20 Pics of Ashton Kutcher Since He Became A Dad

It’s hard to really know what is going on in a celebrity’s life because we only see pieces here and there and we never know that what’s printed on the covers of magazines is really true. That couldn’t be truer for Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. We were thrilled when the two got together and married and even more thrilled when they started a family. They are very private when it comes to the lives of their children, Wyatt and Dimitri. That keeps their children protected in their eyes, but it also leaves fans with inquiring minds.

All parents try to make decisions for their children that they believe are best. As a father, Ashton is doing the best that he can to make sure that his children are safe and loved. Some of these choices are made public, and some people disagree with them, while others don’t. There is no perfect parent, and we think that Ashton is doing a great job. Sometimes we can even take a celebrity choice and use it in our own households.

We have found some pretty cute pictures of Ashton with his kids. Check out these 20 photos of Ashton Kutcher as a dad.

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20 Sometimes Ashton Has His Hands Full

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One thing that seems consistent when it comes to Ashton as a parent is that he loves to carry his kids around. Out of the two parents, Ashton is always seen carrying one of his two children and it’s an endearing scene. He’s a tall guy, so his kids probably love piggyback rides and being in their father’s arms. He won’t always be able to do that with his children, so it’s best to take the opportunity while you can and we love seeing pictures just like this one. For Ashton, it’s just a great example of a dad who likes to keep his kids close to him.

19 He Appreciates The Mother Of His Children

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It’s always nice to see when a man can appreciate the hard work that a mother puts in, especially if she is a stay-at-home mom, and it’s clear that Ashton adores his wife. “The most amazing thing about having a baby is my partner, Mila. She’s the greatest mom. I go to work every day, and I come home and she’s perfect. And it just seems like everything went amazing. And I know that something probably didn’t go amazing, but she never tells, ... She’s incredible.” Yes, he’s definitely pulled our heartstrings with this one.

18 He Found True Love With Kids

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We are all probably guilty of not realizing how much our parents loved us and sacrificed for us while we were growing up, and sometimes, we don’t get that until we become a parent ourselves. It can be a profound moment for any parent. “The greatest, greatest lesson in character in my life are my kids. When I had these kids, my wife and I had these kids and we got to share that amazing, amazing, amazing honor, my first response was, I wanted to call my parents and say, ‘I’m sorry because I never knew how much you loved me.’”

17 His Kids Can Speak Multiple Languages

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His children are pretty young, but they both speak multiple languages, and he has said that his daughter, Wyatt, picks it up very easily. It’s great that their children started that at such a young age. We all know that kids are sponges, so if you want them to learn a new language, it’s always best to start them off young. This will give your child more opportunities in the future. Both children are fluent in three languages, which comes from Mila’s side of the family. This will open up new doors for their children in the future.

16 It’s Gymnastics Having Children

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Anyone born in the '70s or '80s knows that parents didn’t worry too much about the safety of children because they just assumed that they would be okay. We rode in the backs of pickup trucks, we drank out of the garden house and sometimes didn’t come home until dark. “When I was a kid, we were riding in the back of a pickup truck on the wheel well just trying not to fall out. Now, it’s like you’ve got the kids backwards, reverse hold ... and they’re in the car seat like... sucking on their knee... ‘Is she alive?!’ You can’t see. It’s gymnastics having children.”

15 He’s Not Leaving His Kids With Any Money

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He’s certainly not the first celebrity to say something like that; Gordon Ramsey is right up there with the same idea. But for us regular folk, it’s a puzzling thought. Why don’t they want to leave their money to their children and if they’re not giving it to their children, where is it going? "I'm not setting up a trust for them," Kutcher revealed. "We'll end up giving our money away to charity and to various things." It doesn’t sound like these kids are going to have any type of trust fund waiting for them.

14 Moderate Sugar For The Children

via Entertainment Tonight

We’re always amazed when celebrity parents limit sugar in their children’s lives. Sure, there is definitely something to be said for moderation, but we find it hard to believe that Ashton himself wasn’t eating Froot Loops when he was growing up. There is nothing wrong with kids having some treats in their lives. But for their children, they stay away from sugar as much as possible. The saddest thing is that even on Easter Egg hunts the treats are healthy snacks. Kutcher doesn’t stay away from sugar but he says it’s because as an adult he knows how to moderate how much sugar to have in his eating plan.

13 He Loves Carrying Them Around

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We think that’s been made pretty obvious by now but there is a reason that Ashton feels this way. He wants to be able to carry them while he still can but Ashton has been photographed so many times carrying his kids that Ellen jokingly asked if they could walk. "I now have a complex about this," Ashton said. "I have one of those hiking backpack things, so I put him in the hiker to go down the beach so we can actually go down the beach, otherwise it's a whole wrangling session with the kid. And then you came out and you were like, 'Oh, does he walk?' And I'm like, 'Yes! He walks!'”

12 He Realized That Newborns Don’t Do Much

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It’s definitely something that all new parents realize is that when you first have a baby, all they do is eat, sleep, and poop. It takes some time before you can actually hang out with your child and feel like you are really interacting. “It’s like getting a new cell phone where all the features don’t work yet. It’s like a phone that won’t take pictures, and you’re like, ‘Why won’t my phone take pictures?’ And it won’t make calls and it doesn’t do a lot, but it looks really cute,” according to Huffington Post.

11 He Finds Parenting Infinitely Rewarding

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Sometimes you don’t realize how great it is to be a parent until you are one and that was the case for Ashton. He has admitted that parenting changed his life but it was all for the better and most parents generally feel the same way. “You think you know how much you can love another person, and then you have a child and you realize you didn’t know. It’s infinitely rewarding,” according to HuffPost. We once again see Ashton carrying around his children and his little girl can probably see a lot from way up there.

10 He Wants Them To Appreciate What They Have

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Both Ashton and Mila Kunis weren’t born rich, and they had to earn every dollar that they have, so we can see why they would want their children to know the value of a dollar. Sure, he can give them everything that they want but he doesn’t want his kids to be privileged. They don’t give their kids Christmas gifts so that when the child does receive a gift, they appreciate it more. They just don’t want their children to grow up spoiled and entitled so they limit the things that they can have.

9 He Wants His Children To Focus On Needs Instead Of Wants

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Ashton and Mila want their children to focus on the things that they need in life instead of what they want. They believe in this so much that they limit the use of the word “want” in their household. This goes back to not wanting to raise spoiled children who get everything that they want. Bot actors started their careers young and would often see how money could corrupt the people around them. They teach their children that “wants” aren’t necessary and to focus more on the things that they need in life. After all, not everyone gets what they want in life.

8 He Knows That Full-Time Parenthood Is Hard Work

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Mila Kunis is definitely the parent that is home most with the children. If she doesn’t have a project going on, then she takes on the role of the stay-at-home mom while Ashton goes off and does his many ventures. He recognizes that being a full-time parent is hard work. “I thought I was awesome because I got up early and helped with the kids before she woke up, and I let her sleep a little bit. And then she’s like, ‘Well, now you’re gonna act tired? I do it every day.’ But it was a character moment, right? Because she’s right!”

7 Kids Have To Solve Their Own Problems

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Ashton and Mila have no intention of being helicopter parents, and they want their children to learn that sometimes that have to solve their own problems without waiting for mom or dad to do it for them. Ashton purchased an electronic crib for his children to help to put them asleep. He received a lot of criticism when he talked about the $1500 Snoo Smart Sleeper that they purchased for Dimitri. Apparently, they had a hard time getting Wyatt to sleep, and they learned their lesson for the second time. People didn’t like the fact that Ashton was leaving the child to figure out sleeping on her own. But for Ashton he wants his kids to learn that their parents won’t always be around to solve all their problems.

6 He Wants To Know Everything About His Kid

via OK! Magazine

There are a lot of celebrities out there that depend on having a nanny in their lives, but the Kutchers aren’t one of those families. They believe the best way to know their children is to be with them on a day-to-day basis. “We just want to know our kid. We want to be the people that know what to do when the baby’s crying to make the baby not cry anymore. We want to know, like, when she makes a little face or something, we want to be emotionally in touch with her,” according to Huffington Post.

5 Changing Diapers In Public Is An Impossible Task

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It can certainly be trying for a dad to try to change diapers in public when there are no changing tables in the men’s washroom. “As a new dad, I recently learned an unfortunate reality about changing diapers while out in public with a child. Almost all public changing tables are in women’s bathrooms, which makes it nearly impossible to find a table that’s accessible to dads. As crazy as it sounds, many stores don’t give dads the option to change their babies’ diapers... Families are diverse, and it is an injustice to assume it’s only a woman’s job to handle changing diapers. This assumption is gender stereotyping and companies should be supporting all parents that shop at their stores equally ― no matter their gender.”

4 He Read Every Book He Could To Be Ready To Have Children

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Ashton was definitely the kind of parent that wanted to be prepared when he started to have kids. He didn’t just leave it all up to Mila. He was reading the parenting books right alongside her. It can be tough for new parents who worry that they will do something wrong. “The first one, I almost became a doula. I was reading every book. I was ready. I had like a catcher’s mitt on. This one, I haven’t done anything. I’m like, ‘Well, we didn’t break the first one.’ They’re really durable — that’s what you realize. They don’t break very easily,” according to Huffington Post.

3 He’s A Master At Opening Kids' Toys

via Elle

For any parent that has ever tried to open up children’s toys on Christmas morning knows exactly what Ashton is talking about. It’s like the manufacturers don’t actually want you to get in the toys and play with them. “You have to have a toolbox just to get it out. We have ruined opening presents for kids. She opens it and then it takes dad like a half hour to cut the plastic swizzle sticks off and break it.” That’s adorable and we know what it’s like having out children sit there impatiently as we try to master the fine art of opening the boxes.

2 He’s Happy Not Having More Children

via Life & Style

Ashton and Mila decided that they now have the perfect family and they are going to stop at two children. Everyone is different, and some parents want even more children while others want less. Mila has stated that her family is “perfect” just the way it is, and why mess with a good thing? Ashton has similar feelings, but he’s more worried about being exhausted. “How am I gonna run after this one and deal with ― I thought the first one was exhausting in the beginning. I’m a little terrified, to be honest,” according to Huffington Post.

1 Weekends Are For His Family

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We can just imagine the busy schedule that Ashton has when he tries to juggle work in all his ventures and his family. It’s important to him however to make time for his family. He has stated in interviews that he blocks out his weekends almost entirely for his family. He wants his children to do the same especially as they get older. We’re not sure how that will fly when they are teenagers but all the power to him. He wants his whole family to have strong ties to one another, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that.

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