20 Pics Of The Most Expensive Push Gifts Celeb Moms Have Received

A push gift is, well, exactly what it sounds like: a gift that partners give to new mommies before or after they "push" their adorable new little babes into the world. And Before anyone asks, yes, giving birth via C-section (and even having a surrogate as we find out with a few of these featured moms) counts, too. It's a relatively new phenomenon that typically means that mom will get a new piece of jewelry. But over the years the newly founded tradition has really picked up traction, especially among celebrities. And well, with all that extra cash to spend, why not drop a few notes for the awesome new mom?

The truth is, while that gorgeous new baby and intoxicating baby smell truly rewarding enough, sometimes it's nice to give mom a little something extra for all her hard work. And when mom is a celebrity mom, it's pretty clear that not just any old gift will do.

These moms were gifted the most expensive gifts to-date, with a few of them totaling millions of dollars. Curious to see if a favorite celebrity made the list? Look no further. We've tallied the 20 most expensive push gifts celeb moms have received. Get ready to be wowed, or at least reach for some shades from all of the bling.

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20 Diamonds Are Beyonce's Best Friend (Blue's Too)


Just one month after Blue Ivy was born in January 2012, Queen Bey was seen sporting a stunning blue 8-10 carat diamond ring, a push gift from none other than her Rockefeller husband Jay-Z.

The gift has special meaning for the couple since the blue diamond not only represents the name of their first born daughter, Blue Ivy, but also blue is Jay-Z's favorite color. Diamonds are forever, which he hopes their love will be, as he mentioned in an interview with People. But eternal love comes at a price, this lovely blue diamond cost Jay-Z a whopping $35,000! Now that's how you gift a new mom!

19 Custom Bike For Pink


"Thank's @hartluck for the push present," the famous pink-haired singer and songwriter wrote on her social media page. "I give you babies and you build me motorcycles. Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome."

In May 2016, Pink and her husband Carey Hart welcomed their son Jameson into the world. Five months later, once she healed and had time to spend with adorable Jameson of course, she posted a photo, thanking him for the one of a kind, custom made gift that he built with his hands. She sure does love her heavy metal, as any rock star should.

18 Blac Chyna (And Baby Dream) Rolling In Her Royce


Blac Chyna's new wheels fall under the pre-birth push present category. Before the arrival of her second child in 2016, Blac Chyna—the baby momma to the Kardashian sisters' brother—purchased quite the show stopper: a crazy flashy $400,000 set of wheels.

Nothing says we're expecting like a brand new Rolls Royce!

When Blac Chyna posted a picture of her brand new luxury vehicle on her social channel her caption mentioned the pre-birth push present: “A little gift to myself for working this hard all year! Can't wait to bring my baby girl home!” She and Rob Kardashian welcomed daughter Dream that November.

17 Ali Put It In Stone


Have you ever seen the bachelorette? US Sweetheart (aka the former Bachelorette) was seen on her social media page gleaming with her personalized push present (a beautiful necklace) just after welcoming her first daughter, Molly, in the summer of 2016. Her push present was chosen and customized by her fianceé Kevin Manno. The necklace is a rose gold chain with her newborn's name on it, Molly. Luckily for Ali, her fiance was quick to give the adorable gift since she was seen wearing was wearing the necklace in an early hospital photo with the baby. Now that's an appreciation for pushing! Congratulations to the happy couple!

16 A Brand New Car for Kylie


Kylie Jenner may have it all. She is one of the wealthiest Kardashians, she has a gazillion social media followers, her own makeup line, cool sisters, and an adorable baby. So what does one get someone with everything once they give the greatest gift of all? (Baby girl Stormi!) A Ferrari, of course. After Jenner gave birth, the 20-year-old was seen cruising in this one of a kind black Ferrari LaFerrari, a gift from her daughter's father, Travis Scott. Talk about an over the top push present. The best part? The car has a price tag of $1.5 million.

15 Nicole Kidman's Eternity Ring


When the tall Aussie actress gave birth to her first child whom she and husband Keith Urban named Sunday, Urban gifted his wife a beautiful diamond encrusted eternity ring from Cartier worth a very pricy $120,000, for her very own push gift. The singer/songwriter may have had a few soulful melodies for his newest bundle of joy, but the actress will have a beautiful diamond ring for eternity. The actress now has three other children (two of which were with now second-ex husband Tom Cruise), so the eternity ring for their family ties seems incredibly fitting.

14 Saint West Looks Like $1 Million Bucks


Kim K. was reported wearing a $1 million choker after the birth of her son Saint West. Well when she was pregnant, she wasn't super subtle when she actually said that she wanted a choker as a push present, "I like the idea of a push present – after nine months of pregnancy, it’s a sweet and well-deserved thank you,” she wrote on her website. “This pregnancy, I would love a Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker like the ones I’ve worn before to the Art + Film Gala. Too much? LOL!" Mrs. Kardashian West got exactly what she wanted, though. The Lorraine Schwartz diamond choker marked the arrival of son Saint in December, and while he may be 3 years old now, diamonds are forever.

13 Jessica Alba Can Watch Her Little Ones Grow


Jessica Alba received a Franck Muller golden watch for her second child valued at $54,000 from her husband Cash Warren. The watch still glints in the sun when she is seen taking short strolls with her adorable children. Jessica Alba is one of the mommiest moms in Hollywood and a strong advocate for raising one's children healthfully and happily, so it's only natural that for her push gift, she was given the gift of time to watch her children grow and appreciate every moment of it. It doesn't hurt that it's worth quite a bit of cash and encrusted in gold and a few diamonds.

12 Mariah Carey's $12,000 Gift


When the diva of all divas, Mariah Carey, was going to have a baby, her former hubby had to find the perfect gift with just enough sweetness and a lot of bling. And boy, did he! The platinum singer was gifted a one of a kind, custom designed diamond and pink sapphire necklace engraved with the names of her twins, Morocan, and Monroe from her former hubby Nick Cannon. He dropped a whopping $12,000 on the necklaces and although their marriage didn't last, the diamonds did. The singer can be sighted wearing the necklaces from time to time and her twins are almost teenagers.

11 Katie Holmes And Suri's Gold


There had never been a child so famous before Suri Cruise was born. Perhaps it was because of her famously charming parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or perhaps it was because of her interesting name, Suri. Either way in wake of her birth, Katie received not only the gift of becoming a famous mom to an idolized child, but she also received an 18-carat gold Cartier love bracelet from her then-husband, Tom Cruise. The bracelet is solid gold and worth a pretty penny. The couple once looked very happy and Katie was photographed everywhere with the gold bracelet.

10 Ashlee And Chanel


What other push gift would be befitting for rockstar Ashlee Simpson other than a $4,000 Graffiti Messenger bag by Chanel? Sure the bag does not scream conventional, but neither does Ashlee. The singer was gifted the beautiful Chanel cross-body bag before the birth of her daughter, Jagger. Her husband, Evan Ross surprised his wife with the limited-edition Chanel Graffiti Messenger 2015 green cross-body bag in front of family and friends. The singing duo obviously really loves the bag since the two of them can be seen together with their daughter sporting the bag and walking hand in hand. Push gifts plus happy couple equals a happy family.

9 JLo's Canary Diamond


Delivering twins is no easy task, so when the singer, actress, fashion mogul, and New York native, J-Lo delivered, so did her then-husband, Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez was gifted an astounding $300,000 canary diamond imported from South Africa, plus a $2.5 million set of custom made earrings with her kid's initials just after the birth of their twins, Max and Emme. For two babies, mom should get two gifts, naturally. Now that her children are older, Jennifer can still be seen wearing the beautiful yellow diamond, because husbands may come and go, but jewelry and children are forever.

8 Tori Does Balenciaga


Our favorite '80s childhood star Tori Spelling was gifted a really fashionable Balenciaga bag for her push present after her son Liam was born in 2007, according to Marie Claire. The black bag is priced around $2,500, a nice price tag that Tori's husband Dean McDermott chose to cough up in order to honor his wife. The couple have stayed together and have had several children since Liam, Tori still sports the bag, although she has gotten to be quite the Balenciaga fan, as she's acquired the same bag in several different colors. For a push present, a designer bag makes the list as quite a thoughtful (and stylish) gift.

7 Diamonds and Violets for Jen


Now we've heard of a few diamond gifts on this list, but none of them compare to this. When Ben Affleck gifted his ex-wife Jenn Garner a diamond ring after the birth of their first daughter, Violet, Jenn mistakingly dropped it down the kitchen sink! The ring was estimated at at least a few thousand dollars, which is a lot of money to just casually toss down the drain. Jenn revealed in an interview with Regis and Kelly that the actress had to hire a plumber to help her retrieve the ring before Ben found out about it. Whew! Talk about a close call.

6 Jessica's Moonstone


Jessica Simpson was gifted $4,500 moonstone earrings to go with her son's birthstone. Her son Ace is now a toddler, but just one month after she and her then fianceé Eric Johnson welcomed him into the world, Johnson made sure to give Jessica a gift she would never forget. The pair of earth-shattering Elahn Jewels Moonstone Earrings have diamonds sculpted throughout. Their chandelier, teardrop shape really accentuates the singer's face. The two may no longer be together, but the mom of two loves those earrings and has that push gift to always remind her of a different time, just after Ace's birth.

5 Kristin Cavallari's Got It In The Bag


When the Laguna Beach star welcomed her son, Camden into the world in the summer of 2012, Kristin Cavallari's adorable husband, Jay Cutler gifted the reality star an amazing gray Hermes Birkin bag for all her hard work. “I got a gray [Hermès] Birkin bag,” she said in an online interview. “I was really excited about it. [Jay] did a good job,” she added. The bad is worth a heaping $25,000. Good job indeed Jay. When mom delivers so should dad. And nothing says thanks mom like a $25,000 item to place your keys, diapers, bottles, hair clips, and cell phone.

4 Kourtney Kardashian And Those Little Studs


Kourtney K. may be the mommiest of the Kardashians, and she has the push gifts to prove it. Though her younger sister, a more recent member of the moms club is not to be outdone Kourtney got diamond stud earrings that will make any mom say 'wow!' from the father of her children, Scott, after the birth of Penelope. With such a tiny frame, it can be hard to imagine the reality star with large earrings, so studs seemed to be the right choice for the duo as a great push present. Through all their difficulty, Scott still knows how to gift a great gift.

3 Platinum Wattage For Naomi


Naomi Watts was gifted a platinum locket from fiancé Liev Schreiber when they were still an item after their son was born in 2007. The English actress is still seen on the silver screen and occasionally wears the locket which shines just as bright as she does. The locket has been estimated at $10,000, which is considered relatively modest for Hollywood. Either way, it's beautiful and has stuck around longer than her relationship with the television star, Liev. For similar looking lockets, just with a slightly more modest budget, Ben David Jewelers offers a decent selection befitting for a star, without the Hollywood price tag.

2 The Charming SJP


It may be 16 years since the birth of her son, James Wilkie, in 2002, but the S.A.T.C. star, Sarah Jessica Parker, still wears the $6,000 chain linked charm bracelet she was gifted from her adorable actor husband Mathew Broderick so many years ago. The couple is still together and has since had several other children both by surrogate and delivered by SJP herself, including a set of twins! Although her hit HBO series has come to an end and a few movies have come and gone, her charm bracelet and the memories of her little ones still shine strong for the star couple.

1 Rachel Zoe's Cushy $250,000 Gift


Rachel Zoe is perhaps one of the most iconic women in fashion. After the birth of her son Skyler in 2011, the stylist was gifted a cushion cut diamond ring worth an astounding $250,000. Now that's cushy! Her husband Rodger Berman wanted to get her something really special to celebrate the couples new bundle of joy. Just how does a man married to a fashion icon "celebrate?" By getting her a nearly 10-carat cushion-cut diamond ring designed by jeweler Neil Lane, of course. “Rodger wanted to surprise Rachel with something romantic – and huge,” Lane told a magazine about the ring. “Rachel was thrilled and hasn’t taken it off since!”

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