20 Pics Of Starlets When They First Met Their Baby Daddies

Whatever the reasons are, we are all a bit too interested in the lives of the rich, talented, and famous. Perhaps most of all, starlets get our attention. This is especially true when we watch them go from stunning, young actors, models, and musicians to stunning, not-as-young actors, models, and musicians who also happen to have children.

The transformation is part of what engages us. But we can also see ourselves, or what we wished we could be, in these women. But, of course, in terms of children, the baby daddy is equally as important. When we research information on these starlets, we're almost always curious about the men who've helped them bring life into the world. This list delves into 20 of the most famous starlets who were famous when they were younger and became even more famous after they had a kid with their baby daddy.

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But the images we see here were taken at a time when most of these women had no clue that the man they were standing beside would give them something as special as a child. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of starlets when they first met their baby daddies.

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20 Kristen Bell's Unbridled Happiness

Via: E Online

Veronica Mars (and later Frozen and House of Lies) star Kristen Bell first met her baby-daddy, actor and comedian Dax Shepard, at a birthday party for one of their mutual friends in 2007. During the party, Sheppard was suspicious of Bell's "unbridled happiness" and actually thought she was part of a cult. But soon he realized that it was just her energy. After this, Shepard became infatuated with her and the two started dating in late 2007.  After a few years, they got married in 2013 in Los Angeles. Nowadays, the pair is still going strong. They have two daughters together, Lincoln and Delta. As we can see from this image, the pair built a connection pretty fast.

19 Beyonce's Collaborative Partner For Life

Beyonce and Jay-Z seem to have a slight misunderstanding of when they first met. Jay-Z claims that he met his future baby-mama, and music icon, in 1998. While Beyonce claims that she met the music mogul when she was 18-years-old. Regardless, this would put their meeting sometime between 1997 and 2000. In 2001, the pair appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, a time when they later said they were just beginning to try and date one another. By, 2002, the pair launched a huge hit, '03 Bonnie and Clyde, and people had begun to think they were dating. Images like this one came out and people were still guessing at the truth of their relationship. They didn't know for sure until the pair had a low-key wedding in 2008. Nowadays, the pair are just as known for their parenting antics as they are for their music.

18 Carrie Underwood Rolls The Dice

Getting set-up by a friend is always a roll of the dice. But Country superstar Carrie Underwood took that chance and was rewarded greatly. Although Underwood was skeptical of being set up with a hunky athlete from Canada who happened to live quite far away from her. The meet happened after one of Underwood's shows. Hockey player Mike Fisher was skirted backstage to meet the star like any other fan. Only, the casual meet-and-greet turned into an official date on New Years Eve 2008. In 2010, the pair married and had a couple of kids. Unlike many famous people, these two are still keeping their marriage strong today.

17 Hilary Duff Breathes In And Out

This image was taken by the paparazzi after the press started to think that Hilary Duff was having a romantic relationship with her musician and producer, Matthew Koma. After all, inside sources were letting this information slip. And it all ended up being the truth not long after the pair met while collaborating on Duff's album, Breathe In. This happened a year after Duff went a different way from her first baby daddy, Mike Comrie. The pair debuted on the red carpet together in January 2017 and eventually decided to have a baby who was born in October 2018. Apparently, the pair are still together even though they have not yet tied the knot officially. But who needs to? They seem to be raising their child happily and healthily the way things are.

16 That Mila Kunis Show

Via: People

Mila Kunis actually met her baby-daddy when she was merely 14-years-old. Although Ashton Kutcher, as well as the rest of the cast and crew of That '70s Show, didn't know the truth of Kunis' age. This is because she and her parents fibbed her age in order to get her one of the starring roles on the beloved sitcom. If the cast and crew did know, they probably wouldn't have let the older Kutcher play Kunis' love interest. Kutcher even ended up being Kunis' very first smooch, although they weren't particularly the best of friends for a while. Years later, after they both had many notable relationships, Kutcher tired to set Kunis up with his friend. However, when his friend didn't show, Kutcher noticed that he may actually have had feelings for Kunis. Ever since that night, the pair have been inseparable. They got married and had two kids; Wyatt and Dimitri.

15 Kate Hudson Parties In New York

Via: Pinterest

Kate Hudson actually has three children with three different baby daddies. Her second partner, Matt Bellamy, gave her Bingham while her current beau gave Hudson her very first daughter. But this image is of Kate Hudson before she was a mother. It was back in the day when she first started to date Black Crowes frontman, Chris Robinson. They had met at a party in New York in May 2000 and famously moved in together a couple of days later. The pair eventually had their son Ryder. Their partnership lasted for more than 10 years but eventually, they went their separate ways. Although their split was very well hidden from the press, there's no doubt that both parties, and their son, felt the shift in their lives.

14 Kylie Jenner Bounces Into A Romance With Travis Scott

Other than a particular set of images from Coachella, this is one of the first photos taken of Kylie Jenner with her baby daddy, Travis Scott. The pair were said to have been together after fans started to notice that Jenner's previous boyfriend, Tyga, had stopped showing up on her reality show. Jenner's relationship with Scott was more than confirmed after they had a few cozy images together at Coachella. They seemed to rush through their relationship, achieving a number of milestones in under ten months of being together, including having their child, Stormi Webster. Who would have thought that these two basketball fans would have decided to have a child so young?

13 Cardi B's Track Brings Her A Beau

Via: Billboard

Neither Cardi B, nor her baby-daddy Offset, have spoken too specifically about the origin of their relationship. But we do know that in December 2016, the pair of musical talents joined forces to create "Lick." It's conceivable that the pair met prior to this but this event was what brought them together romantically. Not long after the release of the son, the pair were spotted publically together and even flaunted their relationship like they did in this photo. Their engagement was the most publicized, followed by the birth of their child, Kulture. Yes, they really named their child that... Poor kid.

12 Anna Paquin's True Romance

Although Anna Paquin has been a star since she was a child, she really found her big role in the X-Men franchise. Later on, she became even more well-known for playing the lead role in an HBO series about a small town of vampires. It was on this show where she met her co-star and future husband, Stephen Moyer. The pair played romantic partners on the show and it soon transferred into real life. In fact, Paquin has said that there was a spark between them when they were screen-testing for the show. Fans were suspect of their pairs relationship when they were spotted together. It wasn't until images like this one came out that proved that the pair were in fact together. They are still together and have a couple of children.

11 Posh Spice Bends It Like Beckham

Without a doubt, Victoria Beckham and her husband David are among the most famous couples in the world. Although David Beckham has seemingly done more in recent years, we cannot forget just how famous Victoria was when she was apart of the Spice Girls. Posh Spice first met the soccer star at a charity football (soccer) match in 1997. Sparks flew pretty swiftly and soon enough, they were spotted at multiple functions together, like his soccer games and the dinner seen in this picture. In July 1998, the pair announced their engagement. The recognizable showbiz couple now has four children together who are becoming little celebrities in their own right.

10 Jessica Biel In 7th Heaven

Jessica Biel was first noticed after playing one of the daughters on 7th Heaven, a family drama series with sometimes pretty questionable morals. She was a star but certainly not as famous as her future baby-daddy, Justin Timberlake. The pair met in 2007 when Timberlake was fresh out of his relationship with Cameron Diaz, whom he had dated for a total of four years. Mutual friends introduced the pair and they hit it off right away. Like the gentleman that he is, Timberlake made sure with their friends that it was okay for him to ask Biel out. Hilariously, Biel didn't jump at the invitation. She liked him but wasn't sure she was interested romantically. Timberlake had to be very dedicated to winning her over. Eventually, it worked out and the stars got married and had a son together.

9 Bad Movie, Good Romance: Blake Lively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds certainly have one of the most entertaining marriages in Hollywood. It helps that the pair are just so incredibly likable and hilarious, not to mention they are two of the best-looking people around. Today, they are expecting their third child together. But back when this photo was taken, we didn't even know they could end up together. The pair had met and become infatuated with one another when they did the particularly bad movie, Green Lantern. Both of them were fresh-out of highly publicized relationships, Lively with her Gossip Girl co-star Penn Badgley, and Reynolds with Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson. Although they were attracted to one another after Green Lantern, they didn't act on their feelings until after they set each other up on blind dates. Of course, the pair went for one another instead of who they were set up with.

8 Mr. And Mrs. Jolie

Of all the entries on this list, the relationship between Angelina Jolie and her baby-daddy, Brad Pitt, may be the most publicized. As we all know, Jolie and Pitt officially met in 2003-2004 while shooting the film, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, pictured above. This is where their chemistry lept off of the screen and into the tabloids where many suspected Pitt of picking Jolie over Jennifer Aniston. Of course, this ended up being correct, although they didn't become official until 2005. Soon after, they started adopting children together and even had three of their own. Unfortunately, as we also already know, the relationship did not last and the pair are currently going through a pretty uncomfortable and public split.

7 Still Jenny From The Block: Jennifer Lopez

Via: people 

Jennifer Lopez is certainly one of those celebrities who like getting engaged and married. Before she got with her baby-daddy, Marc Anthony, she was famously in a couple of relationships, most notably one with Ben Affleck. But it wasn't until she met the Latin singer that she decided to have kids. Lopez met Anthony in the 1990s while he was performing on Broadway. This was the same year that Lopez separated from her first husband, Ojanu Noa. They were friends for many years, including during her time with Affleck. They finally got together in 2004. They married and had twins together, Max and Emme, who were born in 2008. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last much longer than that and Lopez went on to new opportunities. This image was taken when the couple was first started to be spotted in public together.

6 The Press Makes Gwyneth Paltrow's Relationship

Via: Mirror

It was a tabloid rumor that started the relationship between Oscar-winning actor Gwyneth Paltrow and her eventual baby-daddy, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. The pair had never met, but somehow the press thought they were dating one another under the table. Martin had been open about the fact that he had a crush on Paltrow and even dedicated a song to her at a 2002 concert that she was supposed to show up to. Eventually, they met at another concert and they hit it off. The pair instantly became in love with one another and this classic image of them was taken. This was when their relationship was confirmed. Of course, the pair has some kids together but eventually "consciously uncoupled", which is both the most pretentious and most charming way of describing a split.

5 Reese Witherspoon's Best Birthday Party

During the 1990s, Reese Witherspoon was known as one of the biggest up-and-coming stars around. Ryan Phillipe certainly wasn't as big but had starred in a number of movies and people instantly became drawn to him. Witherspoon was no different when she first met Phillipe at her 21st birthday party in 1997. She became infatuated with him and started dating him almost immediately. This was when we first got a glimpse of images like this one where they seem like the most inseparable and most attractive couple around. This was followed by an engagement in December 1998. The following year, they starred together in a movie and even started having kids together. Unfortunately, they endured a highly publicized split in 2007 and now share joint custody of their two children.

4 Megan Fox Thanks Hope & Faith 

Nobody thought that Transformers star Megan Fox would settle down and have kids as quickly as she did. But once she met Brian Austin Green on the set of Hope & Faith, sparks flew. She didn't love him right away, but she certainly felt like she liked him deeply. The pair were around a monitor watching a scene and he had accidentally touched her leg. She says that she felt a bolt of electricity go through her and since then, she knew she wanted to be with him. The pair started dating one another and were photographed in public numerous times. This image was taken while they were running errands in Los Angeles, Califonia, on November 5th, 2009. Although they've had some public issues, they do have three children together and are managing their romance.

3 From The Friendzone To Romance: Addison Timlin

Via: Instagram

Addison Timlin is best known for her roles in Californication, Stand Up Guys, Odd Thomas, That Awkward Moment, and Little Sister. She's also known for being one of the most intelligent, attractive, and talented young stars around. But perhaps she's best known for taking Shameless' Jeremy Allen White (Lip Gallagher) off the dating scene. The pair first met in 2008 when they starred in the movie, Afterschool. This image is one of the first of the couple and was taken between takes on the set. The didn't start dating until years after this but remained friends. Soon, they started a brief romance that was followed by the birth of their son. After the fact, they got married and have one of the most enjoyable relationships in Hollywood, some of which they share on social media.

2 Kerry's Play Brought Her A Football Player

Talented actor Kerry Washington has been notoriously private about her personal life. But in the November issue of Marie Claire magazine, Washington finally opened up about her husband Nnamdi Asomugha and their two children. Apparently, the two met when Washington was performing in a play. This is where she met her husband, a famous and utterly gifted football player. Soon after, they attended events together (where this image was taken) and they got married. The wedding took place in Hailey, Idaho on June 24th, 2013. The pair are now parents to their daughter, Isabelle, and their son, Caleb Kelechi. The pair are still going strong to this day.

1 Jennifer Garner: The Daredevil Of Love

Via: SheMazing

The split between Alias star Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has been one of the most unfortunate and publicized events in Hollywood history. Although it was very sad it may have been a good thing for Garner who now seems stronger than ever. But even through their trying time, she seemed to support Affleck as he went through his issues. The pair first met in 2000 while they were filming Pearl Harbour, although they didn't really do anything together on-screen. It wasn't until two summers later when they found themselves working together again in Daredevil that they fell in love. They got together and seem to tell everyone they had a thing for one another as they did in this photo from the film's premiere. Their marriage lasted for ten years and they had three children together.

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