20 Pics Of Nick Lachey Since He Became A Dad

Fans have adored Nick Lachey ever since he appeared on the scene as a boy bander in 98 Degrees in the late ‘90s. His good looks, top-notch talent, overall charm, and cool attitude made him a favorite among the females, and his popularity has never waned.

It was a hoot to watch him on reality TV with his then-wife Jessica Simpson, but like many celeb marriages, that one didn’t last very long. Lucky for Lachey, he moved on and married again, this time to the gorgeous Vanessa Minnillo, and now the couple has three adorable kids.

Seeing Lachey as a dad is amazing. He seems like he was born to be a role model and caretaker, and the kids couldn’t be cuter. He and his wife appear to be as in love as ever, and their five-member family is one to watch. Thankfully, there are lots of pics on the web of this fabulous family, and fans can see the kiddos as they grow.

But back to Lachey. As a dad, he’s even better, proven by these 20 photos of the proud papa. Ladies all over the world wish he was still available, but this guy’s taken, and he’s glad to be a dad.

20 Baby and "Fur Baby"

Via: Zimbio.com

It is time for some double daddy duty for this all-around amazing (and attractive) dad. Not only is he walking the dog, but he’s also strolling his little sweetie down the street simultaneously. Why waste an opportunity to spend time with the little one when they can come along for the walk? Perhaps the only one not thrilled with this arrangement is the pooch, who probably got a lot more solo attention before the kids came into the picture. But Lachey is doing all he can to spread the love, proving that he can juggle two things at once like a champ.

19 Shopping, No Stopping

Via: Zimbio.com

Looks like the Lacheys were out for some nighttime shopping, perhaps to avoid the crowds, long lines, and potential paparazzi waiting in the parking lot to snap their pic. Looks like they didn’t avoid that last one. Dad’s all smiles as he pushes the cart, and his wife is carrying their beautiful boy. The only trouble is that it seems that no one has a hand on that stroller. Let’s hope the baby doesn’t roll away! Otherwise, this family seems happy and hurried, perhaps hoping to get home and call it a night. Too much shopping can get tiresome, especially for the little ones.

18 Walking and Waving

Via: Zimbio.com

Look at this growing girl and her long beautiful blonde hair. Time surely flies. Holding her daddy’s hand, she crosses the street carefully while waving to someone she seems to know. Lachey has a bag of goodies, so perhaps these two were spending the day shopping. Seems like the sun is shining and the daddy-daughter duo is having a nice day. She may miss mom, but dad’s just as fun to spend time with. Lachey’s got an eye on his girl, making sure she crosses safely, and once they get home they can open their bag and enjoy what’s inside.

17 Daddy Duty

Via: Pinterest.com

Lachey is surely a hands-on dad, spending lots of time with his sweet son whenever he gets the chance. Whether he is bouncing him in his lap or carrying him on his hip, Lachey is clearly in love with his little one and does all the things a great dad should. They look absolutely adorable in their matching team outfits and perhaps even cuter in their fall weather ensembles. Lachey does seem to be fumbling with that stroller a bit, but doing things with just one free hand is an understandable hassle. Where is mom when you need her? Help!

16 Daddy’s Darling

Via: today.com

Daddy’s little girl can’t get enough of her favorite fella. Lachey must hold a special place in his heart for this sweet and smiling girl, something that he will be sure to carry with him forever. This little sweetie is so fond of her father, making us certain that he must be an amazing dad. Precious moments like this last a lifetime, so Lachey better remember these tender times when she becomes a teen and tests his patience. Till then, this innocent child will have her daddy wrapped around her little finger. And he’ll love every second of it. Now only if she’ll let go of that arm…

15 Pick Up from Pop

Via: instagram.com

Lachey and his “mini-me” seem to be spending the day at the races, as evident by the straps hanging ‘round their necks. It must be fun for this little boy to see those racing cars zip past, and Lachey probably enjoys the adrenaline rush as well. This cutie is filled with wonder; just look at how his eyes light up. And Lachey is marveling at his little boy, feeling proud to be a pop and being able to show his son all the joys the world can bring. Hopefully, these father-son days carry on for years to come, creating special memories until his boy becomes a man.

14 Storytime For Sweet Pea

Via: romper.com

Kids have loved Dr. Seuss books for decades, and Lachey is keeping the tradition alive by starting off his kid young with the popular rhyming books. It’s important to read to kids, even at an early age, so Lachey is doing his child a good service by flipping through the pages and spending time one-on-one with his little one. The baby may not know what is going on, but soon enough, the stories will start to make sense. Maybe Lachey enjoyed this book when he was young, so he’s sharing his joy with his child. Dr. Seuss is smiling somewhere.

13 Lachey Bros And A Beauty

Via: Zimbio.com

Looks like this cutie has her uncle to serve as another chaperone along with her daddy. Lachey’s bro is doing the daddy thing too, pushing a stroller along the street while daddy and daughter hold hands and look both ways. With a serious look on his face, Lachey looks like he means business, unless he’s just in deep thought about what the family can do for the day. Both brothers are sporting sunglasses, something they surely need when the sun is so big and bright. But would one of the brothers be wearing jeans if the weather were 98 degrees?

12 Making “Nice” To His Newborn

Via: PopSugar.com

Lachey is offering his newborn a tender touch as he gets used to being part of this whole new world. It appears that this baby needed some extra attention in the hospital, but surely Lachey had the best and brightest looking after his little one. Newborns are so small and fragile, so Lachey was extra gentle and sweet, showing his baby that he’ll always be protected and cared for. Those first days at the hospital may have been hard on the family, but with expert care, this baby thrived. Lachey must count his blessings to have such a beautiful baby.

11 Airport Action

Via: lipstickalley.com

Getting through the airport is never easy, especially when little ones are in the mix. The large crowds can be confusing and the long waits and layovers can be a nightmare. Even if this crew flies first class, the process still has its bumps and hiccups. It’s rare that things go exactly as planned. But with Lachey to keep track of the family’s comings and goings, it seems like they are doing OK, even though Lachey is trailing a bit behind. Good thing mom is there to push the stroller and watch over their adorable boy. Lachey seems to be more involved with the luggage anyway.

10 Family Fun

Via: okmagazine.com

The Lacheys are out for a nice walk in the city. With Lachey carrying his boy on his shoulders, mom can tend to the stroller and her sweetie sitting inside. While it must be tough for this famous family to go out and about without lots of attention from fans, it does seem like they are having a pleasant afternoon as a foursome. Surely they may have been stopped along the way by people asking for pictures and autographs, but the couple is used to the fame by now. Their kids probably don’t understand why everyone knows their mommy and daddy, but when they get older they will realize that their parents aren’t like everybody else’s.

9 Doting Dad

Via: PopSugar.com

The way Lachey is looking at his baby makes us realize that he’s more than just a famous face. Now Lachey is a father before anything else, putting his boy band days on the backburner while he tends to the needs of his family. Lachey would never let anything happen to his baby, and his strong arms cradle the cutie securely as can be. Of course, the baby will grow up and won’t need dad’s protection in the same way, but something tells us that Lachey will always be looking after his kids. But while still in the infancy stage, Lachey can be the protector and provider he is so passionate about being.

8 Piggy Back From Pop

Via: Pinterest.com

Must be nice to have a big strong dad to lift a kid up high to better see the world around him. With his son on his shoulders, Lachey is giving him a bird’s eye view of his surroundings, making him feel like the king of the world. Mom is happy to be spending such a pleasant day with her family, and Lachey is sporting his signature shades and holding on to his boy so he doesn’t slip off his back. Perhaps they are at the zoo looking at animals or just observing the passersby. No matter what the group is up to, they’re together, and that’s what great memories are made of.

7 PJ Day


Years ago, Lachey probably never thought he’d be lounging around with his little boy in matching pajamas. But here he is, feeding his little one a bottle, no less, and looking as content as can be. Perhaps it’s Christmastime, based on the type of PJs these two are wearing, but comfy PJs are perfect no matter the time of year. Hanging around the house on a Sunday morning all snuggly and soft is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy one another’s company. Lachey will love looking back on these moments because when that kid’s a teen, he wouldn’t be caught out and about dressed the same as his dad.

6 Plaid And Dad

Via: okmagazine.com

Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree with this father-son pair. That little one is just as good looking as his pop, and just as stylish. Sure, he resembles his gorgeous mom too, but when these guys are together, they are like two peas in a pod. That boy looks so sweet in his colorful plaid shirt and grey cap, and Lachey is keeping his look low-key in something comfortable. Carrying a kid around all day isn’t easy, so the less fancy the outfit, the better. Soon he will be too heavy to lug around like that.

5 Singer and Son

Via: iron-age.info

What could be cuter than Lachey looking at his bright-eyed baby with such delight and dedication? Lachey is a showing the world that he is a super dad, giving his little one so much love and attention. That cutie has no idea that his pop is a world-famous superstar, but one day he will learn that good old dad used to sell out concert halls and arenas and make the ladies swoon as he sang. Sure, Lachey is still performing, but now a major percentage of his time is devoted to his family. This kiddo is surely lucky to be surrounded with so much love.

4 Trick Or Treat

Via: PopSugar.com

A Happy Halloween indeed. This adorable foursome is all dressed up and ready to hit the town to collect their Halloween candy. The costumes are adorable and done well, and everyone is smiling and excited to show them off to their friends and neighbors…and the rest of the world, apparently. But with famous faces like theirs, even the best of costumes couldn’t fool folks from knowing who’s hiding beneath. Perhaps the proud parents are also throwing a festive Halloween party, inviting the kids’ friends over for apple bobbing and pumpkin carving. Otherwise, good old-fashioned trick-or-treating from house to house never disappoints.

3 Action and Adventure

2 Disney Day

Via: okmagazine.com

With one kid enjoying the wonders of Disney and another on the way, this family is thrilled to be wearing their Mickey ears and spending time with other vacationing families at “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Mom is cradling her belly and looks like she’s ready to pop, but she’s still having a great time, as her son and hubby couldn’t be more thrilled to be there. This family could not be any cuter, and with their silly ears on top of their heads, they’re showing how much fun they are too. Once the baby is born, they’ll have to come back for another family trip.

1 His Bride and Her "Bump"

Via: pinterest.com

Lachey is getting ready for a new stage in his life. He has been through a lot in the public eye, but becoming a dad is a whole new challenge. His beautiful bride looks like she’s about to give birth any day, so hopefully, Lachey is calm, cool, and collected so he can be the best dad he can be to his newborn. Being in a boy band is fun, but does it prepare a guy for parenthood? Not one bit. While his experiences make him the man he is today, he’ll have to take what he’s learned and apply it towards caring for his child. Hey, at least he’ll nail it when it comes to the lullaby department!

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