20 Physical Changes We Never See Coming During Pregnancy

There is not a shortage of information about pregnancy. From movies to television and books, nearly everyone knows at least a few facts about what happens when a new human is brought into the world.

However, pregnancy is a weird thing. It is something every person is at least relatively familiar with, and yet it is simply impossible for one to know exactly what being pregnant feels like unless they have been in that situation before.

Plus, pregnancy is different for everyone. In addition, there are a lot of people who are very curious about it.

They want to know what it feels like to have a baby moving around inside of them. Also, they want to know what it feels like to give birth. According to livescience.com, there are ways in which a person can be shown what being pregnant and giving birth feels like.

But nothing does pregnancy justice quite like the real thing. There are a lot of very interesting things that happen during pregnancy. For example, there are quite a few physical changes pregnant women are usually surprised by. At this point, nearly every expectant mother knows morning sickness is likely to happen, but there are a lot of other strange things that can occur as well.

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20 There Are Some Ladies That See Changes In Their Skin


The human body sees a lot of changes when it is preparing to bring a new baby into the world. However, one of the least expected of those changes has a lot do with skin.

Firstly, according to mayoclinic.com, one of those changes is stretch marks. When a woman’s body is trying to make room for the new visitor, it needs to grow. That means that her skin has to stretch in order for that to happen.

Secondly, there are some areas that change colors. A few different spots on a pregnant woman’s body can get darker than they were before, and that is possibly due to hormones.

19 Varicose Veins Are No Joke


These things can be very unpleasant to look at, but they are actually not all that uncommon. In fact, according to whattoexpect.com, there are a lot of expecting mothers who have had varicose veins.

For the most part, varicose veins can usually be found on someone’s legs. But, there are cases in which they can be found in other areas as well.

For example, some expectant ladies might find that they have them in many parts of the lower half of their bodies. Again, these are not usually harmful. But they can look a bit alarming since they can become very purple and swollen.

18 Things Can Get A Little Painful Down South


Pregnancy can bring a lot of weird things, especially during the very last trimester. Some of those things are very unpleasant, while others are not really that bad.

One of the least enjoyable (and least expected) things that a woman may experience during that time in her pregnancy is hemorrhoids. There are a couple of things that can cause this to happen.

According to webmd.com, one of the reasons why a pregnant woman might have this issue is because the unborn baby is putting a lot of pressure on some of her veins. Constipation is also a possible cause of it.

17 The First Trimester Sometimes Brings Lightheadedness


Some of the symptoms that come along with pregnancy are simply not fun at all. As a matter of fact, one of the least fun things a few expectant mothers have experienced during pregnancy is dizziness.

This symptom is not fun to deal with, but pregnant everywhere can rest assured that it is actually quite normal. There are a few factors that can contribute to this.

For example, according to babycentre.co.uk, the fluctuation of hormones that pregnant women experience can cause this to happen. Also, those who have particularly bad morning sickness might also feel dizzy from time to time.

16 Pregnant Women Might Notice Changes In Their Breath


There are a lot of things going on inside of a pregnant woman’s body, some of which are incredibly surprising. For example, pregnant women usually don’t expect to get bad breath just because they are expecting a little one, but that does happen sometimes.

According to beingtheparent.com, there are a few things that can cause pregnant ladies to have bad breath. One thing that can cause it to occur is dehydration. Dehydrated moms experience a lack of saliva, and saliva washes food particles and bacteria away. This can make anyone’s breath smell really unpleasant. Also, morning sickness does not help.

15 ...And Their Gums


Some pregnant ladies are pretty surprised when it comes to the changes that can take place inside of their mouth. For instance, one of those changes involves the mother’s gums.

Many people think that the only thing that swells during pregnancy is the mother’s baby bump, but that is simply not true. According to whattoexpect.com, many pregnant women also experience swollen gums as well.

In fact, swollen gums can result in a couple of unpleasant things, including soreness. It’s no surprise that the most likely cause of this is hormones. They make the mouth a better place for plaque and bacteria, which can also create sore, sensitive gums.

14 Sometimes There Is A Permanent Gap Between Muscles After Pregnancy


When a woman is carrying a baby in her womb, something very interesting happens. According to webmd.com, when an expecting mother’s body has to make room to the growing fetus, sometimes the pregnancy puts so much pressure on the muscles that are located in the front of her body that is causes something called abdominal separation to happen.

This happens when certain muscles in the front of the body can no longer keep their original shape. This can also cause constipation, as well as lower back pain. Also, there are times when a woman’s body actually stays this way after the baby has been born.

13 Moms Might Notice Their Hips Are Wider (And They Might Stay That Way)


Everyone knows that it is common for the belly to expand during pregnancy. But on the other hand, that is not the only part of a woman’s body that expands when she is pregnant.

For instance, our hips have a lot of work to do when a baby is about to be born. According to upspringbaby.com, the cause of this is actually a hormone called relaxin, which is obviously meant to relax certain things in the lower half of a pregnant woman’s body so that she can give birth with little to no issues. But, some ladies actually end up with permanently wider hips after pregnancy.

12 Pregnant Women May Have Issues With Their Nose


Sometimes, being pregnant is amazing and fun. But the key word in that sentence is “sometimes,” since there are plenty of unpleasant moments as well.

For example, some pregnant ladies might feel as though they are catching a cold at one point or another. While that may be the case, sometimes they are actually experiencing a surprising pregnancy symptom that is called pregnancy rhinitis.

According to babycenter.com, approximately 30 percent of pregnant ladies will have to deal with this before the baby is born. Also, it can start very early on in pregnancy. Some ladies experience it when they are only about eight weeks pregnant.

11 An Increase In Body Temperature Can Be Surprising


Usually, when a woman is experiencing menopause, she ends up going experiencing some moments when her body temperature is very warm. Some people refer to this time in a woman’s life as “the change.”

But one of the unfortunate things about this is that a woman does not always have to wait until she reaches menopause to in order to go through this. Pregnant ladies sometimes have to deal with it as well, since their hormones are usually pretty wild during this point in time. According to babycentre.co.uk, this is very common, and some women experience it a lot during nighttime.

10 There Are Lots Of Aches And Pains


When a woman is awaiting the birth of her child, she might be rather alarmed when she starts feeling some pains that she was not anticipating. But the good thing is that there are actually a lot of different discomforts that are quite common and normal during pregnancy.

According to babycenter.com, one of those things is a headache. Tension headaches are fairly common in the first trimester, but this is something expecting moms should keep an eye on. If the headaches continue, this may be a sign of something more serious. In this case, pregnant women should talk with their doctor.

9 Expecting Moms May Have An Overactive Bladder


Imagine drinking a gallon or more of water every day. Once anyone has done that, they might get an idea of how many times an expecting mom has to visit that bathroom.

One of the most unfortunate parts of pregnancy is the fact that a lot of pregnant women have to go number one many times throughout the day. According to healthguides.healthgrades.com, some moms turn this into a joke, but in all honesty, there is nothing funny about a woman missing large chunks of the day because she has to use the bathroom a lot. Nevertheless, an overactive bladder is a very common thing about pregnant women.

8 Expecting Ladies May Find Themselves Breathing More Rapidly


Being pregnant is an amazing experience. But that certainly does not mean that it is an easy one. One of the things a lot of women are surprised by when they are pregnant is the fact that some of them find themselves breathing a bit more rapidly, as well as having a hard time completing daily things.

According to medicalnewstoday.com, many doctors believe that this is caused by a pregnant woman’s growing uterus and the pressure it tends to put on the lungs. This can really make it hard to breathe. Approximately sixty to 70 percent of women will have an issue like this during pregnancy.

7 Ladies Might Have Stronger Nails When They Are Pregnant


Hormonal fluctuations are often the cause for a lot of things when a woman is pregnant. Some of the things hormones can cause during this time are expected, but some of them are also a bit of a surprise, which is sometimes the case when it comes to a pregnant woman’s nails.

There are some ladies that have actually complained about having weaker nails before their baby was born. But at the same time, sometimes women also have stronger nails during pregnancy. In addition, these women also claim to have nails that are much thicker than they used to be as well, according to kidshealth.org.

6 Expecting Moms Might Have An Increase In Their Resting Heart Rate


Sometimes, pregnant women are a little bit surprised because they might notice that their heart is beating just a tad more rapidly than it normally does. That does sound alarming, but it is considered normal.

According to merckmanual.com, an expecting mother’s heart has a lot of extra work to do, especially compared to the hearts of women who are not pregnant. As the unborn baby grows, the heart must pump more in order to help support the little one. But this does not continue after the baby is born. After birth, the mother’s heart rate should go back to normal.

5 The Fatigue Surprises Some Ladies


Everybody knows what it feels like to be very tired. But fatigue that is brought on by pregnancy is an entirely different thing altogether.

Some women find they can barely function due to how tired they are during the first and third trimesters. According to parents.com, some ladies are so unprepared for this that they have an easier time dealing with morning sickness than they do with the sleepiness they experience during this time.

Though it can be hard to handle, this is actually a good thing. Also, having a healthy lifestyle helps make it easier to deal with for the most part.

4 Pregnant Women Might Have An Increase In Saliva


A decrease in saliva is something many expecting mothers go through before their babies are born. But at the same time, there are also cases in which pregnant women actually end up having more saliva than they had previously.

According to kidspot.com.au, healthcare professionals refer to this as ptyalism, and it is typically associated with the vomiting and nausea that many women experience when they are in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Another thing that can cause it is a pregnant woman’s hormones. Nevertheless, this usually eases up or goes away completely around the time when expecting moms reach the second trimester.

3 Heartburn Is Not Fun


There are a lot of unpleasant things that pregnant women go through before they even give birth. That doesn’t make pregnancy any less awesome, but let’s just say that being pregnant is not for the faint of heart.

One of the physical changes that surprise some pregnant women is heartburn. Pregnant ladies do tend to get a lot of it.

According to health.com, progesterone—which is a hormone that relaxes some muscles during pregnancy—also has the same effect on the part that keeps acid from getting to the esophagus. But there are some ways to make it more tolerable. For instance, pregnant women can ease their heartburn, or avoid it completely, by eating small meals throughout the day.

2 Ladies Will Likely Be Surprised By Body Hair


Hormones can affect a lot of things, especially in pregnant women. One of the many things fluctuating hormones can be blamed for during pregnancy are changes to an expecting mother’s hair.

According to motherandbaby.co.uk, the hair on her head might not be the only hair that goes through changes when a woman is carrying an unborn baby. Pregnant women are often surprised when they see hair popping up in different spots.

Pregnant women may grow hair on their chin, stomach, chest, or even their back. But on the other hand, ladies may also experience a loss of body hair as well.

1 Eyesight Can Be Affected


Something that can be very surprising is the fact that pregnancy can have an effect on a woman’s vision. This does not happen to a lot of ladies, as only about 15 percent of pregnant women have experienced a change in their vision after becoming pregnant.

Nevertheless, it does happen on occasion. According to babycenter.com, there are a lot of possible reasons why this can happen.

For example, water retention can actually have an effect on a pregnant woman’s cornea. This is not that big of a deal, but ladies who wear special glasses or contacts might notice that they no longer correct their vision as well as they used to

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