20 Pics Of The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Cast As Parents Today

Grown-ups who were children during the 1990s remember Saved By the Bell with a big smile. I have my own story about this beloved TV show: Since I'm an only child, I had a TV in my bedroom while growing up and would wake up every morning and watch Saved By the Bell reruns before going to school, while eating breakfast. It was so wonderful, and I loved the characters, especially Kelly Kapowski. Like many girls, I wished that I could be her, and wondered if my high school experience would be similar.

Many members of the main cast — Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth BerkleyMario Lopez, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar — are now parents. It's rad to see these actors raising their little ones and remember the good old days when we saw them playing high school characters who were the best of pals and always there for each other. The best part is that we even see them hanging out together in modern times, and we can at least pretend that they are still hanging around the halls of Bayside High.

Here are 20 pics of the Saved By the Bell cast as parents today. And, yes, they all have the cutest kids.

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20 Tiffani Thiessen: Good Girl Kelly Looks Adorable With Her Hubby And First Child

via The Daily Meal and Pinterest

Everyone remembers Kelly Kapowski on Saved By the Bell. She's a sweetheart who dates Zack Morris. The actress who played her, Tiffani Theissen, was also known for her role on Beverly Hills, 90210. And now she's a mom to two kids: eight-year-old daughter Harper and three-year-old son Holt.

This is a great picture of Tiffani, her husband Brady Smith, and their first child, Harper.

In a 2013 interview with SheKnows, Tiffani said, “I remember my pregnancy was slow at the beginning and then it was fast. And then you have these beautiful babies and they turn into teenagers before your eyes. I remember just trying to live in the moment.”

19 Elizabeth Berkley: Jessie Is Now Mom To Son Sky (And Probably 'So Excited' To Raise A Kid)

both images via Pinterest

Jessie Spano's most infamous moment on Saved By the Bell is when she took caffeine supplements and sang the song "I'm So Excited." These days, we bet that Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jessie on the show, is "so excited" to be a mama to her son, Sky, who was born in 2012.

As Elizabeth Berkley told Us Weekly that it's "amazing and magical" to be a mom. She continued, "I have a lot of friends who have little ones and I love their kids, but until you have your own, it's like you can't quite grasp the intensity of the love, the depth of it . . . it's so special."

18 Mario Lopez: Cute AC Slater Is Now A Super Cute Dad, And Here He Is With His Sweet Wife And Two Children

via Us Weekly and Ella + Mila

A.C. Slater is unforgettable on Saved By the Bell. He loves Jessie, is best friends with Zack, and is pretty hunky. Of course, he's a bit old-fashioned, but he's still charming.

These days, Mario Lopez is a parent, and he and his wife, Courtney, have two kids with another one on the way. Mario is dad to eight-year-old daughter Gia and five-year-old son Dominic.

It's fun to compare his time as AC Slater (and he definitely wore lots of patterned shirts) with the photo on the right of him and his sweet family. We love the chill, good vibes in the pic of them getting outside and having fun.

17 Mark-Paul Gosselaar: From Cool, Popular Guy Zack Morris To Father Of Four

via TVOvermind and People

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is super famous for playing Zack Morris on Saved By the Bell. Zack is just so cute and he's a popular guy, too, and many of us might have wanted him to be a real person so we could date him in high school, too.

Many of us who grew up watching this show are parents ourselves now and that's why it's so cool and so much fun to see Mark-Paul all grown up, too... and as a dad to four kids.

That's right, Zack Morris has four children: fifteen-year-old son Micheal, twelve-year-old daughter Ava,  five-year-old son Dekker, and four-year-old daughter Lachlyn. We love seeing this photo of him with his cute kids. They look like they're having an amazing time together.

16 We Totally Wanted To Be Kelly, And It's Cool To See Tiffani With A Cute Baby

via Popsugar and Daily Mail

Everyone can think back and recall one person who they idolized in high school. There was always an IRL person... and there was always a TV character, too. For many of us, we wanted to be Kelly, and now we can probably still say that we want to be Tiffani Theissen because she makes being a mom look so great.

The photo on the left reminds us of why we have always been fans of Kelly: she honestly has the best hair ever (and she's also really nice, of course). The photo on the right reminds us why we're fans of Tiffani Theissen: she's an amazing mama, and it's cool to see this pic of her holding Harper when she was a baby.

15 Leah Remini: Her Character Stacey Worked At Malibu Sands Beach Club, And Today She's Raising Her Daughter, Sofia

via Pinterest and E!

Calling all Saved By the Bell fans: who can forget the Malibu Sands Beach Club?! This is where some of the characters worked during the third season. Lisa belonged the club, but Jessie, Kelly, Zack, Screech, and Slater worked there.

Leah Remini guest starred during these episodes and played Stacey, who catches the eye and attention of Zack. Today, Leah Remini has a daughter named Sofia who is fourteen years old. This photo of the two of them in fancy, formal clothes is totally heartwarming and they seem really close. We wonder if Sofia has seen every episode of the show that her mom was on?!

14 Tori Spelling: Yup, The Star Was On This Show, Playing Dorky Violet (And She's Mama To Five Today)

via Hollywood.com and Pinterest

We might not remember that Tori Spelling was actually on Saved By the Bell. Yup, she played Violet, who was a fairly dorky character but so adorable and sweet. Today, Tori is mama to five kids: 12-year-old son Liam, 10-year-old daughter Stella, seven-year-old daughter Hattie, six-year-old son Finn, and two-year-old son Beau.

It's fun to see the picture on the right of Tori Spelling with her little ones. They are all wearing such colorful outfits and the whole family looks like tiny fashion plates.

In 2016, Tori was interviewed by People and she shared this about expecting her fifth child, Beau: "I said before my pregnancy with Finn that I love being pregnant and it was such an amazing experience and this one has not let me down! It’s been great. I have energy and I feel like I’m loving every minute of it.”

13 Leanna Creel: The Actress Who Played Tori, Zack's Love Interest, Now Is a Mom Of Two Sons, Milo And Levi

via IMDB and thecelebscloset

Leanna Creel wasn't a part of the main cast on Saved By the Bell but she played a really crucial part since she was Tori, one of Zack's love interests. (Yes, this was tough for those of us who always wanted Zack and Kelly to be together.) On the left, we see her looking great and gorgeous in a fun red blazer. The clothing on this show was always super colorful. On the right, we see her adorable sons, Milo and Levi.

Leanna told Redbook that her son Levi "was so confused" and "He didn't totally get it" when she put the show on for him. That is so adorable to hear. We bet that in a few years he will love the show.

12 Mario Lopez's Slater Loved Jessie Spano, And Now He's Married To Courtney Lopez (And They're Having Baby #3)

both images are via Us Weekly

Slater and Jessie are one of the couples that fans recall the best from this show. These days, Mario Lopez is married to Courtney and they're having baby number three.

It's cool to see these two photos side by side: on the left, we have Jessie and Slater, looking very late 80s, early 90s in old-school, retro outfits. (Check out Elizabeth Berkley's big curls and Slater's colorful printed shirt.) On the right, we have a wonderful photo of Mario Lopez with his wife, and they look so happy together. The pair got married in 2012 and this is the cutest part: according to Huffpost.com, their flower girl was Gia, their daughter who was two at the time.

11 Kelly Was The Chicest Girl Ever, And Here Tiffani Is Cooking With Her Cute Daughter Harper

via EVOKE.ie and Pinterest

When Tiffani Theissen played Kelly, she was honestly so chic and fashionable. She had the nice hair and great makeup and cool look of any teen high schooler on a TV show.

Today, she loves cooking and baking with her daughter, Harper, and she's also got a really flourishing professional life related to food. She wrote a cookbook, Pull Up A Chair, which was published recently, and she also hosts the TV show Dinner At Tiffani's on Cooking Channel.

It's cool to see Tiffani as Kelly in a lavender T-shirt in the photo on the left and then see her baking something chocolatey with Harper in the photo on the right. We love that she's making such great memories with her little one.

10 Jessie Had A Way Of Being All About Business At School... And Now Elizabeth Berkley's Hanging Out With Baby Sky

via Saved By The Bell Wiki - Fandom and Daily Mail

In the photo on the left, we have Elizabeth Berkley as Jessie, trying her best to win a school contest. She looks so professional in her light pink outfit (and also very late '80s, early '90s). In the photo on the right, Elizabeth is holding her baby boy Sky and looking so chic with a black bag and in all black clothing.

According to People, Elizabeth said when she was expecting her baby, “As an actress sometimes you get cast in a job and you have to just go. I like how this has been its own journey [and] there is time for what is the role of a lifetime.”

9 It's Super Sweet To See Hunky AC Slater With Little Ones

via Today Show and Popsugar

He once played a hunky high school character on an extremely popular show and now he's a dad who hangs out with his little ones all the time. Yup, we're talking about Mario Lopez, and it's really heartwarming to see pictures of him and his family.

On the left, we have Mario as Slater in a typical outfit (a brightly colored shirt and jeans), and on the right, he's with his kiddos and wife. In an interview with Parents magazine, Mario said of his then four-year-old daughter Gia, "My daughter is very dramatic. She's been sick recently, and this morning she said, 'Oh, my God, I'm not going to feel better! My cough is never going to go away!'" We bet that parents can definitely relate to that.

8 Zack Rocked Seriously '90s Looks And Now Mark-Paul Is A Bearded Dad

Medium and Instagram/mpgosselaar

If we really want to see Mark-Paul all grown-up as a parent today, we just have to look at these two images. On the left, he's Zack Morris, with perfect blonde hair and wearing a purple shirt. On the right, he's holding one kid and his wife is holding another one, and it's time for some quality family hang-out time.

It's adorable that Mark-Paul has a beard, too, and it just adds to his whole #dadvibes and #dadlife. We wonder if he misses wearing that purple shirt? What if he even has it hanging in his closet? (Okay, that's not likely...)

7 Violet Is Grown Up Now: Tori's Spending Quality Time With Finn

via TVLine.com and PopCulture.com

Talk about a contrast between these two pics. On the left, Tori Spelling was playing Violet, wearing her big braids and big flowers on her dress. And on the right, Tori is smiling as she spends time with her son Finn. (We love his hair.)

It really tugs on the heartstrings to see a parent spend quality time with their children. If we have more than one kid then maybe we also like to have those dates where it's just us and one child at a time so they really feel paid attention to. It can be a really good idea.

6 Slater Hung Out With The 'Saved By The Bell' Gang And Here He Is Hanging With His Little Man

via Us Weekly and Popsugar

In the late '80s and early '90s, Mario Lopez was stylish Slater, and here the whole gang is wearing matching red and white jackets. Seriously, if we could find these somewhere, we would buy and wear it all the time... and if it came in a child's size, too, we would want to dress up our little ones in it as well.

From Bayside High to father of two (and almost three), we can see the progression between these two images. Now Mario is a dad and we love seeing him holding his little man in the photo on the right. What's even better is that his son is wearing a tank top with Slater's face on it (and he matches since he's also wearing black pants and black Converse).

5 We Loved When Zack And Kelly Got Married, And Now Mark-Paul Gosselaar Is Married With Kids

via TV Line and Pinterest

If a series doesn't end with a wedding it can be pretty disappointing. Okay, maybe that's not always possible, but it was definitely wonderful to see Kelly and Zack get married when this show ended.

We loved seeing this TV wedding and now, thanks to the sweet pic on the right, we get to see Mark-Paul with his son, hanging out and being a dad. According to Us Weekly, Mark-Paul said that one of his kids, Michael, was tuning into Saved By the Bell:

"My son just started watching it. It doesn't seem like a TV show. It seems like real life. It's not like your normal TV show."

4 Love Is In The Air: Violet Loved Screech, And Now Tori Loves Hubby Dean

via Air Freshener and Daily Mail

Violet and Screech were dorks who loved each other and it's a real trip down memory lane to see them in the photo on the left. (And it's especially amazing to see Screech's blue and black polka dot shirt, red and yellow suspenders, and green patterned pants.)

Now Tori Spelling is married to Dean McDermott, and the pic on the right is of them walking around while she was pregnant with one of her children. The pair has had some tough times and that led to their TV series, True Tori, which talked about how they were trying to repair their marriage.

3 BFFs Kelly And Jessie Are Together Once Again (And Now They're Both Mamas)

via Pinterest and Daily Mail

Kelly and Jessie were best friends on Saved By the Bell and we remember their bond when seeing the photo of them sitting at The Max, the diner that the characters loved going to. It was a really colorful place (and there is a real-life diner called Saved by the Max in L.A.).

In the photo on the right, we get to see Kelly and Jessie all grown-up. Yes, that's Tiffani Theissen and Elizabeth Berkley hanging out together. Now they're both mamas. We wonder if they give each other tips and advice? We bet that they do. (And we'd love some advice on how to get our hair so good and shiny, one mom to another.)

2 Zack And Slater Were The Best Of Buddies, And We Love Seeing The Dads Hanging Out Together

via every zack morris shirt and Pinterest

How adorable do Slater and Zack look in this photo in their pink and turquoise/dark blue shirts? Those are some seriously retro shirts if we have ever seen them. If any of us have pre-teens or teenagers and we showed them this photo, they might not even believe us when we say that people used to dress like that.

It's so exciting to see Slater and Zack hanging out together in the photo on the right. They look so thrilled to be back together and we're feeling the good, bromance vibes.

Since Mario is a host of Extra, he interviewed Mark-Paul about starring on the recent TV show The Passage, according to Entertainment Weekly.

1 Summer Vibes: Kelly Loved The Beach Club, And Here Tiffani Is Grabbing An Ice Cream With Little Harper

via Pinterest and Daily Mail

Summer days look very different for Tiffani Theissen these days. While she played Kelly and was hanging out at the beach club in bathing suits and other summery outfits, now she hangs out with her children. We really love the photo of her in a green bathing suit as it's a classic Kelly picture, and we also love seeing her and Harper grabbing ice creams.

When Harper turned six in 2016, Tiffani wrote on her social media, according to Closer Weekly, "Thank you for being the sweet, silly, funny, caring, thoughtful, adventurous little girl that you are. I am so utterly proud to be your mommy."

We loved the cast of Saved By the Bell on the iconic show, and now we love seeing them as the best parents ever.

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