20 Pics Of Taylor Hanson And His Kids That Make Us Swoon Every Time

When someone hears the name “Taylor Hanson,” the mental image that comes to mind is usually that of a cherub-faced boy singing with his two brothers, Isaac and Zac Hanson, in a very basic CGI flower during the MMMBop music video that made waves all around the world way back in 1997.

Difficult as it may be for some to believe, Taylor is now all grown up and has children of his own. According to People, Taylor and his wife Natalie have six children: Ezra, Penelope (nicknamed Penny), Wilhelmina (nicknamed Willa), Viggo, River, and Indiana.

People adds that Indiana, who is the newest addition to Taylor and Natalie’s brood, made his debut on Wednesday, December 26, 2018. Much to the envy of moms everywhere, there also doesn’t seem to be a case of sibling rivalry or bickering — the couple mentioned in the birth announcement that their older children were pretty darn excited to have a new little brother to play with.

For every mom that grew up wishing that she could meet the keyboardist with the angelic voice back in the day, live vicariously through the following photos that show how adorable Taylor is with his children and how he’s such hands-on, engaged, and attentive father.

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20 Indiana Jones Adores His Namesake

Via: Instagram

Harrison Ford’s character Indiana Jones might be a hardened archeologist and treasure hunter that can hold a stiff upper lip for hours on end, but if there’s any photograph that would send him into fits of squealing, it would be this one.

Not only would Indiana Jones be thrilled that Taylor Hanson’s son probably was named after him, but he’d also find this picture just too darn cute for words too. Not that anyone can blame him—it is really sweet seeing how much of a proud papa Taylor is with his newborn son and how he isn’t afraid to show his sentimental side.

19 Adventure Time

Via: Instagram

Having a famous rockstar for a father can’t be easy on Taylor’s children, but they have one advantage over their peers who also have parents that have to travel a lot for work: not only can they join their dad on his excursions around the world, but they also get a chance for plenty of hands-on learning opportunities too.

According to Biography, Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect that designed several famous buildings, including the Guggenheim museum located in New York City and the SC Johnson Wax Administration building in Wisconsin. Kudos to Taylor for never missing an opportunity to educate his kids!

18 Father-Daughter Bonding, Or Something

Via: Instagram

It is hilarious that Taylor’s little girl has the exact same faux-exasperated expression on her face and even sits with her legs crossed exactly like him. Talk about having strong genetics!

Even though Taylor has four sons, it is very sweet to see how he makes the time to pose for silly pictures with his daughter Wilhemina and proudly posts them online for all of his fans to see. There are some dads out there that prefer spending more time with their male children because it’s easier for them to bond over things like sports teams and such, but Taylor is definitely not one of them!

17 Celebrating Father's Day In (Gingham) Style

Via: Instagram

Seeing Taylor beaming happily in this picture that was posted online as he’s surrounded by the smiling faces of his wife and children is heartbreakingly sweet, especially given the fact that this particular photo was taken on a previous celebration of Father’s Day a few years back.

It’s really adorable that not only does Taylor love spending time with his kids, but he’s such a good dad and attentive to every one of his children to the point that they willingly want to spend time with him—even his teen son, which is pretty rare for a child in that age group.

16 A Man Who Knows How To Use His Tools

It’s clear as day that Taylor is a hands-on dad, and he’s definitely providing a positive role model that other fathers should try to emulate more often in their family lives; their wives will definitely thank them for the effort!

Some parents get nervous if their children want to help out when doing things that involve risks, such as carpentry or renovations to the house, but it is really great that Taylor’s allowing his son to channel his curiosity and desire to help in a controlled environment. It’s also a good way to teach him the basics of carpentry work, which is a nice skill to have.

15 Someone Is Really Excited To Eat Cake

Via: Instagram

It appears to be traditional for parents to take ridiculously cheesy photos of their child’s first birthday party, and Taylor and his family are no different. Unlike the ancient photos that are gathering dust in my parents’ basement that feature me with a disgruntled look on my face as my mom and dad attempt to get me to face the camera, to no avail.

Also, major kudos to Taylor and Natalie for not going too cheesy for a fall-themed first birthday and dressing their poor child up in a pumpkin costume. The orange onesie is cute, but not so cheesy that it will make their son want to rip up the picture so no one can ever see it again now that he’s older.

14 Rocking Out To Some Showtunes

Via: Instagram

High-five to Taylor for making sure that his children get introduced to show tunes from an early age, although judging by his child’s expression in this picture it’s obvious that they’re on the fence about it.

Although if his child has a similar experience as I did at the same age, there’s a good chance they’ll grow to love Hello, Dolly as adults. My aunt and uncle used to play the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on repeat when I was that small and as a child, I never cared for it but now that I am an adult, it’s one of my favorite musicals.

13 Tell The Brady Bunch To Move Over

Plenty of moms have giggled over the really hilarious family photos that are constantly being circled around online in an endless loop because either one of the kids is mugging for the camera or one of the parents has a big cheesy grin on their face that makes viewers everywhere want to facepalm and ask themselves what the subjects in question where thinking when they posed for the camera.

Taylor and Natalie’s children will never have to worry about being poked fun at because they took part in a ridiculous family photo; this family has Brady Bunch vibes and somehow manage to pose perfectly every time. Share your secrets with the rest of the world, please!

12 Like Father, Like Daughter

It’s common for relatives to say that children tend to favor one parent over the other, or even that a child looks like a close member of the family. For example, when I was growing up, pretty much every member of my non-nuclear family would say that I looked exactly like my dad and my dad’s younger sister every time they saw me at a holiday event.

It truly is mind-boggling how much Penny resembles her dad. Not only do they have the same taste in sunglasses with big frames, but she looks so much like Taylor when he was that age. She definitely inherited the Hanson genetics!

11 All Dressed Up With Places To Go

Many mothers take to social media and online forums to bemoan how difficult it is to get their children to sit still long enough to put on fancy clothes for a school event or a holiday party. To add to their stress, young children are also known for either getting their clothes all covered with stuff and such or getting tears because they’re so active and curious.

Taylor’s children definitely inherited their dad’s flair and passion for fashion because there’s no hint of a disgruntled grimace about getting dressed up and posing for a cute photo, which is rare for a family that has kids in a wide range of ages.

10 Quality Time With The Fam

Via: Instagram

Pretty sure moms whose significant others are workaholics and can’t often spend as much time with their families as they would like are turning green as a blade of grass from envy.

Despite the fact that Taylor still tours with his two brothers Isaac and Zac plus he’s often in the studio recording music, quality family time is still important to him and he’s clearly a devoted dad to his kiddos. He also gets two thumbs up for taking the time to carry the youngest child (at the time this was taken) instead of letting his wife do all the work.

9 Buzz Lightyear Approves

It seems like it is a tradition for families to take their children to Disney World or Disney Land on a fun-filled vacation. My parents took me to Disney World in Orlando, Florida when I was about four years old. Can’t say that I remember much of the trip, given the fact that I was pretty young at the time and I only have a handful of blurry memories of my visit from there.

Kudos to Taylor and his wife Natalie for not being shy to pose for a cheesy photo with their children in front of a ginormous statue of everyone’s favorite smart-aleck Spaceman from Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear.

8 Good Sense Of Fashion Is Clearly Genetic

Pretty sure all the parents out there are totally turning green with envy over the fact that Penny has fantastic taste in clothes and doesn’t look like she rolled out of bed wearing a hoodie and pajama bottoms with unkempt hair.

When some kids hit the teen years, their fashion sense becomes questionable, to say the least, and they would despair of wearing anything even remotely like something their parents would wear. It’s really cute to see that Taylor and his oldest daughter have bonded over their quirky sense of fashion and she’s not afraid to dress like her dad.

7 Say Cheese, While Looking Up And Kinda Bored

Via: Instagram

Despite the fact that Taylor’s a famous celebrity, he is not shy about posting hilarious family photos that didn’t exactly turn out the way he planned online for all of his fans to see and squeal over.

It’s too adorable for words to see Taylor, Willa, Ezra and Penny all stare at the ceiling while Viggo practices his cheesy grin for the camera and River is totally over the family photograph and wants to get out of there ASAP because pretty much every mom on the planet has had this exact same situation happen to them when they tried to snap a cute photo of their family during an outing.

6 No Awkward Family Photos Here, Folks

Via: Instagram

This online birth announcement for Taylor and Natalie’s latest addition to their brood proves only one thing: that members of the Hanson family have some seriously darn good genetics and it is impossible for any of them to look less than fabulous at all times.

Heck, even their Labradoodle looks fantastic and isn’t a shaggy mess like some other ones out there. Pretty sure fellow moms and dog owners everywhere want to know the secret of how Taylor keeps his kids’ clothes sparkling clean and has the time to take the big, shaggy dog for grooming every few weeks in between raising six kids.

5 Gordon Ramsay Gives Them Two Thumbs Up

Via: Instagram

If you browse any forums dedicated to letting moms have a place to vent and ask questions amongst their peers, a common complaint that many women have is that their significant others rarely pitch in to make dinner and it’s up to them to wrangle their children while also trying to get a meal on the table.

Taylor could seriously give a how-to class for significant others of moms who are frustrated that their other halves don’t pitch in when it comes time to cook a meal and teach them how to help out frazzled moms and teach their kiddos their way around the kitchen at the exact same time.

4 Preparing For Christmas Tree Shopping, Manly-Man Style

Via: Instagram

It is so sweet to see how much of an active, hands-on dad Taylor is with his children and even takes the time out of his busy schedule to take them shopping for a Christmas tree.

Sure, the scene might not be the stereotypical cozy night where parents and their children walk hand-in-hand as they browse the rows of pine trees with light, fluffy flakes of snow falling down all around them, but it is still a magical scene that Taylor’s children will remember fondly for years to come after they are all grown up and living out on their own.

3 Vintage Family Photograph, Like Babies Havin' Babies

Via: Instagram

The amount of love that is practically radiating from Taylor and Natalie’s faces as they watch their eldest daughter Penny is so sweet that it’s enough to give someone a toothache.

Okay sure, everyone’s outfits in the picture are just a wee bit questionable, but it was the 2000s, everyone during that era had some pretty questionable choices in fashion. Aside from that, it’s really sweet that Taylor rose to the occasion as a young dad and is clearly so proud and loved posing for cute photos with his little girl. Pretty sure moms everywhere are swooning at this vintage photo!

2 Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Down The Stream, Er, Rapids

Not only does Taylor spend plenty of quality time with his family and gives his wife a helping hand in the kitchen by cooking a meal with his oldest daughter Penny, but he also takes the time out to give his kids a taste of adventure too. Can we say “Good dad alert?” Oh, I think we can!

Sure, Taylor and his wife Natalie are probably water-logged and are the ones doing all of the work in terms of paddling, but it’s pretty heartwarming how he allowed his children to get a taste of living life on the wild side in a controlled environment like white-water rafting.

1 Stop, It's Stroller Time

Via: Instagram

When you step foot outside, most of the time the parent that is pushing a stroller with their little one inside is the mother but Taylor Hanson is totally smashing that stereotype with this photo and quite frankly, that is too darn awesome for words.

This man isn’t bothered in the least about being photographed pushing a stroller with his younger daughter Willa inside and is happily posing for a picture. The sassy expression on his little one’s face as she tries to pose and look cool for the photographer just like her dear ole’ dad is also too cute.

Sources: Biography, People

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