20 Pics Of Royals Kate And Meghan

Many little girls dream of being princesses. Prince Charming, dragons, roses, and tiaras. However, being a princess comes with a lot of responsibilities. While modern princesses and duchesses do not interfere directly with people’s lives, all members of the Royal family still need to be respected and loved.

The British royal family is perhaps the most famous family the whole world is obsessed with. Well, Queen Elizabeth II deserves attention, for sure. In 2015, she became the longest-reigning British monarch. And still, she’s spreading powerful messages throughout the globe. Therefore - although the death penalty in the UK was abolished decades ago - nobody should mess with the Royal family and piss off Her Majesty.

However, there are some photos of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle that might annoy the Royal family. It’s not a secret that before Prince William, Kate was a party girl. Also, it's not a secret that Meghan is a talented actress, and there might be some provocative scenes that even Prince Harry may disapprove of.

So, let’s see 20 of the most scandalous pictures Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle would like never to have been taken.

God save the Queen! And hopefully the young Duchesses!

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20 The Duchess & The Spirit Of The Bottle

Catherine Elizabeth Middleton couldn’t ask for more: a pretty smile, successful parents, and two loving siblings. In fact, Kate’s sister, Philippa Middleton has always been one of Catherine’s best friends. Not surprisingly, Pippa was the Maid of Honor at Kate’s wedding. So, why would this picture of Kate and Pippa upset the Royal Family? Huh, it’s just obvious that the two sisters have had a bit too much and let the spirit of the bottle out. Are the Royals allowed to get trashed in public?

At least, Kate and Pippa have changed, that’s for sure. Kate is too busy with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and the little one in her belly. As for Pippa, after her wedding, she’s too involved in her philanthropy work at the British Heart Foundation. As Pippa says, "Creating this book has been a huge pleasure, bringing together two of my greatest passions – delicious food and an active, healthy lifestyle."

19 Meghan Markle & The Addams Family

Meghan Markle also has it all: sexy looks and talent. However, Meghan doesn’t have blue blood; it’s not a secret that her mother Doria is a therapist and yoga instructor, and her father Tom – a photography director. Nevertheless, Prince Harry loves her and the Royal family will have to put up with that and accept his choice. So, why is this picture of sweet Meghan (11) with her family (father, sister-in-law and nephews) so inappropriate? Simply because Meghan’s family didn’t lose any time lifting the lid on family drama.

When Harry said that the Royals are "the family Meghan never had" the scandal around Meghan’s family took a new direction. Her father announced that he was deeply upset because - although he and Meghan’s mother divorced, Meghan has always had a loving family. In fact, the scandal took a dark direction, and her half-sister Samantha Grant is now planning to release and sell a tell-all book.

18 Is Prince William Kate’s True Love?

Kate Middleton is more than attractive, so nobody can be surprised that Prince William was not her first love. In fact, when Kate and William met at the University of St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland, Kate was dating Rupert Finch. But why would this picture of Kate and reporter Willem Marx piss off the Royal family? Because Willem is one of Kate’s old flames, and it seems that had a lot of fun together.

This photo also brings some sad memories of the jagged relationship between Kate and William. Let’s not forget that when they met, there was no love at first sight for them. Then, it was in 2007 when the couple officially split, and it was in 2010 when William finally proposed to Kate. Now, Prince William and Kate Middleton are loving parents, so let’s hope that the sparkle between them is still hot.

17 Meghan Markle: Another Husband On The Line

Meghan Markle is a beautiful actress and we can’t be surprised that Prince Harry fell in love with her. We can’t be surprised that Harry is not Meghan’s first love either. This picture can definitely upset the Royal family as it shows Meghan smiling next to her… ex-husband.

It’s not a secret that Meghan Markle was married once; she was married to film producer Trevor Engelson for two years. Are they still friends, though? Well, Trevor didn’t comment on Meghan’s engagement, but he’s planning a scandalous royal-themed show. The plot? An American divorcee marrying a royal. Well, not very creative, I’d say. Let’s hope that the future marriage of sexy Meghan Markle and charming Prince Harry will last forever and won’t become a topic of a new TV show.

16 Kate’s Modeling Attempts

Kate Middleton’s family is one of the most respected families in the UK, and one thing is for sure – they are quite well-off. Kate Middleton had the unique chance to attend exclusive schools, and although she was bullied at school, Kate managed to graduate successfully. This picture, though, can definitely piss off the Royal family. It shows Kate modeling in a revealing dress, with her wild hair dancing around her gentle neck! Has Kate changed much?

Well, at least we can agree that this picture is still dear to Kate Middleton and Prince William. It was during a fashion show at St. Andrews University, Scotland, when Kate caught the attention of William and they started dating. We have to admit that motherhood hasn’t changed Kate much and she is still a charming and beautiful young woman.

15 Meghan’s Acting Career

Meghan is a sexy actress, so probably there are a lot of scenes Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal family wouldn’t like to see. However, this particular picture can piss them off, for sure. Meghan kissing someone else?

As we all know, Meghan Markle is famous for playing Rachel in Suits. In fact, Meghan had her big break in 2011 when she appeared in the series Suits; and her role of Rachel Zone was amazing. However, the steamy scene with Patrick J. Adams is something that would upset even Prince Harry. Nevertheless, Meghan admits that this is "her favorite moment from the show." Well, it’s hard being engaged to a beautiful actress, but it’s also hard to become a respected member of the Royal family. Not surprisingly, Meghan announced her Goodbye after Season 7.

14 The Wind Loves Kate

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is part of the Royal family, and has lots of events and charity campaigns to attend. It’s not a secret that Kate and William travel a lot, so it’s shouldn’t be a big deal if the wind surprises the Duchess. As a matter of fact, many times the wind has caused her stylish dresses to fly up, revealing Kate’s underwear.

However, the picture above is a bit different… and it can piss off the Royal family, for sure. All college students have crazy memories. But if you were part of the Royal family, you wouldn’t like all your wild stories revealed to the public, would you? Perhaps Kate Middleton regrets this picture. Still, white looks nice on her.

13 Meghan Markle: Crime Scene

We can’t question Prince Harry’s choice. We should admit that Meghan Markle is a beautiful and young actress. What’s more, she’s not only stunning but talented. In her early days, though - to prove her talent as a young actress, Meghan had to act in a way that now may seem a bit too provocative.

Look at this picture. It’s a brief scene; Meghan Markle appeared in a 2006 episode of CSI: NY. She played saucy Veronica Perez, a scantily clad maid. Maybe Prince Harry would love having Meghan clean their bedroom in the same outfit, but this picture can scandalize the Royal family.

Note that in 2010 Meghan appeared in CSI: Miami. Don’t worry, not as a maid but an officer. Meghan played Officer Leah Montoya in Season 8, episode 20. Maybe Meghan likes CSI!

12 Kate's Wardrobe Malfunction

It’s not a secret that Kate has always been a party girl. She’s been seen dancing with different boys, drinking, and attending fun events. Now, Kate is a mother, a member of the Royal family, and a wife.

Although Kate has settled down, some memories are still chasing her, and so are some photos of her early days. This photo is nice: Kate is having fun for sure. But this photo can piss off the Royal family. While Kate was waiting for William to choose between her and his military duties, Kate was photographed having fun in disco shorts and in roller skates. Back then, the Queen revealed she found Kate’s behavior as "something of a show-off" and Buckingham Palace accuses Kate’s "most unladylike display" at the roller skate charity evening.

11 Meghan: Is It Worth It?

Meghan Markle is stylish, no doubt about it. She’s an actress and many times her career requires from her to wear provocative and revealing dresses. However, after her engagement, she’ll have to start wearing appropriate dresses… approved by the Queen.

There’s nothing wrong with this nice picture, but probably such dresses will scandalize the Palace. As we know, Her Majesty asked Kate to wear skirts with lower hemlines. In fact, Angela Kelly, who’s the personal dresser of the Queen, advises Kate on her wardrobe. Will Meghan follow Kate’s destiny and obey the Royal rules?

In fact, Meghan’s engagement dress shocked the world, and Meghan’s family in particular. Meghan Markle was accused of wasting money instead of helping her own family. Her interesting Ralph & Russo’s engagement dress cost $75,000.

10 Waity Katie

Kate Middleton has always been a beautiful woman. However, back in the early 2000’s, she was cruelly labeled as Waity Katie. Just because for some reason, Prince William needed time to decide if married life was the right thing for him.

This picture reveals the sweet side of Kate, though. However, it can still piss off the Royal family - it brings some sad memories. Kate was bullied as a teenager. On top of that, on her first day in college, some spoiled boys started rating new students based on attractiveness and personality. They gave Kate two out of ten. However, Kate managed to graduate successfully revealing strong personality and shining beauty. We won’t be surprised if Kate’s cruel classmates regret giving her only two. For sure, Kate Middleton is ten out of ten, and more.

9 Meghan Who?

Everyone knows that Meghan Markle is the fiancee of Prince Harry. However, Meghan was just an ordinary girl - simply one of us. This old picture can make the Royal family angry, though. It’s a reminder of Meghan’s past. She was just an ordinary girl with divorced parents.

We can see that Meghan Markle was a typical girl. While studying at university, she was involved in Greek life. Since Meghan’s sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma released this unique photo of Meghan during her sophomore year at Northwestern, we can see she was one of us.

In fact, Meghan often talks about the start of her career, "I knew I wanted to do acting, but I hated the idea of being this cliche, a girl from LA who decides to be an actress." Well, she has done a great job.

8 Selfie - UK

Almost everyone loves selfies. While some people do it for fun, others try to edit their pictures and seduce people from the opposite gender. In fact, psychologists link selfies to narcissism.

Anyway, this picture is really funny. It shows that Kate Middleton was also a normal girl that was not afraid to show her goofy side. Having fun is not something people should regret. However, the Royal family might regret the release of this selfie. One thing is for sure: young Kate was a party girl attending charity events, traveling the world, and enjoying college life.

While many famous people are caught by paparazzi in awkward situations, selfies that reveal our silly side are rare. So, we should admit that Kate was brave enough to take such a goofy selfie. Great job!

7 Selfie - US

Meghan Markle is classy but there are many things she needs to learn before joining the Royal family. Apart from all the differences between America and the UK, Meghan will have to follow the Royal etiquette. In fact, this selfie can piss off the Royal family.

Taking selfies and signing autographs is something that goes against the royal rules. Although it’s not a secret that Prince Harry adores his fiancée and finds this selfie funny, Meghan will have to change her ways of presenting herself. In fact, when Meghan and Harry arrived at Cardiff Caslte, Wales, Meghan broke another rule: she was not only signing autographs but greeting personally the public. The Royal protocol is against that, so perhaps for Meghan - who’s a popular actress, Royal rules will be difficult to follow.

6 Party Outside The Palace

As explained above, Kate Middleton is well known for her crazy side. A night out is not a sin. However, pictures that embarrass the Royal family are more than inappropriate. We can see that Kate is not posing - she is having fun instead. Not surprisingly, this picture can piss off the Royal family. Simply because it shows Kate having too much fun: beautiful but drunk.

As a mother, the Duchess of Cambridge has to behave as an adult. On top of that, Kate has to attend her Royal duties. What’s more, she is expecting and she cannot go out to get wasted. While many people are obsessed with the love affair between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, many people are still excited about the new member of the Royal family. What would you prefer: a Princes or a Prince?

5 Party Code

This lovely picture can’t piss off the Royal family, you might say. Prince Harry is attractive as always and Meghan Markle is more than stunning. However, it’s against the Royal protocol. Have you seen the Duchess of Cambridge barefoot? Or have you seen the Queen in an old pair of trainers? As explained above, there are some old rules that the Royal family needs to follow, and there are strict dress codes when it comes to official events. It won’t be surprising if the Queen imposes some rules on Meghan and make her change her style.

In fact, kids also need to obey rules. As an insider says about Kate, "Not only does The Duchess of Cambridge have to worry about dressing herself but she has to dress her own children appropriately. She has to find a balance between royal tradition, heritage, and more proletariat customs."

4 Long Story

Prince William and Kate Middleton look happy together, there’s no doubt about it. They have two lovely kids and a third one is on the way. A real fairy tale.

The world loves the whole Royal family. And although Kate was a victim of online bullying, many people admire her for her passion. We have to admit that William and Kate can be seen at charity events, supporting important causes.

However, this picture shows another side of William and Kate, which might piss off the Royal family. Kate and William look happy, young and free. Even a bit drunk. This picture also reminds people of the jagged story of their early days, filled with parties, insecurity, and lack of commitment. Now, their pictures are different – a sign of solid life.

3 Hidden Love

Prince Harry is definitely in love. And we shouldn’t be so surprised: Meghan is beautiful and talented. However, this picture can also sparkle some anger. Harry has changed a lot over the years, but hiding and kissing may remind the Queen and the rest of his family about his crazy young years and the many scandalous ex-girlfriends he has had.

However, Meghan is the only one for Harry, so everyone is anticipating the royal wedding. In fact, Harry and Meghan revealed they were debating between a Hawaiian luau- or X-files-themed wedding. Harry said, "Meghan is a huge X-Files fan, and having ‘I want to believe’ printed on the invitations would be pretty great." But it seems that the Queen won and there will be a Star Wars-themed wedding. Personally, I loved my cave wedding, but can't wait for their Star Wars Celebration.

2 Who’s The Boss?

As mentioned earlier, the Royal family has strict dress codes, and even children need to obey the Royal rules. It’s not only about appearance, though. It’s the way the Royals speak, behave, and smile. Therefore, this picture can be a shame for the whole family.

Many members of the Royal family, such as Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, and Prince William, should never walk next to the Queen. Even her husband Prince Phillip has to walk a few steps behind the Queen. As we can see, Kate is just next to the Queen, which is not right at all.

True, Kate’s family is a wealthy family. Her parents Carole and Michael worked hard, and it’s believed that her father has ties to the British aristocracy. However, never walk next to the Queen. You might fall.

1 Proud Family

Last, but not least, being a Duchess is not easy. There are rules, hats, and tiaras. No hugging in public, no scandals, no dramas. At least not in public. Although people have been obsessed with Kate, her body, pregnancies, ‘mistakes’, and affairs, we can be sure that Meghan can’t escape from all the unhealthy attention the Royal family gets.

No more steamy scenes for Meghan - she’ll have to learn how to behave in public, use social media, and treat the Queen.

As we can see, even going to a charity roller disco can be wrong and inappropriate. Maybe Meghan won’t fall flat on her back like Kate. Maybe Harry will be there for her.

Yet, Meghan will understand that some pictures should be deleted quickly.

You don’t want to piss ofd the Queen, do you?

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