20 Pics Of The Kardashians Right Before They Were About To Pop

If ever there were a fertile family, the Kardashians are certainly contenders in the baby race. If one sister isn’t “with child,” another one's about to be. All these super cute cousins will have a chaotic childhood as family gatherings become more gigantic by the trimester. As for the sisters’ fans, seeing pics of these curvy California princesses as they’re about to pop makes for what seems like never ending maternity-themed entertainment.

Lots of celeb moms-to-be hide their bumps behind big bags and billowy clothing. But not the Kardashians. Skin-tight is just right for these ladies, showing the world that pregnancy is something to be proud of. Why should they change their usual styles when fashion is nearly synonymous with their family name?

These gals are so famous, that unless they never step foot outside, they’ll be spotted, so they understood that they’d be hounded by the paparazzi when word spread about their respective pregnancies. So, out and about they went, waddled, and wore whatever they wanted, inspiring some expectant mothers to embrace their new shape and to show it off.

These 20 pics of the Kardashians right before they were about to pop remind us how magical motherhood is, as well as how the shapely sisters seem to have little trouble snapping back to their pre-pregnancy size. Check out Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé as they behold their baby bumps. Before long, we’re sure to see some new pics pop up, as one of them is bound to become pregnant again soon.

20 Goodness Grey-cious

Via: starmagazine.com

In a maxi dress that hugs her in all the right places, Kim is going for grey, and she looks great. Thanks to its stretchy material, she can move well in the two-toned dress, allowing for long walks, or at least short ones to the car. Kim’s not shy about showing off her bump, otherwise, she’d make use of that trench coat and tie it around her middle. But hiding from the cameras just isn’t in Kim’s DNA, so she lets the paparazzi snap her pic, pretending not to notice their presence. That baby is already famous, despite not having been born yet.

19 Bundled Up or Bedazzled

Via: travelandleisure.com

Khloé can cover up in a big fuzzy coat or sparkle like a disco ball in a sultry sparkly dress. Whatever type of ensemble she goes for, Khloé looks cool and creative. She’s certainly no wallflower, so she makes the most of her wardrobe, even while pregnant. No loose sweats or shabby T-shirts for this cool mama. She is firmly committed to remaining stylish throughout her pregnancy — tassel earrings, braids, fancy manicures, and more. When she gets home she may put on her PJs, but while in public, this Kardashian sister shows off her keen sense of style.

18 Pregnant in Petals

Via: waltergreenboutique.com

This red carpet look was iconic, especially due to the post-gala chatter about this controversial dress. Some people loved it, while others compared it to the upholstery on an old sofa. But nobody can argue that Kim’s not glowing, so she must think her floral print is just perfect. And Kanye wouldn’t let her leave the house looking like a mess, so he must’ve had a thumbs-up feeling about this dress, too. Kim never ceases to be the focus of everyone’s attention, so while pregnant, her star power shined even brighter. But one more pound and she would’ve been in a predicament trying to get this dress to zip up.

17 Almost Here!

Via: starmagazine.com

It is about as close to “popping” as Khloé’s gonna get. As she’s prepped and perhaps panicking on the hospital bed, before long, Khloé will become a new mommy for the very first time. It’s a moment she will never forget, and frankly, neither will we, now that we’ve seen this up-close and personal pic. But the Kardashians are all about airing it all, and giving birth is no exception. Once she gives birth, her life will change dramatically, but Khloe is always up to any challenge. Plus, her older sisters who already have babies can show her the ropes.

16 Flowing and Fertile

Via: aliexpress.com

Kim looks angelic and ethereal in her whimsical long dress, and with every step, the flowy fabric moves like magic. She is evidently embracing motherhood in all its glory, allowing the fine fabric to drape dramatically over her belly and sway softly in the breeze. While fashionable and well-fitting, it seems like this maternity dress is also quite comfortable, allowing Kim to move about without restriction. The only thing Kim has to worry about is spilling spaghetti sauce on herself. Even a splash would be an eyesore. Otherwise, she is beautiful as always, with the addition of a big baby bump.

15 Bump on the Ball Field

Via: hollywoodlife.com

Looks like someone hit a home run when it comes to her pregnancy style! Khloé looks happy to be expecting her first baby girl and pairs her skin-tight black dress with comfy sneakers for a cool and casual combo. While she sips her iced beverage on the ball field, she keeps her body well-hydrated under the warm California sun. As usual, Khloé lifts her look up a notch with stylish dark shades and loosely flowing blonde locks. Ready to pop, this Kardashian sister is showing off her amazing curves as she dashes past the dugout. Too bad her baby’s dad struck out by straying outside of the home.

14 Penelope is Ready to Make Her Premiere

Via: zimbio.com

Mason won’t be an only child much longer in this pic! He’s ready to become a big bro as his mommy is soon to give birth to her second child, Penelope. She may be ready to pop, but Kourtney manages to look fashion forward and chic. Her summery dress fits her like a glove, and her stylish shades show off her sense of style. It’s smart that she’s wearing flats because teetering on heels at this stage of pregnancy is no easy feat. And as we all know, Kourtney will become pregnant again after this baby’s born, making her a mother of three… and counting.

13 Beverage and Bump

Via: okmagazine.com

That growing baby must be thirsty! Kourtney is guzzling her iced tea as she walks along the sidewalk and shows the world her round belly. She can’t seem to get all those buttons on her plaid shirt done up over that bump, so she lets loose and embraces her sizeable shape. Kourtney’s not the type to lie around and stay inside, so even with her pre-pop petite figure, she’s getting her exercise as well as engaging with her community. But hopefully, she’s not too far from her place. By the time she gets home, that gulped-up drink will have her running for the ladies’ room!

12 A Pop of Red

Via: vibe.com

Kim looks stunning in this bold red dress. Her matching lips add another layer of flair, and even her sister Kourtney is doing the red lip thing right. The blue sky is spectacular and the weather must have been magical. And this time, it is Kim behind the camera for a change. After all the pics she has been in, it’s time for her to step back and take a photo of something else. She’s certainly a pro at taking selfies, but who knew Kim could handle a real camera with such professionalism? Perhaps she’ll add another job to her resume.

11 Baby Blues

Via: Pinterest.com

Perhaps Khloé was trying to throw us off by wearing so much baby blue, but now we know her firstborn is a girl named True. But Khloé surely looks stylish and adorable in this form-fitting dress, matching tennis shoes, and an animal print coat for fun and flair. With her hand cradled over her bump, Khloé is a protective mama bear, because dodging through the crowds is no easy feat when you’re a celeb of her caliber. She probably picked that dress for its forgiving fabric, something that stretches as her bump continues to get bigger. And even the coat looks comfortable.

10 Pretty In Pink

Via: eonline.com

Pink is a soft color, but Khloé manages to make it really pop. Showing off her baby bump and covering up on top in a fluffy and furry pink coat, Khloé is like one of the Pink Ladies from Grease, only more modern and in this case, pregnant. With matching eye shadow, glossy lips, and a super cute sky-high ponytail, Khloé is taking this pastel look to the extreme, with a playful touch that makes her unique personality shine through. As many pregnant women do, Khloé is glowing in her pre-baby bliss, with so much to look forward to once the little one arrives.

9 All-Black, All-Bump

Via: popsugar.com

The hat and the sunglasses don’t fool us. We can still see that it’s Kourtney trying to hide her face from her fans. And even dressed in all black, she still stands out from the crowd. With such a familiar face and famous family, there’s no way this woman could walk by and go unnoticed. It looks like it’s a warm summer day, but Kourtney can still beat the heat. A pop of color would be nice, but sometimes going super dark is a safe way to look chic. They say black is slimming, but when it comes to covering pregnancy, there’s no way to hide such a hump.

8 Popping From Any Direction

Via: ibtimes.com

Kim’s known for her crazy curvy body, and pregnancy only enhanced what was already there. With a shape that makes people stop dead in their tracks, this Kardashian sister is making the most of her figure and flaunting it well. Her outfit is eye-catching and her body can be seen from way back in the crowd. Kim looks confident and cool, giving her fans a taste of her celeb style. She may not be able to move much in this dress, but while she’s standing, the look is nothing less than lovely. Pregnancy doesn’t mean her stylist gets nine months off, after all.

7 All Stripes, No Stretch Marks

Via: radaronline.com

Here we see Kourtney looking as sweet as a candy cane in her cute red and white striped mini dress. She looks ready for spring with a cute hat, a pair of shades, and a bright yellow bag. Although she’s super pregnant, that doesn’t mean she gets time off from her mommy duties. Mason needs a helping hand, so mama Kourtney needs to pick him up to place him in his stroller. Where’s Scott when you need him? Then again, with all the ups and downs she and Scott have faced over the years, Kourtney has relied on herself to be independent. So, she’ll need to lift her boy without worrying about her bump getting in the way. Surely, Mason was excited to meet his new sibling, but this special only child time was about to run out.

6 White and Tight

Via: radaronline.com

Kim looks stylish in her all-white ensemble, with crisp lines and a creative cape. She’s ready for whatever may come her way, with her keen business sense and beauty. But don’t look down or you’ll see her eye-opening, swollen feet and ankles. Things look pretty painful, but Kim won’t let a little pinch put her in a bad mood. No pain, no gain, so Kim will push through and get through the day, even if her feet are on fire. Next time she’ll be sure to reconsider her shoe selection, because as cool as those shoes are, they’re overshadowed by Kim’s puffy and protruding flesh.

5 Braid, Bag, and Baby

Via: saseso.com

Kim’s got the three Bs: braid, bag, and baby. With her due date soon approaching in this picture, she is keeping her cool and remaining as chic as ever. Always one to sport a new and fabulous hairstyle, Kim’s beautiful braid looks unique and stylish. Not to mention, it keeps her long hair off her face. Once the baby arrives, Kim will have to focus all her attention on her bundle of joy, so there will be less time for primping and more focus on Pampers. Although, with a styling team at the ready, Kim will have the ability to maintain her beauty while being a mom.

4 Walking and Waddling

Via: globalgrind.cassiuslife.com

Two sisters are taking a leisurely stroll side by side. The one main difference between the two (aside from their heights)? That big baby bump, of course. Kourtney is nearly ready to pop, so she is spending some time with her younger sis before all her time goes towards tending to the newborn baby. But before long, it will be Khloé who’s the one waddling as she walks, as her slimmed-down older sibling is bump-free for a change. Something tells us one day we’ll see Kourtney with baby bump number four making an appearance though. Pregnancy and Kourtney go hand-in-hand.

3 Lace Over the Little One

Via: public.fr

Looking glam and gorgeous in white lace, Kourtney is lovely like a pregnant princess with a royal “pea in the pod.” And she’s ready to pop. When it comes to dressing while pregnant, the Kardashians always kick it out of the park. As the eldest sister and the first of the bunch to have become pregnant, Kourtney set the bar high for beautiful baby bump style. This luxe lace number is the perfect example of her excellent taste in maternity wear. Too bad she doesn’t share her clothing with her younger sisters. Then again, her size is probably too small.

2 Little Red Riding Hoodie

Via: radaronline.com

Sometimes a gal’s simply gotta go for comfort over what’s chic. Exhibit A? This cozy red hoodie, stretched just so over Kourtney’s blooming (and ballooning) belly. But any pregnant woman will attest to the fact that for the most part, fashion is the furthest thing from her mind. Dressing is for covering up, not catwalks. But for every toned-down outfit Kourtney wears while pregnant, there is a fancy counterpart hanging in the closet. Sometimes even the best-dressed celebs need a bit of a break from couture and slip into something that’s more maternity-friendly. Softness beats out looking sharp when you’re ready to pop.

1 Before and After

Via: nydailynews.com

Just look at the (once) happy couple. Back when Kourtney and Scott were a couple, they were all smiles and apparently spending plenty of time in the sack, leading to the image we see on the right. Ready to pop at any point, Kourtney is still maintaining her stylish sensibilities as she walks with her bump leading the way. Kourtney surely loves being a mom, so being pregnant must be filled with high hopes and happiness for what’s to come. As her relationship with Scott has seen many twists and turns, they still managed to have three cute kids together. Perhaps one day they will get back together and make baby number four. Stay tuned to their reality show to see if it happens.

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