20 Pics Of Celeb Kids Who Were Forced Into The Spotlight

It is very hard for celebrity parents to keep their kids away from the spotlight when they are in it themselves. When one is in the public eye, people will want to know everything about their life and dissect it. People will want to know who a celebrity’s family members are and one can be sure that someone will come hunting for their names and images.

Most celebrities would want to give their children a normal childhood away from the limelight but with the era of paparazzi, this is becoming almost impossible. Everyone also has a camera phone these days and it is very easy for a person to snap a photo of a celebrity when they're out with their family and share it with the whole world to see.

Some celebrities often have to share photos of their children so that the paparazzi do not snap unwelcomed photos of their children. Many paparazzi will go to great lengths to get a photo of a celeb’s kid; some even climb trees in order to take such photos. Celebrity moms also complain of paparazzi insulting them when they are out with their kids — some are even working on coming up with laws to ban media houses from taking photos of children without their parent’s consent.

Whether the kids like it or not, they have to put up with the cameras in their faces in the hope of having a somewhat normal childhood. Here are 20 pics of celeb kids who were forced into the spotlight.

20 Blue Ivy Carter

Via: justjared.com

After welcoming their daughter Blue Ivy, celebrity couple Beyoncé Knowles and Shawn Corey Carter took a while before they shared their daughter's first photo with the world. Eventually, they did it, forcing her into the spotlight. However, the couple chose a different direction with their twins Rumi and Sir, whose photos are still rare.

After the first pic, Blue was rarely in the limelight until she became much older. She once waved her fingers at the paparazzi back in June 2016 to notify them not to take pictures of her, according to TheList. Nowadays, she seems to be enjoying all the cameras taking photos of her. From going on tours and attending VMAs with her mama, Blue’s life in the spotlight has just begun.

19 North West

Via: intouchweekly.com

North—together with her two siblings Saint and Chicago—were forced into the spotlight because their mother, reality TV star Kim Kardashian, regularly shares photos of her family on her social media pages. The kids also make few appearances on the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

On several occasions, North who is the oldest of the three has told paparazzi not to take her pictures. Refinery29 reveals that she does not like photos and has no worry about making that known. With already a love-hate relationship with the cameras like her mama, we wonder whether North will like being in the spotlight in the future.

18 Luca Cruz Comrie

Via: peoplemagazine.co.za

We got to see Luca Cruz, son of actress Hilary Duff and her ex-husband NHL player Mike Comrie when his proud mama shared a picture of him on social media two weeks after giving birth to him. She later posted another close-up photo of him, as stated by Pop Sugar. However, when paparazzi started taking photos of him, she was not happy; she was always shouting at them not to get too close.

Despite her efforts, Luca's photos are online thanks to paparazzi forcing him into the spotlight. When Hilary Duff had her second child, Banks Violet, she decided to relax and share her daughter’s photos on social media.

17 True Thompson

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True Thompson is not even a year old and yet she is already taking official photo shoots, as stated by Cosmopolitan. Daughter of reality TV star Khloé Kardashian and basketball player Tristan Thompson was forced into the spotlight when her mama shared her first photo on social media.

Many celebrity parents are forced to do so because of the invasive nature of paparazzi in Hollywood. They normally go to great lengths to get the first photo of a celebrity child to make money out of it. Khloé keeps sharing photos of True with the world up to now, we hope that baby True will still like the spotlight when she grows up.

16 Luna Legend

Via: radaronline.com

Adorable baby Luna Simone and her brother Miles Theodore have been forced into the spotlight because they were born to celebrity parents, Chrissy Teigen, a former model, and musician and songwriter John Legend. Both parents often share photos of their kids on their many social media platforms.

Like her famous parents, Luna is a natural in front of the cameras at just six months old. She has starred in her parent’s music videos and is slowly taking the spotlight away from them, as stated by smh. Coupled with her mother’s sense of humor, Luna is sure to take Hollywood by storm and so is her brother.

15 Maximilian And Emme Muñiz

Via: dailymail.co.uk

As much as singer Jennifer Lopez and ex-husband Marc Anthony, have tried to keep their children away from the public eye, paparazzi have forced them on the spotlight. Mom to the twins, Maximilian and Emme, has always tried her best to give her kids a normal lifestyle by keeping them away from the cameras as much as she can, as claimed by Vanity Fair.

However, Jennifer has been forced to share photos of her children on her social media because if she does not do it, the paparazzi will definitely do it for her. They always bombard her when she is outside with her kids. We are yet to know if the twins enjoy all the fame.

14 Nahla Ariela Aubry

Via: peoplemagazine.co.za

Halle Berry is one of the best actresses of her generation, owing to what she has achieved so far as well as the projects she is involved in today. She's one of the few actresses in the world today to have won an Academy Award for Best Actress and the only African American woman to do so, thanks to her amazing performance in Monster's Ball.

Nahla Aubry is Berry's daughter, whose father is Gabriel Aubry, a male model. She makes it to this list because her mom is just too famous, and there's no way she can go through life without having the spotlight on her all the time.

13 Mason Disick

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Son of reality TV stars Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick was forced into the spotlight because the parents were already in it, as stars in the reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The two did not mind sharing their son with the world and therefore he became a regular on the show.

As stated by US Magazine, Mason, together with his younger siblings Penelope and Reign, have all been raised in the spotlight. Since he is following his parent’s example, Mason who is now 9 years old, has somehow become a fashionista and does not seem like he will shy away from the spotlight anytime soon.

12 Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher

Via: twitter.com

Wyatt Kutcher and her brother Dimitri Kutcher were forced into the spotlight due to their parent’s fame. Their parents Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have tried their best to keep their family life private. As stated by Hollywood Life, the couple hardly ever shares their photos on social media but unfortunately, for them, paparazzi does not always let them be.

As much as the couple is working hard to safeguard their children’s privacy, paparazzi will always be there to haunt them by taking photos of their children and sharing them with the world. For as long as the parents are famous, it will be hard to keep the kids away.

11 Suri Cruise

Via: growingyourbaby.com

Suri Cruise is the daughter of estranged couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. When Suri was born, everyone knew that she was going to be a star because her father was and still is arguably one of the most famous movie stars in the world. According to Vanity Fair, after months of keeping Suri away from the limelight, Tom and Katie finally revealed her first photo in Vanity Fair magazine.

This is how Suri was forced into the spotlight. However, after her parents went their different ways she stopped being on the limelight, she only made appearances in public events that her mom would take her along. She also occasionally appears on her mom’s IG.

10 Dream Kardashian

Via: radaronline.com

Dream Renee Kardashian was born to split couple Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna. We got to witness their pregnancy in their reality show Rob and Chyna. The two got engaged at some point but their relationship started crumbling shortly after Dream was born and the two parted ways.

After the separation, father Rob Kardashian drifted away from the spotlight. Nevertheless, Dream is shining on her parent’s social media accounts and the entire Kardashian's world as claimed by Just Jared. She always attends birthday parties and holidays with her nieces and nephews. We are not too sure if Dream will like that her parents forced her into the spotlight or not.

9 Stormi Webster

Via: usmagazine.com

Business mogul Kylie Jenner and musician Travis Scott hid the fact that they were expecting from the world until their daughter Stormi was born. People kept waiting for her to confirm or deny allegations about her being pregnant but she chose to remain silent until her daughter was born.

According to Teen Vogue, because she had kept her fans in the dark throughout all the speculations, Kyle decided that she would share her daughter’s first photo with the world on social media, therefore, putting her on the spotlight. Kyle shares photos of her daughter occasionally. Stormi has also attended her dad’s concerts and is always traveling with mom. She will probably like being in the spotlight.

8 Moroccan And Monroe Cannon

Via: www.aol.com

Twin babies of singer Mariah Carey and TV host Nick Cannon were born in April 2011. Mariah and her ex-husband deliberated on how they would share their babies’ first photos and finally settled on creating a family website. On the site, they shared a never-seen-before album of their adorable family, finally giving fans a glimpse of the twins.

However, the celebrity parents never shared the site until the twins debuted on the Barbara Walters show, forcing them directly into the spotlight. Inquisitr reveals that the twins don't like it when people take photos of them or attending public events with their mom now that they are older and understand all the attention.

7 Kulture Kiari Cephus

Via: bckonline.com

Kulture Kiari Cephus was forced into fame because both her parents are rappers and musicians. Her mom, Cardi B revealed a photo of her just the other day on her social media page after months of hiding her from the public. Before then, she would only show parts of her body like her hands and legs.

According to E! Online, Cardi was at one point offered seven figures to reveal her daughters face on IG but turned it down. She eventually decided on her own to put Kulture in the spotlight. Since Kulture is always around music, it would not be a surprise if she were to follow her parent’s footsteps in the future.

6 James Reynolds

Via: people.com

James Reynolds, daughter of Hollywood movie stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, is now a favorite celebrity child. She got her name from her grandfather who had a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. The parents only shared a glimpse of her on IG six months after she was born. A year later, they had their second daughter Inez Reynolds.

As stated by Vanity Fair, James made her first public appearance together with her sister at her father's event, the one where he was receiving a star on the walk of fame. She stole her dad’s thunder that day; however, Ryan has always insisted that he does not want her daughters to be in the entertainment world despite them being on the spotlight.

5 Jasmine Johnson

Via: huffpost.com

Jasmine Johnson is one other celebrity kid who was forced into the spotlight. According to Pop Sugar, dad, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared the first photo of his daughter, Jasmine four days after his girlfriend, Lauren Hashian gave birth to her.

Since then, the proud daddy has always been posting photos of Jasmine on his social media pages. At almost two years old, Jasmine is already outshining her father. She was the center of attention at his event when he was receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now at 3 years old, Jasmine seems to be enjoying the spotlight even though she does not quite get it.

4 Sebastian Taylor Thomaz

Via: nydailynews.com

Son of model Amber Rose and her ex-husband rapper Wiz Khalifa is already a star shining brightly. After Sebastian was born, fans of mom and dad were eager to see a photo of him. According to Hollywood Life, mom finally revealed him to the world by posting a photo of him on her IG five months later. The two were spending some time at a pool together.

The parents have since been posting photos of their son. We have seen Sebastian out and about with mom, including several times when he has attended his father’s concerts. He has even rapped alongside daddy in one of the events. His mommy says Seb is already into girls at just 5 years old, though, so hopefully, he will love sharing the spotlight with the girl of his choice.

3 Edie Knightley Righton

Via: twitter.com

English actress Kiera Knightley debuted her daughter Edie into the limelight at just three months old when she and her husband James Righton, stepped out for a walk with her. Paparazzi made sure to get a good photo of the adorable baby who seemed to enjoy the weather in her comfortable stroller.

According to ET Online, the couple is notoriously private. They never even shared their daughter's name with the world until much later. The paparazzi are the ones who forced her into the spotlight, by constantly taking photos of her and sharing them with the world. Edie is one adorable girl but we are yet to see if she will enjoy being in the public eye.

2 Olive Barrymore Kopelman

Via: nydailynews.com

Drew Barrymore and now ex-husband had their daughter Olive just months after the two got married. The couple also had another daughter Frankie Barrymore. The two girls have grown in the spotlight, with paparazzi are always chasing them every time they step out.

Drew keeps her social media posts to a minimum when it comes to her two children. She rarely showed their faces until they were much older. Drew once admitted to People magazine that even though she herself was a kid actress, there is no way she would let her kids be kid actresses and hopes for a different life for them.

1 Violet, Seraphina, And Samuel Affleck

Via: eonline.com

It is hard for celebrity kids to have famous parents and not be forced into the spotlight. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s daughter, Violet, together with her two siblings Seraphina and Samuel have grown in the spotlight. Both parents are Hollywood stars and keeping their kids away from the limelight has been hard for them.

The parents have always shied away from sharing their babies’ photos with the world, however, the paparazzi have managed to get a few. Being in the limelight is not always rosy especially when two parents decide to go their separate ways. Nevertheless, the two have managed to co-parent and always put their kids as their number one priority.

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