20 Pics Of Julia Stiles Before And After She Became A Mom

In October 2017, Julia Stiles had her baby boy, Strummer, and is now living her happily ever after with her husband, Preston J. Cook. We've all been fans of Julia since we saw her in movies like Save The Last DanceO, and of course, the favorite teen film 10 Things I Hate About You. She stands out from the pack of other actresses, and she definitely did back in the late '90s and 2000s. Instead of wanting to be photographed all the time and looking for attention, Julia was always elegant and smart. She has often kept her private life out of the spotlight, which is why some of us might not even know that she is married with a child.

Recently, Julia is starring on the TV show Riveria and is in the 2019 movie Hustlers. While of course we love her acting, as she's a real talent, we can't help but want to see photos of her with her baby boy and husband.

Before she took on the identity of being a mother, what was the star's style like? And now that she's got a little one, how does she dress? We're also interested in seeing her pregnancy style since that is so much fun.

Here are 20 pictures of Julia Stiles before and after she became a mom.

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20 Even As A Kid, Julia Stiles Had A Total Knack For Performing

via IG

Some people just have "star power" and we would have to say that's what Julia Stiles has, especially after seeing this picture of her as a kid. She had a knack for performing, even as a young child, and we're super glad that she posted this picture to her social media.

The bright red guitar and colorful outfit that she's wearing are very charming. We're very certain that her whole family knew that she was going to make it, either as a singer or actress.

As it turns out, Julia Stiles joined La MaMa Theatre Company in New York City when she was 11 years old, so she was performing from a young age.

19 We Loved Julia Stiles As Smart Sister Kat In '10 Things I Hate About You'

both images are via Pinterest

The 1999 movie 10 Things I Hate About You is one of the best of its kind. These are two throwback photos from when Julia Stiles starred in this teen movie as Kat Stratford. She's smart, super tough, and wants to be on her own (in contrast to her sister, Bianca, who wants a boyfriend). It's cool to see Julia's long, wavy hair and late '90s style.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julia Stiles said, “It was so refreshing to see a teenage girl who was so feisty. I thought that the writers had a healthy dose of cynicism with their humor that you don’t always find with teen romantic comedies.”

18 Then The Actress Was Heartbreaking In 'Save The Last Dance' (And Made Us Want To Learn To Dance, Too)

via sandra hernandez

Did any '90s kid watch Julia Stiles in the 2001 movie Save The Last Dance and not want to become a dancer... like right that very second?

This is a great picture from that time period, and we can see Julia dancing with her co-star, Sean Patrick Thomas. This is definitely a great picture of the actress before she became a mom as her baggy pants and two-toned top were a staple of the early 2000s. Everyone wore this kind of outfit.

In a 2000 interview with Hollywood.com, she talked about dancing in the movie: "Everyone’s expecting that you’re not gonna be able to dance well because you’re the actress. The first time we shot one of the ballet things I was shaking. And when we’d done a couple of takes I was able to relax."

17 Before She Was A Wife And Mom, Julia Was Dating Joseph Gordon Levitt (And Rocking A Very Late '90s Look)

via UPI.com and Pinterest

There are stars who we know literally everything and anything about, including who they have dated. Then there are celebrities who are much more private and keep personal details to themselves.

Julia Stiles is definitely the latter, and that's why we might not have known that she dated Joseph Gordon-Levitt back in the day. Of course, the two were both in 10 Things I Hate About You.

In the photo on the left, we see Julia and Joseph together along with the late Heath Ledger, and in the photo on the right, we see a beautiful photo of Julia from around this time period.

16 Julia Always Had Long Wavy Blonde Locks And Wore The Fashion Of The Day (In This Case, A Silver Tank Top And Pants)

via Pinterest

Julia's silver tank top is very 1990s and 2000s, and this is a fun picture of the actress.

If we haven't seen pictures of the actress more recently, we might only remember her the way that she looks in this photo, with her long wavy blonde hair. That was definitely her look back when she was in a lot of romantic movies. When we see more recent photos of the star, we'll notice that she has changed her style quite a bit and favors a different look.

Besides the fact that she dressed differently back in the '90s and 2000s, Julia has also talked about other ways that time was different. She told The Independent, "I was lucky that when I started becoming more recognizable as an actress and when fame hit, social media wasn't a big thing, if at all. It was easier to have a line between work and play."

15 In The 2010s, Julia Was In A Relationship With David Harbour (Who We All Love On 'Stranger Things')

via Zimbio

We probably haven't seen this picture before because we might not even have known that Julia Stiles was once in a relationship with actor David Harbour. We know him from playing Chief Hopper on the Netflix show Stranger Things. The pair was together from 2011 until 2015.

It's a sweet picture of the couple holding hands and walking around, having just gone shopping. (Julia's "medium brown bag" is from Bloomingdale's.) They honestly look so normal and not like famous people at all, especially Julia with her messy hair. It doesn't look like she's wearing a lot of makeup, either. She's so cool.

14 Talk About A Throwback: Here's An Early Pic Of The Actress Looking Gorgeous With Flowers All Around Her

via Pinterest

It's always fun to see a fancy photo shoot with one of our favorite celebrities. Sometimes, they look just as glam as they always do since there are certain celebrities (like the Kardashians, for example) who always dress up or wear a lot of makeup.

Julia Stiles is definitely one of the more low-key and laid back actresses, and even this picture proves it because she's fancier than usual but not over-the-top. We love this soft, pretty picture and the floral background is perfect. Even the way the light is falling on her face is amazing. It's just a flawless photo, and we're happy to have seen it.

13 Back In 2015, Julia Stiles Hung Out With Vanessa Carlton, And It's So Much Fun To See Them Together

via Racked NY

According to Racked NY, Julia Stiles hung out with Vanessa Carlton back in 2015, and this is a photo from back then. As the publication says, "But this weekend, there was a diamond in the rough—a news item implying that two of the few mid-aughts celebrities that both you and your mom could agree were great, actress Julia Stiles and musician Vanessa Carlton, are friends." They were "eating pasta."

It seems like they have been pals for a while now because the story also includes a 2003 photo of the two. That is really fun news, especially if we're also a fan of Vanessa Carlton and her beautiful, piano-based music.

12 Wedding Bells Were Ringing For Julia Stiles And Preston J. Cook, Who Got Engaged In Early 2016

via Daily Mail and Page Six

Fans of Julia Stiles are so happy to know that she's now married with a kid. She and Preston J. Cook got engaged in early 2016. On the left, we can see a cute photo of the pair just walking around, and on the right, we see them more dressed up and glam.

When Julia Stiles was interviewed by Cosmopolitan in 2007, she said this about marriage: "I think women get caught up too much in having a plan—I'm going to get married at this age; I'm going to have a kid at this age—and then they just try to find a guy who will fit into that picture. I don't want my life to be based on that. I would rather it all evolve organically." It looks like it definitely worked out that way and now the talented actress is a wife and mom.

11 The Pair Got Married While She Had Something Very Special: A Baby Bump

via IG

Julia Stiles shared this photo of her wedding day on her social media, and we can see that there was a special addition: her baby bump. Yup, she got married in September 2017 and her baby boy, Strummer, was born in October 2017.

This is a wonderful photo and she's wearing a great, simple white dress.

According to Hello magazine, Julia said about the process of being engaged, "I'm not getting a ton of marital advice. We're really slow on the wedding planning so I haven't really been soliciting advice. Someone told me about radical empathy, but I'm still trying to figure out what that means. I'm trying to figure out what makes it radical."

10 Now She's Pregnant With Her First Baby, Looking Beautiful And Elegant With An Updo And Patterned Blue Dress

via Page Six

Julia's been a mom for almost two years now since she had her baby boy in November 2017. It seems like her preggo style was all about long, patterned dresses since there are many photos of her in these items of clothing.

This is a particularly wonderful of the actress in a blue/grey patterned dress and with an elegant updo. We would say that blue is one of her best colors.

Like many pregnant women who can't wait to become mamas, the star looks totally at peace. It might be a cliche to say that a mom-to-be is "glowing" but, hey, we can't help but say that is true of this picture.

9 In Two Candid Pics, A Preggo Julia Sticks To An LBD (One Look Is Casual And One Is Dressed Up)

via Hello Magazine and POPSUGAR Middle East

It's cool to see Julia Stiles in two types of LBDs: in the photo on the left, she's wearing a casual style, and in the photo on the right, she's got a fancier dress with a gorgeous red coat.

Julia posted the photo on the left to her social media account and said, "Alright, I couldn't resist." She doesn't take a lot of selfies so this one seems particularly special and lovely.

So many fans were thrilled to know that she was having a baby: as a Romper headline said, "Julia Stiles Is Pregnant With Her First Child, & It's The Best News." We would totally have to agree.

8 We Can't Get Over Her Chic Preggo Style In A Long Dress

via Daily Mail

Maxi dresses aren't the simplest things to wear since they can be too much for petite women, but we all wish that we could pull them off, particularly in the summer. They're just so chic, right?!

Julia Stiles pulls this look off with flying colors and we love that she wore dresses like this during her pregnancy. We might glance at this fast and not even notice that she's pregnant but then we can see a tiny bump.

According to News.com.au, she said about pregnancy, “But I think the whole lesson in pregnancy, and probably it applies to motherhood, too, is that you kinds have to let go and surrender. You can’t control everything, you certainly can’t control your child.”

7 While Expecting Her Son, The Actress Took A Fun Camping Trip In August 2017

via Us Weekly

We love this photo of Julia Stiles from a camping trip that she took in August 2017. She looks so chill and calm, with her long hair and sunglasses. She was eight months along when this photo was snapped.

As People magazine explained about this trip, "Pregnant actress Julia Stiles braved the great outdoors over the weekend, visiting the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington state to see Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats perform with Kings of Leon." That sounds like the best time (even though some pregnant woman might not want to go camping while expecting... or, to be totally honest, at any other time).

6 Here's Another Awesome Pregnancy Look (And Julia's Definitely Into Long Dresses And Cool Coats)

via Daily Mail

If someone told us to pair a long dress with a long coat, we might say that feels like too much fabric. We just wouldn't be sure that we could wear this look.

Well, we need to ask Julia Stiles how she does it so well because her pregnancy style was definitely long dresses and long coats... and she looked fabulous.

We're big fans of her movies like 10 Things I Hate About You and Save The Last Dance, and now we're big fans of her pregnancy style. This particular flowery blue dress and red coat are a great combination as they are such bold colors.

5 Julia Looked Like Any Other Mama Pushing Baby Boy Strummer In A Stroller (But We Know She's A Movie Star, Of Course)

via Daily Mail

Since Julia Stiles isn't photographed quite as much as some other stars, it's cool to see a rare photo of her with her baby boy. We love this picture of her pushing baby Strummer in a stroller, and we can see a bag from what looks like Whole Foods and what appears to be some kind of yoga mat at the bottom of the stroller.

Could anything be more relatable?! Who doesn't take their baby in a stroller and go food shopping?!

Okay, maybe we're just grasping at straws here, trying to find things in common with the actress because we think that she's the coolest.

4 Welcome To The World, Strummer: Julia Shared This Sweet Pic On Her Social Media

via MadeforMums

When Julia Stiles posted this photo of her baby on her social media account, she wrote, "Strummer Newcomb Cook, born October 20, 2017. Thanks and ever thanks to the extraordinary Doctors, Nurses and staff at Mount Sinai for helping to bring this utter joy into our lives."

Can we even with this photo of baby Strummer grasping onto his mom's finger? We don't think so. Of all the ways that Julia could have posted that she had her baby, this was a really lovely post, and a very gentle one. We're big fans of it and she's worth following on social media.

3 Julia Looks Great Wearing Her Baby Boy, And She's So Relatable Here

via People

Is that famous actress Julia Stiles wearing her baby boy? Yup, it is, although many people would probably assume this was a regular person. She really looks so normal.

Honestly, we could see any photo of Julia Stiles, both before and after she became a mom, and say that she looks so normal. Her "mom look" is very cool and we like that she's got both a backpack on and is carrying her baby boy in the front. She looks happy and makeup-free and really makes being a mom look so wonderful. (Also, can we get that backpack please? It's so cute.)

2 Now Strummer Looks A Bit Older, And Julia Looks Elegant In A Long Gray Coat

via CelebsFirst

While long coats were part of the star's pregnancy style, it looks like she has kept them around after becoming a mom. In this picture of her pushing baby Strummer in a stroller, she's wearing a long grey coat that is really gorgeous. We also love her casual boots. She seems to love to be comfy and we can agree that's the way to go. We also like that she doesn't always rock a really intense or extravagant hairdo and often puts her hair in a bun like in this picture.

Strummer looks a bit older here and we can officially say that he is incredibly cute. Just look at his little hair. It's too much.

1 The New Mom Looks Amazing In A Candid Selfie (And We Wish We Were Best Friends)

via IG

Julia Stiles totally proves that make-up free (or very little makeup) is better and that keeping things natural is always beautiful. She shines in this picture with long, straight hair and she's wearing yellow which is a good color on her.

We love this candid photo of Julia Stiles, and this pic, along with the others on this list, make us wish that we could be pals with her.

But, alas, we're not famous actresses, so we'll just have to follow her on social media and wait for cool photos and anything that she wants to post about her baby boy Strummer.

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