20 Pics Of Sylvester Stallone's Daughters He'd Rather Keep On The DL

Sylvester Stallone's claim to fame came in the late '70s when he starred as Rocky Balboa in the smash hit Rocky. Ever since then, Stallone became known for his action roles, including soldier John Rambo in the five Rambo films and Barney Ross in the three The Expendables films. When Stallone isn't in combat mode and filming one of his blockbuster hits, you'll probably see him spending time with his gorgeous family.

Stallone has been married to former model Jennifer Flavin for 22 years, and the couple has three stunning daughters that you have definitely seen in the press or all over social media. While Stallone is pretty popular in the world of Hollywood stars, it's his three daughters that are getting all the attention lately. Sophia, 22, Sistine, 20, and Scarlet, 16, are all grown up and completely gorgeous. If you follow them on social media, you'll see these beautiful ladies jet-setting to different parts of the globe, showing off their modeling skills, or hanging out with their famous father.

Now that Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet are older, there are definitely things a father starts worrying about, especially having three good-looking famous daughters. We've compiled a list of 20 photos of these three striking Stallone girls that their dad would rather keep on the down low.

20 Sylvester Stallone's Famous Hollywood Family

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Sylvester Stallone was married three times to different woman, but it was his marriage to Jennifer Flavin in 1997 that appeared to end up just perfectly. Stallone and Flavin have three daughters together, Sophia, 22, Sistine, 20, and Scarlet, 16. The actor's daughters are no doubt beautiful and they are building a life for themselves in the modeling world. Most recently, you might have seen them as Miss Golden Globe at the 74th Golden Globe Awards, which is given to the child of a prominent Hollywood actor or actress. It was a first in Golden Globe history to have three Miss Golden Globes.

19 Stallone's First Daughter, Sophia

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Sophia Stallone is the oldest daughter of Stallone's three daughters with Flavin. Sophia was born on August 22, 1996 in Miami, Florida and attended college at the University of Southern California. With her good looks and toned physique, Sophia has taken up work in modeling and is an upcoming fashion entrepreneur. Her beauty has also landed her on the cover of the fashion magazine Harper's Bazar. Looking at her feed, it is filled with sultry photos of the up and coming star and photos of her and her family, as well as her out and about with her two younger siblings.

18 Stallone Welcomes Second Daughter Sistine

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Sistine Stallone is the second child of the A-list celebrity couple, born on June 37, 1998, in Los Angeles, California. Unlike her other sisters, Sistine has a modeling contract with top modeling agency IMG, which became a huge turning point for the young 20-year-old. She was featured in top magazines including Harper's Bazaar, Town & Country, and Express. She was also featured on the front cover of Elle Russia's November 2017 issue. It appears that Sistine is becoming the new "it" girl in the modeling world, already walking runways for shows like Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

17 Stallone Has Third And Youngest Daughter Scarlet

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Stallone and Jennifer's youngest daughter is Scarlet Stallone who was born on May 25, 2002, in Los Angeles, California. Unlike her two older sisters, Scarlet prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as she can, even though she has easily become an online sensation. However, Scarlet has already made a couple of screen appearances and looks like she might end up having her own acting profession. Scarlet was in the 2010 documentary Inferno: The Making of The Expendables and went on to work on another project, a drama film titled Reach Me that was released in 2014. As the youngest Stallone, Scarlet is also somewhat the most protected of the family.

16 His Daughters Become Instant Stars

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While these three ladies have begun their own successful pursuits and have tons of followers on social media, it's also a huge help that their dad is pretty much Hollywood royalty. Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet grew up in the spotlight and are probably used to the paparazzi surrounding them everywhere they go. However, all three have been able to stay away from any negative press, unlike other A-list young stars who find themselves constantly on the covers of gossip magazines. Each Stallone daughter is also already putting their own foot in the door whether it comes to acting, modeling or other ventures and we're pretty sure they will all become quite successful.

15 All Three Girls Are Used To The Spotlight

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All three of the Stallone girls have been in the spotlight since they were babies. From a young age up until today, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet have been on the red carpet for their father's movie events and have always shown support for their hard working dad. However, these girls did not go into the acting business straight away or even show any interest in it. Surprisingly, older sister Sophia stated in Harper's Bazar, "I don't think any of us have the acting gene." Only younger sister Scarlet has seen a small bit of what it takes to become an actress and told Harper's Bazar, "I literally just had to say one tiny line, and they had to cut that in half! It was pretty humiliating."

14 Sophia, Sistine And Scar Show Off Perfect Physiques

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Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet are growing up to become beautiful women and they have no problem showing off their perfect physiques, which we think their dad might want them to keep on the down low. The girls' online accounts are filled with photos of them in their skimpy bikinis or wearing tight-fitting clothing that show off their toned figures. You would think with three stunning daughters, Stallone would be a very strict father, but as it turns out, he's actually pretty cool when it comes to dating. "You would think that he's so against it, because he's Rambo and he's going to show up with a bazooka at the door when they come, but he's really nice," Sistine told E! News.

13 Girls Become Social Media Stars

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All three Stallone daughters have a massive following on social media. Sophia and Sistine Stallone have over 900,000 followers, while 16-year-old Scarlet has over half a million followers. It's easy to see why people would follow these lovely ladies. They aren't afraid to show off their figures and know how to pose when there is a camera in front of them. Thanks to each girls modeling background, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet found their best angles and definitely don't shy away from taking a good photo for their social media accounts. With such a huge following, each girl has to keep up with posting photos or videos of their lavish lives and they know thousands of people will always be checking up on them.

12 All Three Ladies Land Golden Globe Gig

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Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet received a grand honor when they were selected by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to share the duties of being Miss Golden Globe 2017. It was the first time in Golden Globes history that any set of siblings shared the title. In a joint statement, the Stallone daughter's expressed that they were "thrilled" to be a part of the Golden Globes and this tradition, and "proud to be part of the HFPA family, an organization that multiple times has recognized our father's work in film." In their interview with Harper's Bazar, the girls were especially happy that none of them "slipped onstage."

11 Sistine's The Model

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Middle sister Sistine Stallone is becoming a rising star and it's easy to see why she'll be the next "it" girl in the modeling and fashion world. Sistine is signed with IMG Models, the same model management that signed stars like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, Gisele Bundchen and Hailey Bieber. The 20-year-old beauty has also already captured the attention of fame photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and she's appeared in top fashion magazine Vogue. Sistine's mother was once a top model in the 90's and it's clear that she's following in her footsteps, rather than her famous actor father.

10 Sophia's The Academic

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Stallone's oldest daughter, Sophia Stallone is known for her beauty and brains. The 22-year-old model rarely gives interviews and is said to be more reserved, and in an interview with Harper's Bazar, she stated that she was "the most serious of the three" sisters. Sophia is currently a student at the University of Southern California with a major in communications and is a member of the Delta Gamma sorority. Sophia's dreams and ambitions are in entrepreneurship and film, which is certainly something her father can help her with. Sophia also loves to travel, having spent time in Venice, Paris, London and the Caribbean.

9 Scarlet's The Tomboy

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The youngest of the three Stallone daughters’, Scarlet is regarded as more of a tomboy compared to her older sisters. She is said to be the apple of her father's eye and the one who is most protected. While still 16-years-old, Scarlet is enjoying being a rich kid and going to events with her sisters here and there. When she isn't participating at red carpet events for her dad, you can usually see Scarlet running for her high school track team or shooting hoops. Her father is especially proud of his athletic daughter, posting a video of Scarlet running around the track back in May 2016 and rightly nicknaming her, "The Flash."

8 They're All Ready For The Glitz And Glam Of Fame

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The Stallone daughters are very good at keeping their names out of gossip magazine and keeping a low profile compared to other stars their age. However, while sister Scarlet isn't a huge fan of all the fame surrounding her and her family, when it's time for her to attend an event or dress up for the cover of a magazine, she's ready for it all. These girls understand the importance of hard work and it looks like their father instilled great values in them, especially since their dad struggled to make it into such a tough industry. These girls were basically born ready for Hollywood whether they want to be in it or not.

7 Daughters Dating On The DL

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You might think that Sylvester Stallone would be extremely intimidating when it comes to his daughter's starting to date, but as we mentioned earlier, their father does not go into Rambo mode. In fact, Sophia revealed that their dad is a "big softy," adding, "One thing he does is, when [a potential suitor] shakes his hand, he says, 'Grip it like a man.' So then every time they come over, they're like 'Mr. Stallone, is that better?'" So far, there isn't much information on who the daughters are seeing, however, Sistine has been spotted casually holding hands with Gregg Sulkin, a U.K. actor. As for Sophia, she's been spotted at basketball games with U.S. football player Connor Spears.

6 Bombshell Daughters Accept Risky Model Gigs

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As these stunning famous sisters are getting older, we're seeing them take on riskier jobs. Sistine Stallone landed a spot for Loves's Advent Calendar, which always features some of Hollywood's most famous stars. In a plunging red bathing suit, Sistine shows off her workout skills and in the clip says, "I'm Sistine Stallone. Today is Pilates day." It's a video we aren't too sure her dad would approve of, but stars like Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski all gladly participate in. Sistine even mentioned that she looks up to models like the Hadid sister's and hopes to one day be a successful model.

5 Future Top Models In The Making

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There is no doubt that the Stallones will become the next big thing in the modeling and fashion world. While they aren't as popular as the Hadid sisters, they sure are making their way up the ladder. Whether they are working towards becoming actresses like their father or models like their mom, or just want to do their own thing, Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet appear to be heading in the right direction when it comes to their futures. With supporting parents, these three lovely ladies will easily conquer their dreams, even if it's taking a few risky pictures for a magazine that dad might rather not want to see.

4 Stunning And Brilliant

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sistine Stallone says she isn't all that interested in acting. In fact, we have only really seen younger sister Scarlet act in a couple of roles, but for now, it appears that all three ladies are focusing on school, fashion, modeling and other ventures that aren't related to acting. Sistine stated, "As for me, I don't think I could ever act. I'm good for modeling because I don't have to talk. [Acting] is something you're born with. My mother is a model. I have dreamed about being a model since I was a little girl."

3 All Three Stallone Girls Are On Their Way To Success

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All three sisters are incredibly close and it looks like they all fully support one another on whatever it is they want to do, as they get older. "I've never seen such a close sisterhood bond. How we are perceived through paparazzi is really how it is," Sistine Stallone shared. We wouldn't be surprised if the Stallone girls ended up getting their only reality television show about their lives. Just like the Kardashians, these sisters are very close and fans of Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet, as well as their famous dad,  would probably enjoy seeing how they live their lives in the public eye and what they're up to next.

2 The Stallone Girls Are All Grown Up

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Having a famous father like Sylvester Stallone may have helped his girls find a path in modeling, acting, and fashion, but it's safe to say that each girl is working hard to become successful on their own. Unlike the Kardashians or other famous families in Hollywood, who are hungry for attention and end up on gossip magazines every week, the Stallone family has managed to keep their business on the down low and helped them focus on what's important. It appears their parents keep them grounded and support them fully, no matter what Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet take on.

1 They Will Always Have Each Other's Backs

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The Stallone family is extremely close and they will always have each other’s back. And while there may be some photos or incidents that dad will like his daughters to keep on the down low, he always seems like he'll be supporting them in their work no matter what. It would definitely be exciting to see the Stallone family get their own reality television show and watch these stunning ladies grow and find their path in life, even if it isn't becoming a major A-list star like their father. We'll just have to wait and see what Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet do next in their lives!

Sources: Harper's Bazaar, E! News

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