20 Pics Of Cardi B Before She Became A Mom

Cardi B has surely fought her way to become a staple in the music industry, and in 2018 she had her first daughter — little Kulture. Today we decided to take a trip down memory lane and take a look at Cardi's life before her bundle of joy changed it forever.

Anyone who is even the slightest fan of this rap diva knows that her life was not always super easy and that she definitely fought her way from the bottom to become one of the few female rappers that are nowadays famous worldwide. One thing that we noticed while assembling this list is that Cardi managed to stay true to herself and that she somehow still seems very real in a world where fake is the norm.

She says what she wants, wears what she wants, and doesn't let anyone tell her that her makeup or outfit always need to be on fleek. Cardi managed to push her way through because she's not only very talented but also very authentic and she manages to give everything her very own personal Cardi touch. We can't wait to see more from this diva, but for now, let's take a look back!

Alright, here are 20 photos of Cardi B before she gave birth last year.

20 Why Don't We Kick The List Off With The Rapper Way Before She Had Her Kid — Yup, That's Little Cardi B

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Cardi B, whose actual name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, was born on October 11, 1992, and as we all know by now, she grew up to become a very successful female rapper. Cardi was born and raised in The Bronx, New York City, and in the photos above you can take a little glimpse into Cardi's childhood, way before she had a child of her own. Wasn't she absolutely adorable, and she clearly always knew how to work her angles. We are also loving the '90s fashion little Cardi is wearing — just look at those cool yellow jean-overalls she's rocking in the first pic!

19 She Clearly Always Knew How To Strike A Pose

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Let's move on to this adorable photo of Cardi in the early 2000s, isn't it obvious that she was always a natural talent when it comes to being in front of the camera? It was only a matter of time before that smile got the world's attention, and we hope the star decides to post a few more of these throwback photos of herself on social media. The rapper has definitely come a long way from growing up in The Bronx to becoming a staple in the world of glitz and glam. Cardi is the ultimate proof that hard work does eventually pay off!

18 We Are Loving High School Cardi Rocking A Short Bob 

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Alright, let's skip a couple of years forward and take a look at a very fashionable high school Cardi B! Honestly, we didn't expect any less from the rap star, and we are totally approving of her shorter haircut, in fact, we kind of want to see her bring it back. Cardi attended the Renaissance High School for Musical Theater & Technology, after which she went on to go to the Borough of Manhattan Community College, before eventually dropping out. Slowly after dropping out, she started making a name for herself — as videos of her were getting views and going viral.

17 And Speaking Of Love, Here She Is With Her Ex-Boyfriend Tommy Geez

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Before Cardi started dating Offset, she was in a relationship with rapper Tommy Geez, whom she according to Celebrity Insider loved very much. Their relationship was somewhat followed on Love & Hip Hop: New York, as true fans will already know. Clearly, their relationship didn't work out in the long run, and soon after breaking up with Tommy Geez, Cardi started dating rapper Offset. But all of the love drama aside for a second, can we just say how stunning Cardi looks without visible makeup? We love a celeb who is confident enough to flaunt an almost no makeup look.

16 In Case You Didn't Remember: Cardi Was On Love & Hip Hop: New York From 2015 To 2017

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Cardi joined the cast of VH1's reality television series Love & Hip Hop: New York during its sixth season. The two seasons she was on followed her rise to fame, but in late 2016 Cardi announced she won't do the next season in order to fully focus on her music. And of course, as we all know that was definitely the right move, as her songs quickly started becoming viral — and Cardi B became a name everyone who follows pop culture has heard of. Love & Hip Hop: New York, of course, gave her the necessary exposure that eventually helped her get noticed.

15 How Cool Is She Here With Actor Ansel Elgort During Airbnb’s New York City Experiences Launch?

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Of course, as with every up and coming celebrity — they tend to do a lot of brand deals, promotions, and rather odd events you really wouldn't connect them to. So here is Cardi B with actor Ansel Elgort at Airbnb's New York City Experiences Launch Event on September 26, 2017, in the Brooklyn. We kind of doubt that Cardi really stays in Airbnb apartments anymore, but she was clearly supportive of the company back then, and we bet having her there definitely gave the event a lot more coverage. And as always, we have to say she slayed the fashion game, we are loving this Matrix-inspired look!

14 Isn't Cardi All Of Us When She Met Beyoncé Backstage At Made In America Fest In 2017?

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Made In America Festival is an annual music festival founded by Jay-Z, and in 2017 Cardi managed to get a backstage picture with Beyoncé — and in it, she is pretty much all of us if we ever got to meet queen B. Either way, fast forward two years, and according to Rolling Stone, Cardi B will alongside rapper Travis Scott be one of the festival's headliners. We also bet Cardi B got to see Beyoncé quite a few more times after this run in, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the two collaborate in the future. In fact, we really hope they do!

13 Look At Her Performing "Bodak Yellow" At The BET Hip Hop Awards 2017

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"Bodak Yellow" was one of Cardi's first major hits, and by now everyone knows the song. It was released in June 2017 and it quickly became a chart-topper. In October 2017 Cardi performed the hit at the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards, where she also won five awards. Now, can we just say how the performance was epic and the star definitely didn't disappoint? Her outfit was super colorful and fun, and the whole performance was very energetic. This may have been one of the first times we realized that Cardi is a force not to be reckoned with and that she is here to stay.

12 Cardi Loves Rocking Crazy Statement Hoops

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Let's move on to this pic of Cardi a few years ago rocking some pretty big statement hoops. Now, not everyone can pull this off and still look classy and put-together, but Cardi definitely manages to. The star clearly developed her own signature style which very often includes some quite daring statement pieces, bold patterns, and vibrant colors. We personally think Cardi brings a breath of fresh air with fashion that is slightly over the top, yet very fun! We can't wait to see how her style will further evolve with the years, and we're sure she will always look fantastic!

11 Here She Is With Offset From Migos Before They Got Engaged

Via: cnn.com

According to Billboard, Cardi B and Offset's history dates back to 2016, when Cardi teased the track "Lick" — a collaboration with rapper Offset from the hip hop group Migos. However, it wasn't until 2017 that the two actually met in person, and according to a Migos interview with Rolling Stone, Offset stated that a publicist set up a dinner in New York for him with a group of women, including Cardi, who immediately caught his eye. The public first got a confirmation of their relationship when the two were seen holding hands during the Super Bowl, and we got to witness their ups and downs ever since.

10 Here's The Diva Back In 2016 Giving Us All A Cooking Lesson

Via: vibe.com

Okay, we're not sure what's actually going on over here, but we are definitely loving it. Cardi did this cooking inspired photoshoot for Vibe Magazine back in 2016, and honestly, it truly is a vibe. We're not sure how good the diva actually is in the kitchen, but her outfit is surely a statement. And she was clearly having a great time at the photo shoot, we kind of wish we could have been there. One thing that was always evident is how much fun Cardi is, and that she just seems to light up a room as soon as she goes in.

9 And Buying Herself A Coffee In 2017

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We love a celebrity who sometimes goes and just gets things done themselves — instead of sending an assistant to do it. So here's Cardi craving a coffee, and going out herself to get it. Sure, she doesn't look like she necessarily dressed for a coffee-to-go, but who says one can't look fabulous at all times? Besides, we love seeing a celebrity keeping it real, and if there's anyone out there who doesn't care what others will say and stays true to herself it's our girl from The Bronx. We hope she doesn't change too much with fame, as the world needs more relatable celebs.

8 Speaking Of 2017 — How Perfect Was Cardi's Halloween Costume?

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We absolutely had to include this photo in our list, because Cardi's 2017 Halloween costume is definitely executed perfectly. She is rocking that two-toned Cruella de Vil hair making us all want to dye our hair pretty much immediately. Seriously, we almost wished Cardi's hair actually looked like this, and we definitely think that if there's one artist out there who can pull a look like this off — it's Cardi. The rest of the costume is kept quite simple and elegant, and we bet even Cruella de Vil herself would approve of this spot-on recreation of her iconic diva look.

7 Here She Is At Rihanna's Diamond Ball Charity Event — And Saying Her Dress Was Big Would Be An Understatement

Via: halonews.com

Moving on from one gorgeous Cardi B look to the next one: this stunning mint gown who looked absolutely perfect on the star! Refinery 29 writes how Rihanna started hosting the Diamond Ball "as the main fundraising event for her Clara Lionel Foundation, which helps fund education, health, and emergency response programs around the world". Cardi, of course, attended the event in 2017 and served us all this fresh look. She wore a mint green Christian Siriano gown, and the bottom of the dress was so big and fluffy that she needed helpers to carry and position it in front of the cameras.

6 The Rapper Always Loves Giving Us BTS Footage

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Honestly, whoever doesn't follow Cardi on social media is definitely missing out. The star has always been super real and honest with her fans and on her platforms, she often gives us a glimpse in the behind-the-scenes world. Like in this photo above where you can see her hairstylist straighten her hair with an actual clothing iron — yup, kids do not try that one at home! But back to our point: who doesn't love a celeb who isn't afraid to show their true selves to us and loves giving us insight into what their life looks like? We sure do!

5 And Is Never Afraid To Flaunt Her Makeup-Free Face

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We already mentioned how we think that Cardi looks gorgeous without makeup, and we love a celebrity who isn't afraid to show their bare face to everyone. At the end of the day, makeup is fun and it's a way to express yourself, but being confident in one owns skin is crucial to finding happiness. Cardi clearly already knows that, and by showing her face without any foundation and mascara to her young fans she ensures that they look up to someone who is comfortable in their own skin. If you ask us, the world of glitz and glam needs more people like that.

4 Here She Is Announcing Her Pregnancy On SNL

Via: billboard.com

Cardi's baby bump had its first official debut on Saturday Night Live back in April. Billboard writes how during the first few parts of her performance, the camera was focused on her upper body, eventually zooming out and revealing Cardi's elegant Christian Siriano evening gown and a very pregnant belly. If you ask us, the star couldn't have done the reveal any more perfect. She looked visibly excited and happy, and she definitely stole everyone's show on that week's episode. This may be one of our favorite celebrity pregnancy announcements, but we definitely didn't expect any less from Cardi B!

3 Look At Cardi Serving Us Maternity Looks Like NBD

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Obviously, we were all excited to see how the star will let the pregnancy influence her fashion style — and if anything we think she became even more brave and extravagant with her fashion choices. In the photo above she is giving us the perfect mix of innocent in white and fun unicorn vibes. We love that the shoes, the hair and the nails all perfectly match, and we love that she showed everyone that a pregnant woman can still have plenty of fun with different accessories, even if the main maternity fashion items sometimes tend to be bland and boring.

2 But Pregnant Cardi Also Knew The Importance Of Being Comfy

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Alright, while Cardi surely served us some magnificent maternity looks, she also stayed very real throughout her pregnancy. So in the photo above taken by paparazzi, you can see the star in April 2018 in Los Angeles giving us some soon-to-be-mom realness. Look, some days a pregnant woman wants to look absolutely fab, and other days she just wants to be cozy and comfy — and there's no need to be ashamed of that. In fact, Cardi wanted to be so comfy that she decided to wear a blanket out. Pregnant women really do get away with almost any fashion look.

1 And Lastly, Here She Is At Her Baby Shower

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In June 2018 Cardi and Offset had a lovely fairy-tale themed baby shower, and we just have to say that Cardi looked pretty much flawless. On July 10, 2018, she gave birth to her first daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus — yes, that is the name they chose to give her, and honestly, we can't wait to see more pics of little Kulture. As far as Cardi goes, we believe she will be a great mom, and we bet Kulture will have plenty of fun growing up with a mom who is independent, brave, and knows what she wants. No doubt Kulture will have a great role model to look up to.

Sources: billboard.com, celebrityinsider.org, refinery29.com, rollingstone.com, vibe.com

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