20 Pics Of Carrie Underwood Treating Her Pregnancy Like A Fashion Show

There are plenty of female celebs who have killer fashion styles, but when it comes to maternity looks, we often see a lot of strange fashion choices, even from our faves. And we're not going to lie: Dressing with a baby bump is not easy at all, and especially not if one has a red carpet event on Tuesday and a stage performance on Wednesday.

This is why we felt like it was necessary to pick a very stylish celebrity mom who totally nailed the whole maternity fashion game and write a story about her. So here we are now: The celebrity is Carrie Underwood, and if anyone out there is wondering why, just keep on scrolling to find out.

Carrie has a huge love for dresses with short hemlines, bold jewelry pieces, tight pants, and lots of glitter. And guess what? The country diva decided that no baby bump is ever going to stop her from still loving all those things; if anything, it made her dare even more — at least when it came to her looks.

So without any further ado, here are 20 photos of Carrie Underwood serving us soon-to-be-baby-mama looks like she could never run out of glitter!

20 Let's Start With This Stunning Blue Mini-Dress

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Who says pregnant women can't show off their legs? Carrie Underwood is undoubtably the queen of wearing short hemlines while pregnant, which we will see more of throughout this list. And you know what? She looks fabulous every time — this mommy has gorgeous legs, so why not show them off! Here she is at the red carpet for the CMT Artists of the Year 2018, and with this stunning blue glitter dress she had heads turning left and right. According to People, Carrie was wearing a Tadashi Shoji dress, and later on changed into another beautiful glittery look that we will see further down the list.

19 And This Boss Red Coat

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Here's the singer slightly hiding her baby bump with a gorgeous red trench coat that just screams "look at me!" She rocked this look in September 2018, while getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: a very important moment for the 36-year-old singer, as it is every artist's dream to have their own spot on this legendary sidewalk. According to Popsugar, the country singer was very excited, and a couple of tears even made an appearance. While it is truly a great moment, we also bet some of those pregnancy hormones influenced Carrie to a bit extra-emotional that day.

18 Here She Is Rocking Jeans And A Sparkly Top

Via: usmagazine.com

Okay, now let's move on to a pants-and-top look, but don't worry — leave it up to Carrie to still keep it super-sparkly and chic! US Magazine writes how the singer wore a shimmering ruffle-sleeve top, Isabella Oliver maternity jeans, and Frye boots at the Jimmy Kimmel Live taping, back in September 2018. We have to say, if there's one celebrity that can get away with glitter and sparkles pretty much in every look they wear, it's Carrie Underwood, because shimmery and glittery outfits just suit her so well! Besides, go big and bold when pregnant, or go home, am I right Carrie?

17 And Giving Us Matrix Vibes In This Pleather Look

Via: hawtcelebs.com

When she's not giving us the perfect shimmery and glittery looks, Carrie likes to show how much of a boss she is with an all-black look (preferably with some latex involved). Here she is, again in September 2018, spotted by paparazzi. One thing we noticed about the country music diva is that here she decided to leave the high heels at home, and wear good ol' comfy black flats. And honestly, that coat she's rocking is such a statement piece, that making sure everything else is basic was a great style choice. Doesn't she kind of look like someone we'd see in The Matrix movie series?

16 She Is A Stunning Pregnant Lady In White

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Let's take a look at one of her more fancy gown looks now. Here's Carrie at the first-ever Country Countdown Awards at the Music City Center in Nashville. The singer looked stunning in a fitted white gown with gold detailing and a gorgeous, sheer back. This photo is from Carrie's pregnancy back in 2014, after which she gave birth to her son Isaiah. White definitely suits the singer, and the gown perfectly hugs her baby belly, making sure we all keep our eyes on her. Oh Carrie, pregnancy looks so wonderful on you, we would never think that back pain and swollen feet are a thing!

15 And Even Her Casual Look Is Perfection


Here's Carrie during her second pregnancy in October 2018. While the majority of our list is composed of super fancy and expensive red-carpet looks, we also thought it would be nice to include a few paparazzi pics to see what pregnant Carrie wears on a casual day out. In the photo above you can see her rocking a simple pair of skinny jeans with a striped maternity top, add some simple flats to the whole look, and Carrie is ready to conquer her day. While we love seeing her in her Hollywood diva attire, it is very inspiring to also see this stunning mom rock a more attainable maternity look.

14 How Gorgeous Is This Red Gown

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Now let's take a look at this wonderful gown Carrie wore at the 2018 Music Awards while she was performing "Spinning Bottles." The whole look was pure perfection, and the stage with all the candles looked absolutely stunning. Popsugar writes how the performance will move us to tears, but honestly, we are not surprised one bit. Carrie is one of the few artists who has given us some amazing live performances while pregnant, and with that she proved that there's not much a pregnant woman can't do! And she also showed us that there isn't a look she can't pull off.

13 If There's One Thing Carrie Knows How To Do It's Sparkle

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We mentioned it already, but Carrie is the one celebrity we immediately think of when it comes to gorgeous glittery and shimmery looks. And pregnant Carrie loves them even more! Here she is at the red carpet for the 48 Annual Country Music Association Awards back in 2014, when she was pregnant with her firstborn, Isaiah. Honestly, now that we're comparing pics from both of her pregnancies, we have to say that Carrie has not aged one bit! Seriously, she pretty much looks exactly the same, and if we weren't telling you which year the pics are from, you would never know that there are 4 years between them!

12 Case In Point

Via: people.com

Here she is again at the CMT Artists of the Year 2018, this time in her second outfit. And honestly, between this one and the blue one she wore earlier, we can't decide which one suits her pregnant belly more. She looks stunning in both, and we are completely in love with the pattern of this dress — it perfectly accentuates her growing belly. Yup, as you can see from the award she's holding, Carrie Underwood was one of CMT’s Artists of the Year, but more importantly, she was one glowing soon-to-be mommy! Three months after this pic was taken, Carrie welcomed her baby boy Jacob to the world.

11 And She Proves Soon-To-Be-Moms Can Rock Short Hemlines

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Even a simple black dress looks absolutely fabulous on a pregnant Carrie, and this one even has edgy sleeves to spice things up a bit — because by now we know that Carrie prefers her looks a bit more intricate. The pic was taken this past November while leaving Good Morning America in New York City. And yes, we have to mention it again: Carrie is the queen of showing legs while pregnant, and we are so here for it! The singer always manages to look effortlessly perfect with her baby bump, and we are attributing that to the infamous pregnancy glow!

10 Here She Is Giving Us Her Best Britney And Justin Denim Look

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If you know what iconic 2000s look we're referring to, here's a virtual *high five*! If not, well, let's just say one could never wear too much denim in the early '00s... Anyway, here's a very pregnant Carrie at the rehearsals for her 2018 Music Awards performance (yup, the one where she wore that gorgeous red gown and performed "Spinning Bottles") and we have to give it to her, denim on denim has never looked better! Anyone who ever attempted to make the denim trend look cool knows how difficult it is to not cross that line and make it look ridiculous, but Carrie is absolutely nailing it!

9 And Look At Her Being All Toasty And Warm

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Alright, here's another maternity look from Carrie's first pregnancy, and honestly, this might be our favorite look she sported on a stage while pregnant. This time, she wore a gorgeous winter coat with some skinny jeans, over-the-knee booties, and a cozy beige scarf. Back on Veterans Day in November 2014, Carrie performed at The Concert For Valor in Washington, D.C. — and her beautiful coat almost stole the show! Just kidding, nothing can steal Carrie's show, but this coat is definitely something, and if we didn't know any better, we would never even realize there's a baby bump hiding underneath it!

8 She's The Pregnant Cape-Woman Hero We Need

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In September 2018, Carrie paid a visit to Ellen DeGeneres, showing up for an appearance on her popular show wearing this iconic look. According to Star Style, Carrie is wearing an Elliatt Sorrento cape in blush, and we think that it's absolutely perfect for her! It's very chic — we don't expect any less from Carrie at this point, and it's definitely a big statement piece, too, but Carrie clearly knows how to pull those off. She finally looks like the strong hero we all know she is, and we hope to see her rock a look like this sometime again!

7 Yup, Glitter Might Be Her Middle Name

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We are so sad to leave the cape behind, but we have got to move on with our list. And surprise, surprise, next up is another super glittery and glam look! While cohosting the 2014 Country Music Association Awards, Carrie had plenty of outfit changes, so we had to include some of them on here. First of all, she is rocking a full on silver glitter mini dress while pregnant — a look lots of women wouldn't dare to wear at all. But Carrie knows that a body only gets more beautiful the more pregnant it is, so why not flaunt it?

6 Carrie Knows Baby-Doll Dresses Are A Pregnant Woman's Best Friend

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So while we're at the 2014 CMA Awards, let's hop right onto another look Carrie gave us, this time a pregnancy classic: the baby doll dress. Yes, a dress that cuts off right under the bust and flares out is a great choice for any pregnant lady, as it is super comfy, and — depending on the style — can be very chic! The one Carrie was rocking was an off-white mini dress, but of course, it wouldn't be Carrie if it hadn't sparkled somewhere! The silver detailing under the bust adds that perfect amount of glamour, and takes this look from summer dress to stage-worthy!

5 She's Never Afraid To Go Bold With Accessorizing

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Most people tend to be afraid to combine bold clothing with lots of jewelry, but if done properly, it can elevate the whole look, and make it that much more glam. And a perfect example of that is a very pregnant Carrie Underwood at the iHeartRadio Music Festival red carpet. The top she's wearing pretty much screams her name, and while it is a super bold material, it didn't stop Carrie from adding a statement necklace, a pair of very bold earrings, a cute ring and a stunning hand piece! Usually we'd say less is more, but here we definitely agree with Carrie, when done properly, more is more!

4 And Even Statement Pants Don't Scare This Pregnant Lady

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While pregnant in 2018, Carrie had plenty of TV show appearances, and here she is rocking some very metallic pants on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The singer was sporting her signature blonde curls and deep side part, and while she was rocking a slightly more casual look compared to her dresses and gowns, she still managed to give us lots of glitz and glam. We bet not many soon-to-be moms would dare to wear statement pants like these, but honestly, if there's one time where you can definitely get away with experimenting with your look, it's during pregnancy!

3 She Nails The Red Carpet Pregnancy Pose Every Time

Via: popsugar.com

Yes, we had to include one more look from the 2018 Music Awards, but you'll forgive us, because this one is so stunning! According to People, Carrie showed up in this floor-length, bump-hugging black dress with gold detailing and took everyone's breath away. Yup, we get it, we stopped breathing a long time ago, to be completely honest. Carrie is that kind of star who has her own distinguished style, but still likes to experiment with trends here and there — especially when pregnant. This black gown she wore is absolute perfection, and we can all agree that she is nailing that perfect pregnancy pose!

2 And Her Stage Outfits Are Just As Fun

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Carrie had plenty of performances during her pregnancy, and before wrapping the list up, we wanted to include one more. This look is fun, sparkly and totally up Carrie's alley! She was performing at Spotify's Country Live Series in New York City last summer, and while her baby bump wasn't too visible yet, the pregnancy glow was definitely there! Being pregnant and in the spotlight surely isn't always the easiest thing, but Carrie showed us over and over again that for her, maternity fashion is even more fun than regular looks. And if there's one thing pregnant ladies take away from this list, it should be that!

1 Honestly Carrie, You Truly Have Amazing Maternity Style

Via: people.com

Lastly, we wanted to include this gorgeous floral look Carrie served us at the 52nd Country Music Association Awards this past fall. We all know a full-on patterned floor-length gown is definitely not something everyone can pull off — we'd even dare and say most celebs don't — but somehow Carrie just does it effortlessly. The colors, the shape and her smile are all perfect, and we can't stop admiring her. She definitely is a maternity fashion icon in our eyes, and she wears her dresses (and shiny pants) like the true pregnant-boss-woman she is! Now Carrie, if you're reading this, please bring the cape back!

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