20 Pics Of Jessica Simpson Pregnant That Will Make Nick Lachey Jealous

Jessica Simpson has dabbled in everything! The celebrity is known for her singing success, acting roles, and nowadays for her fashion line. She has been making headlines for years for her professional moves and dramatic personal life. But at home, Jessica is simply known as “mom.”

Fans all thought the singer-actress had met her match when she got married to fellow musician Nick Lachey in 2002 after several years of dating. The couple even starred on their only reality show called Newlyweds, which gave fans insight into their hilarious relationship (does anyone remember when Jessica thought tuna and chicken were the same thing?). Despite talking about having children for years, the couple eventually divorced in 2006 with no children. Since then, they’ve both remarried and welcomed kids with their partners.

Jessica has been happily married to NFL star Eric Johnson since 2014. They have two daughters, Maxwell (born in 2012) and Birdie (born in 2019), and one son, Ace (born in 2013). While a lot of things have changed for Jessica since becoming a mom, one thing that’s stayed the same is her impeccable sense of fashion. Keep scrolling to see some of Jessica’s best maternity looks that would make even her ex-husband jealous!

20 She Just Became A Mom-Of-Three

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Fans were surprised last year when Jessica announced her third pregnancy, despite having previously said she was done at two kids. But lo and behold, the celebrity and her husband Eric Johnson welcomed their second daughter, Birdie, this past March.

“This baby girl will make us a family of five,” Jessica wrote in the social media post where she announced her pregnancy “We couldn’t be happier to announce this precious blessing of life.”

The star did admit to having “baby fever” last April, so it definitely didn’t take long for her and her hubby to get busy. Maybe this means more Simpson-Johnson babies are in the future!

19 She Doesn't Want Her Daughter To Be Like Her

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Jessica has been open about her struggles with vanity and body-image issues in the past. There have been times the celebrity went to great lengths to look a certain way, which is why she says she doesn’t want her daughter to learn from her mistakes.

“Raising Maxwell made me realize that I don’t want her to see me beat myself up for things like food choices or numbers on a scale,” the mom-of-three once said, Us Weekly reports. “I don’t want her to learn anything like that from me. Those things don’t determine who were are and instead make us feel [bad] about ourselves.”

She added, “I want to teach her to value herself, listen to herself and tune out the world.”

18 She Gives Lots Of Credits To Her New Husband


It’s not just motherhood that has helped Jessica reach such a good place in her life. During the same interview with Glamour, she revealed that the love and support of her husband Eric Johnson have helped her gain self-acceptance and be the best mother she can be.

"Eric has seen me at every size, and he loves me no matter what," she told the publication. "When I got pregnant, I was nervous about starting over again. I had come so far in learning how to balance my [work], family life, and hormones, and starting over again felt overwhelming. Eric was so supportive and challenged me to accept my insecurities and focus on what truly matters."

Every mama needs a partner who is that supportive!

17 Motherhood Has Helped Her Business

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As we mentioned, Jessica keeps busy nowadays with her own fashion line. And it turns out that motherhood has actually helped give her business a push.

In 2012, Forbes published an article explaining how the star’s net worth had skyrocketed over $100 million because of new deals and opportunities that had come her way due to motherhood.

"Consumers clearly want more of Jessica Simpson, and fans that have been with her from the start are, like her, starting families of their own," Michael Stone, CEO of brand licensing agency Beanstalk, told the publication. "It is a natural progression that, if done right, could be incredibly successful."

16 Her Husband Is The Stricter One

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Although there was a time fans thought Jessica met her perfect match in Nick Lachey, we all know how that marriage ended. However, the celebrity finally found her happily ever after when she settled down with NFL star Eric Johnson.

Jessica has always raved about what a hands-on parent her husband is. In fact, she says he’s actually the stricter of the two. “Eric is more the disciplinarian,” Jessica told Us Weekly last year. “If my daughter asks for a dog, she gets one, and then Eric finds a way to make the dog not end up in the house.”

We guess that’s why they make such a good pair!

15 She Thinks Her Kids Will Get Into Music

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Both Jessica and her younger sister Ashlee have made names for themselves in the entertainment industry. Not only that, but they seemed to have dabbled in everything, from acting to music to fashion.

So, it comes as no surprise that Jessica thinks her children will likely have a path in the industry, too. Speaking on The Today Show, the star recently revealed that her family was building a recording studio in their basement and they had every intention of letting the kids have free rein.

"That's how I started; that's always [been] one of my biggest passions in the world. I love to use my voice,” she explained. “[Now] I'm down in my basement recording. I'm sure my kids will completely take over."

14 Her Favorite Stage Is The Newborn Phase

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Most parents say that the newborn phase is the hardest since the baby needs more of mom and dad’s attention than they ever will again. But Jessica has admitted to actually loving babies when they’re only a few months old. So she must be very happy having a new one in the house!

“He's starting to go through [my favorite stage] right now,” Jessica told Parents after welcoming her son, Ace. “When babies get to be about 4 to 6 months old and can engage with you, it's awesome to see their personalities come to life. Every milestone so far with Max has been so fun (okay, except teething!), so I'm really looking forward to doing it all again with Ace.”

13 She Prefers Being A Working Mother

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Although Jessica is no longer accepting acting roles, that doesn’t mean the celebrity has put a halt on her professional life since becoming a mother. Jessica has continued to work on various projects on the side, with most of her attention going to her fashion designing.

Despite being a busy mom-of-three, the star has said before that she feels like a better mother when she’s also working, so she’s showing no signs of slowing down.

"That's what building my business has been about for me," Jessica told Glamour. "I sometimes second-guess spending time working—I want to be with my kids as much as possible! Then I remember how satisfying work is for me, and because I am fulfilled, I can offer the best version of myself to my family."

12 Her Kids Get Along Surprisingly Well

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While many parents find it hard for their eldest child to adjust to becoming a big sibling, Jessica said daughter Maxwell had no problem when baby Ace was brought home. “No, she loves being a big sister. I come from a really close-knit family and we're always together,” she told Parents.

The star went on, “Maxwell gets to spend a lot of time with all of us and her older cousin, Bronx. She loves being around him and Ace and sharing the attention. She's stepping into her own as a toddler, and it's exciting to see her take on the role of big sister; she loves imitating Mom and Dad.”

Hopefully, things are going as smoothly now that baby no. 3 has arrived!

11 She's Surprised Fans Think She's A Good Mom

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Jessica faced a lot of scrutiny from the media and public during her pregnancies, so it’s not surprising to hear the celebrity is shocked that fans think she’s a good mom. The star has admitted that’s the best compliment she could receive.

"The fact that people think I'm doing a pretty good job [as a mother] is the best compliment," she told Entertainment Tonight. "The most rewarding part of being a mother is really just watching my kids grow. It's like, how much knowledge they have about life is just so meaningful to me, and how much heart they put into everything they do. There's just nothing like the innocence of a child."

10 She Feels Like She Never Sleeps

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Whether you’ve got one kid or three, finding time to sleep as a parent can be challenging- and Jessica knows all about it! The fashion designer once revealed that she’s often awake before her whole family and the last one to go to sleep. And we bet that hasn’t gotten any better now that she has a newborn in the home.

“Motherhood is the best thing I’ve ever experienced – and the most challenging,” Jessica once told People of her busy schedule. “On some of the days […] I’m awake before [my daughter Maxwell] is awake, and I’m not home until she’s already back to sleep.”

She continued, “That’s only happened about four times, but it makes the day," well, basically no good, she said. "I definitely need to see my baby. I get really sad if I don’t get to see her.”

9 She Had Her Babies Back-To-Back

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Many fans will remember that it felt like an eternity when Jessica was pregnant with her first two children. Why? It probably has something to do with the fact that her children were born almost back-to-back. The celebrity welcomed her first daughter in 2012, while her son was born in 2013.

“I felt like I was in eternal new-mom mode!” she told Parents about the struggle of having two kids so close in age. “Because I had just had Max, so much was familiar to me and that really helped me through my second pregnancy.”

She continued, “Eric and I are calm and supportive. We take parenthood one day at a time, but sometimes we have to reassure each other and say ‘we've got this.’ I can't lie, I'm happy to be done with pregnancy right now!”

8 She Feels Closer To Her Son Than Daughter

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Back when Jessica’s family was only a family of four, she admitted that her kids had favorite parents. Speaking to Parents, the starlet once revealed that her son was closer to her, while her husband and daughter had a stronger bond.

“Right now, the biggest difference is how hungry Ace is all of the time! He and I have a special bond, and Maxwell is definitely a daddy's girl,” she told the publication. “Eric is a hands-on dad and while I was pregnant, he did a lot of the heavy lifting so he has a very special relationship with Maxwell. She just adores him!”

We wonder who baby Birdie feels closest to!

7 She Admits To Being An Obsessive Mom

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Jessica clearly loves her kids! But the celebrity isn’t afraid to admit that she can sometimes be a bit over-bearing and let her anxieties get the best of her. This is why Jessica once described her parenting style as ‘obsessive.’ But it comes from a good place, right?

“There are little things that you kind of obsess over. I never knew how protective I was until I had my own child. I’m already thinking about intruders coming into the house and what our escape route would be,” the actress told People.

Hey, we have a feeling all mothers can relate to that!

6 Her Style Has Changed For The Better

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Jessica has never been afraid to wear statement outfits, both before she was a mom and after. But the celebrity has said that parenthood has definitely changed her fashion sense. Although she still likes to show off her sultry side, the mom says she likes to do so in more subtle ways.

“I find myself going for more sophisticated looks, but I do think that’s kind of trendy right now — just a classier-looking woman,” Jessica has said, Us Weekly reports. “I love to show off my curves, but being a mom, I guess I do it in a little bit more classy way, even though for Halloween I was a milkmaid – but there are moments.”

If these photos are any evidence, then we’d definitely agree that Jessica’s style has only gotten better throughout the years!

5 She Can't Stand It When Her Baby Cries

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Although it’s clear that Jessica adores motherhood, fans have been appreciative that the star hasn’t been afraid to get real about the challenges that come with raising kids.

Speaking to Parents, the designer once said that the toughest thing for her is hearing her baby cry. And with a newborn currently in the house, we bet Jessica is experiencing a lot of that!

"It's so hard to hear your baby cry,” she told the publication. “Getting in a routine from the start helped us out a lot. You don't have to wonder what the crying is for, because you know it's time to eat, change, or sleep." That and a nanny would definitely help!

4 She Gets Worried About The Nannies


Back in 2016, an anonymous source told Star magazine that Jessica was becoming concerned over the nanny.

The insider said, “They were chatting nonstop while little Ace rode on his dad’s shoulders,” the source said after seeing Eric and the nanny on a hike. “But a two-year-old doesn’t want to go on a long hike like that — especially with no stroller! Ace would have had more fun at the playground.”

The insider concluded, “They’ve been spending every moment they can together,” and they concluded that this didn't seem to lead to anything good for the family.

3 They Always Said They’d Stop At Two Kids

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One of the reasons fans were so surprised when Jessica announced her third pregnancy last year was because the couple had been adamant that they were done after baby no. 2. It was only in 2017 when the celebrity publicly admitted to having an IUD.

“I’m not pregnant,” she told Ellen DeGeneres after during appearance on her talk show. “We got an IUD, nothing’s gonna get in that uterus…I have two beautiful children, and I’m not having a third.”

However, the following spring Jessica announced she and her husband were “having fun” practicing for another baby. They made their pregnancy announcement that fall.

2 She Said A Third Baby Would Be A “Miracle”

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Although it seemed like Jessica had no problem getting pregnant with her first two kids given how close they are in age, fans have wondered if the celebrity has experienced fertility struggles since after she said having a third child would be a “miracle.”

“We always practice. But it would definitely have to be a miracle,” she said last years, months before making her third pregnancy announcement, Hollywood Life reports. The star went on to say that she missed having a toddler at home.

“My daughter is about to turn 6, May 1st is her birthday, and my son is going to turn 5 on June 30th and it’s just like, ‘Wait, so this is no longer toddler, this is full-on kid,'” Jessica said. “My daughter [already] thinks she’s a teenager. My son at least wants to be a baby still.”

1 She Feels The Best She's Ever Felt

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Despite the criticism she received during her pregnancies, Jessica says that she’s never felt as good about herself and her lifestyle as when she had kids. Speaking to Glamour, the celebrity once explained how becoming a parent transformed her for the better.

"Today, I feel truly comfortable in my own skin. Better exercise habits, food choices, and lifestyle changes have contributed to this, but ultimately, my confidence comes from my state of mind," she told the magazine. "Every step I’ve taken up until this point has taught me something. Every decision I’ve made has brought me here.”

All that matters is that Jessica feels great about herself, not about what the media (or her ex!) thinks about her.

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