20 Pics Of Mariah Carey And Her Kids Flaunting The Cash Life

There is no denying that Mariah Carey enjoys the finer things in life, and it’s not uncommon to see her hanging out at home in silk pajamas with enough diamonds to fill a store, or spending time on private planes and luxury yachts. In fact, she’s gotten a bit of a reputation for being a diva, but is it really that unreasonable to expect a hotel to provide a red carpet lined with white candles when she arrives?!

Putting her personal tastes aside, Carey is also a mom to twins, Monroe and Moroccan, whom she parents with ex-husband Nick Cannon, and it seems her children have also developed a taste for a more exclusive lifestyle.

Carey has given an interview about how her daughter wanted her necklace and her diamonds, and she has admitted that the twins have “traveled more than most people in their lives.” These are children who are regularly taken with their mama on her work commitments and have had some of the most wonderful experiences. Their birthdays are enviable, the candy store in their dad’s house is the stuff dreams are made of, and every person would love an invite to their Aspen holidays. Below are 20 photos of Mariah Carey and her kids, and the wonderful cash life they live.

20 See Those Presents In Mariah’s Hand? We Bet That’s Only A Small Glimpse Of What's To Come

Mariah Carey’s twins will probably want for very little in their lives, and when it comes to birthdays, she takes this seriously. Starting with their first birthday, which took place at the Plaza Athenee in Paris, France, and according to Daily Mail, it was a party that “most parents couldn't even afford to dream of for their toddlers.”

There were no plastic cups in sight for the occasion, and the publication notes that the suite was decorated with “blue and pink star-shaped balloons in the background and wine glasses on the tables.” Only the best for Mariah’s children!

19 Pink-Striped Pajamas Onboard A Private Jet: The Sort Of Thing Most People Only Dream About

Mariah Carey likes the finer things in life, there’s no doubt about that, and by extension, her twins enjoy the same lifestyle. For example, it’s not every day that kids get to fly around the world on a private jet for a luxury holiday, but Monroe and Moroccan do.

This sweet picture, which shows Carey looking very happy and relaxed in pink striped pajamas, was taken when the family flew from Melbourne to Sydney on billionaire James Packer's’ jet (he and Carey were engaged at this point). And according to Daily Mail, the jet they were onboard is one of three that Packer owns and estimated to be worth $100 million.

18 Sure, They Take Dress-Up Seriously, But They Also Happen To Be On A Luxury Boat

Mariah Carey and her cute twins take dressing up seriously (their Halloween costumes have been impressive), but she shared this photo on social media in August, and noted that they were going on a “treasure hunt.” They appear to be dressed up as pirates, while onboard a private yacht.

There is no denying that Carey and Nick Cannon’s children have been able to experience some wonderful things, but it would be unfair not to note that they also do chores in return for money. “The other day Rocky gave me a piece of paper that had ‘My Chores List’ and all the things he had done,” Carey told People."Then he was like, 'You know, we need some money for that!"

17 Spa Day, Anyone? Mariah’s Twins Have Their Very Own Luxury Robes

Mariah Carey is a celebrity who has earned herself a bit of a reputation for being a diva, and there have been multiple reports about her behavior in the media (including a list from Grazia Daily on why she is an “absolute diva"). But is Carey’s love of the finer things in life just being misinterpreted; is it that much to ask for a hotel to provide a red carpet lined with white candles? (per Grazia Daily). And why shouldn’t she have 20 white kittens and 100 white doves released when she arrives to turn on the Christmas lights at Westfield shopping center?!

Putting this aside, there is nothing wrong with lounging in a robe all day, and it seems that her kids have their own mini robes when they are on tour with her — no word on whether they had a day at the spa, though.

16 These Kids Get Invited To Some Seriously Impressive Events (Giant Teddies Included)

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may no longer be in a relationship, but they co-parent like pros and are regularly photographed together, spending time with their twins as a family unit. Considering that both Monroe and Moroccan’s parents are in the entertainment industry, it’s not unexpected that they would be invited to events, and many of these events are quite over-the-top and exclusive. This particular photo was taken of the family enjoying an event in Los Angeles, California, in 2017.

In addition to towering teddies, there was also a 7ft tall cupcake wall, two giant jumping castles shaped like a princess and a superhero, and tiered cake, Daily Mail reports.

15 Mariah Wants Her Kids To Have A Good Work Ethic, So Hanging Out In A Studio Is No Biggie

There are some musicians who take their children into the studio with them, and Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter Blue Ivy has even featured on her parents' songs. Mariah Carey has also taken her kids to hang out in the recording studio with her, but perhaps it was so that she could give them a glimpse into how much hard work goes into becoming a superstar worth millions.

Carey may let her kids enjoy many things in life that others don’t get to experience, but she also wants them to work hard. "I'm trying to instill a work ethic," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I don't want them to think since they're my kids and they... that they can just get whatever they want; do whatever they want."

14 These Kids Are Jet Setters And Have Traveled The World

These children are serious jet setters, and they have traveled the world with their mama. When she needs to go somewhere, she often takes them with her, and that’s not even including the luxury holidays she takes with her kids. She is also under no illusion that her children have been to a lot of places.

"For 5-year-old kids, they’ve traveled more than most people in their lives, and they really love it,” she told Entertainment Tonight during a 2017 interview. Speaking of what they do when they visit a new destination, she said, “Usually we do something like go to a children's museum."

13 No Expense Is Spared For Birthdays (And Disneyland Is A Favorite Party Spot)

Mariah Carey may be teaching her children the value of hard work, but when it comes to their birthdays, there is no expense spared to make their day a particularly memorable one. The family also seem to be particularly fond of Disneyland in Anaheim, California, and this is the place where Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey (before their split) decided to renew their wedding vows. It’s also the place where they have brought their twins on numerous occasions, including their 6th birthday.

According to Us Weekly, the twins celebrated at Disneyland by going on rides, and each had Mickey and Minnie Mouse-themed cakes. Not to mention, a mountain of presents!

12 Mariah’s Daughter Is Just Like Her Mama In So Many Ways — Including Her Ability To Strike A Pose

You can clearly see that Monroe is taking after her mama, and she has the art of posing for the camera fined tuned. She’s going to grow up to be fabulous, no doubt, but it seems that Monroe has also developed expensive taste and shares her mom's love of diamonds.

A report from In Touch Weekly (via Celebitchy) stated that an insider had told them, “Mariah bought diamond earrings for her daughter, and she’s hoping to have her ears pierced soon. Plus, both kids have diamond-encrusted diaper pins.” Carey had also apparently bought “loose diamonds” which she planned to give her children when they were older.

11 Every Holiday Is Clearly A Big One (No Matter What The Reason For Celebration)

Many people around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, a holiday that originated in Ireland, and it seems that Mariah Carey and her twins are among these people. The singer posted this photo of herself and her twins, which shows them surrounded by a display of balloons and wearing light-up shamrock headbands, while Carey sported a Leprechaun hat.

Mariah loves a good celebration, and if this photo is anything to go by, then it seems her twins share this in common with their mama. And when your life is as great as theirs, why not make the most of it and celebrate together as a family whenever possible?

10 Meeting Santa (And His Sleigh Pulled By Reindeer) Is Something Most Children Only See In Films

The Christmas holidays are a special time for Mariah Carey and her twins (and despite not being married to Nick Cannon, they still spend holidays together). Every year, the family travel to a luxury mansion in Aspen, Colorado, and unlike many other children, they also get to see Santa and real reindeer.

"Santa Claus comes every year and real reindeer are there, of course, as well,” Carey told E! News.

“[We have] too many traditions to name! We go on a two-horse open sleigh and spend Christmas in Aspen usually so I can have a white Christmas, so it's really nice.”

9 Mariah’s Kids Definitely Don’t Get Stage Fright!

Mariah Carey’s twins are used to the attention that comes from their mother’s stardom, and they definitely do not get stage fright.

When she released the video for her track, “A No No,” fans were also able to see her twins, who both have cameos, People notes. They can be seen dancing in the video and having a good time with their mom, but the publication also notes that there have been numerous times when the twins have joined Carey on stage. This includes one of her performances of her popular track, “All I Want For Christmas Is You.”

8 Her Kids Admire The Sunset, While Onboard A Luxury Yacht

Who doesn’t love watching the sunset? And it looks even better when you’re able to watch it from the middle of the sea, on a luxury yacht. Mariah Carey shared this photo of her children admiring the sunset, a moment they no doubt cherished after a day out at sea.

It’s great that Carey gets her children to enjoy nature and being outdoors (regardless of how they do that) because she’s also learned her lesson not to leave her son alone with technology. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (via Us Weekly), she said, “My son is like a technological genius. I have to control [my kids] with iPads because literally, he charged $5,000 on Amazon.”

7 Most People Don’t Have Bowling Alleys They Can Use Exclusively...

Mariah Carey’s social media serves as a wonderful glimpse into her home life, and she is clearly dedicated to her children, who often feature in her posts. But her posts also show what a wonderful, and oftentimes exclusive life, this family have, including being able to play bowling in a private bowling alley — at least that is the way the photo makes it seem, either that, or the pop star has rented out the alley for her use, as no other people can be seen in the background of the photos.

Not a bad way to spend an evening out, right?

6 ...Or Special Passes To Universal Studios, For A Fun-Filled Day Out

Mariah Carey is a hands-on mom, and if her social media is anything to go by, then she spends a lot of time with her children. When she’s not jet setting with them on private planes or luxury yachts, they’re enjoying bowling, trips to Disneyland, or getting ready to see a 3D film.

Carey captioned this photo with, “Wearing our glasses at the Minion Mayhem!” and then added that they were at Universal Studios, where they were obviously seeing the Minions show. Now, we cannot be certain, but those passes around the twins' necks do look as though they could be given special VIP access.

5 Face Masks And Silk Pajamas? That's How They Spend Their Nights In

Spending some quality mom-and-daughter time at home is a great way to bond, and Mariah Carey and Monroe seem to have similar fashion taste, as both of their pajamas are pink and white striped. Most seven-year-olds may not wear face masks, but Monroe does. But the really interesting thing about this photo is how Carey has so much jewelry on, even when she’s just kickin' it with her daughter. This reminds us of a report when Carey admitted to AccessHollywood (via The Mirror) that her daughter wants her “necklace, my diamonds.”

But her reaction to her daughter was perfect:

"I said, 'This is mommy's. [Do] you know who bought this for mommy? Mommy. [Do] you know how long it took mommy to get it? A really, really long time.'"

4 Few Children Have Such Lavish Birthday Parties And Impressive Balloon Displays

Via Mariah Carey Instagram

Mariah Carey is careful not to spoil her kids too much, at least, not by her standards. "I want to do presents for the kids, but I don't want to do an enormity of presents,” she told Access Hollywood (via The Mirror). "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I don't think that they're going to get it [and] understand what it means this year. They need to appreciate one or two or three gifts."

But for their most recent birthday in 2018 (when they turned seven), they did have a bouncy castle and an impressive display of balloons.

3 Horse Rides In The Park Are Something We Only Read About In Romantic Novels

When you imagine a horse-drawn cart (or sleigh) and enjoying a ride in one, you may think of Disney films like Cinderella, or a good romcom. But this is something that Mariah Carey’s kids have been able to do, and she shared this photo of their experience, which she captioned with “sleigh ride 2017.”

The family like to travel to Aspen, Colorado, during the Christmas holidays, to stay in a luxury mansion, and this photo was taken during their 2017 trip — we would also like to bring your attention to Carey’s crystal-embellished Louis Vuitton parka, as noted by People.

2 A Tour Of The Chicago Bulls — Because Mariah’s Kids Are Exploring Their Job Options

Digital Spy says that given Mariah Carey’s lifestyle, it’s not unexpected that her “kids are spoilt rotten.” But the extent of “just how spoilt they are,” was something that was unexpected, and the publication made this statement while noting that Moroccan and Monroe have their own Candyland.

The Candyland refers to a post that Nick Cannon made on social media of the candy store he has in his house for the twins.

According to Daily Mail, he captioned the post with, “This room is the reason for all the hyper-activity!!! Patiently waiting for the Sugar Crash!!!”

But, putting aside how “spoiled” some people feel the twins are, they will have professions of their own. When Carey shared this photo of her twins enjoying a tour of the Chicago Bulls, she used the caption to comment on how Roc and Roe were exploring potential job paths. This may be a joke, but the fact that she mentioned them working in the future is not.

1 Good Vibes, Good Vibes Indeed

Speaking of exclusive events, and impressive parties, it seems Moroccan Cannon is quite comfortable when surrounded by the finer things in life. Here he is, pictured lounging on a blow-up yacht, and surrounded by blow up balloons, clearly living his best life.

Although we don’t know for sure where this photo was taken, we do know that his dad, Nick Cannon, shared it to his social media and he was clearly impressed with how chilled out his son was. “The Sauce is in his [heritage]!!! ROC STAR!!” he wrote, using Moroccan’s nickname, Roc, as a play on words.

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