20 Pics Of The 'Full House' Cast (Then And Now)

Back in the day, Friday night was Full House night. The show was one of the first huge family hits, long before there were shows on Disney channel.

The cast of Full House felt like our own family. While they were nontraditional, the three little girls were surrounded by love after their dad was widowed and his brother-in-law and friend moved in to help him raise his daughters. The show made several people household names, from Candace Cameron to John Stamos. And it propelled Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen to become the coolest young starlets since Shirley Temple.

A few years ago, many of the stars of Full House came back to star in the revival Fuller House, and others have changed their lives entirely. From the adult actors who now make their living on stage to the child actors who had to figure out how to have a normal life after the show ended, there were ups and downs in all of their lives that led them to the place they are today.

For the most part, the cast members are all doing well, but there are some exceptions that might surprise fans. Here are 20 pics of the cast of Full House (then and now).

20 Then: John Stamos


One of the greatest gifts that Full House gave us—other than some great laughs during our childhood—was John Stamos. Even rocking the mullet in the first season, John was an instant heartthrob. Between those cheekbones, great hair, and smooth voice — have mercy.

John did some singing on the show, and he really did sing in real life, even touring with the Beach Boys. Plus, Uncle Jesse was the fumbling uncle who didn't know what he was doing but had the best intentions and the heart of gold. We loved it when he gave his advice, and we fell in love right along with Aunt Becky.

19 Then: Candace Cameron


Candace Cameron was the "it kid" of the' 80s and '90s. D.J. was the oldest sister on Full House, which started airing when she was just 11 and followed her all the way through her teen years. D.J.'s outfits molded the fashion of the times, and we all watched as Candace grew from a cute kiddo to a beautiful young adult.

Candace's older brother Kirk starred in another television comedy as Mike in Growing Pains, and he was immediately catapulted to teen heartthrob status. Candace's formative years were a bit harder in the limelight, though, and she apparently struggled with an eating disorder due to the pressure of Hollywood.

18 Then: Mary-Kate Olsen


We're not sure why Mary-Kate got first billing with her twin sister Ashley Olsen since Ashley's actually two minutes older, but the two were so identical back in the day that we couldn't tell which was on camera when they both starred as the cute toddler Michelle on Full House. The girls grew up in front of the camera in the show.

There were a couple of times when both girls appeared at the same time, such as when an identical cousin visited from Greece. But mostly, they shared the role and the spotlight, and they were so cute doing it.

17 Then: Dave Coulier


Joey was the funniest member of the Full House clan in our little kiddy brains. We totally guffawed over Mr. Woodchuck, and we still think of him every time we hear "Cut. It. Out." and we have to do the scissor motion. Dave Coulier, a comedian, was the perfect goof for the role.

Dave and Bob Saget were already good friends from the Los Angeles comedy circuit, and Dave even dated one of our favorite '90s angst singers in Alanis Morissette. He's actually rumored to be the guy behind "You Oughta Know," which gave him major street cred when we became teenagers.

16 Then: Jodie Sweetin


Precocious little Stephanie was the middle sister in the Tanner clan, so producers needed to cast a cutie with an attitude. They got the perfect little lady in Jodie Sweetin, who was just 5 when the show began airing.

According to Wikipedia, Jodie's parents were in prison when she was a baby, so she was adopted and raised by her uncle and aunt. She was a little dancer and starting taking ballet and tap lessons at just 3 years old. She had a debut acting role in the sitcom Valerie, but Full House was definitely her big break, and we watched as Jodie grew into a teenager.

15 Then: Bob Saget


The patriarch of the Tanner family's full house in San Francisco was played by Bob Saget. One thing that people might not know about Bob's professional life is that it echoed the life of Danny Tanner — he was a host on a morning program in the 1980s.

While continuing on as the US's favorite TV dad, Bob made us laugh even more on another big hit of the era, America's Funniest Home Videos. It's how videos went viral back in the day, and Bob's deadpan delivery made the show even more hilarious. Bob dominated our television viewing in the early '90s, and he kept us laughing.

14 Then: Ashley Olsen


Ashley Olsen was the other half of the cutest duo of the '80s and '90s. The Olsen twins, as they were known, became super popular before they were old enough to go to kindergarten, and it didn't take long before they were starring in other shows.

Eventually, the pair became a team on a number of projects, including a long slate of made-for-television and direct to video movies, as well as a few big hits. The Olsen twins basically invented the tween market that is so huge today. They were the biggest child stars of their day by a long shot.

13 Then: Nicky and Alex


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen weren't the only twins to star on the Full House cast. In the later years of the series, Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky had twins, who were played by Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit.

The boys started as infants on the show, and they grew to be the cute toddlers who gave us the occasional laugh. They were absolutely adorable as Nicky and Alex Katsopolis, and while they weren't always a big part of the action, they were a really memorable addition to the Tanner family. The pair were usually matching and cute as can be, and we will always remember their little addition to the show.

12 Then: Andrea Barber


Andrea Barber was the lovable best friend Kimmy on Full House, but that wasn't her first job as a child actor. Andrea spent four years on Days of Our Lives, and she was in a number of television shows and movies before she showed up at the Tanner household.

Andrea even won Soap Opera Digest Awards for her soap opera role before going on to win some Young Artist Awards for her work as Kimmy that brought her to a whole new level of fame. She grew up on the show and continued to work until she left for college and a more normal life.

11 Then: Lori Loughlin


The Tanner house started out with three men and three young girls, that is, until Aunt Becky came along. Lori Loughlin played the character who was Danny's colleague and then Jesse's love interest and eventually his wife, and we all loved watching their love story.

Lori came to the role after three years on The Edge of the Night and a number of other television and film roles. Her sunny disposition and beautiful looks made her the perfect woman for the role, and she took on a kind of a motherly role on the show. She was definitely our favorite aunt on television.

10 Now: John Stamos


It's no surprise that John Stamos continued to have a stellar professional life after Full House. He went on ER, Jake in Progress, and most recently Grandfathered. But John remained a huge Full House fan, and he even had the iconic couch at his house.

So, in the midst of all of the nostalgia, John pitched a sequel to Netflix, and he produced the show, titled Fuller House. It mostly stars the kids of the previous generation, but John often makes appearances.

More importantly, in 2018 he welcomed his son Billy with wife Caitlin. John is over the moon about becoming a dad, and he's had us swooning again watching him in the role.

9 Now: Candace Cameron


After facing her teenage years in the spotlight, Candace Cameron decided to stay home, get married, and raise her kids in privacy while they were young. After a decade or so away from the cameras, Candace made her return as a host on The View, where she was known for her conservative values and Christian faith.

Candace, who had a really good run on Dancing With The Stars, is one of the biggest stars on the Hallmark channel, starring in a bunch of Christmas movies and other made-for-TV flicks each year. She also headlines Fuller House with all of her old castmates.

8 Now: Mary-Kate Olsen


As much as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen worked when they were young, we're certain they have enough money to never work again. But they didn't have much of a normal childhood. They decided to take a step back for several years and go to college. Later on, Mary-Kate had a few acting gigs of her own, including a recurring role on Weeds.

These days, Mary-Kate works with her sister as a fashion designer, and she is married to Olivier Sarkozy, the brother of the France bigwig Nicolas Sarkozy, and she apparently enjoys her time as a stepmom to his kids.

7 Now: Dave Coulier


We didn't see much of Dave Coulier before he reprised his role on Fuller House, but that doesn't mean that he went away. Dave took his knack for impressions to create an entirely new path as a voice actor.

He's also continued to act and he tours the US and Canada as a stand-up comic, touring with the Clean Guys of Comedy Tour and in other events throughout the years. He's a pilot, and he continues to support the Red Wings (remember him wearing the hockey jersey as Joey).

In 2014, Dave got married, and the celebration served as a Full House reunion and may have been when talks of Fuller House began.

6 Now: Jodie Sweetin


Like many child actresses, Jodie Sweetin struggled with life after her hit show ended. She's been married three times, and admitted that she was an addict. Now in recovery, Jodie's raising her two daughters and enjoying being back with her television family at Fuller House.

Like Candace, Jodie had a pretty good turn on Dancing With the Stars, and she's found success doing movies, especially holiday ones, for the Hallmark Channel. Jodie is also starring as an exaggerated version of herself in a fun comedy series called Hollywood Darlings with fellow child actresses and friends Christine Lakin and Beverley Mitchell.

5 Now: Bob Saget


Decades after Full House, Bob Saget has fully shaken off his ultra clean image of Danny Tanner. We found that in real life he is a pretty raunchy comedian with a potty mouth that his character would never allow around the kids.

Bob has had a number of roles on movies and television, including voicing the future Ted in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother for years. But he's stayed true to his first love of stand-up. The new generation of Fuller House fans would be surprised to know what he says in the comedy clubs, but it's made us even bigger fans.

4 Now: Ashely Olsen


Like her sister, Ashley Olsen retired from acting and chose to devote her life to fashion design. The two had fashion lines as kids, but they really poured their heart into it as adults. They've had several brands, including The Row and Elizabeth and James, and they've done work for Toms, Badgley Mischka, and more.

Ashley and Mary-Kate have designed everything from T-shirts to shoes to purses, and some of their projects have included donations to charity. In 2007, Forbes ranked them as a pair as the 11th richest women in entertainment, and we're sure they still have a pretty high place among the rankings.

3 Now: The Twins


Back in the day, Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit were pretty much impossible to tell apart, and that was by design. But the twins have established their own professional lives in recent years, mostly behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

Dylan's been a pretty successful foley artist, which means he helps with the sound department in various movies and television series. He's worked on the Jack Ryan series and Game of Thrones as well as a number of other projects.

Blake has also done some foley mixing, although he has fewer credits on his IMDb page. They both made a couple of appearances in Fuller House, as well.

2 Now: Andrea Barber


Andrea's life after Full House may be the most surprising of anyone on this list. She played a goofball—and reprised her role as the zany Kimmy on Fuller House—but in real life, she's so smart and together.

Andrea has a master's degree in women's studies from the University of York in England, and she even interned at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland before returning to Whittier College, her alma mater, to work. She has two kids and was a stay-at-home mom before going back to work acting as Kimmy on the sequel Fuller House with her friends.

1 Now: Lori Loughlin


Lori Loughlin's life after Full House has continued her brand as a sweet, amazing person, including lots of Hallmark movies and a number of regular roles on television; most recently in When Calls the Heart. But that has changed dramatically in 2019.

Lori is facing possible jail time for her role in a college admissions scandal. According to People, more than 50 people have been indicted in the case, which for Lori and her husband Mossimo Giannulli, involves their daughters' admission into the University of Southern California. It's left Lori's future uncertain, but her Full House family has rallied around her.

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