20 Photos Of 'The Hills' Cast Growing Up

It was over a decade ago that viewers first met the likes of Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, and their gang of overly privileged, bleach blonde, California pals. We initially met the ambitious bunch on MTV's Laguna Beach where the kids let fans into their pocket of upper-crust society and then followed them over to life on The Hills where they grew up just a fraction.

Even though The Hills introduced us to their lives outside of the walls of their parents' houses, LC, Heidi, and Spencer, and Audrina Patridge still had a whole lot of growing up to do.

They partied, they bickered, they cried over immature drama, and grappled with finding their true calling in life. The show was reality television gold. Nothing lasts forever though, and when the series ran its course, the cast wrapped up and moved on with their lives. Many of them went on to create incredible opportunities for themselves, while others continued to flounder at the game we call life. Now the cast of The Hills is grown up(ish) and gearing up to return to the small screen. Oh yeah, the reboot is coming people!

Here are some looks at our favorite California kids growing up. What a difference a tan, some chunky highlights and life under the Hollywood Sign make.

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20 Kristin Cavallari Had A Sibling Bond

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Most of what we have seen regarding Laguna Beach, The Hills, and now Very Cavallari star Kristin Cavallari's life has been roses and sunshine. She was the head honcho in her high school (even at 16 she was an intimidating force), the pot stirrer in her twenties, and is now a boss mom in Nashville. Yet in reality television, some of what viewers are privy to is mostly smoke and mirrors.

Cavallari has recently opened up about a significant loss amidst all of her success and joy. Per Bustle, the fashion mogul lost her only brother when her daughter, Saylor James, was only a few days old. Three years after losing Mike, the mom and star is still grappling with the profound sadness his passing created.

19 Heidi Montag Grew Up Far From Hollywood

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Heidi Montag grew up in quiet and unassuming Crested Butte, Colorado, but she has become a full-fledged California girl over the years. Heidi has been working on transforming every aspect of her being so that she is now light years away from the country girl she once was. Looking at her aesthetics and behavior now, no one would guess that she grew up anywhere but the sunny shores of Cali. Perhaps we underestimated this lady's ability to act and put on a show. One has to wonder if she will raise her son as a California surfer dude or if he will get a taste of the mountain life.

18 Momma's Girl To Momma To A Girl

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Audrina has gone from her momma's girl to the momma of a girl! That's right, folks. The show's resident brunette beauty is now a mother to a toddler darling named Kirra. Audrina has been lucky in the parenthood department, scoring a winner of a kid, but she continues to flop when it comes to love. Of course the original The Hills show highlighted her ill-fated romance with costar Justin Bobby (like who didn't see that breakup coming!).

She then moved on to her now ex-husband Corey Bohan, whom she shares her daughter with. According to Us Weekly, things have become overly strained and ugly between the former married couple. Here's hoping Audrina finally strikes it rich in romance.

17 Lauren Conrad Always Was The 'It Girl'

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Lauren Conrad, or as Laguna Beach and The Hills fans know her, LC, was always the "it" girl. Unlike her teenage rivals Heidi Montag and Kristin Cavallari, LC always played the part of the nice girl, the driven girl, and the right-side-of-the-tracks girl. Years later she is still that same girl. Lauren took what she learned in fashion school and created a legit empire and brand. She does shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. The Cali Queen has a major deal with Kohl's and has branched out into other endeavors such as penning books. She has eight works under her name to date! There seems nothing this top dog can't do.

16 Whitney Port Has Become A Self Made Woman

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Whitney Port was the soft-spoken hard working pal of Lauren Conrad when she appeared on The Hills. These days she has found both her voice and her calling. Whitney ended her work on The Hills to star in the reality television show The City. She then launched her fashion line Whitney Eve in 2009. She also served as a judge on Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model. Oh yeah, Ms. Port knowns her brands and has used her training to elevate herself to a head honcho fashion designer.

Following her work in reality television, she even scored a small part in the film What To Expect When You're Expecting. According to Eonline.com, it looks like Whitney will be making a go of reality TV one more time when she returns to The Hills reboot!

15 Justin Bobby Is Still A Bad Boy, And We Still Want Him

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Everything about this dark and brooding guy screams "run far, far away ladies." Alas, the heart sometimes wants what it wants and ladies like Justin's Hills co-star Audrina Patridge learned the hard way that the bad boys will break your heart every time. He was always bad news, but oh so hard to stay away from. Even Kristin Cavallari fell under his spell for a second. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Justin Bobby has stayed true to his rocker ways it seems. These days he fronts his band called BobbyrocK, making appearances with his Barbie-like girlfriend, Lindsey Pelas.

(Sorry Lindsey, we are still holding out hope for a Justin Bobby-Audrina rekindling. There, we said it.)

14 Brody Jenner Is A Married Man

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Remember when Brody Jenner wasn't known as the son of Caitlyn and step-sibling to the Kardashians, but rather as the ultimate player working the California club scene? Oh, we do. Brody and his pals Spencer and Frankie Delgado never missed a chance to raise their glasses and make a toast to the good life. Brody Jenner is still living the good life but isn't roaming the streets looking for the ladies anymore. Jenner is a married man these days! Per US Magazine, Jenner and his longtime love Kaitlynn Carter wed in beautiful Indonesia. As far as we know, none of his former Hills castmates were in attendance.

13 Spencer Pratt Has Come A Long Way

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And by a long way, we mean absolute light years in terms of maturity. Even his fashion sense has evolved (we can not get over that chain.) Spencer Pratt stood for literally everything we despised about guys when he appeared on The Hills. The guy completely embraced his role of resident bad guy while on the show, but these days he seems to have made some serious improvements. Spencer 2.0 did finally make an honest woman out of his show girlfriend, Heidi Montag, and while no one thought these two at any sort of shot at forever, here they are, still together! We shall see if Spencer has genuinely been reborn a family man when we get a glimpse of him on the show's reboot.

12 Stephanie Pratt Still Making Waves

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As if one Pratt wasn't enough, The Hills managed to snag two of them, and siblings at that! Having Spencer and his sister Stephanie on the show was more drama than anyone could handle. No one fights like a couple of fame-hungry siblings. The Pratt kids never disappointed us, and Steph is still bringing the drama when it comes to her brother and his wife, Heidi Montag. According to thecheatsheet.com, Steph has had some interesting things to say about the original Hills cast members, which makes her return to the reboot that much more exciting. Bring on the catfights, Stephanie!

11 Conrad's Shifting Roles: From Daddy's Girl To Mama's Babies

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Lauren Conrad has spent the last 10 years making an empire for herself, yet somehow she found the time to create a little family of her own. She married her husband William Tell, and the two welcomed a son into their family shortly after. Per Msn.com, the momma let her fans in on a little hush-hush when she took to her social media channels and posted an image of her cradling another baby bump. That's right! The Tells are about to grow by two little feet. Between her booming businesses and blossoming belly, it's no great surprise that the mogul has no time to give to starring on the new Hills series.

10 Kristin Cavallari: First Love To True Love

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Kristin Cavallari has had her fair share of arm candy since we first met her back on the sandy shores of Laguna Beach. Teenage Kristin used to be gaga for Stephan Coletti. This romance caused some major waves between her and castmate Lauren Conrad because LC also pined for the clean-cut Laguna Prince. Likely most teenage love stories, Kristin and Stephen's was not meant for forever, and they eventually went their separate ways. These days Kristin is happily married to former NFL player Jay Cutler. The pair lives outside of Nashville where Kristin runs her lifestyle brand Uncommon James, and they are currently raising three children.

9 Lo Bosworth Went From Roommate To Head B

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Lo Bosworth played the part of the ultimate sidekick to best friend and show headliner, Lauren Conrad on both Laguna Beach and The Hills. After leaving the show though, she decided to take the reins and make herself CEO of her life. Bosworth is a pretty big boss lady nowadays. She runs her podcast and is the creative mind behind her female health brand Love Wellness. Per thecheatsheet.com, Bosworth revealed that she will not be joined her old California pals on The Hills reboots and wants nothing to do with any of those people. She isn't even close with her former best friend LC anymore.

8 Holly Montag Has Had Her Fair Share Of Ups And Downs

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Holly Montag is a lesser-known Hills cast member who came on the show looking for a bigger life outside of the one she was living in Crested Butte, Colorado. She spiraled into the party scene partaking in partying during the day as well as the evening hours. After hitting rock bottom, Holly managed to turn her life around and open up the Denver Women’s Recovery Center to help other women who are fighting substance issues. Holly also settled into domesticity and married Ritchie Wilson. The couple welcomed their son Hawk into the world in 2015. Holly wins the award for the ultimate comeback story.

7 Audrina Is Getting A Hills Reboot As Well As A Life Reboot

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Former Hills cast member Audrina Patridge is all about second chances these days. 2018 and 2019 have been full of do-overs for the mother of one. She tried to first reboot her love life with a former flame, Ryan Cabrera. This pretty pair first caught each other's attention while starring on the first run of The Hills. After she split from her husband, she and Cabrera attempted to rekindle their attraction, but it went out after around five months. She is also reviving her reality television work, choosing to appear on The Hills reboot along with Heidi Pratt, Whitney Port, and newcomer Misha Barton.

6 Stephen Colletti Ran With His Talent

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Once upon a time, Stephen Coletti had all the beautiful blondes banging on his door. We saw him date Kristin Cavallari during his teen years. Yeah, those two were most definitely the Ken and Barbie of the MTV franchises. He also made it his job to rip his best gal pal Lauren Conrad's heart out pretty much every week when he friend zoned her time and time again. Coletti has grown up and moved on from his heartthrob status. These days he focuses on his acting and not on winning the hearts of the most popular girls at school. Of his former loves Conrad and Cavallari, he had nothing but positive things to say about the ladies when he spoke to US Magazine. Solid dude that Stephen.

5 Whitney Worked Through Loss

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While Whitney Port has had some real strokes of good fortune over the years, she has started not one but two companies, fallen in love and welcomed a son into the world, she has also felt a profound loss. Like her castmate Kristin Cavallari, who lost a sibling several years ago, Port lost her father. In 2013, Jeffrey Port lost a harrowing battle to kidney cancer. He did get to witness some of his daughter's success, but he never saw her walk down the aisle and he never had a chance to meet his grandson. She expressed how much she still misses her father every day on her YouTube channel.

4 Heidi Montag Finally Got Her Happy Ending

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Heidi Montag was a crucial player in the original Hills reality television show. She was forever feuding with her former gal pal LC and cooking up the drama with her then-boyfriend and now husband Spencer Pratt. Dude, we are giddy over Heidi's return to the reboot. We literally Can. Not. Wait. Heidi is sure to bring a little bit of her former flame, but with some maturity. They say that motherhood changes a person, so we shall see if this holds true for Heidi. She and Spencer recently welcomed their first child, a son, into the world and from the looks of things, they appear to be a happy, little family. Heidi finally got a happy ending and sweet family that she has dreamed of for years.

3 Whitney: Forever The Fashionista

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Remember when Whitney Port was merely trying everything that she could think of to get her foot in the fashion world door. Oh, we do. This gal put her hours in, and it has paid off. The new mom was likely successful, she ran her fashion brand called Whitney Eve for several years (the line was even picked up by Fred Segal), and is now taking her eye for quality and parlaying it into floral design. In Style reported that Port and her business partner, Laurenne Resnik, co-founded an online floral design company called Bloom2Bloom. She has the creative bug and is willing to run with it.

2 Ryan Cabrera, Meant For More

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I had to think hard to remember the singer and entertainer Ryan Cabrera's days of appearing on The Hills. It's hard to remember anything he did other than spike his bleached out hair and try and date Ashlee Simpson. Anyways, Cabrera did pop up on the show during season six when he was trying to sing his way into the stomped on the heart of Audrina Patridge, but his work on the show didn't last and neither did his romance with Patridge. Since Audrina is all about life reboots these days, she did try and make things work one more time with Cabrera following her divorce, per People Magazine, but that too fizzled after several months. Cabrara eventually stuck to signing and let his reality TV dreams fade.

1 LC's Fashion Choices Have Changed Immensely

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Take a good look at the image on the left. This photo proves that with a little bit of dedication and time anyone can transform themselves into their dream. Lauren Conrad is serious fashion goals these days. Not only has she created an empire that revolves around looking your very best, but she never steps out in anything but the latest fashion trends. Man, this mama has come a long way from her days of rocking Laura Ashley dresses for school picture day. We won't get to see her digs on the Hills reboot since per Cosmopolitan Magazine, she is most definitely not interested in appearing on the series, but we never have to look far to see what she is into. This gal is everywhere.

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