20 Photos Of Rob Kardashian And Baby Dream

Rob Kardashian has been through a lot of ups and downs since Dream was born on November 10, 2016. Nowadays, he's not in the spotlight as much; in fact, it's tough to find pictures of him with his daughter, although he's taken a lot of photos of her and is clearly devoted to his little daughter, whose mother is Blac Chyna.

To show as many pics of Rob and Dream as possible, we've scoured the Web. This list is loaded with pictures, as well as interesting and factual information about Rob, Dream, Blac Chyna and the rest of the Kardashian clan.

Anyone who's into the whole Kardashian fame phenomenon should find this list entertaining. This family has the world's attention, although ratings for KUWTK are dropping "sharply", according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Only 851,000 people tuned into the finale episode of Season 15.

Being a part of the Kardashian family has its downside and Rob has experienced the pitfalls. He's put too much out there at times and been punished for it. His constant silver lining, however, remains to be his beautiful daughter who he has demonstrated is the light of his life. Here are 20 pictures of Dream with and without her proud daddy.

20 Rob Was Proud To Become A Father


Dream Renée Kardashian is now two years old, according to People.com. Rob was right there when she was born. He beamed when he saw his little baby daughter for the very first time. Rob probably didn't realize then that his relationship with Blac Chyna would disintegrate. He probably didn't see all of the tension and problems that were just around the bend. Back then, it was all about the joy of welcoming a baby into his life.

On November 13th of 2016, Kris Jenner posted this pic of Rob, along with a sweet message. Kris is really into being a grandmother. She's close with her kids and grandchildren. She'll always have Rob's back and Dream's back.

19 Rob Really Cares About Dream


In November of 2018, Rob shared a cute pic of his daughter via social media, based on a report at the Dailymail.co.uk website. Rob's been lying low, to work on his health and spend time with family. The pic that he posted showed Dream enjoying a drink. Rob's troubles with Blac Chyna have provoked him to keep a lower profile, but he wants the world to know that he's still there for Dream.

His reduced social media presence has damaged his sock business, but Kris Jenner stepped in to help, by buying a fifty percent chunk of the company. Rob is lucky to be surrounded by people who will help him when things get hard.

18 He Swims With His Daughter


Rob does healthy and wholesome activities with his daughter, Dream, such as swimming. He's been pictured in the pool with her and she looks happy and relaxed while she's in the water with her father. There are quite a few pics of Dream enjoying time in the water posted online, although many of them don't feature her dad.

The Dailymail.co.uk website describes Rob as the most reclusive member of his famous family. He's got millions of social media followers, but keeps to himself more lately. He shares custody of his daughter with Blac Chyna, in a 50/50 split, and is finding it hard to make child support payments.

17 Rob Knows Kris Is A Loving Grandma


Kris is the ultimate Momager. She's the backbone of her family. She makes sure that her kids can access great opportunities. When she bought up half up Rob's sock company, Arthur George Socks, she was stepping in to help her son get back on his feet. She also loaned Kylie Jenner the money to produce and market her very first lip kits. Kris never fails to stand behind her kids and adores her grandchildren, including Dream. She's often photographed shopping with her grandkids and cuddling them, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. Sister Khloe wishes that everyone would give Rob privacy when he wants it.

16 Blac Chyna And Rob Used To Be Close

Some relationships just aren't fated to last and part of being a mature person is accepting that and moving on. When two parents end their relationship, they need to transition to peaceful co-parenting, for the sake of the kids. Some couples can handle this and some can't. Rob and Blac Chyna share custody of little Dream and they have calm phases in their post-romance relationship, along with turbulent times.

Blac Chyna is currently suing the Kardashian family, so there is a lot going on. Blac Chyna thinks that the Kardashians got her reality TV show cancelled out of spite, according to Cosmopolitan.com.

15 Rob Has Always Been There For Dream

Rob takes care of his daughter half of the time, while Dream's Mom, Blac Chyna, has custody the other 50 percent of the time. While Rob may wish he could see Dream every day, he's doing his best to see her as much as he possibly can. He's always been there for her.

Rob is currently living in Calabasas with Kris, and Kris has a very nice house, so Dream does get to enjoy a luxurious environment while she's with Dad. According to People.com, Kris has a net worth of 60 million, so she's able to help her adult children handle life's up and downs, and this helps her grandchildren, too.

14 Sometimes Rob Is Behind The Camera

Even though Rob is a little camera-shy as of late, he loves taking pictures of his daughter. Blac Chyna posts pics of Dream, too, and so do members of the Kardashian family. When Dream celebrated her second birthday in November of this year, everyone who loves the little tot posted pictures of her, along with adoring messages about her, according to Eonline.com.

This is a toddler who's getting tons of love, even though her Mom and Dad aren't together anymore. Lots of families go through the same thing. People pull together for the kids. Dream's been pictured laughing in a pink toy car and having lots of good times.

13 Rob Has Had To Roll With The Punches

As you may already know, Rob didn't handle the end of his relationship with Blac Chyna too well. He got very upset about their problems and lashed out publicly, which wasn't the best decision. Blac Chyna retaliated by getting a restraining order against Rob. She did this in response to him posting some pretty sketchy content that related to her on his social media. The restraining order was granted in July of 2017, according to Cnn.com. The whole situation was very negative, especially in light of the fact that these two share a child. Things seem calmer now, despite Blac Chyna's lawsuit against the Kardashians, and that's good news for Dream.

12 Rob Celebrated His Baby's Birth


When a new baby comes, it's cause for celebration. Since the Kardashian family doesn't do anything in a subtle way, the birth of Dream was a special occasion with tons of balloons, presents, and social media posts. Blac Chyna and Rob were still together when their baby was born, although things weren't perfect between them, so nothing got in the way of the celebration. According to Eonline.com, the Rob & Chyna Baby Special, which aired in 2016, showed the labor and delivery, as well as many other Dream-related moments. At this stage, Rob was still enjoying all of the publicity.

11 Dream Is Really Growing Up Fast


Dream is starting to throw some poses and it's no wonder. She's growing up around some glamorous women and she's probably learning a lot from them. Blac Chyna has modeled and all of the Kardashian women are known for their fashion, their glam squads, and their attitudes. One cute and recent pic of Dream showed her staring down the camera in a black top and checked pants, with a comforting cup of hot chocolate close by. Dream seems to have had a great Christmas 2018 with family. Rob thought her pose in this shot was really cute, according to Eonline.com, and I have to agree.

10 Rob Has Lots Of Disney Memories


Lots of us parents have great memories of being with our children at Disneyland or Disneyworld. Rob and Blac Chyna took baby Dream to the Magic Kingdom to celebrate Rob's very first Father's Day. While Rob and Blac Chyna weren't romantically involved at that point, they came together for their daughter, which is great. It's not easy to move past relationship problems and co-parent. Any efforts that Rob and Blac Chyna make are steps in the right direction.

According to People.com, Blac Chyna didn't want to marry Rob, to whom she used to be engaged, because she found Rob overly emotional. She didn't like the fact that he was often depressed.

9 Rob Took Dream To Meet Baby Chicago West

Dream has so many relatives to love, including Chicago West. Rob took her to meet newborn Chicago, who is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's third child, when Chicago was born. Dream looked very happy to meet the new baby. Kylie Jenner was there. Family was everywhere on that special occasion. Dream looked adorable in pink, with a white hair bow, while she spent time with Kim's youngest daughter. Dream has also been pictured being affectionate with Saint West, according to the Dailymail.co.uk website. She's building bonds with her cousins and that's fantastic. She's a part of one of America's most famous families.

8 Dream Is Enjoying Daddy's Attention

It's not uncommon for daughters to adore their daddies and little Dream seems to thrive on her father's attention. It's nice that she's with Rob fifty percent of the time, because he clearly enjoys being a parent. Kim Kardashian has said that she loves raising her kids while Rob raises his daughter. She feels that they are raising their kids together. Kim also says that Rob is a great friend, as well as a great dad, according to News.com.au. We may have our ideas of who Rob is as a person, but we don't know him like his sisters do. They think Rob is doing a great job as a father.

7 Penelope Disick Loves Dream, Too


Even though Rob isn't in a lot of pics with his daughter (he probably keeps most of those pics to himself), we can still see Dream, because other members of the Kardashian family love being photographed with Rob's daughter. One example is Penelope Disick, who's been pictured holding her baby cousin. In the pic where she's hugging Dream, Penelope has the sweetest expression on her face. Penelope seems very protective of Dream and that's so adorable. Kourtney has said that she's couldn't live without her daughter, Penelope, and it looks like Penelope has inherited the same loving and nurturing spirit. Source: People.com

6 Rob Has Brought Dream Into A Big And Loving Family


Dream is very young and probably has very little sense of what being a Kardashian really means. She's two years old. However, she's already getting so much love from other members of the Kardashian family. The Kardashians may argue and outright fight sometimes, but they do stick together. Of course, Blac Chyna and her family love Dream, too. Dream has a big support system. When she's a bit older, she'll start to understand that being a Kardashian is different from being in a regular, non-famous family. It's a lot different. Whether she will like the spotlight or not remains to be seen. Source: People.com

5 Dream Has A Big Brother Who's Not Rob's Son


The Kardashians are an important part of Dream's life, but she also has a life with Blac Chyna. Dream has a big brother, who is Blac Chyna's oldest child. Blac Chyna is a mother of two and her first babydaddy was Tyga, who used to date Kylie Jenner. Dream's big brother is named King Cairo. King Cairo is six years old. He'll be a protective presence in his little sister's life as she gets older. King Cairo looks quite a bit like his famous father, Tyga. Rob used to guide the little boy by correcting his bad language. He seemed close to the child. Tyga. Source: People.com

4 Rob Is Trying To Get Healthier


Rob's fitness level fluctuates and many people can relate. When he's quite fit, he gets that male model look. When he's not as fit, he looks more like a typical person who eats fast food sometimes or whatever. In 2016, a Nydailynews.com report indicated that Rob was using food to soothe his emotions because he was feeling depressed. Rob needs to keep a close watch on his blood sugar levels for health reasons, and eating too much can be a bad thing for him. He decided to check himself into a hospital in late December of 2016, to get immediate medical attention. He was released from the hospital shortly thereafter.

3 Blac Chyna Is Suing Rob's Family

The Kardashian family would intimidate a lot of women in Blac Chyna's situation, but she doesn't seem particularly intimidated by them. She goes about her business and asserts herself when she thinks it's appropriate. One example of Blac Chyna asserting herself is the lawsuit that she's filed against the Kardashians. She thinks that the Kardashians threatened to leave the E! Network if her own reality show wasn't canceled. She's taking them to court over their power play. A judge will decide who's telling the truth. The Kardashians tried to have the case thrown out of court, but the trial will proceed. Source: Cosmopolitan.com

2 Dad Takes Tons Of Pics Of Dream


Khloe thinks that Rob has a lot of the same qualities as his late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., who was a very successful lawyer. She feels that Rob parents much like Robert Sr. did and that this is a great thing. Khloe has said many very kind things about Rob. Rob is very caring with his daughter and loves taking pictures of her. He's making sure that all of the special moments of her early childhood are memorialized. Khloe has said that her father would be proud of Rob and his parenting. Dream is getting so much love from Dad. Source: Dailymail.co.uk

1 Dream Looks A Lot Like Rob


Blac Chyna thinks that Dream looks more like her than Rob, according to Tmz.com, but many people think that Dream favors her father. While Dream is going to change a lot, as she's only two years old, she does seem to strongly resemble Rob. She's a blend of her parents, so she has some of the Kardashian thing going on. More than some, maybe. A poll posted at the TMZ website showed that 98 percent of people think that Dream looks like Rob. Rob surely notices the resemblance and it may make it even easier for him to bond deeply with his little daughter.

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