20 Photos Of How Katie Holmes Treats Suri

Katie Holmes is a talented beauty that seems to be good at everything she does, motherhood included.

Born Kate Noelle Holmes on December 18, 1978, Katie is known for being an actress, producer, and director. Her first feature film was Ang Lee’s The Ice Storm, which debuted in 1997, but her first breakout role that many know her for was Joey Potter on the TV series Dawson’s Creek.

In April 2005, Katie started dating actor Tom Cruise. The couple was later engaged in June 2005, married on November 18, 2006, and had their daughter on April 18, 2006 — one year after their first date with one another and seven months before their wedding date.

Many questioned the name they had chosen for their daughter, it was such an exotic and rare name. There is a beautiful meaning behind it though. The name Suri has two different meanings depending on where one looks. The first comes from Persia and means “Red Rose,” while the other is from Israel and means “Princess.”

After Katie and Tom divorced back in 2012, Katie gained custody of her daughter Suri. The two have been inseparable and Suri has become Katie’s mini-me in more ways than one. Kate is a great mother and one could tell by just looking at their pictures that she has nothing but love for her daughter.

Here are 20 pictures that really shows how much she cares for her daughter and how she treats her.

20 Best (Rose) Buds

Footwear News

Florals for spring seem to be an overrated pattern and not much of a groundbreaking choice nowadays for people to wear. When it comes to mother-daughter duo Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, they proved how timeless the trend can be and how they don’t always care about current fashion trends.

According to people.com, back in 2018—the day after Katie brought her mother as her date to the New York City bash celebrating director Ava DuVernay—Katie and her 12-year-old mini-me stepped out together for the American Ballet Theatre Spring Gala at the Metropolitan Opera House. The pair wore matching floral dresses and were looking fashionable and adorable together.

19 Late Night Treat Turned Tantrum

Romantique and Rebel

After spending a week in China promoting an artistry on ice event, Katie had nothing but love for her daughter as she was reunited with her and wanted nothing more but to spend time with the little girl she had missed dearly.

According to dailymail.co.uk, the two were spotted late at night in the Big Apple near the Pie by the Pound pizza parlor. Once finished with dinner, the two headed over to a nearby ice cream shop for a yummy frozen desert. It was after they left that Suri could be seen throwing a tantrum and becoming tearful as Katie took her ice cream cone away for reasons unknown. Maybe she misbehaved?

18 'She's One Of Our Favorite Performers'

Footwear News & E!

Back in 2006, Katie Holmes and her mini-me, 11-year-old Suri Cruise, surprised a crowd of people who were gathered at Z100 New York’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The mother-daughter duo took the stage hand-in-hand to introduce the beautiful Taylor Swift as the final act of the night.

According to people.com, while Katie kicked off the introduction by saying a few kind words, she made sure to end her speech by letting everyone know how she felt about Taylor before Suri had her moment: “She’s one of our favorite performers and who is it tonight?” That’s when Suri helped by yelling out Taylor’s name.

17 Lunch Date For Two

The Mirror

It feels like just a few years ago Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise announced the birth of their daughter Suri. Boy, has time flown by. Just looking at this photo of Suri will make anyone feel old. She is no longer a toddler running around, instead, she is a teenager now walking around in.

According to mirror.co.uk, back in 2017, Suri and her mother Katie were seen leaving a restaurant with a box of leftovers down in Venice Beach. Suri wore a pretty lilac sundress with pink flip flops and a big yellow bow in her hair, while her mother was more relaxed in a pair of high-waisted jeans, white vest, long navy cardigan and hair pulled into a messy bun.

It seems like they were having a serious conversation.

16 Family Fun Day Birthday Celebration

Daily Mail

Back in August 2017, Katie Holmes took her daughter Suri for a big weekend reunion with her family, that was also a birthday celebration for her sister. To mark the glorious occasion, Katie shared a black-and-white picture of herself and her entire family to her IG.

According to people.com, Katie—who is one of four siblings—was bunched up with her daughter and 18 other family members as they all smiled big for the camera. She then captioned it: “Happy Birthday to my beautiful, courageous, fun, funny, amazing sister!!!!!!! We love uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!”

Suri was seen wearing her signature big bows and an adorable blouse while hamming it up with another young partygoer, who we could probably guess is a cousin.

15 Mother's Day Spent The Best Way

Hello Magazine

When it comes to Mother’s Day, Katie had two sides of hers and both were an awesome way to celebrate.

According to people.com, Katie posted two pictures to her social media account on Mother’s Day in 2017. One picture was of her standing next to Suri as they wore elegant gowns and greeted a friend, the other picture was of the two lounging together in bed as Katie planted a motherly kiss on her little one’s elbow.

It is unclear if these pictures were taken on the actual day due to Katie jet-setting around the world quite a bit that week, but either way, they were adorable.

14 Easter Family Trip At The Beach

Hello Magazine

What better way to celebrate Easter weekend than to be surrounded by family on a beach?

According to hellomagazine.com, that is exactly how Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise spent their 2017 Easter weekend. A source confirmed to E! News that the two of them flew out to Marco Island Beach Resort in Florida for a fun-filled Easter weekend with family.

Katie celebrated the weekend by posting a few snaps of her and her daughter to her social media. In one snap, the proud mother is seen sharing a hug while on the beach with her daughter. She captioned the photo: “My sweetie #love #beach #gratitude," she then ended the post with a few love heart emojis.

13 Katie & Suri Have Some Of The Best Hair In NY


Whelp, it looks like this mom-daughter duo has done it again. For all those confused as to what they did, well, they once again proved to the world they are the cutest mother-daughter duo ever to grace social media.

According to refinery29.com, back in 2017, Katie posted a black-and-white picture of herself alongside her daughter as they got their hair done in a salon out in New York City. She captioned the photo, "#salondays," along with a bunch of pink bowed emojis to match the rather large one Suri was wearing.

Not only were these two taking care of the gorgeous locks, but they were totally twinning while doing it.

12 Cradling A Joey. Can Life Be Any Sweeter?


Back in 2017, Katie took to the stage for the show Good Morning America in New York City wearing a beautiful white frilly dress that showed off her perfectly toned legs.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Katie was there as a guest alongside animal activist and zookeeper Jack Hanna, who had brought along a few furry friends.

Among the many pictures that were taken that day, one being a picture of Katie standing next to Jack—who was holding a gorgeous serval cat—was one of Katie’s daughter backstage cradling a baby joey. Kate was all smiles as she posed for the adorable black-and-white picture with her daughter and the baby kangaroo.

11 Twinning At A Basketball Game


It’s a mommy-daughter date!

In January 2017, Katie and her daughter Suri were seen all smiles as they attended a Detroit Pistons vs the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game.

According to people.com, Katie was seen wearing a sheer top and blue jeans, while her daughter wore a purple, floral dress, pink cardigan and matching bow. Though they were dressed in different styles, these two were in full twin mode. It had been the first time in a while their similar looks were on full display.

Looks are not the only thing these two have in common though, they also both love fashion, playing with confetti and #girltime.

10 True NBA Fans


For those fans that haven’t notice yet, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise love to go to basketball games.

According to eonline.com, just shy of her 39th birthday back in 2017, Katie and Suri decided to attend the New York Knicks game as they faced off against the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Madison Square Gardens arena. Katie sat court-side along with her daughter, her nephew, and her parents.

Late that night Katie posted the photo to her IG and captioned it “Go Knicks! #msg #family.” Luckily the home team won 111 to 96 that night.

Katie and her family weren’t the only ones enjoying the game either: directly behind them was model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski.

9 Why Bring A Date To The Global Citizen Fest When You Can Bring Your Daughter?


Back in 2015, Katie Holmes decided that she didn’t want to take a boyfriend with her to the 2015 Global Citizen Festival that was going down in Central Park, nope, instead, she wanted to take her daughter Suri as her date and boy were they a cute pair.

According to huffingtonpost.ca, the two made a rare public outing together as Holmes spoke on stage during the festival, which was to help provide awareness to social issues such as poverty. While Katie addressed the crowd, Suri stood there waving and smiling her adorable smile at everyone in attendance.

Other celebrities who attended the festival included Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Christ Martin, Ariana Grande, and Tori Kelly.

8 Nothing Better Than A Mother's Hug

Daily Mail

Katie is one mom who fans can tell is always trying to do the best she can for her daughter.

According to dailymail.co.uk, back in 2014, Katie took a much-needed break from her busy schedule to spend some time in a New York park with her daughter Suri and some of her young friends.

While Suri was enjoying the outdoors with her friends, she took the time to run back to her mother for a hug and a kiss. She might be one of the richest children in the world, but it is quite obvious she still craves life’s simple pleasures such as grass stained knees, park time with friends, and bear hugs from mom.

7 Disney World Is Fun For All Ages


What better way to capture a special moment such as a trip to Disney than to get some candid snapshots?

That is exactly what mom Katie Holmes did when she took her then 6-year-old daughter to one of the happiest places in the world.

According to eonline.com, Katie and Suri were seen on a carousel ride at Disney World in Orlando, Florida back in March 2013 and the pair looked as though they were having a blast as Katie tried to get some adorable photos of her daughter as she rode one of the horses. Just previously the duo was seen spending the last few days hanging out with Mickey and friends.

6 Silly Shenanigans To Celebrate A Birthday

Daily Mail

For Suri Cruise’s ninth birthday on April 18, 2015, Katie threw her a magical birthday party that consisted of comedy glasses, pink feather boas, and lots of different costume jewelry.

According to dailymail.co.uk, Katie posted a picture of the two having a blast at they gazed at each other with their fingers on their lips. She then captioned the adorable photo: “#humpDAAAY!!!!”

Along with that photo they also posted a photo of lots of hands wearing colorful plastic rings with the caption, “Some serious bling #party city.”

To add to all the memorable posts, Katie also shared a video of moving bubbles with the caption: “Making magic.”

5 A Trip To The Nail Salon Cures All Woes


When Suri Cruise injured her arm, Katie knew the perfect thing to do in order to cheer her little girl up, a #girl’s day at the nail salon of course.

According to hellomagazine.com, the mother-daughter duo was pictured back in 2013 walking around the trendy area of Tribeca in New York City before stopping in a beauty salon for some much-needed pampering.

Suri was pictured sitting with her friend as they both beamed away and received pedicures. By the looks of everyone’s expression, she had them all captivated by one amazing story, as well as reading all the messages that were written on her cast.

4 What Better Way To Bond Than Over Makeup


Back in 2015, Katie Holmes posted an adorable photo of herself with her daughter as they shared a mother-daughter girl’s day.

According to instlye.com, the two stars were having girl time and decided to document the moment with a black-and-white photo of the two standing in front of a mirror and doing makeup together. Katie captioned the photo:,“#girltime.”

It probably comes as no surprise that even at the young age of eight years old, Suri was able to do her own makeup. She is constantly seen wearing some stylish trends and has even in the past given her mother some fashion advice.

3 Breakfast In Polka Dots

Hollywood Life

It seems like the older Suri gets, the more like her mother she becomes.

According to hollywoodlife.com, Suri Cruise and her mother Katie Holmes were spotted out in August 2018 wearing matching polka dot dresses while stepping out for some breakfast in Manhattan, New York.

Not only was the mother-daughter duo sporting the same type of dress, but they were also sporting the same matching haircuts and both carrying a coffee.

The only thing different seemed to be their accessories. Suri wore blue flats and carried a pink purse, while her mother was sporting brown sandals and a black bag.

2 Taking On A Show


Katie Holmes treated her adorable daughter to the bright lights of the Great White Way back in July 2017 as they took in the hit musical, Dear Evan Hansen, at The Music Box Theater.

According to etonline.com, Suri was stunning as she wore a printed sundress and big pink hair bow in her hair, along with a huge smile on her face as mother took her backstage to visit one of the stars of the play, Ben Platt.

While Suri was dressed up in one of her cute dresses, Katie, on the other hand, decided to dress more casual, and wore a black tank, distressed jeans and was makeup free and had her hair in a top knot bun.

1 Sweet Tooth Dates To The Ice Cream Parlor


After the heartbreaking split from ex-husband Tom Cruise back in 2012, Katie was seen out and about with her daughter Suri.

According to childmode.com, the two were spotted at one of their favorite ice cream parlors, Sundaes and Cones, which is located in New York’s East Village, getting a nice yummy treat to help cool them down in the July heat.

While Katie was dressed in a burgundy top and tan pants, Suri was spotted wearing a Milly Minis poppy field print button dress. She was enjoying a delicious ice cream cone and the two just looked like they were having a blast together.

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