20 Photos Of The Real Slim's Little Hailie Growing Up

Marshall Mathers, who is better known by his stage name, Eminem, has just one biological daughter, whom he shares with his ex-wife and former high school sweetheart, Kimberly Scott. Her name is Hailie, and she became an instant celebrity because of her father, who has not tried to hide his affection for his daughter and his dedication to fatherhood.

He has even rapped about her on various tracks (and she holds the record for Youngest R&B chart entrant), which detail his feelings about how she has served as the inspiration behind his music and his success.

From when Hailie was just a kid, there has been an intense media and fan interest in who she is, and now that she’s an adult, that interest has not subsided, which is why she has more than a million followers on social media. She does share some aspects of her life. There are certain things we have learned about Hailie over the years, but she also values her privacy, and as of now, she has only ever given one interview to the media, which is why people are always interested to find out more about her. Below are 20 photos of Eminem’s daughter, showing how she has grown up over the years.

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20 She's Always Been The Apple Of Her Father’s Eye

Marshall Mathers, who is better known by his stage name, Eminem, may have a tough outer shell, but it seems inside his heart there is a whole lot of love, at least, when it comes to his daughter, Hailie.

Eminem has spoken fondly about his daughter in multiple interviews over the years, he also chose to spend as much time with her as possible, even taking her with him into the studio on several occasions to “hang out.” He even admitted in an interview that Hailie had inspired some of his work, including a line in the track, "My Dad's Gone Crazy."

19 She Was Sassy And Adorable As A Kid (And She Says This Photo Sometimes Still Captures Her Mood)

Hailie Scott is a celebrity because of her father, who has been vocal about his love for her over the years. In a 2002 interview (via Daily Mail) he spoke about the impact his daughter has had on his life, saying, “She has been my main source of drive and motivation, especially when she was first born…” he went on to explain how she became the “driving force” for him to stay focused and succeed.

But Eminem has also guarded her against the public, and there are few photos from her childhood that have been shared by the media. So, when we do get an opportunity to see Hailie when she was a child, we obviously take note, especially because she was so cute and sassy (as this photo would suggest).

18 She’s Thankful To Her Dad For Giving Her The Support To Achieve What She Has

Hailie Scott may have a growing social media following, but she limits what she shares with the public. She also limits what she says. But we do know she is grateful to her father for all that he has done for her, and how he has given her the support she needed to achieve her goals.

According to The List, when Hailie was asked by her high school, Chippewa Valley School, who the most influential people in her life were, she responded by saying: "My mother and father because they have pushed me to be the person I am and have given me all the support to achieve what I have."

17 At Just 6, She Scored A Guinness World Record For Being The Youngest R&B Chart Entrant

Most people are aware that Beyoncé and Jay Z’s eldest daughter, Blue Ivy, featured on her father's 2012 track “Glory.” Bustle also notes that when Blue was just 5, she freestyle rapped on a bonus track on Jay Z’s 4:44 album. But long before Blue Ivy was even born, Eminem made his daughter a Guinness World Record holder because he featured her on his track, "My Dad's Gone Crazy."

She says the very memorable line: “Somebody help me, I think my dad's gone crazy,” and this line secured her the world record for "Youngest R&B chart entrant.” According to The List, she was 6 years old, and 210 days, at the time of the song’s debut.

16 She Graduated From High School And Was Homecoming Queen

Not only is Hailie a smart girl, who has gone on to graduate from Michigan State University, but in addition to graduating from her Michigan high school, Chippewa Valley School, she also proved that she was well-liked and was crowned as homecoming queen.

USA Today notes that during a football game, Hailie was crowned queen, and both her father and her mother, Kimberly Scott, are said to have been in attendance to see their little girl’s big moment. She was voted homecoming queen by the student body and faculty, and an insider noted that this decision had nothing to do with her father’s fame.

15 She’s An Adult Now, But She Still Values Her Private Life

Hailie chose not to live her life in the public eye while she was growing up, instead opting to keep her life as “normal” as possible. It was only in 2016, that Daily Mail notes she first started using social media and sharing her photos. And people took note!

But despite the intense media and fan interest in Hailie’s life, she has chosen to keep her interviews to a minimum, and she also doesn’t intend to become a massive social media star any time soon. An insider told Daily Mail that she “wanted to test the water by sharing some of her life” online, however, she’s “not yet ready to fully put herself out there.”

14 People Want To Know All About Her, But Interviews And Public Comments Are Rare

As of now, Hailie’s only interview has been with Daily Mail. She doesn’t use Twitter (despite many imposters pretending to be her) and she posts very few photos on social media, despite having an impressive following. She has tested the waters and is seeing how much of her life she wants to share with the public, but she is also not ready to become a celebrity just yet.

An insider told Daily Mail, “She had a normal life at university and was in a sorority, she was popular and focused hard on her studies.” And it seems she’s not ready to give up that “normal” aspect of her life just yet.

13 Her Dad Is No Longer The Only Man In Her Life: Hailie Has Found Love

In a rare interview with Daily Mail, Hailie explained that she is “very close” to her father, but we also know that he is not the only special man in her life. She has previously shared several photos of the man who she was (or perhaps still is) in a relationship with.

In June of 2018, when she gave her interview to Daily Mail, the publication noted that she was in a relationship with another former Michigan State University student, Evan McClintock, and had been for over two years.

A source spoke about her relationship with McClintock, saying, “Hailie's family have welcomed Evan, they are a fantastic young couple who love cozy nights in rather than hard partying.”

12 It’s Hard To Believe That She’s Already 23 (And She Celebrates Her Birthdays In Style)

Hailie Scott is growing up fast, and she seems to celebrate her birthdays in style. According to Billboard, she is a Christmas baby and was born on Dec. 25, 1995 (which would make her 24 years old in 2019). For her last birthday, when she turned 23, she figured she would live it up and according to Metro, she marked the occasion with a trip to Australia, where she stayed in a luxury hotel and enjoyed time in an indoor pool.

She also ensured that she had a big cake to celebrate her birthday, and was sure to tell fans it was her big day!

11 She Has Clearly Mastered The Art Of Festival Style (And Yes, She's Old Enough To Go To Festivals Now)

Hailie Scott is the daughter of a man who is celebrated for his musical talent, so perhaps it should not be unexpected that she too is a fan of musicians and music festivals (and it seems she’s got the festival style all worked out). According to People, in 2018, she joined her father at his festival performances, “including Bonnaroo in Tennessee and Governors Ball in New York City."

The publication noted that she also shared a photo on social media, writing, “[Throwback] to the past few weekends crashing festivals and exploring cities.”

She may be interested in festivals, but she will never become a musician herself, as she expressed in an interview with Daily Mail she has no intention of following in her dad’s professional path.

10 She’s A '90s Baby, And Clearly A Fan Of TLC

Hailie’s father was a big star in the '90s (and his star has continued to rise over the years) but another band that was big in the ‘90s was TLC — and both TLC and Eminem were topping the charts.

The girl band consisted of three members: Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas. Their time together was a big success, and it seems that Hailie may be a fan of them too because it looks as though she is wearing their band merchandise. She simply captioned the photo with “90s baby,” which could be a reference to both her birth year, which is 1995, but also her musical taste.

9 Extreme Sports Are Clearly Her Thing, And She Looks Fashionable Doing Them

A glance at Hailie Scott’s social media page will tell you two things; she’s into fitness, and she’s into fashion, and many of her posts show her sporting super cute outfits. But she also seems to be a fan of winter sports, in this case, snowboarding, as she posted this photo online.

As you can see, she’s wearing stylish pink gear, but her gear may be more professional than her skills if her caption is anything to judge by. Hailie captioned the photo with, “Are u a skier or snowboarder? I fell on the tow ropes after this picture and ended up going back inside.”

8 This Social Media Influencer Has An Audience Of Over A Million

As mentioned in the above point, people take note of Hailie when she posts photos, and although she is not as active on social media as many other celebrities, she has amassed an impressive following. Most of what she posts rack up the "likes" and comments, and currently she has more than 1.4 million followers.

And it seems that there are many brands who are eager to partner with her. In her interview with Daily Mail, she was asked about her future plans, to which she replied: “I'm not sure yet, it's kind of up in the air, still. People have been reaching out through [social media], as I don't have any [management].”

7 She Likes To Match Her Coffee With Her Car These Days

Hailie was introduced to the public from a very young age, because she was such an important part of her father’s life and inspired his music — he has rapped about her in his music, starting with the track, "Hailie's Song" in 2002, and "Mockingbird" in 2004, Billboard notes.

But these days, she’s old enough to drive, and she’s also pretty stylish because she likes to match her coffee to her ride. She joked about this in the caption of this photo, writing, “Today I matched my car, coffee, dogs, and the excessive amount of fall decorations I bought.” A girl after our own hearts!

6 And You Can Find Her Enjoying Great Food And City Views When She Can

Hailie doesn’t like to share too much of her personal life, but when she does post a photo to social media we are able to gauge her interests; take this photo as an example, which shows that she is interested in eating good food. She captioned this image by saying that she was experiencing “great food,” but also “city views, & a beautiful boat.”

Who doesn’t love a good outing with great food and even better views? And when it comes to the things that Hailie likes to do, it seems she prefers the simple things in life, with an insider telling Daily Mail, she likes “hanging out with her friends…” Although there’s no way of knowing who was with her in this picture, someone had to take the photo!

5 She Became A Dog Mama To A Shiba Inu, And Named It Wolf

Via Hailie Scott Instagram

Hailie is a dog lover, and there is a breed that she seems to favor; the Shiba Inu.

According to DogsTime, the breed is one of Japan’s native breeds and are known for their “spirited personality.” Hailie is a dog mom to a beloved pooch named Lottie, but she also welcomed a second dog child into her life, who she named Wolf (according to her social media posts).

Her dogs play a big part in her life, with a source telling Daily Mail that “She enjoys keeping a low profile, walking her dog and going to fitness classes…”

4 She’s Going Up (In An Elevator) And Growing Up

If you were a fan of Eminem at the beginning of his fame when he first started speaking about his daughter, then you may feel a little old now that she’s all grown up (also, where did all of those years go?!). Hailie is growing up, and she’s already completed her studies; she studied Psychology at the University Of Michigan, and Daily Mail notes that she graduated near the top of her class.

She spoke about this in her interview with the publication, but appeared to be very modest about her accomplishments, simply acknowledging she was “on the Dean's List or whatever.”

3 Unlike Most Of Us, Hailie Looks Really Good On Mondays

Hailie has grown into a beautiful person, and unlike most of us, she looks really good on Mondays (she captioned this photo with “Mondays”). I don’t know about you, but I often have to walk like a zombie to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee — and don't get even get me started on the makeup streaks and the state of my hair. Hailie, on the other hand, has shown off her makeup skills, and according to People, she has expressed her interest in makeup (and made it clear that she has no intention of pursuing success in the music business).

She has shared flawless selfies online, and offered some tips, including this one: “Pro tip: use lip gloss on the cheeks instead of blush for a more glowy look.”

2 Education Is Important Enough To Hailie That She Enrolled At Michigan State University

As mentioned earlier, in addition to being a well-liked individual, Hailie is also a woman who is serious about her education and she graduated from Michigan State University with a qualification in psychology. Well, she didn’t just graduate, she ended up finishing in the top of her class, which is an impressive feat.

Her education has been something that is important to her father too, and in an interview with Rolling Stone when she was just nine, he explained that he is present at all the school plays and field trips. “Last year I went and read to the class. Two books. It was reading month or something,” he added.

1 Big Companies Are Rallying To Partner With Her, But She Doesn’t Sound Interested

There are three great sources of information when it comes to learning more about Hailie; the first is her dad, Eminem, and the interviews he has given to the media, then the second is her social media page, and the third is her interview with Daily Mail, which has offered a glimpse into the life of Hailie Scott, and who she is now.

But who is she now, and will we be seeing a lot more of her in the future? It seems the answer to that question would be “probably not.” When asked if she was approached for photo shoots, she told the publication, “Not so much [by] magazines, but companies who work with them.” But this was all she had to say on the topic, which doesn’t have her sounding too enthusiastic.

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