20 Pics Of Miranda Kerr As A Mom

Miranda Kerr has graced the pages of many prestigious magazines, and she has amassed an impressive following on social media. But despite being a celebrity, she is also a mom, and when it comes to her children’s lives she wants to be as present, and dare we say, as normal, as possible.

Kerr had her first child, Flynn, in 2011, when she was still married to her now ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, and then she had a child for the second time in 2018, when she welcomed current husband Evan Spiegel’s son, Hart, into the world. In the many interviews that Kerr has given over the years, she has chosen to speak about a topic that really matters to her: motherhood. And motherhood is a huge part of Kerr’s life, in fact, it is the most important thing in the world to her, and she has shared as much in an interview, stating, “being a mother is my biggest honor and joy.”

Below are 20 times that Miranda Kerr was one of the sweetest moms in Hollywood, and there are many photos of her relationship with her firstborn that show just how much she cares.

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20 You Better Believe She’s There For The School Runs

Via Hello! magazine

Miranda Kerr may be a celebrity, but she is also a mom, and when it comes to her children’s lives she wants to be as present, and dare we say, as normal, as possible. This includes being there for school runs because she wants to be the person who collects her son after school.

"There is nothing better than picking my son up from school and seeing his little face light up,” she said in an interview with MyDomaine. She went on to explain that in this moment, seeing her child happy is “joy and love in the purest form.”

19 Of All The Things She’s Achieved, Giving Birth To Her Son Was The Most Important

Via Daily Telegraph

Miranda Kerr has graced the pages of many prestigious magazines, and she has given multiple interviews. She has achieved a lot professionally, but she’s also achieved a lot in her personal life, but her greatest achievement was having her children. In an interview with Vogue, she spoke about how lucky she was for the way that her life has worked out.

“I am very lucky, and I recognize that, but I can't feel bad about what I have, because I worked very hard for it," she said. "I especially worked hard pushing out that baby.” Although she was joking with her birth comments, Adelaide Now notes that her labor with Flynn lasted 27 hours, and she didn’t have a painkiller.

18 She Promotes Positivity For All Moms Out There

Via Zimbio

There are many changes that happen when you become a mother, some are expected, and others come as a little surprise, including the way that many women feel about themselves. One of the reasons Miranda Kerr is such a relatable figure is because of how honest she is about so many aspects in her life, and she has promoted positivity for all mothers, urging them to accept themselves just as they are.

“It’s really important as women that we’re gentle with ourselves and don’t feel like we have to snap back into shape after a baby,” Kerr told Marie Claire. “It’s OK, I’ve got a mum-bod and it’s fine! I don’t mind. It’s all part of it. I took nine months – well, 10 months – to grow a beautiful child…”

17 She’s Willing To Co-Parent With Her Ex For The Well-Being Of Her Son

Via Marie Claire

Miranda Kerr may be happily married to her second husband, Evan Spiegel, but there was a time when she and Orlando Bloom were one of Hollywood’s most loved couples. And despite their breakup, the former couple continues to treat each other with respect, for the well-being of their son.

“Everything revolves around my son and his welfare," she told Hello! Fashion Monthly (via Vogue) of their co-parenting approach. "Orlando and I are still really close, so Flynn will be with his dad for a couple of days, then when I come back, he'll be with me so that his dad can travel. He's always either with his dad or with me."

16 That Includes Welcoming Her Ex-Husband’s GFs Into Her Life So That Her Son Has Harmony

Via Daily Mail

Having respect for your ex-husband also extends to treating his partner with respect, and this is something that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom have managed to achieve. When Bloom was dating Katy Perry (the pair have had an on-and-off again relationship), Kerr had nothing but positive things to say about the singer, including welcoming her into her son’s life.

Speaking of her son’s relationship with Perry, Kerr told The Sunday People (via The Mirror), “They’re great. They get along really well. We’re a modern family.” She then added, “You want everything to be amicable and the best it can be for your child. There’s nothing better than having that harmony in your family life.”

15 She Doesn’t Mind The Nights Without Sleep (Having Her Kids Is Worth It)

Via Miranda Kerr Instagram

Until you become a parent, it’s perhaps impossible to understand just how important sleep is. You may have been used to sleepless nights when cramming for deadlines, or working overtime, but a child demands time on a whole new level. But the sleepless nights are worth it, Miranda Kerr has said.

"Thinking back, the sleep deprivation for the first year was pretty challenging, but being a mother is my biggest honor and joy; the sleepless nights were well worth it,” she told MyDomaine.

As for how she manages to get through everything with very little sleep? She explained to Adelaide Now, "I was always into my sleep, but it's so different now I'm a mother. I don't sleep much. But when he gives me that smile, my heart just melts."

14 She Says Every Day She Spends With Her Son Is ‘Perfect’

Via Female First

Miranda Kerr, like most mothers, is trying to balance her work and motherhood, as well as the curve balls life throws at her. But she understands just how important it is to spend quality time with her children, and when asked by Romy & The Bunnies what a “perfect” day with her son, Flynn [it was before the birth of her second son] entailed, she explained that every day with him is a great day.

“Every day spent with my son is a perfect day,” she said. “I’m blessed with a healthy happy son and I could not ask for more.”

13 She Freely Admits That Nothing Gives Her More Joy Than Being A Mother

Via Miranda Kerr Instagram

Miranda Kerr is more than willing to speak about her love and dedication to her children during interviews, and her comments have made it clear just how much she loves being a mom. She also, on occasion, posts photos of her son, Flynn, on social media and for Mother’s Day in 2016, she made one of the sweetest comments.

Sharing a photo with her son, she captioned the image with, “Nothing brings me more joy than being a Mother. Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers.” And this is not the only time she has spoken about the sheer joy of motherhood, also telling MyDomaine, “being a mother is my biggest honor and joy.”

12 She Has Re-Evaluated Her Priorities Since Having Flynn -- And He’s Her No. 1 Now

Via Miranda Kerr Instagram

Miranda Kerr understands that motherhood is a balancing act, and it’s impossible to do everything. For this reason, when it comes to her jet-set lifestyle, she has to really plan so that she can still have a professional life (which at times is very demanding), while making sure her children are her first priority.

“For me planning is key,” she told Romy & The Bunnies of how she manages to keep a busy schedule and be there for her son. “Since becoming a mother, I’ve re-evaluated my priorities and scheduled my work more efficiently to ensure my son is my priority.”

11 She Understands The Importance Of Spending Quality Time With Flynn, Including Having Fun Outdoors

Via Miranda Kerr Instagram

As parents, spending time with children is important, but there is a difference between spending time with your offspring, and just going through the motions. What we mean by this is that it’s important to be present and turn off from everything else -- instead of being in the same room, but constantly responding to messages, or trying to complete last minute deadlines.

Miranda Kerr spoke about this with Romy & The Bunnies, saying, “When I get home after work or have a day off, I make a concerted effort to switch off and be present in the moment with him.” And one of their favorite things to do together is to be in nature, she says.

10 She Has To Travel For Work, But She Always Has A Plan To Make It Fun

Via PopSugar Australia

Miranda Kerr’s interview with Romy & The Bunnies has served as a wonderful insight into who she is not just as a person, but also as a mom, and among the things we have learned about her include how she manages to travel so often with a child (which is not always the most fun experience).

Kerr’s work demands that she travel, and often, her children accompany her on her journeys. And to survive these journeys, Kerr has a plan, she tries to make it as “fun” for her kids as possible. Speaking of her travel plans with Flynn, she told the publication, “I give extra thought to my carry on luggage to ensure I have his favorite books, color in pencils and pads, and as he loves loves classical music, I make sure my iPod is charged so we can listen to music together.”

9 She Works Really Hard, But She Also Ensures She Has A Balance For Her Kids

Via Zimbio

Finding a balance between work, and mom life is something many parents are constantly trying to figure out. There is no solid solution for juggling a job and a child because each individual’s life and expectations are different, but we do know that Miranda Kerr feels it’s important not to put too much pressure on yourself.

Parents should remember they need time for themselves, too. “Whether it’s exercise, reading a book, or 10 minutes of meditation, it’s important to look after yourself and have some ‘me’ time to avoid burnout,” she told MyDomaine. Comments we can all appreciate.

8 Motherhood Is Her Biggest ‘Honor And Joy’

Via Korakla

Miranda Kerr is one of the most quotable celebrities, especially when it comes to her views on motherhood, a role which has filled her with honor and joy. As mentioned earlier, she told MyDomaine, that being a mother was her “biggest honor and joy,” but she also spoke to Marie Claire after the birth of her second child, and stated, “I love being a Mum, it’s the most rewarding thing.”

Her love for motherhood is something that has been echoed throughout the interviews she has given, and Kerr is always happy to speak on the topic of her sons. But actions speak louder than words, and the photos of how she is always smiling whenever she’s with her children (and the photographs are candid, not posed) show that joy really does radiate from her.

7 She Acknowledges That She Has Great People Surrounding Her To Help Out

Via PopSugar

Miranda Kerr is a very hands-on mom (Adelaide Now notes that she didn’t have a nanny to help her) and her priorities have changed a lot since having her children. The reason is that after becoming a parent she feels the “most important” thing is her child. But she also acknowledged in an interview with MyDomaine that she's’ been lucky because the position she is in has afforded her more flexibility.

“The first few months (and years) are a huge adjustment for any new parent, but I was lucky in some respects that my job has flexibility,” she explained. “I wasn’t governed by working 9-to-5, so I could ease myself back into everything, and I had a supportive, respectful, and understanding team.”

6 She Is Raising A Child To Be The Best Version Of Himself He Could Possibly Be

Via Daily Mail/Pinterest

Motherhood may be this wonderful, joyous journey, and for Miranda Kerr, it certainly seems to be that way, but that’s not to say that she doesn’t have some challenges when it comes to parenting.

She wants to raise boys who are respectful and kind and hopes that they will become well-rounded and pleasant individuals. And she also acknowledges that raising a child comes with a lot of responsibility. “I think the most challenging part is the responsibility of raising a child to be the best versions of themselves, to have courage, manners, and to be kind,” she told MyDomaine of the hopes she has for her son, Flynn.

5 She Turns Off Her Phone Whenever She Is With Her Little One

Via Daily Mail

Technology has become such a normal part of our everyday lives. When we first wake up in the morning many of us reach for our phones to turn off the alarm, and scroll through emails and messages (maybe a quick glance at a few photo sharing platforms, too). It can be hard to turn off everything and focus on being present, but this is something that Miranda Kerr strives to do.

In an interview with Allure, she spoke about learning to turn off from the world. “It's just finding time to balance it all out between being a businesswoman and being a mother,” she explained. “I have days just with [my son], and the phone is off, and we have one-on-one time together. I love being a mom."

4 Seeing Her Child Smiling Every Morning Is All That Matters

Via PopSugar/Pinterest

Motherhood is different for each woman. No two children are the same, and the challenges differ from one mom to the next, but there is something that most mothers can agree on, and that is the joy that comes with seeing your child happy. And for Miranda Kerr, a little smile is all she needs to remind herself that motherhood is worthwhile.

"I feel like the luckiest woman alive because I have a healthy child and to wake up and see his smile every morning just really makes everything worthwhile,” she told Celebrity Circuit (via CBS News).

3 She Couldn’t Have Been Happier To Announce Her Journey Into Motherhood

Via Daily Mail

Miranda Kerr has a seven-year age gap between her first son and her second, and when it came time to announce that she was pregnant for the second time she couldn’t have been happier.

In 2017, Kerr announced that she and her husband Evan Spiegel were expecting a child together. According to Parents, the statement they released read as follows: “Miranda, Evan, and Flynn are looking forward to welcoming the newest member of their family" -- a sweet touch including her firstborn in the announcement.

And when their son was born, the couple released another statement, which once again served as an indication of their happiness. “Words cannot explain how happy we are to welcome our beautiful son into our family," their reps told People.

2 She Is Always Up To Having Fun With Her Son

Via Miranda Kerr Instagram

Miranda Kerr likes to be present when she’s spending time with her son, and her phone goes off, and the crayons come out. When they travel, she packs his favorite books, color in pencils and pads, and when they are not traveling, they like to explore outdoors.

Speaking of one of their favorite pastimes, Kerr told Romy & The Bunnies that it was “Being outside in nature – whether it’s hiking, playing at the park together or even sitting under a tree reading a book.” She also commented on how she and her son share a love of music, and when they are at home you can find them “singing and dancing together.”

1 Since Becoming A Mother, She Values Time So Much More

Via Daily Mail

Motherhood may be a balancing act as moms try to fit so much into so few hours a day, but because it often seems as though there is never enough time, time in itself becomes all the more valuable. This is a concept Miranda Kerr is familiar with, and she spoke about this in an interview with MyDomaine, saying, "Time is so important, and everything needs to be planned from my different contracts to my business, even time with Flynn…”

She went on to explain how her son comes first, and that everything she does is planned well in advance because having a well-organized schedule ensures that “time doesn’t get away from you."

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