20 Pics Of Jason Momoa And His Kids That Make Us Swoon Every Time

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Jason Momoa is how he's this tall, strong and kind of intimidating guy with luscious hair. But behind that façade, there's a huge nature lover, a happy and joyful person, but most of all a very loving and caring father. His two children with fellow actress Lisa Bonet, 11-year-old Lola and 10-year-old Nakoa-Wolf are two beautiful kids who seem to be growing in every way each day.

They love taking trips with their dad and going on adventures, they love spending time exploring nature, but they are also always thrilled to go to events and see places backstage. One thing that is evident is that Jason and Lisa managed to bring them up to be very down-to-earth, humble and appreciative. While we're sure there's still bad days and disagreements - what family doesn't have those- it's still quite obvious that they always manage to solve everything, and that they, above everything else, love each other a lot. They do truly look like one happy bunch!

Okay, now here are 20 photos of Jason Momoa with his kids Lola and Nakoa-Wolf proving that he might be one of Hollywood's best dads!

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20 When He Cuddled With The Kiddos

Jason Momoa might seem all big and tough, but when it comes to his kids, their favorite activity (besides going on adventures) is having spontaneous cuddle sessions. So here they are, all three of them in their comfy pjs having a great time and living their best cozy life. Seriously, Jason might seem tall, strong and kind of intimidating sometimes, but to his kids he's just a giant teddy bear they can cuddle with whenever they want. Nakoa-Wolf and Lola are two lucky kids, because their dad could take on anyone, but also always has a shoulder for them to lean on.

19 And He Took Nakoa-Wolf Shopping

Honestly, little Nakoa-Wolf and Jason Momoa going shopping are the best thing ever! Daddy Jason, who regularly gives his adorable son a cheeky ride in the shopping cart, is in charge of the weekly grocery shopping, while mommy Lisa and little Lola stay cozy at home. But no worries, the two love running this errand, as they get to have some alone boy time, and little Nakoa-Wolf is absolutely thrilled to ride the shopping cart every time. And as for us, we love seeing these paparazzi pics of the two going and coming back from a grocery store adventure!

18 Which Pretty Much Became Tradition

Yeah, one shopping cart pic surely wasn't enough for this list! So here's another one of the duo, and as you can tell this one is quite a bit newer. Nakoa-Wolf is much older and wiser here, but he's still young enough for some shopping cart rides and grocery store adventures. Let's be fair, as long as daddy Jason is strong enough to push him around in the cart, it's all fine. And we bet daddy will be strong enough for at least a couple more years. Okay, now that was it with shopping cart photos we promise, but if you're craving more you can always look them up - we won't judge!

17 When He Took The Kids To San Diego Comic Con

Okay, isn't it pretty much every kid's (and grown up's) dream to go to Comic Con. That's the one place that unites comics, sci-fi and a bunch of celebs. Seriously, I wouldn't mind having a Jason who takes me there to meet his fellow famous friends. But of course, instead of me he took his children (because why on Earth would he even take me??), and the three had a dandy good ol' time there. They even got to meet Chris Pratt, which the kids were super happy about. Jason, keep making your kids happy and keep taking them on adventures!

16 And They Went There In A Private Jet

Via: instagram.com

Oh, and while you're taking them on adventures, keep doing it in a private jet. Seriously, these kids are experiencing the world in ways that most of us could only wish for, yet they definitely seem more down-to-Earth and normal than most celebrity kids these days. It's probably the way that Jason and Lisa are bringing them up, teaching them the importance of nature and find one's own way in this world. For celebrity kids it's so easy to get distracted by the glitz and glam, and Jason and Lisa are definitely the kind of parents who won't allow for that to happen.

15 Here He Is Striking A Pose With Lola

Speaking of nature, Jason Momoa has posted so many pics of himself with his little ones in nature on social media, and being in nature is clearly their favorite activity. Here he is striking a pose with little Lola, and can we all just take a second to appreciate how absolutely cool the two are? Seriously, they are serving us looks, sass and awesomeness without even trying! And it's especially cool because their outfits are sort of coordinated with the light brown pants, and black shirt and hat. You can definitely tell Lola is daddy's little girl, and she even took after him a bit!

14 Like Father Like Daughter

Via: instagram.com

Honestly, we already mentioned how much his kids took after him, but if you're still not convinced, just take a look at this selfie of him with his daughter Lola! the two look so much alike, and clearly their laughter is also the same. One thing we love about these pics is that you can totally tell how much fun his kids are having every time they hang out with him, and that tells a lot about a parent. And frankly, just looking at a photo like this also sets us in a good mood, it's almost as if their smile is contagious!

13 How Adorable Are The Two?

Via: elle.com

Alright, we definitely had to include this one from the same photo session, because the two are just so adorbs! Daddy-daughter goals, am I right guys? How cute is little Lola making a heart with her hands, while looking up at dad Jason? This is probably one of our favorite photos of the two together, it seems so personal and emotional, with them being on a trip in nature and enjoying each others company. Seriously, for somebody who knows Jason only from his movie roles, seeing him as a father might be a bit unusual, but he is absolutely great at it!

12 Here He Took The Kids (And Wife Lisa Bonet) To A Chili Peppers Concert

Don't be fooled though, while Jason can be a big loving teddy bear, he's still Jason Momoa - which means he does cool things all the time. So here he is having the time of his life with his wife and children at a Chili Peppers concert. Yup, they're all loving it and you can bet they sang along to every word. There's just something so organic and authentic about this whole family that definitely makes them super unique when it comes to Hollywood families. They just seem like they could be the cool neighbors next door that love nature and life.

11 Here They Are Backstage At SNL

Via: pinterest.com

But yeah, sometimes having parents like Jason and Lisa definitely has its perks. Like being backstage at Saturday Night Live! Lola and Nakoa-Wolf must have been so thrilled to get to experience this iconic set, and we are all definitely jealous. Lola has nailed the synchronized posing with daddy Jason, but Nakoa-Wolf might need some more practice. Well, guess they'll all have to take another visit to the studio, and try to improve the posing a bit. But with two famous parents, that really shouldn't be a problem now, should it? We bet SNL would love to have Lisa and Jason on there again!

10 Here They Are Strolling On The Beach

Via: pinterest.com

Jason, a Honolulu Hawaii native pretty much grew up on the beach, so it's only natural he loves taking his children there as well. here they are all taking a stroll next to the sea together, barefoot - which is the only right way to do it! We bet the kids love the beach just as much as Jason does, as they seem to be going there quite often. Here the weather isn't too warm, but that isn't bugging anyone, they all seem to love being next to the sea, no matter what the sky looks like. At the end of the day, it's always pretty, isn't it?

9 And Jason Knows There Isn't Such A Thing As A Bad Time For Cuddles

Now while Jason takes his kids on plenty of nature trips, there's one thing he's always ready for, no matter what the setting is, and that, my friends, are cuddles. Jason knows there's no such thing as a bad time for some cheeky little cuddles with his kids. So here he is in a lovely setting, hanging out on a bench with his son Nakoa-Wolf and having some quality father-son time. It's moments like these that he and the kids will treasure forever, and Jason clearly knows that. And side note: we're totally jealous of all these nature trips they're taking, these places look amazing!

8 Sometimes He Brings The Whole Fam To An Event

Here's the whole family at the Aquaman premiere, and they all look absolutely fabulous! They all visibly dressed up for the occasion, but they all also stayed true to their unique styles, and they look absolutely fab. The kids are slowly growing into teens, and both of them look gorgeous. And as far as Lisa and Jason go, those two seem to not have aged a bit since they had their first child together, and we can definitely attribute that to a healthy and very happy lifestyle. Seeing a family like them genuinely warms our hearts and makes us happy!

7 Where Things Can Escalate Quickly

But if you thought this was just your average, regular Hollywood premiere, you are so wrong. This premiere ended up with a dance routine, and everyone was absolutely loving it. Even Nakoa-Wolf and Lola joined the dance routine, judging from the pics, it looks like it was a whole lot of fun! Now that's the kind of movie premiere we're all up for! Are we surprised that the energy there was great? Not one bit, Jason is the kind of person that can get a whole stadium on their feet, and that's one of the many reasons we love him!

6 A Cool Dad, Isn't He?

We're almost done here, but we still wanted to include this ultimate proof of how cool of a dad Jason is! Okay, before you all freak out, don't worry he doesn't ride around with his kids like this, he knows very well what safety is. But posing on a motorcycle on the other hand is something he's all up for. And any kid thinks that's cool for sure, so Jason is gaining major points with his children here, especially when the motorcycle looks like this! We've almost come to the end of our list here, and we are all jealous of Nakoa-Wolf and Lola for having such a cool dad!

5 Here's A Slightly Younger Jason Carrying Lola

Now it's time to throw it back a little bit, to a slightly younger Jason and a toddler Lola strolling around the city with mommy Lisa. Well, to be completely fair, only Jason and Lisa are strolling, little Lola is enjoying being carried around by her tall daddy. Also, can we just point out that Jason is kind of into matching his hair to his kids? Seriously, now they all have very similar, long strands, but here he and Lola had about the same hair length, and same cut! Some might think it's weird, but we are absolutely loving it!

4 And Here They Are Enjoying The View

Surprise, surprise, another amazing nature trip! Now the three are photographed from the back in a loving embrace, and honestly this photo is so good we feel like it could be an add or something. And a quick little side note: they all have matching pants, how adorable is that? His kids are seriously such mini versions of him, and we mean that in a good way! Frankly, we are quite jealous of them, Jason seems like such a good father, we almost wish he'd take us to all these beautiful places. But then we see cute pics like these on his social media, and it's all fine.

3 Jason Loves Taking His Kids To Nature

Okay, we promise, this is one of the last nature trip pics we'll include in this list. But honestly, how cool is this giant rock Jason and Lola are posing in front of? We bet any climbers reading this would love to tackle this one! Honestly, Jason is such a cool dad for taking his kids on these adventures all the time, and while we're sure the kids are loving it, they will only realize the significance of them once they get older. But we already know the significance, which is why we appreciate Jason even more as a person than an actor!

2 But Also For A Walk Around The Town

Honestly, if there's one thing we hope Nakoa-Wolf gets from his dad (beside the love for nature and ultimate kindness), it's his style. Jason has such a unique sense for fashion, and he definitely stands out amongst the classic Hollywood actors whose styles are mostly bland. Sorry Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth, we love you, but your fashion is extremely basic. Jason on the other hand is cool, and he wears what he likes when he likes it, which we think is how fashion should work. So hopefully little Nakoa-Wolf who already has a unique style, manages to keep it when he grows up!

1 And He Loves His Ohana

Okay, we wanted to wrap this list up with our favorite image of the three hanging out in a wheat field. Everything about it is perfect, the golden hour sunlight, Nakoa-Wolf and Lola playing with wheat and daddy Jason lovingly enjoying his time with them. If there's one thing we learned from writing this list, it's that Jason might be strong and tough, but that's just all on the outside, with his family he is the most loving, caring and fun parent who wants his children to explore what the world offers and to lead long, happy and loving lives!

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