20 Pics Of Katie Holmes Twinning With Suri (And 5 Of Her With Tom Cruise)

From the moment Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise became a couple, fans all over the globe were both surprised and super excited. After all, Katie was a fan favorite from Dawson’s Creek, and Tom’s impressive acting resume meant he was an absolute superstar in comparison. And while Katie wasn’t exactly a nobody, it was definitely a case of falling in love with her idol, according to interviews she gave.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be—but the couple did welcome their adorable daughter Suri during their relatively short union. From her first debut as a baby to her glow-up into a glamorous pre-teen, there’s so much to know about little Suri.

After her parents’ split, Suri wasn’t pictured with dad Tom much—instead, she’s been on mama Katie’s arm for a handful of events and has been spotted in full fashionable form walking the streets of NYC and more. Of course, just because she hasn’t been out with her dad lately doesn’t mean the pair weren’t close when she was younger—there are pics of the pair of them together, just not as many as Suri has with mom.

That said, here are 20 pics of Katie and Suri twinning, plus five pics of Suri with Tom.

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25 Throwback Mom & Tot


This adorable photo is from a period when Katie and Suri were truly twinning: they even had matching haircuts! If Suri's bob-with-bangs wasn't cute enough, we also got to see Katie's more grownup version with side-swept bangs. Of course, the best part of this pic is the fact that Katie's down on toddler Suri's level, clearly helping her work through something. Even famous tots are allowed to have tantrums every once in a while, it's just that most celeb moms won't kneel in the street to help them work it out.

24 Hip With Hermes

Just Jared

It seems like as Suri's hair grew, Katie continued to match her look, at least for a year or so anyway. Plus, the two are carrying adorably matching Hermes bags, showing that although Suri's hairstyle may have been "young," her taste in shopping isn't. No word on what's in her tiny bag, but it could be a miniature copy of whatever designer item Katie's pining over. Clearly, they can afford it, even if most tots Suri's age were carting around plastic purses.

23 Jetsetting Ladies


Obviously with the type of lifestyle Katie and Suri lead, they're going to be jetting all over the US, and the globe, quite often. Especially considering Katie's work schedule, plus dad Tom's, the pair have quite the transportation experience. Here, they're at an airport and it sort of looks like they're on the last leg of a flight if Katie's expression and Suri's slept-in hairstyle are any indication. But Suri's a trooper, she's still carrying her own bag and her lovie.

22 Dad's Little Princess

Closer Weekly

Maybe it's the glittery flats or the fact that Tom is carrying a Suri who is capable of walking on her own, but this one says "dad's princess" all over it. And although Tom often changes his hairstyle to suit movie roles or other on-screen needs, don't you think his shaggy look was somewhat inspired by Suri and Katie's matching looks? After all, Tom's dark hair is also similar to Suri's, especially when she had her bob as a toddler.

21 Feeling A Little Blah


What makes this pic of Katie and Suri a #twinning snap is their matching expressions. They both look a little "over it," which could be because of the paparazzi clearly following them. But it could also be that they're at the end of a long trip or just a super long day, and Suri's looking like she wants to tell Katie to hurry it up so she can finally relax—away from fans', as well as photographers' prying eyes (and lenses).

20 Bundled Up Beauties

HD Image Galleries

Let's be honest: Suri shares a lot of Katie's facial features, and as much as we can see some of Tom peeping through at times, the ladies are practically twins in most ways. So it doesn't take matching outfits to make them look alike, especially when they seem to share the same smile and mannerisms anyhow. But this snap is cute because they're both bundled up—and so is Suri's fuzzy lovie—in knee-grazing jackets and pom-pom hats. Though we have to say, Suri's fluffy topper is way cuter than her mom's.

19 Prim In Pea Coats


Suri may be a little more brazen with her color choices than her mom, but they're both sporting sweet pea coats here. And although we loved the duo's matching bobs of yesteryear, the more grown-up look is nice on both of them. The pair continues to match their hair through growing out their bangs and keeping their long locks styled straight, and it's the dark color that really proves they're styles are twinning. And while only Katie has a coffee here, there have been snaps that show Suri enjoying a cuppa too. Hot cocoa, maybe?

18 So Similar Spectators

Krem TV

Katie and Suri aren't just alike in their looks. No, the mom and daughter duo also has some of the same facial expressions and moods. But it's not just that, either—they both seem to have a passion for basketball. This pic was taken at a basketball game, and apparently, something just happened—peep mom and daughter's matching gasps with their hands over their mouths. Too cute! And while they're both rocking relaxed hairstyles, we do spy a pink top on both of them, a #twinning move for sure.

17 Snuggly Baby Suri

Life and Style

Up until she was around six or seven years old, little Suri was often carted around on her parents' hips, and in this snap, you can see what we mean! Toddler Suri—and her snuggly blanket—were carried by dad Tom even as he stopped and smiled for the cameras. Back then, we saw plenty of snapshots of the young family together, something that's faded in recent years after the couple split up. And now, tabloids suggest that Suri hasn't seen her dad in months, if not longer.

16 Stylishly Sidelined

Us Weekly

While we can't say that Suri and Katie are matchy-matchy with their hairstyles anymore—this more recent pic proves Katie's made a change—they're still so similar in their mannerisms that it's seriously sweet. And not only that, but they're both wearing what appear to be tights under their dresses, along with warm and fashionable boots. Both ladies are style goals, and Suri's even wearing a floral print jacket reminiscent of some of her mom's best looks—stay tuned for florals all over the place.

15 Spotted And Served Up

Celebs First

Both Suri and Katie seem to be fans of long, flowy dresses, and this photo showcases their style perfectly. These dresses look both comfy and flattering, and they both have polka-dot type patterns—a more youthful black and white polka-dot for Suri and a more mature and refined sprinkling of dots for Katie. There's also their matching coffee cups—there's literally nothing sweeter than a mom-daughter date that features a blended beverage! And from the expressions on both of their faces, they clearly needed the caffeine!

14 Fancy With Florals

Celebrity Insider

It's rare to see Katie and Suri actually posing (and smiling) for a photographer, but sometimes, you just have to play the part. And these elaborate floral dresses weren't for going out shopping in or grabbing coffee—here they're at an event with other celebs on a serious mother-daughter date. And while Suri looks like she's having a great time, we have no doubts that this event had something to do with Katie's Hollywood ties. And, did you notice the pair's perfectly curled manes? They're twinning all over in this pic!

13 Strolling With Dad

Journal Post

Another snap of Tom and Suri shows that same lovie, but also Tom's leading Suri along, likely to outpace the paparazzi. She already looks uncomfortable, so we can assume they're just trying to live their lives and get somewhere in a reasonable hurry. Along with the speculation surrounding Tom and Suri's purported strained relationship, most of the photos we see of the pair of them look just as awkward—perhaps a bit of foreboding that seems more obvious now that it's in the past.

12 More (Casual) Florals

Star Magazine

Whether or not Katie employs a stylist for her and Suri for their more elegant events, it's clear the mama likes her flowery patterns. Here, she and Suri are both wearing dresses with floral accents. Katie's is a less busy dress, with bits of flowers and stems all over, while Suri's is more youthful with plenty of color. And in this image especially, the pair look so similar, particularly because Suri's getting older and looks more like a tween than a toddler.

11 Casually Stepping Out

Us Weekly

In another rare image of Katie and Suri both cheesing for the camera, this one highlights just how similar the mother and daughter duo's looks are. Katie's clearly reluctant to flash her pearly whites, but it doesn't matter. From the shade—and enviable shine—of their chestnut manes to the color and glint of their eyes, you just know that Tom is super jealous of his daughter's physical resemblance to her mom. If you look closely, you can see Tom's jawline in his girl—but apart from that, she's pure Katie!

10 Shying Away From Spectators

NY Daily News

They may not be rocking the same 'fits here, but Suri's shyness in the face of paparazzi is likely something she got from mom. When she was younger, Suri's parents would often carry her with her face hidden, probably to keep the flash of the cameras out of her eyes. And while Katie went along with the much-publicized romance with Tom at first, after their split, she's flown under the radar very studiously. That's why it's no surprise her daughter takes after her in shying away from spectators!

9 Let's Play Dress Up, Mom!

Sevda Akari

Suri looks pretty happy to be out and about with her mom—and maybe it's just the glee of anticipation at getting what looks like a baby doll home to play with (peep the hair sticking out of the shopping bag!). But we'd guess Suri was the one behind this mommy-and-me matching 'fit—and we love it. It's not exactly matching, but that's the beauty of it. Their light summery skirts are the same color, and their tops are both black and white but in different patterns. A super sweet mom and daughter look for our favorite ladies!

8 Doting Dad (& Lovie)

ABC News

Most kids carry around a special item or "lovie," and Suri was no different. There are even relatively recent photos of her with her stuffed animal, and in this snap, Tom was carrying her and the little critter. This is one of many similar images of Tom or Katie carrying a younger Suri, appearing to shield her from photographers so they could get where they were going a little faster. And let's be honest: most parents don't say no when their kids say "carry me"—we know that phase will be over soon enough.

7 Sophisticated Street Smarts


It looks like Suri's doing her best to hail a cab, though we suppose she could be waving to someone—but either way, she and Katie are both looking fab and sophisticated in their streetwear. They both have on smooth and luxurious peacoats, and clearly Suri knows her way around the city, as she's handling things while Katie's on the phone. Obviously the pair travel together often, and they can't always go unseen by paparazzi—but we can tell they're prepared to be snapped, style-wise.

6 Pretty Cool In Pink

Huffpost Canada

While many of Katie's fans remember her as a less worldly gal from her days on Dawson's Creek, this fun pink shirt—that happens to match Suri's sweet dress—is a fun throwback. These days, and in the time directly following Katie's split from Tom, we noticed she was wearing more demure outfits and sort of trying not to stand out. And while a lady is allowed to dress however she wants, we were kind of glad to see her wearing more colorful clothes when it became just her and Suri out and about.

5 Celebs Like Sweets, Too

Evening Standard

Since I have plenty of experience carting my kids places, I'd hazard a guess that Suri's sipping from a movie theater soda, but it could also be from a fair or another event. And it looks like wherever they went, Suri had a complete day of indulgence, from the kid-sized soda to the face painting she's rocking. And while Tom looks a bit stressed, we can't blame the guy for growing tired of the paparazzi always in his face—maybe that's why we don't see much of him—or him with Suri—in the tabloids lately.

4 Star-Studded Presenting

Entertainment Tonight

It's just plain adorable that Suri is wearing a literally star-studded dress for this snap, as she was at Jingle Ball introducing Taylor Swift at the event in 2017. From the look on her face you can tell she was absolutely stoked, and it's this kind of enthusiasm that we're used to seeing on Katie's face. At least, we were, back when she and Tom first fell in love and became a "thing." But now that Suri's rocking the happy face, maybe Katie will follow soon, too.

3 So Similar Smiles

Entertainment Tonight

It's often hard to catch Katie really smiling, but this photo looks like it caught the tail end of a genuine grin from the stylish mama. And at the same time, you can see that Suri is smiling the same way, too, and in profile she looks so much like her mom that it's uncanny. What's adorable is that you can see a little bit of Tom in her, too, which speaks volumes as to how influential the pair's genes are!

2 Low-Key Sweaters & Denim


First of all, Suri's jumper is so cute here, and not in a little-girl way but in a she's-growing-up-too-fast way. The girl has style, and you can see where she gets it from: Katie's also wearing a snuggly yet chic sweater and denim, setting an example for how one can look cute and feel comfortable at the same time. Even Katie's shoes are something we can imagine seeing Suri wear—both wear clothes that can look either grown-up or very young, depending on how they accessorize them.

1 Summer Dress Snuggles


Let's be honest: Katie doesn't look too thrilled to be having her photo taken mid-snuggle with Suri, but clearly the pair was on their way to an event of some sort and were therefore dressed adorably. Tom and Katie used to face criticism for letting a younger Suri wear heels, but these sandals are so cute that we really don't see the issue. Also, her casual and comfy looking slip dress is an adorable companion to her mom's more mature faux-see-through sheath.

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