20 Pics Of Blue Ivy (That Jay-Z And Beyonce Are Obsessed With)

Blue Ivy is arguably one of the most famous kiddos in the celebrity world. Her fabulous face is instantly recognizable and her savvy style is as chic as her superstar mom. With iconic parents like Beyoncé and Jay-Z, this little one is destined for great things, and even as a child, she’s already an A-lister. Must be nice to live such a lavish life!

Just like “average” parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are nothing short of smitten with their adorable firstborn. She is super cute and has quite the personality. And as everyday moms and dads do, these celeb parents love to see pics of their precious child – whether they took the photos themselves or the paparazzi captured the moment. No matter how the pics were snapped, the outcome is a gorgeous image of the beautiful Blue Ivy, who has traits from both mom and dad. With genes like hers, this child is going places!

Here are some photos of Blue Ivy Carter that her parents have to be obsessed with. Fans of the family are surely over-the-moon, too. And why wouldn’t they be? They are super special — just like Blue Ivy herself. From infancy to the present day, each one tells a story. But look out, these are just the start of what’s to come. Imagine the pics we’ll see as this cutie grows up. The teen years are sure to be interesting…

20 Dapper Like Daddy

Via: Billboard.com

When these two get dressed up for a special evening, they sure know how to make a statement. Looking formal and fashion-forward, Blue Ivy is just as sophisticated as her rapper daddy, who always looks like a stud when he sports formal attire. Naturally, momma Beyoncé is always the star of the show, but her little one is giving her a run for her money in her pretty pink tux. Blue Ivy knows she looks like a million bucks, she’s just playing it cool for the cameras. But when she gets home, we’re sure she’ll swap this stuffy outfit for some plush PJs.

19 Serving Up Side Eye

Via: Cosmopolitan.com

To Blue Ivy, Beyoncé is simply “mom.” So, giving her a little attitude is no big deal for this budding diva. But if anyone else were to look at Beyoncé the wrong way, heads would roll. Blue Ivy knows she’s got it good, and she’s no stranger to pushing her parents’ buttons to get her way. Even when she’s in front of the crowd at an awards show, Blue Ivy doesn’t mind showing the world that she’s music royalty. But mom and dad better curb this behavior before Blue Ivy becomes a teenager. By then, she’ll be too deep into her diva ways to ever fish her out.

18 Let's Get Outta Here

Via: latintimes.com

Blue Ivy’s got her pacifier in place and that is all she needs to be ready for the day. She’s got her daddy to tote her to her next destination, so when it’s time to leave, it’s easy to make it through the crowds. Following behind the always-gorgeous Beyoncé, this adorbs daddy-daughter duo is trying to get past the paparazzi without incident. Blue Ivy doesn’t know of a life other than this, so being snapped by the cameras comes second nature. Jay-Z doesn’t look particularly thrilled, but he’s the one who sought fame and fortune, so the pics are part of the plan.

17 Pretty As A Princess

Via: stuff.co.nz

Blue Ivy and her stunning mom look like two perfect princesses bedazzled from head to toe in glitter and glam. As they work their way through the crowd, all eyes are on this amazing mother-daughter pair and their beautiful dresses as they sparkle in the sunshine. It must be nice for Blue Ivy to share the spotlight with her superstar mom, but even Beyoncé knows that her “mini-me” is getting more attention. Not too many little girls get to play such a fancy version of “dress up,” but then again, Blue Ivy isn’t your typical child. Too bad she probably won’t ever wear this dazzling dress ever again.

16 Coming Through!

Via: ghanacelebrities.com

Blue Ivy is making her way down the street and by the looks of this pic, she means business. With her finger pointed firmly and her expression stern, this star-to-be is proving she’s the one who’s in charge. She may need to hold an adult’s hand to cross the street, but it’s little Blue Ivy leading the way. With parents like hers, this girl is already ahead of her years and she knows what it takes to get what she wants. Sure, now it’s cute, but in a few years, Blue Ivy better tone it down or her reputation will be scarred.

15 Carried Away

Via: okmagazine.com

The super-cute Blue Ivy looks extra snuggly wrapped in her daddy’s arms. He whisks her through the crowd and holds her tightly, just like a doting daddy should. Even though he’s a superstar, when it comes to Blue Ivy, Jay-Z’s favorite role is that of dad. Blue Ivy probably doesn’t realize how different her life is than most kids her age, but just like any child, mommy and daddy are the most important people in her life. One day Blue Ivy will look back at this pic and realize how much her proud papa adores her. And who could blame him?

14 What Are You Looking At?

Via: youtube.com

Blue Ivy is looking down from her balcony and seems less-than-thrilled with the view down below. Perhaps all the paparazzi have their cameras pointed up to her room, and she’d rather not be bothered with all the noise and flashing lights. While her room must be amazing, Blue Ivy is more interested in what’s outside, but perhaps she’d be better off being secluded inside than in front of hundreds of fans of her parents shouting from the streets. While she’s certainly used to all the hubbub and hoopla, it would be nice if she could step outside without a scene.

13 Birthday Baby

Via: SheKnows.com

Hats off to this little angel, celebrating her special birthday and enjoying some tasty cake. Moments like these fly by so fast, so Beyoncé and Jay-Z better remember these times before their baby grows up right before their eyes. But here, the precious Blue Ivy is just a wee one, with her cute red party hat, and a mouthful of sugar. Mom is looking at her little one with nothing but pride in her eyes, and daddy is just as thrilled to be part of this happy little family. Surely, Blue Ivy got some impressive presents, but that’s par for the course in celeb world!

12 Braids And Shades

Via: Popsugar.com

Already a pro at dealing with the cameras, a grown-up looking Blue Ivy is all smiles and looks super cute with her tight braids and stylish sunglasses. She obviously gets her excellent sense of style from her amazing momma, who never has a bad fashion moment. Dressed in all black like a fashionista, this girl sure knows how to put a look together. Not too many kids her age get to wear a leather jacket and shiny shades, but Blue Ivy was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Lucky little lady indeed. Now just wait until she hits those tween years!

11 T-Shirt Twins

Via: popdust.com

Nothing’s quite as comfy as a cotton T-shirt, and both daddy and daughter wear theirs well. Daddy Jay-Z loves to pick up his precious gift and cart her around, and she feels warm and secure in his fatherly embrace. Sometimes these two love to play it casual, and what could be more relaxing than slipping on a soft shirt to spend the day outside? Both are in black and white, showing the world that dressing alike is the way daddies and daughters do their thing. She may not be into this matchy-matchy idea a few years from now, so pop better cherish these innocent moments while they last.

10 Mini Michael

Via: standard.co.uk

The “King of Pop” may no longer be with us, but Blue Ivy knows how to channel her “inner Michael Jackson” and show us that his memory still lives on…at least in a pint-sized version. She sure knows how to rock that iconic red jacket, black hat, and the obligatory one-hand sequined glove, while donning dark shades and holding the mic… a pink one at that. Momma looks like the perfect “Janet,” and bends down to give her pee-wee performer a peck on the cheek. Perhaps Jackson is looking down with a smile for one of his fans who never had the opportunity to meet him in person.

9 Carrying Her Cutie

Via: okmagazine.com

Beyoncé is all smiles, but we’re not quite sure if she’s totally thrilled that she can’t walk outside with her kiddo without being captured by the paparazzi. Blue Ivy is used to all the attention, and she’s becoming quite the paparazzi favorite, as she sports her stylish looks just like her trendy mom. Going out for a mother-daughter day must not be easy for this famous pair, but all the attention is part of the package when you’re a superstar of such high caliber. Maybe one day the thrill will wind down, but for now, stepping out means getting snapped.

8 Bey And Blue 

Via: okmagazine.com

Looks like little Blue Ivy may have just had a bit of a crying spell, but momma Beyoncé knows that she’s gotta keep moving on and being the mom she was born to be. A little temper tantrum won’t put a damper on the whole day, after all, this super busy mom has got places to go and people to see. And Blue Ivy is along for the wild ride. Needless to say, these two look so pretty, both dressed in white and looking as angelic as ever. Maybe Blue Ivy just needed a short nap to get back to behaving like the bubbly little “mini-Bey” we all adore.

7 Birthday Bliss

Via: Cosmopolitan.com

Don’t we all wish we could celebrate our birthdays in such an over-the-top atmosphere? Surely Blue Ivy is loving every moment of this amazing display of opulence, but she knows no different. Most of us celebrated our first few birthdays around the barbeque, but this little diva gets an A+ party to remember. Designed with elegance and all the extras, this showstopping scene is straight out of a fairy tale. Talk about a lucky birthday girl. And on top of this… she gets gifts! We all wish we had Beyoncé and Jay-Z as parents, at least one day of the year anyhow.

6 Vacation Vibes

Via: Elle.com

Sipping a cold fruity drink poolside, waving to the cameras, or achieving that perfect “Zen” moment, the world-traveling Blue Ivy makes the most of her family vacation. Most people wait a lifetime to take a trip so terrific, but Blue Ivy has been traveling this way since she was an infant. No camping or road trips for this tiny traveler, she gets the five-star treatment every step of the way. It must be nice to have super wealthy parents who love to see all corners of the world. This girl’s passport must be full of stamps already — and she’s not even 10!

5 Daddy’s Little Girl

Via: Usmagazine.com

Just when they thought they had a private moment in the midst of a public event, the cameras got a snapshot of this in-love daddy-daughter duo as they lock eyes and share their special bond. Even when they are in a tightly-packed crowd, these two feel like they are the only ones in the room, sharing that heartwarming feeling that nothing could ever interrupt their connection. Perhaps mommy’s on stage delighting the crowd, but Blue Ivy is daddy’s little girl and he’s the star of her world. Let’s hope she always feels this way about the wonderful role model in her life.

4 Frolicking In The Fields 

Via: marieclaire.co.uk

Don’t we all wish to dress in the royal shades of purple like a pint-sized princess and walk barefoot through the grass? Blue Ivy is surely living her best life as she lives out our fun-loving fantasy, proving that little girls seem to have all the fun. She may be in costume, but this cutie feels like a true princess, with her pretty colorful braids and shiny satin ensemble. She doesn’t know she’s being photographed, making this innocent moment all the merrier. Mom and dad must love how she gets outdoors and explores her sense of adventure. Sure beats sitting in front of the TV!

3 Out For The Afternoon 

Via: okmagazine.com

Sunny days mean it’s time to step outside for a warm bath from the rays of the summer sun. And Blue Ivy looks super cute in her pretty sundress, sporting a sweet style that could rival that of her mom’s. Her hair looks adorable pulled back with a headband, showing off that fabulous fresh face. Of course, this girl can’t go outside without being spotted by the snooping paparazzi, but she keeps her cool and walks along with her family for the day’s adventure. Nothing will stop this sweetie from heading out and having fun. She gets that attitude from her parents.

2 Courtside Cutie

Via: Usmagazine.com

When mom and dad have the best seats in the arena, there is no doubt that Blue Ivy will be right there in the middle of the non-stop action. Already a basketball fan for life, this sporty sweetheart is looking around and enjoying all aspects of the game. She is happily occupied with a big box of candy, so we know she won’t mind if the game goes on for hours. She’ll certainly remain alert! Dad looks like he’s having fun and mom is pretty content with her situation too. Hopefully the team they were rooting for won the game!

1 Child In Church

Via: Bustle.com

Looking peaceful and pretty, an angelic Blue Ivy sits in church without a peep. The place is empty and it seems like the moment is important to her. Of course, this darling diva looks like a true beauty, dressed up like a star, even in such a situation. Leave it to her fashionable mom to doll up her little darling in a dress fit for a world-class princess. One day, Blue Ivy can look back at this precious pic and remember how she felt on this special day, seeing the innocence in her eyes and the inquisitive nature of a child. Quiet times like this must be a relief for a little girl who’s always in the spotlight.

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