20 Pics Of The ‘Clueless’ Cast As Parents

As if we could go any longer without going back in time and looking at one of our favorite '90s movies. Clueless, which came out in 1995 and made Alicia Silverstone famous for an exciting second, is easily one of the best movies in its genre. For those who can't remember, or just simply want to recall, the film followed a rich high school student who tried to boost a new pupil's popularity but got too involved and managed to disregard her own true romantic desires.

The film is full of comedy, colorful clothing, great catchphrases, and a cast of characters played by actors who have almost all become parents. Yes, that's right, the cast of Clueless are now all old enough to have kids of their own. This article will delve into the lives of those cast members who have decided to have children. And those who have hopefully decided to raise their kids to be a little bit more well-rounded than Cher Horowitz.

Perhaps the only castmate that fans know had kids is Alicia Silverstone, since she's often been in the news for some pretty odd parenting techniques. Rest assured, we will certainly be getting into some of those here. Without further ado, here are 20 pics of the Clueless cast as parents.

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20 Alicia, Bear, And His Reaction To Clueless 

Cher Horowitz herself shares her first and only child, Bear, with her ex, Christopher Jarecki. Although she may be interested in having more kids, she has her hands full with her lovable son who has adopted much of the same lifestyle as his trend-setting mother. Of course, there came a time when her son had to see the movie that made his mom famous. During an interview, Silverstone described how 4,000 people sat down to watch Clueless and she and her son were present. This was the first time he saw it. Since the movie was romantic, Bear took some interesting things from it. After he saw the film, he kept trying to give his mother a peck on the lips. She thought it was cute but kept her mouth shut and tried to keep him at bay.

19 Donald Faison Swims With The Duckies

Via: She Knows

Donald Faison was utterly endearing as Murray in Clueless. He also kept it totally real in the TV series that was based on the movie. Of course, since then, he became even more famous for his hilarious role on Scrubs alongside Zach Braff. Faison got married to his first wife, Lisa Askey who he started seeing in 1997. Together they had a couple of kids, fraternal boy-girl twins Dade and Kaya born in 1999, and son Kobe, born in 2001. Beforehand, he had his son, Sean, who was born in 1997, with ex-girlfriend Audrey Ince. And after Askey, he got together with CaCee Cobb and had another son and a daughter, born in 2013 and 2015 respectively. So, if you're adding this up correctly, Faison has six kids in total. In this photo, we can see him at a charity event swimming in the ball-pit with his youngest son, Rocco.

18 Silverstone's Parenting Style Causes Colorful Reactions

Alicia Silverstone has almost always been in the news for her parenting choices. Although she only has one child, Bear, it seems like the entire world feels like she's trying to parent each and every child. But, in reality, she's just making her own decisions such as chewing food in her mouth and feeding directly to Bear when he was a baby. This bird-feeding technique really irritated some parents but it seemed to work fine for her and her son. Additionally, she breastfed Bear far longer than most people would have chosen to do so. And, because of the age we live in, everybody made sure to tell her that from behind their computer and phone screens.

17 Stacey Dash's Children Are As Glamorous As She Is

Stacey Dash is one of those actors who has removed themselves from the mainstream. After her days on Clueless, as well as a couple of series afterward, she mostly became a Hallmark star as her time was spent being a talking head on various cable news shows. Some of her ideologies made her someone that others no longer wanted to work with. Other than her Hallmark life and job as an opinion news anchor, Dash, who played Dionne in Clueless, had a couple of kids of her own. Her two children, daughter Lola, and son Austin, are equally as fashionable as she is. This stays in line with her character from the movie that made her famous.

16 Cher's Step-Brother Becomes A Huge Star And A Loving Dad

Paul Rudd is probably the biggest star to have come out of Clueless. He quickly became a television and movie staple once he charmed audiences as Cher's ex-stepbrother. Of course, as we all know, Rudd's character became the boy that Cher was meant to be with. But in real life, Rudd has been with his wife, Julie Yaeger, for many years. In fact, they have been married for more than 15. This is a big accomplishment in Hollywood as most marriages don't seem to last longer than 2 or 3. But their love isn't the only thing to come out of their union. Rudd and Yaeger actually have two kids. They have a son named Jack and a daughter named Darby. Both kids were only sort of excited when they found out their dad was going to become an Avenger who got his name on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

15 Ant-Man Does The Drop-Off/Pick-Up

Via: Today

Although Paul Rudd has become an A-List star, he still isn't above dropping off and picking up his kids from school. This photo, which was taken in New York in 2013, a time where Rudd's schedule was filled with stand-out comedies. Soon after this, he would be cast as the titular role in the Ant-Man movies, which also crossed over with The Avengers.  But apparently his son Jack, pictured here, wasn't a big fan of his father's turn as the superhero. In fact, Jack thought it was "pretty stupid". Luckily for Rudd, he has thousands and thousands of fans who adore him in the role. Here's hoping that his son was only kidding. But, let's face it, he's probably not. What son thinks his dad is cool?

14 Elton Carries His Kids

Here we see Jeremy Sisto, who played Elton in Clueless, carrying his son down the street in a very cute carrier. Anyone who has seen Clueless probably couldn't imagine Elton having kids of his own. But, in reality, the actor who played him has two. In 2020, Sisto and his wife, Addie Lane, welcomed a baby daughter into the world. They called her Charlie-Ballerina, which is sort of fitting for Elton's character. In 2012, the pair ended up having their son, Bastian Kick, which is another pretty cool name. If anyone is wondering how these two came up with their names, Sisto has a hilarious answer: “My wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names.”

13 This Bear Is Vegan

Via: ET

Because Alicia Silverstone lives a very specific lifestyle it only makes sense that her son does too. Hopefully, when he's old enough he will be able to make decisions for himself, but while he's under his mother's care, he has to be in line with her way of life. This includes having a completely vegan palette. Although there are many plusses to this lifestyle one benefit is slightly odd. Silverstone has said that Bear never needs to take medicine because of what he eats. He has never felt uncomfortable enough to have to take any medicine. When asked about this, Silverstone told Page Six. “He can get sniffles and a runny nose but he’s not down, he still goes to school. Two times in his life has he been like, ‘Mommy I don’t feel good,’ and it was only for a few hours and he was back running around.” As we can see in this picture, Bear looks pretty healthy, so who can argue with this?

12 On The Road To Hana


Clueless' Alicia Silverstone isn't too shy about sharing images and stories that involve her son, Bear. The pair clearly have a very close bond as we can see this image, which was taken on Maui on the Road to Hana, one of the islands most beloved areas. Silverstone, who is a mom on her own, likes to share the adventures she has with her son with her large fanbase. Alongside this image, she posted, "The feeling I have being with Bear on our adventure is so giddy...divine...so free and I feel so lucky to have carved out this time for us to just be. And being his mom, caring for him, is so sweet and lovely." She then continued by saying, "When he is tired at bedtime he is so [very] cute and has so many stories, thoughts and ideas. I want to savor these nights." Although we're sure she is, we hope that she stays true to her word and remember these precious moments forever.

11 Breckin Meyer Is Constantly Deep In The Pumpkin Patch

Via: Zimbio 

If you can't remember Breckin Meyer from Clueless, first of all, you need to go and rewatch the movie, and secondly, you will probably remember him from other comedic movies such as Rat Race. He's also been in movies like Garfield, Road Trip, Kate & Leopold, and used his voice in multiple episodes of Robot Chicken and King of the Hill. But when Meyer isn't busy working, he is raising the two daughters he had with Deborah Kaplan. Here we can see Meyer leading his two daughters, Caitlin and Clover, away from a pumpkin patch where they picked out their very own pumpkins to design for Halloween. From what we can gather from the image, Meyer is a protective father who has a close relationship with his daughters.

10 Donald Is The Ever-Attentive Father, Especially In Times Of Need

In this photo, taken in 2014, we see Clueless' Donald Faison with his latest wife, CaCee Cobb, as well as one of their youngest children. They are at the 4th Annuals Santa's Workshop Benefiting LA Family Housing at the Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles. There's no doubt that Faison is an attentive father to his youngest children, like the one pictured here. But he has proven that he's like this will all of his kids, especially when they really need it. In 2017, the majority of Faison's children lost their mother, Lisa Askey. During this time, Faison was totally devoted to keeping his children as close to him as possible as he knew they were going through a bad time. He also posted an image with them and some kind words about his late wife. Even though he didn't see eye-to-eye with her, he thanked her for raising three beautiful children.

9 Father And Daughter: A Special Bond

If you look at pictures of Paul Rudd and his daughter, Darby, it's easy to see that the pair have a very special bond. The pair regularly take walks together, like the one we can see in this picture, and spend a lot of time getting to know each other. There are some wonderful images of the two of them, such as when he took her to have ice-cream. There's no doubt that Rudd channeled this relationship while playing Ant-Man, a character totally devoted to his daughter, who is roughly the same age as Darby. Although Rudd was much younger in Clueless, it's not challenging to imagine him as a good papa.

8 No Shoes Required

Via: Kidspot 

Alicia Silverstone isn't a typical mother. From this picture, we can understand a lot of her parenting styles. Clearly, she isn't too concerned about her son, Bear, wearing shoes. Even when he's walking around the street. Sometimes kids don't always want to wear shoes. And although there's a number of reasons why they probably should wear them while walking down the public sidewalk, some moms just want to pick their battles. Clearly, Silverstone didn't care about this one. Perhaps she will over time when she inevitably has more kids. Recently, she has said that she wanted a daughter. Silverstone told Working Mother, "I’m not in a relationship, but there are other ways to make babies.” 

7 Donald And His Clique

When you have six kids, you sort of have your own little clique. A bunch of people to surround you and back you up at all times. Of course, not all families work like this as there can be infighting, but it seems like Donald Faison is one who enjoys a peaceful relationship with all of his kids. In this picture, we can see the youngest two members of Faison's clique; the children that he had with CaCee Cobb. The children are particularly well-dressed and seem as smiley, thrilled and delighted as can be. Clearly, Faison has a thing for children and being a good dad. We can see it all over his photographs and in the interviews where he's described his duties as a father.

6 When Bad Things Happen, Find The Sunshine

Via: People 

In 2018, Alicia Silverstone announced her split from husband Christopher Jarecki, the father of her only child, Bear. Instead of wallowing in sadness, Silverstone picked her son up and took him away on a beautiful Hawaiian vacation. The pair of them spent most of their time on Kaui, which is the Northernmost island, and precisely where this picture was taken. Alongside this image, Silverstone wrote, “So fun playing in the water with Bear. Swimming, boogie boarding and just savoring. We’ve been staying at my friend’s home while he is away. Driving around in his big truck was fun in the rain and mud. Bear and I played with this adorable little man we met on the beach with his beautiful mom. And somehow, even cleaning the kitchen (constantly) and doing laundry here is fun.” It's beautiful that she can find the light with her son, even when so much bad is being felt.

5 It's Never Too Loud At Coachella

The complete opposite of the peaceful island of Kaui is the Coachella music festival. Although Alicia Silverstone was intelligent enough to purchase a pair of earmuffs for her sensitive baby's ears, it's still not very advisable to bring a kid to the uber-trendy adult festival. But still, as we can see in this picture, Silverstone had no issue bringing her son along to the second day of the 2012 Coachella Music Festival‘s second weekend on Saturday (April 21) in Indio, California. Her then-husband was also in attendance, alongside a number of people who surely complained about having a little kid around a festival filled with adult activities and overly-keen guests.

4 Christmas Time For Clueless

Donald Faison is no stranger to posting great images of his children on his social media pages. Similar, his wife, CaCee Cobb loves showing off her gorgeous kids, Rocco and Wilder, and the fun activities the family gets up to. In this image, we can see the lovely bunch gathering around the Christmas tree for what we can only assume is their annual Christmas photo. Their home is decked out and quite stylish if we do say so. But what makes it is Faison's hilarious Christmas sweater. Usually, Holiday-themed sweaters, whether they are for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or what have you, are as icky looking as can be. But this one, at least, has a great sense of humor. Here's hoping the kids got a laugh from it.

3 Sisto And His Beautiful Crew

Although Elton was young and misguided, the man who played him, Jeremy Sisto, seems far more confident and aware of his life. He seems very happy with his new wife and his child. After Clueless, Sisto kept filming steady television gigs including roles on Six Feet Under, Law & Order, and Suburgatory. But the rest of his time was spent on family. In 1993, Sisto married Marisa Ryan. The pair were merely 18-years-old at the time. The pair separated literally two days after. From there, he got together with Addie Lane. They got married in 2009 and welcomed their daughter soon after. In 2012, they brought their son into the world. Together, the family lives in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles.

2 Cher's Nemesis Has A Softer Side

Via: Getty 

In Clueless, Elisa Donovan played Cher's nemesis. There wasn't a whole lot that was likable about the character, at least at first. But in real life, Eliza Donovan is a lot more likable and has a softer side. After he role as Amber in Clueless, she played notable roles in A Night At The Roxbury, Beverly Hills 90210, Sonny with a Chance, and even in Sabrina the Teenage Witch with Melissa Joan Hart. She also got married to Charlie Bigelow in 2012. Right before that, the couple had their first and only daughter (so far). Her name is Scarlett Avery Bigelow. Here we can see Elisa with her baby enjoying a particularly odd-looking carnival show.

1 This Star Isn't Above Trekking Through The Sludge

Via: Celebzz

We can all agree that Alicia Silverstone is a big star. At least, she was a big star in the 1990s. But still, Silverstone has experienced enough success to be above going to public places full of potential fans who might hound her. Such a place may just be Disney World in Orlando, Florida. But, as we can see in this photo, Silverstone took her only son, Bear, to a place that many kids can only dream of. Many children, however, do get to go to Disneyland and end up dragging their parents along with them. It can be a frenzy of clinging hands, sticking sugary food, and far too many people. Still, a good mom like Alicia Silverstone was happy to do it for her son. This wonderful Clueless mom does everything she can for her kiddo.

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