20 Pics Of Beyonce Raising Her Kids (That Came To Light)

When Beyonce and Jay-Z got married in April 2008, it was a dream come true for her biggest fans who wanted to see her find true love and happiness. It was even more exciting to learn when she was expecting her first child, Blue Ivy, who was born in January 2012. Now that Beyonce and Jay-Z have added twins to their family, we want to see as many photos as we can because we know that we're going to be swooning over every one imaginable. Who can forget when Beyonce posted that she was pregnant with twins in 2017 on social media? It was an epic moment, that's for sure.

It's impossible not to love Beyonce (aka Queen Bey) and not want to know more about her beautiful family. Although she keeps many of the details of her family life under wraps, there have been a few photos of her with her now 7-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, and her baby twins Rumi and Sir, that have come to the surface. These are amazing snapshots that give us a bit more insight into the way that she raises her kids, although the famous mom is definitely living outside of the spotlight.

Here are 20 pictures of Beyonce raising her kids (that came to light).

20 Just Another Little Girl At A Basketball Game With Her Famous Parents

Us Weekly

There is so much in this photo that moms can love, from Beyonce's fierce and fashionable outfit to the cute expression on Blue Ivy's face to the fact that the whole famous fam is out and about at a basketball game. It's always nice to see families spending time together, and we're swooning over the way that Jay-Z is chatting with his daughter.

Blue Ivy is proving that she's inherited Queen Bey's style and we love her bright green dress, sweet shoes, and little denim jacket. We might think that this is just another regular family at a sports game... but we know that this is one of the most famous families ever, of course.

19 It's An Early (And Sweet) Photo Of Beyonce Holding One Of Her Twins, Sir

The Mirror

This is definitely a rare photo of Beyonce holding one of her twins, Sir. She's wearing what looks like a long-sleeved bathing suit and a shirt wrapped around her waist, and she looks much more casual than we're used to seeing her. Of course, she still looks like the queen that she is.

This is an incredibly sweet snapshot of the celebrity mama and one of her sweet kids. We wish that we could see photos like this one all the time, but since Beyonce keeps her family life private, we know that we're lucky to get a few of them.

18 Beyonce Holding A Young Blue Ivy (And Rocking Gorgeous Long Waves)

Us Weekly

Beyonce's holding Blue Ivy here, and her daughter looks so fresh and young. We can't help but be envious of Beyonce's long, gorgeous wavy hair here. But then again, we would probably say that we're always envious of how amazing her hair looks.

In an interview with Vogue in 2013, Beyonce talked about going into labor with Blue Ivy. She said, “I felt very maternal around eight months, and I thought I couldn't become any more until I saw the baby. But it happened during my labor because I had a very strong connection with my child. I felt like when I was having contractions, I envisioned my child pushing through a very heavy door. And I imagined this tiny infant doing all the work, so I couldn't think about my own pain." She shared, "We were talking. I know it sounds crazy, but I felt a communication." Moms can for sure relate to that last part.

17 Beyonce Shared This Photo On Social Media With The Caption 'My Favorite Hue Is JayZ Blue'


Beyonce doesn't post a lot of family photos on her social media, but when she does, fans are more than happy to see every last one of them. This photo is of Jay-Z holding Blue Ivy. Beyonce posted it to her social media account and said, "My favorite hue is JayZ Blue." That is super adorable, and you have to love the rhyming, right?

If you've been following Beyonce and Jay-Z for years now, you know that they've had some low moments, particularly a famous one that was documented on her album Lemonade. Looking at this photo, we feel like our hearts are growing a few sizes, and it's a really nice moment between the celebrity dad and his daughter.

16 Pregnant With The Twins (And Blue Ivy's Getting Ready To Be A Big Sister)

Hollywood Life

When Beyonce shared that she was pregnant with twins back in 2017, she posted on social media... and it's safe to say that people went wild about the news.

As Glamour says, "It's hard to forget the day when Beyoncé revealed she and Jay Z were expecting twins. I mean, her announcement was truly bonkers—in the best way possible, of course." Beyonce posted "an original, fabulous photo shoot. She tossed on a green veil, a brown and blue lingerie set, and posed like a regal goddess surrounded by flowers. It was a moment, to say the least, an iconic photo from arguably the most iconic performer of our time.

We can take a trip down memory lane with this snapshot of a pregnant Beyonce and Blue Ivy getting ready to be a big sister.

15 The Famous Fam Looks Fashionable Here

Stars Changes

Beyonce looks great in a hat, patterned shirt (or dress, it's hard to tell from this photo) and sunglasses. She always has so much star power since, of course, she's Beyonce, but even more so when she's got sunglasses on. We love that Jay-Z is holding Blue Ivy... and we can't help but notice how unimpressed Blue Ivy looks. It's pretty adorable.

There aren't a lot of photos of Beyonce with Blue Ivy and the twins, or of the family all together, so we're going to take what we can get. And this is definitely a wonderful picture. Everyone looks awesome.

14 Heading To Their Private Plane (No Big Deal)

Daily Mail

According to the Daily Mail, this is a photo of Beyonce carrying Blue Ivy onto their private plane. When this photo was taken, they were in Puerto Rico. No big deal, right?!

We love the smile on Beyonce's face and her casual outfit. We also love how cute Blue Ivy looks in this photo. She's got a pretty dress on, and we think that they are such a sweet mother/daughter duo. When Blue Ivy and the twins are old enough, we bet that they're going to think that it's really cool that they get to go on private planes and see the world.

13 A Family Of Three, Before The Sweet Twins Arrived

Hollywood Life

It's impossible to imagine Beyonce and Jay-Z's family without the twins. Here is an older photo of the family back when they were a fam of three and before Rumi and Sir arrived.

We always want to hear what celebrity mamas have to say about "balance" and Beyonce has spoken about it, too. We can assume that she has thought about this term since she has three kids.

According to Vogue.co.uk, she was interviewed by Cosmopolitan in 2011 and she talked about how she would "balance" things once she became a mom. She said, "I have so much admiration for women who are mothers, who balance family and work. I see them and I have this word in my head — respect. I also look to learn. I see these women and I think, 'Yes, it can be balanced, it can all work out, I do believe that it's possible to have it all — work, a job, babies. It's all a question of being very organized. That's what I'm getting my head around."

12 They're A Denim Dream In This Cool Pic

Hollywood Life

Beyonce and Blue Ivy are wearing matching jean jackets in this photo... and the jackets have butterflies on them. Really beautiful, colorful butterflies. Can we get some of these jackets? And can our kids have some, too? Okay, so we know that these probably cost more than we spend on clothes in any given year or two, but hey, we can't help but want these.

Beyonce is wearing cool jeans and a top under her denim jacket, and Blue Ivy looks fashionable in a patterned dress. These two always look so cute together, and this photo is in the cute category for sure.

11 A Casual Day Out On The Town For Mama And Daughter


And here Beyonce and Blue Ivy are, just another regular mom and daughter holding hands and walking around.

Just kidding... We can only imagine how many people swooned when they saw the famous mom and her adorable kid out in public. We would say that we're just like Beyonce because we're also moms who hold our phones in public... but we don't want to overstep. We know that she's the queen. All we can say is that anytime we see a photo of this famous family, we're very happy, and we love how sweet Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi are.

10 Blue Ivy Celebrating Halloween Dressed Up As Micheal Jackson


We're over here wondering why our kids have to change their mind five times before settling on a Halloween costume (hopefully they tell us before we started buying things or sewing the costume ourselves...). Celebrities just seem to have a knack for fabulous Halloween costumes, and Beyonce is no different.

Here she is with Blue Ivy on Halloween, and her daughter is dressed as Micheal Jackson. We have to say that we're impressed and that that is an absolutely perfect outfit. She's got the gloves, the microphone, the hat, and the sunglasses. She looks too cool, and now we want to see all of her Halloween costumes here on out.

9 Beyonce And Blue Ivy Hanging Out In NYC

Hollywood Life

This is a great photo of Beyonce and Blue Ivy hanging out in New York City. They really seem to have a wonderful bond, and she has said some really kind things about her daughter.

According to Vogue, Beyonce was interviewed by Shape magazine in 2013 and she said about her daughter, "I'm most surprised by how much she's taught me, she's only a year old and I've learned so much about myself from her. Giving birth was one of my biggest fears, and having Blue forced me to face it. And now I recognize the strength I have. She teaches me to focus on the things that truly matter, like family, and to pay attention to each moment, because they go by so quickly."

8 We're Thanking Bey For Gifting Us With This Photo


When Beyonce shares a photo of her with her kids, we know that it's going to be adorable. And this one is in that category for sure.

We can't get over Beyonce and Blue Ivy's matching pink outfits. They look content and peaceful, sitting near the water and relaxing. We often see photos of celebrity families going on incredible vacations, and while it's easy to be envious and wish that we had the money to take our kids to these places, we know that we have to count our blessings. Let's just look at this beautiful photo and pretend that we're sitting on this serene blue water in such a fabulous pink outfit. That works for us!

7 A Hippie Mama Holding Her Flower Child Rumi

E! News

According to E online, Beyonce and her family were on vacation in South Asia, and Beyonce shared this photo of her holding one of her twins, Rumi.

Don't you think that Beyonce looks like a hippie mama in this snapshot, holding her flower child? It's such a gorgeous, heartwarming photo of the two of them. We don't get to see very many photos of Beyonce with her twins, and this is a special one.

It's interesting because back in 2013, Beyonce talked about having another kid. According to Vogue.co.uk, she once said, "I would like more children. I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being a big sister."

6 Those Are Two Seriously Adorable Twins In An Idyllic Beach Setting

E! News

This photo is from the same vacation, and we're swooning over this photo of Sir and Rumi. They're just hanging out, sitting in the water, and looking too cute.

We totally respect that Beyonce chose to take the photo and not show their faces. That was probably for privacy's sake since it does seem like she tries to keep her family life private. So we're not going to say that we wish that we could see the twins' cute faces (even though we definitely wish that we could).

Doesn't this photo make you want to hug your kids (on a beach) ASAP?

5 Blue Ivy Looks So Grown-Up Here

Power 106

This photo was taken at the 2018 Grammy Awards, and we can see that Blue Ivy looks pretty annoyed here.

As it turns out, according to Teen Vogue, she was annoyed that her parents were clapping. Camila Cabello made a speech and had something meaningful to say, and Jay-Z and Beyonce were clapping like everyone else. As Teen Vogue explains, "In a moment that launched a thousand GIFs, Blue Ivy turned toward her mother and father and silently pushed down their applauding hands — the universal gesture for 'please calm down' (Is Blue Ivy the only person on this planet allowed to do this? All signs point to yes)."

4 A Quiet Moment With Beyonce And Her Baby (Which Must Be Rare For Such A Superstar)


It often seems like celebrities don't have much downtime since they're so busy working on various projects and making moves, but we can assume that Beyonce does make time for family since it sounds like that is a big thing for her. This photo captured a quiet moment between her and her baby.

Beyonce said in an interview with Vogue a few years ago that family is a big deal for her: "I feel like I have something that has grounded me so much more. Family has always been important. I’ve always had my mother and my father and my husband, but it’s just….life is so much more than...it’s not defined by any of this [fame and money]."

3 It's Time For A Mother/Daughter Selfie

Elite Daily

We couldn't love seeing Beyonce and Blue Ivy take a mother/daughter selfie more. If I have daughters who are super young, I'm hoping that they let us do this once they're old enough. (Who am I kidding, I'm totally taken selfies with my babies...)

Every time we see a photo of Blue Ivy, we can't believe how grown-up she looks. It's honestly the same way most mamas feel when they see photos of their own kids. It's like the years pass and no one has any idea how kids can suddenly look like adults. All we know is that this is a great photo.

2 Mom And Daughter Are Matching Here (And It's The Best Thing Ever)

E! News

This picture is the best. That's what we have to say about it. As E online says about this photo of Beyonce and Blue Ivy from 2016, "Bey shared some snapshots from her time at the City of Light on her website, and a few adorable photos feature the singer and her 4-year-old girl matching in trendy (and expensive!) designer wear. The pictures, which were taken at an extraordinary FOMO-inducing location, shows Bey and Blue each wearing a turquoise floral Gucci dress."

Moms who have daughters might be wondering if they can get matching flowery dresses and take some cute photos, too... although maybe not Gucci.

1 Have You Seen A More Stylish Mom And Daughter?


Sure, Kim Kardashian and her kids are some of the most stylish around, but we think that Beyonce and Blue Ivy have definitely joined their ranks and look really good here.

Beyonce looks amazing in a white top and white, red, and black skirt, holding a little Blue Ivy who is dressed in the kind of outfit that we usually see North West wearing. We love her little black jacket, dress or skirt, tights, and shoes. We wonder if they were going somewhere fabulous? Wait, what am I saying, of course, they were! They're Beyonce and Blue Ivy. They're always going somewhere fabulous.

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