-be Underwood is enthusiastic and excited. She looks pretty in her black dress that starts to sparkle right over that bump. Holding the mic, Underwood is about to sing another hit for the audience, filled with fans who are just as pepped up as she is. And what’s not to be ecstatic about? Underwood is talented, famous, rich, in love, and was about to become a mom (again). She’s gorgeous and generous, upbeat and fun — her babies are lucky to have a mom like her. Not too many kids can say that their mom’s an American idol!

11 Glowing and Growing

Via: catcountry1073.com

Is Underwood protecting her pregnant belly with bubble wrap? It certainly seems that way, unless this dress is some designer’s idea of haute couture. Perhaps if someone ever has to ship the singer across the country, she can rely on her bubble wrap to keep her from breaking. It’s even a smart idea for a performance if she’s worried she’ll slip off the edge of the stage. And strangely enough, Underwood doesn’t look half bad in bubbles. It’s hard to tell what her dress looks like underneath, but by the looks of the intricate sleeve, it’s sure to be stunning.

10 Oh, Baby!


The secret came out a few months ago that Underwood was expecting, and by the expression on her face, she couldn’t be more thrilled. Surely her man was just as stoked, and they looked forward to their bundle of joy who joined the family in January of this year. While most fans wished Carrie would add a little girl to their brood, that was not the case when little Jacob Fisher came into the world. Either way, fans were excited that Carrie had a healthy pregnancy and a safe labor/delivery. One thing’s for sure, though, her two sweet boys are bound to have amazing genes like their beautiful parents!

9 Late Night Laughs

Via: tasteofcountry.com

Pregnancy won’t stop Underwood from visiting the hilarious Jimmy Fallon. She is always on the go, promoting her brand and showing off her belly. It seems like Fallon is fascinated by her bump, and he is probably cracking a joke at her expense. For the late night crowd, it must be nice to see Underwood making the rounds on the various programs, chatting it up and giving a performance. She can show off her sense of humor as she banters with the host, and blow the audience away with her singing chops when it’s time for that portion of the show.

8 Bitty Bump in Black

Via: countryliving.com

That looks like the smile of a lady who is loving her pregnancy. She’s dressed casually and manages to look magnificent, holding onto her stylish bag and displaying her barely-there bump. That pregnancy glow is all over Underwood’s face, giving everyone a good reason to expect that she’s feeling great and is excited to become a mom. Underwood always looks attractive, but there’s something about her pregnancy appearance that makes her even more beautiful. Her happiness is contagious, and her hubby is surely picking up on it too. Even this fella in the frame is smiling from ear to ear just because he’s in the presence of this pregnant princess.

7 A 'Pop' of Pink

Via: countryliving.com

Bright pink is always a showstopper, but even the boldest shade can’t distract anyone from that ballooning bump Underwood is sporting. She is rightfully proud to show off her pregnancy, and this outfit does the trick. Not only is that bright pink garment spectacular, but it seems to be specifically designed to highlight Underwood’s remarkable maternal shape. Moms-to-be all over the world must be wondering where they can buy this piece to wear during their pregnancies, too. Something tells us this floor-length number is a one-of-a-kind made for Underwood alone. It’s a good thing, too, because nobody could look as wonderful as she does wearing it.

6 And the Award for Best Pregnancy Style Goes to…

Via: starmagazine.com

Looking sparkly and stylish, the pregnant Underwood is accepting an award for another job well done. She looks humble and honored, but the rest of the world is only focused on how fabulous she looks in this intricately designed mini dress. It's impossible for Underwood to look off while pregnant. She stuns fans far and wide with her sense of style and how great she looks in any outfit. Pregnancy hasn’t put a damper on the singer’s fondness for fashion, seen here in this stunning dress. She may have received that award she’s clutching for her music, but she ought to get another for her spot-on style.

5 Spectacular on Stage

Via: popsugar.com

Underwood knows how to make the most of each and every performance. Not only does she sing like an angel, but she looks like one too. Here is this flowing dress, Underwood has her audience in a trance as she sings her heart out surrounded by glowing candlesticks. She is pregnant and powerful, with a commanding presence and a glorious glow. It must have been quite the performance as Underwood belted out her number one hits and the audience got to see her live and in person. She looks like Mother Nature personified, as her maternal instincts course through her veins.

4 All That Glitters

Via: etonline.com

Talk about a golden goddess. Here we see the gorgeous singer glitter like a statuette in an elaborate strapless gown, giving her pregnant belly the attention it deserves. With her hair done in a fashionable style, Underwood’s overall look is an A+. The different tones of gold look spectacular against her skin, and the glorious gown is the most marvelous piece of maternity wear we’ve seen in a while. It drapes perfectly over her bump, allowing Underwood to look like a million bucks and still experience comfort. A dress like this deserves an award. Perhaps Underwood can loan one of hers to the talented designer.

3 Fetus and Fringe

Via: radaronline.com

Looking totally country and cool, Underwood is going for a less luxe look in a pair of skinny jeans and a fashionable sweater. Her growing belly can’t hide anymore, so she’s letting it all hang out as she croons and captivates the crowd. Underwood normally performs in more elegant ensembles, but this must be a low-key show where she can show off her everyday style with ease and a little edge. Underwood feels at home when she’s performing, so why not wear an outfit she may just wear in her own living room? No matter her look, Underwood’s singing is the main attraction, and that’s what the fans are there to hear. A stylish outfit is simply icing on the cake.

2 Believe it or Not… There’s a Bump in There

Via: onecountry.com

If anyone’s green with envy, it’s Underwood’s fans who can’t believe the pregnant singer can still look so amazing up on stage even though she may be feeling the misery of morning sickness. But leave it to the incredible Underwood who takes her job seriously and won’t stop singing unless there’s a serious issue holding her back. She loves to impress her audiences with her amazing talents, and while she’s doing her thing, she shines as brightly as the sequins on her green gown. While she’s not super pregnant in this pic, she’s still “singing for two,” although her bump is itty bitty.

1 Life on the Outside

Via: people.com

Welcome to the world little one! Underwood seems to be blissful and probably plenty tired as she embraces her bundle of joy. After nine months of pregnancy, seeing her baby for the first time must have been a phenomenal moment. With her hubby by her side, she brought this precious life into the world, now all snuggled softly in mom’s arms and feeling her tender heartbeat. Underwood looks content and beautiful, taking in each moment and not missing a thing. These days pass by so fast, so hopefully, Underwood and her husband enjoy every second. Congrats to the celeb and her family!

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