20 Pics Of Kylie Jenner Pregnant (That Travis Scott's Obsessed With)

The Kardashian-Jenner clan seem to have babies almost every year, and we love seeing pictures of them while pregnant. From the moment that Kim or Kourtney or Khloe announced every one of their pregnancies, we were excited to see them during those nine months.

When news came out that Kylie Jenner was expecting her first child with Travis Scott, we couldn't wait to see the sense of style that she adopted during pregnancy. It's definitely true that like her sisters, Kylie Jenner has an absolutely incredible (and impeccable) sense of style. She often wears oversized shirts, which is also something that Kourtney Kardashian does, and we love her curve-hugging dresses and outfits. We knew that we couldn't wait to see snapshots of her fashion choices during the nine months that she was carrying her baby girl.

Kylie fans soon realized that she was staying really private about her pregnancy... which just made us even more eager to see some photos of her with a baby belly. Thankfully, there are a good amount, and she's wearing an amazing outfit in every one. Can we say #momgoals (and #pregnancygoals)? We think so.

Here are 20 pics of Kylie Jenner pregnant that Travis Scott's obsessed with.

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20 People Say Kylie Was Under 4 Months Pregnant Here, And We Can See A Hint Of Her Belly (And We Love Her Fashionable Look)

via People

There aren't a lot of photos of Kylie Jenner during the early months of her pregnancy, which means that we kind of have to play detective with some photos. In this snapshot of Kylie, we can see a hint of a belly, and we love that she's paired a white top with maroon-colored pants.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Kylie has talked about why she wasn't sharing the fact that she was pregnant. She said, "I knew that it would be better for us, if me and Stormi just stayed kind of low-key. Your hormones are going crazy and your emotions are more heightened, and I just felt like I wasn’t prepared to… I just knew that it would be better for me, and I could enjoy the whole experience if I did it privately. I just felt like it was a sacred special moment and I wasn’t ready to share it with everybody. I just wanted to keep that to myself.”

19 Here She Is In August 2017, A Little While Away From Publicly Announcing Her Pregnancy (And People Say She Was In Black To Hide It)

via People

In this photo, Kylie Jenner is wearing a fairly common look for her: an all-black athleisure outfit. We're used to seeing the star in form-fitting black sweatshirts, leggings and sneakers... but this photo is special since it was taken in August 2017 and fans think that she was wearing black in order to hide the fact that she was pregnant. It was in September 2017 that news came out that Kylie was expecting her first child.

Although it would have been exciting to see photos of her with a small baby bump, we can totally understand that Kylie wanted to do this on her own. She looks beautiful in this outfit, and we bet that her beau thinks so too.

18 This Photo Got Fans Talking, And We Can See Her Stomach Is Starting To Show

via Samad Robinson Now

This is the picture that got people talking about how Kylie Jenner seemed to be pregnant. It's definitely a common story: people say that a celebrity is expecting based on a photo that seems to reveal a growing baby belly. This time, it was Kylie that everyone was focused on. We can definitely make out a bit of a belly if we focus on her black shirt.

We often see photos of Kylie wearing a baggy t-shirt and cool pants, like these red ones, and we love her look here. We bet that Travis Scott thinks that Kylie looked amazing here, especially since she was carrying his baby (awww).

17 Baby On Board: Kylie's Clingy Black Dress Is Showing Off Her Bump

via toofab.com

Although Kylie didn't post many photos of her pregnancy, we got a few bump photos, including this beautiful one. In February 2018, Kylie shared a YouTube video that gave us more of a look at what it was like for her to be expecting her baby girl. The video is super emotional (and any mom who has watched it has definitely cried), showing Kylie with her family, Travis, and BFF Jordyn Woods. We even get to see her getting an ultrasound.

The video also shows Kylie's twin Kendall taking some amazing photos of Kylie in a clingy black dress, with her baby bump on full display.

16 Happy Halloween: Here's Kylie Looking Like An Angel, Dressed Up For The Holiday With Her Bump

via Cosmopolitan

According to Harper's Bazaar, in November 2018 Kylie shared this photo of her celebrating Halloween while pregnant with Stormi. She was on month seven.

The website explains of the look, "Jenner donned a V-neck white sequin dress, silk lace-up heels, chandelier diamond earrings, a blonde high ponytail, white shimmery makeup, and oversized angel wings—almost identical to the ones her sisters wore this year."

We think that she looks great, and not only that, but Travis Scott would definitely approve of her Halloween costume. The oversized wings are a perfect touch (though we bet they would be pretty uncomfortable to walk around with...).

15 People Say Kylie Was Trying To Hide Her Belly Sometimes, And We Think She Looks Stylish In An Oversized Top

via People

While there aren't a long list of photos of Kylie Jenner with a super obvious baby belly, there are many photos of the star when people say that she was carrying her baby girl Stormi. She didn't go public with her pregnancy for a bit and she didn't post belly pics on social media.

People say that Kylie was trying to hide her stomach for a while, like in this picture of her in an oversized T-shirt and brown pants. We think that she looks stylish, and we bet that this was a really comfortable outfit. As any mom-to-be knows, comfort is totally key during those nine months. It's not the time for fancy fashion.

14 Here She Is Running Errands At CVS And Still Adorable And Glowing

via Yahoo Finance

In this photo, Kylie is running errands at CVS in a huge green sweatshirt, leggings, and patterned sandals.

There are many photos of Kylie in baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts, and in the YouTube video that she shared after she had Stormi, she was wearing a grey sweatshirt. We have to say that we really appreciate her comfy pregnancy style. The fact that she would wear such big, baggy clothes allows us to relate to her since many moms are going for comfort. When you're pregnant, you don't want to wear a tight top -- you definitely want to go for a looser look, just like Kylie.

13 Here's Mama-To-Be Kylie In A Strapless Red Dress

via Seventeen

Before Kylie Jenner became pregnant with Stormi, she seemed to wear very clingy dresses on a regular basis. She and Kim have this style in common and they both wear curve-hugging dresses pretty regularly.

This photo of Kylie in a clingy red dress that shows off her baby bump is beautiful, and it also shows that she kept her style game going strong during those nine months. It basically goes without saying that Travis Scott was a big fan of her red dress, right?! This look is a bit fancier than what we've seen of Kylie while pregnant so far, and we like that she went for it.

12 Kylie's Hiding Her Baby Belly, But People Know She Was Expecting Stormi Here

via capitalxtra.com

This is one of the photos that people have looked and thought, "Yup, Kylie Jenner was pregnant here, and she just hadn't told everyone yet."

While we can't see Kylie's baby belly here thanks to the baggy sweatshirt that she's got on, we can guess that she was expecting Stormi here. This look is a huge contrast to the clingy red dress: in this photo, Kylie is wearing black sweatpants, a black sweatshirt, and white sneakers. This is totally our dream pregnancy uniform... and our new mom uniform... and what we basically want to wear all the time. Who knew that we had some fashion moments in common with Kylie Jenner?!

11 The Selfie Queen Is At It Again, This Time Rocking Her Belly In A Stylish LBD

via Seventeen

Kylie Jenner is one of the celebrities who is said to take amazing selfies, and so it was only a matter of time before she took a selfie while pregnant.

This photo of Kylie rocking her baby bump in an LBD is from the YouTube video that she posted after having Stormi. We like it because she's got super messy hair up in a bun and she's wearing a simple black dress that would be easy for all of us to find. Kylie's pregnancy looks are so amazing since she shows us that simple and casual are best. We're sure that Travis loved this look on her.

10 This Pretty, Pink Baby Shower Is Amazing, And Kylie Looks Girly And Gorgeous In PJs

via Brit + Co

The Kardashian-Jenner clan are no strangers to fabulous birthday parties. So it was no wonder that Kylie Jenner's baby shower was just as amazing.

Kylie's baby shower was all pink, and she looks girly and gorgeous in the PJ's that she's wearing in this photo. She's also got fuzzy pink slippers on, which is total bliss for a pregnant woman. We wonder if Kylie felt that her feet got swollen and uncomfortable like so many mamas-to-be experience?! It's so smart to wear pajamas during your baby shower. We think that more people should do this. Why would you want to wear actual clothes while you're pregnant?!

9 Once Again, Kylie's Hiding... And This Time, She's Holding A Goat

via Daily Mail

There are artistic ways of hiding the fact that you're carrying a baby. Movies and TV shows do this: an actress will wear a coat, for example, or put something right in front of her stomach so we can't tell.

We know that Kylie Jenner was hiding her stomach quite a lot, and that's what she seems to have been doing in this photo where she's holding a goat. As the Daily Mail wrote, "She's expecting her first child. And Kylie Jenner tapped into her maternal side as she gently cuddled a lamb in her arms, in a photo taken by her sister Kendall for Love Magazine. The 20-year-old's baby bump, as usual, was strategically covered up as she snuggled the young animal."

8 We're Swooning Over Kylie In A Men's-Style Shirt, Hiding Her Bump, And We Bet Travis Was, Too

via In Style

We're pretty sure that Travis Scott liked this photo of Kylie Jenner in an oversized men's shirt. The baby blue color is perfection, and we also love her nails and her blonde hair.

Kylie is someone who changes up her hair color and style quite a bit, which is why sometimes her hair will be dark brown/almost black and others, like in this photo, we see blonde locks. Many people say that she was trying to hide her baby bump and that's why she's wearing such a big shirt here. This outfit definitely serves two purposes: it hides her stomach, sure, but it's also really stylish.

7 Kylie Posted Many Photos While Pregnant... But We Only Saw Half Of Her (But Of Course Her Hair And Makeup Are Stunning)

via Harper's Bazaar

Here's another photo of Kylie that she posted during her pregnancy, and in this one, she chose to post only half of her so we didn't get to see her outfit... or, of course, her baby bump.

Of course, her hair and makeup are stunning. We could always say that whenever we see a picture of the star but this is a special photo since her look seems very natural. Whether you're pregnant, a new mom, or you've been a mom for a few years now, you know that you don't have all the time in the world when it comes to putting on makeup or doing your hair. It's awesome that Kylie has simple, wavy hair and a nice natural makeup look.

6 People Can't Get Over Kylie's Chic Pregnant-In-Sweats Look, And We Bet Travis Thinks It's Adorable

via Revelist

Often, guys will say that they love a girl who is comfortable wearing sweatpants and looking very casual. We bet that Travis Scott loves that Kylie Jenner is down with the sweatpants (and sweatshirt) look and that he thinks that she looks gorgeous here.

We can probably all agree that if anyone was going to make sweats look chic, it would be Kylie Jenner. She honestly manages to make a baggy sweatshirt look so fancy and flawless. If we ever want to get cozy and pull on a big sweatshirt (which is pretty regularly), we can just channel Kylie and thank her for the idea.

5 Congrats Were Totally In Order Here... Even If Kylie Chose To Wear A Massive Jean Jacket And Not Show Her Bump

via Pinterest

Jean jackets scream good weather since you can wear them when it's warm enough for a light layer but not freezing cold enough for a heavy winter coat. Kylie's got a beautiful baggy jean jacket on in this photo... and while we can't see her bump, we know that she was expecting Stormi in this photo.

People say that this jean jacket photo was one that Kylie posted when she didn't want to showcase the fact that she was pregnant. Congrats were definitely in order since she was pregnant here... and we also want to congratulate her on her amazing style.

4 Even In Casual Clothes, Kylie Looks Great (And Her Hair And Makeup Are Perfection)

via Us Weekly

If you wore this outfit and walked around your neighborhood, maybe grabbing coffee or buying some groceries, would your hair and makeup look as flawless as Kylie's does? Probably not, right?

Many of us would say that we don't have perfect hair and makeup when we head out to run errands. That's just real life and also #momlife. While there aren't huge numbers of photos of Kylie with her bump, we can see it peaking through her grey T-shirt in this photo. We can also see that her hair is half-up, half down, which is a cool look, and that her makeup looks great.

3 Here's A Super Special And Sweet Moment Between The Parents-To-Be

via Seventeen

Just like there aren't a huge number of photos of Kylie looking super pregnant, there aren't a lot of photos of Kylie pregnant with Travis Scott by her side.

That's what makes this one so special. Travis is staring at her bump and seems to be listening, too, and Kylie is lying down with her hand on her stomach, looking so happy. It's the portrait of a happy couple who are about to become parents, and that is incredibly moving. It's definitely a private moment, and we bet that Travis looks back at this photo and remembers all of the emotions before the big day.

2 She's 34 Weeks Here And Getting Ready To Meet Baby Girl Stormi (And Looking Chic In Black)

via Pinterest

When this photo was taken, Kylie was 34 weeks pregnant, so this was definitely a thrilling time for the star.

As every mom knows, those last few weeks of pregnancy are super exciting. We bet that Kylie felt all of the emotions that anyone would right before they become a mom... and we also bet that Travis saw this photo and thought that the mother of his child looked gorgeous. She looks very at peace in this photo, right?

Kylie looks chic in this black dress, and she's got long nails, a pretty ring, and perfect hair and makeup, too.

1 Here The New Parents Are, Ready For The Big Moment

via hiphop-n-more.com

It's super sweet to see this photo of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, hugging and getting ready for the big moment. The YouTube video that Kylie posted was about her pregnancy, and at the very end, we got to hear the sounds of Stormi being born. She didn't film the actual moment when she gave birth, but that's okay because we totally get that's a private moment.

In the video, we do get to see Travis Scott for a brief second, grinning big and looking very excited. According to Cosmopolitan, Travis was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he said, "Going into it, I was nervous and scared, because we're both young. But, you know, when you first hold a baby in your arms, it's uncontrollable. I never thought I could just love something so hard, ya know? It's crazy."

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