20 Pics Of The Worst Families Of Walmart

There is something about Walmart that brings out the strangest people. I don’t know if it is the rock bottom rollback deals or the wide array of endless items that can be bought in the store, but Walmart is notorious for attracting the most interesting kinds of people - moms, dads, kids, and grandparents.

We can always depend on Walmart to have some of the most unique customer base whether it is someone that is extreme or just a little off. Like most people, I’ve shopped at my local Walmart store and have rarely witnessed anyone that was as jaw dropping as the moms and dads on this list.

The shoppers on this list aren’t just your average Walmart goers. These are moms and dads that showed their most unique side when shopping for low priced items and rollback deals. From outfits that are truly something I wish I could unsee to actions that walk the line of child abuse or neglect, the parents on this list are almost unbelievable.

If we didn’t have photographs, I don’t think I would ever believe it. Here are 20 moms and dads of Walmart that you have to see to believe they exist.

20 Spot The Baby

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When dad decides to take the baby to the grocery store with him, it’s like a mini blessing and even more like a mini vacation. I can totally understand that dad may not be the main person who does the food shopping for the household, especially not all by himself. However, I am sure he realizes that the little seat in front of the shopping cart with the two leg holes isn’t there just for aesthetics. This poor kid is in the grocery store without shoes or socks and has to hold up the week’s supply of food including meat and cartons of juice or milk which I’m sure are cold. This dad could have easily fit all of the groceries, the umbrella stroller, and the child into a shopping cart comfortably and without overlap.

19 Keep Them In The Trunk

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When I first had my son, I was obsessed with car seat safety. Like I worried about it non-stop or at least it felt that way. I became a self professed expert and researched the right age to forward face, the perfect car seat, and when booster seats were appropriate. I considered endless seating options for my little one over the years and have gone through a ridiculous amount of car seats in that time. However, I never considered just throwing my kid in the trunk. I mean, it’s secure, spacious, and part of the car that is totally underutilized. But honestly, putting your kids in the trunk while in the parking lot of a retail store can look awfully sketchy to passerbys. I wouldn’t suggest it. These girls look old enough to just sit in the car, no special seat required.

18 Mommy Brawl In Aisle 7

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I’ve gotten into my fair share of heated situations in a store but, if I am with my child, it’s my personal rule of thumb to walk away before it gets too serious or aggressive. I refuse to let my child see me get into any sort of threatening altercation - whether it is verbal or physical. Unless a person is directly putting me or my child in harms way, there is no excuse. This mom, clearly, does not hold the same rule of thumb that I do. I am not sure what the fight was caused by or if she even knows the person she has pinned up against the shampoo. However, the fear in the child’s body language is pretty sad. No matter the reasoning, there are very, very few times fighting in front of your child is acceptable.

17 If You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

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One day, I took my son to a park that didn’t have a bathroom in sight for miles. He was recently potty trained and was wearing his big boy underwear as opposed to his pull ups or diapers. While in the park, he tugged on my shirt and said he had to pee. I took him to the nearest tree that was mostly out of sight to let him tinkle. It’s one of the perks of having a baby boy that can pee and keep it moving. I explained that peeing in random places was not the norm. This mom clearly didn’t make that distinction for her little guy. The one time she let him pee on the ground clearly turned into a trend and the floor of the Walmart aisle looked like a totally suitable place to take a wee.

16 The Built-In Stool

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Let me just say, I totally get it. When you are a kid and have to walk around a store with your mom with no end in sight, it can be annoying and tiring. Kids can’t simply just up and walk away to find a seat to relax in while mom shops. With that being said, this picture of a little boy standing on his mother’s backside is sadly relatable but totally bizarre. I can relate to the fact that kids do get tired at that age and have to be picked up, put into shopping carts, or put into strollers to curb their whining. However, I never considered allowing my son to stand on my backside, barefoot, while we wait in line at any store. I don’t have the body build for it but even if I did, I think my kid would have to suffer just a little while longer until we headed home.

15 When Plastic Bags Become Headwear

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When I was a kid, my grandmother would always scold my brother and I for playing with plastic bags. She was almost overly cautious and would constantly warn us that one day we would suffocate ourselves. I admittedly tried it out a few times when my grandmother and mom weren’t looking and quickly realized that it was a bad idea. Looking at this mom in front of the finest rollback deals of Walmart, it’s clear that her grandmother never relayed the message. Plastic bags are not toys and definitely shouldn’t go over a child’s head. While the child is enjoying having her head swirl around a plastic bag with her oxygen levels quickly depleting, her caregiver seems to be casually staring off into the distance thinking about her next purchase. Pay attention, mom!

14 Public Nursing For The Win

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I am a mom that is all for nursing in public or in private. I think women should nurse their kids wherever they see fit. I nursed my son for two years and I nursed him in any public area that was necessary. However, while I didn’t put a blanket over his head or try to cover his body with mine, I feel like I was a bit more discreet. This mom is enjoying a day of Walmart deals with her husband and kids while her youngest is full on nursing while sitting on the edge of the cart. If he were to slip forward or backward, I feel almost certain her nipple would become a casualty. Her older son looks like he is totally stressed about the entire situation while her husband seems totally unbothered.

13 The Joy Ride

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I know how wild children can be once they hit a retail store. As soon as they walk through the doors, they are hungry, agitated, and in the mood to ask a million and one questions. I get it. We've all been there. I also understand that giving them the side eye and pursing my lips in frustration doesn’t always seem to work as a scare tactic. However, dragging your irritable and whiny child on the back of your automatic scooter like they are a rag doll is certainly not the answer. This poor girl probably asked her mom one too many times for a toy. After mom told her no repeatedly, she ended up holding onto the back of the scooter as mom pulled off down the aisle. Guess this girl isn't getting her toy anytime soon!

12 Mooning The Line

Looking at this picture, I am not sure if it is hot or chilly outside and whether this mom knows that her butt is hanging out of her bottoms or not. Between the terrible flip flops that look like she has walked through a field of ash to the shorts that very well may be panties, I just wonder what was on her mind when she left the house. The child standing up has on a totally appropriate outfit that says it’s a chilly day to head to Walmart. The child in the cart has on shorts with no shoes and no socks on. And the other adult has on an equally as confusing outfit with extra short shorts and tank top. As a whole, they look like they got dressed in the dark and rushed out the door for an emergency Walmart trip.

11 The Baby Scarer

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Growing up, my older brother found it hilarious to try and scare the living heck out of me. He would hide around corners to wait for me and jump out screaming, "BOO!" I absolutely hated it and it honestly wasn’t funny. Getting a rise out of kids is amusing and almost everyone will agree with that. However, scaring the crap out of your baby is not nearly as funny as you think it’s going to be. This dad has probably set up the nightmares for this baby boy for the next three weeks. The bright, unnaturally orange hair with the terrifying face of the mask - I’d be frightened as well if he came running around the corner. Surprising your baby, making your baby laugh, or even startling them a bit can be amusing but scaring the crap out of them is too cruel to ever be funny.

10 Put The Kid To Work

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I am tall myself and can reach just about any shelf in a grocery store. It is a rare occurrence that I have to call an employee to help me reach something from the top shelf. But, not everyone is as tall as I am. But I don’t think letting our children launch into the air to reach the top shelf in the grocery store is the answer. Clearly, this woman wanted a soda selection that was only available on the top shelf. But, when you look at it, she probably could have moved the cart, stepped on her tippy toes, and reached whatever soda it was that she wanted to get down. Had the little girl lost her grip on the shelf and fell backwards, I doubt this woman would have been able to catch her.

9 Even Short Shorts Aren't This Short

Again, I don’t mind moms wearing what they feel comfortable in - within reason. Just because you’ve become a mom doesn’t mean that you have to wear a potato sack. However, there is just about no person I can think of that would look appealing in shorts with their cheeks hanging out, especially during their shopping trip with their teenaged son in Walmart. On top of the shorts that are clearly too short, the entire outfit choice seems to be off. Out of the three adults in the picture, it seems like the son is the only one that is dressed reasonably. There is nothing wrong with loving the body you are in, especially after you’ve had a child but, everything in moderation and just a sprinkle of style please.

8 A Dangerous Way To Hold The Baby

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I remember after having my son, there were a series of classes offered by the hospital that were like a crash course in parenting. From how to hold the baby to how to administer CPR, there was a class for almost everything. I clearly remember the nurses coming in and showing me how to swaddle and hold my baby. But I don’t remember them showing me this technique. I know how wiggly and hard to control babies can be once they hit a certain age but this baby is just barely in a chokehold. The mother seems totally unconcerned that she is cradling her baby’s head by the neck. If she were holding him in this position any tighter, she’d be choking him. The baby boy’s face says it all while the mother is having a good ol’ time.

7 Why Use A Leash When You Can Use Hair?

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Before I had a child, I used to see parents walking through stores and malls with their kids attached to these leash backpacks and think how cruel it was. These are little kids, not animals. Why would you put them on a leash? Well, once I had a child of my own that was literally running by his first birthday, I realized how useful they could be. However, using strands of your child’s hair as a makeshift leash is probably not the best choice when it comes to keeping your kid near by. For some reason, the dad is letting his son walk through Walmart freely, no leash required, hair or otherwise. But his poor daughter, who already has short hair, is being held by her hair, almost to her scalp to keep her at her dad’s side. I mean, it seems like a bit much.

6 The Baby Pusher

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I’ve always wanted to get my hands on one of those big carts that I could put my child in that has the big cart attached. In my mind, it would make food shopping with my little one that much easier. Usually when I think of these carefree shopping trips, I don’t imagine me sitting in the seat while my child pushes me through the store, or attempts to at least. This sweet little girl looks like she is putting all of her might into trying to push this cart full of food and a grown man. I am sure it hasn't moved even a quarter of an inch, no matter how hard she thinks she’s pushing it. Her dad looks so relaxed and like he thinks this was the most ingenious picture idea he’s ever had in his life.

5 Dads Can Be Incredibly Embarrassing

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My dad was definitely embarrassing when I was a kid - and he still is to this day. He would buy us clothes that hadn’t been stylish for over a decade, he’d refuse to allow me to wear anything like a crop top or short shorts, and was strict on just about everything. This dad took the strict parent thing to the next level. Not only did he write out an embarrassing blurb in terrible handwriting on his shirt, he also decided to throw on his daughter's short shorts to make it just that much worse. Aside from the ridiculous outfit and the mortified little girl in tow, I think it’s hilarious that the shorts were too short for dad to even wear in the name of embarrassment. He had to throw on his personal biking shorts underneath to make them bearable.

4 The Mommy Crack

I am all about moms being able to feel comfortable in the kind of clothing that they like. Just because you’ve had a child doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to dress frumpy, super conservative, or elderly. You can still look youthful, sexy, and trendy. However, this mom’s outfit doesn’t fit into any of those descriptive categories. For starters, the pants are clearly way too small for her. I am sure her body is beautiful but it certainly doesn’t look it in this get up. There is never a time that I want to be able to see the crack of anyone’s behind while simultaneously seeing their iconic lower back tattoo. Thankfully, the kid is walking in front of mom instead of behind her, so he is spared the view the rest of us get.

3 Who Reads The Instructions Anyways?

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Just about every baby product has an age, height, and weight limit. Car seats typically have very strict and clear height and weight guidelines and something tells me that this kid is far beyond this car seat's limits. Looking at this picture, I am wondering where her baby is that should be in this car seat. Even if her child is too tired to walk, and every mom has dealt with that, the car seat is in a shopping cart where the child can easily fall asleep, comfortably. Why didn't she just let him sleep in the cart where he would fit? I just hope that when she got into the car, this wasn’t the car seat she used to secure him in. It seems that this tiny car seat is for a small baby that is still sitting rear facing, and would cause this toddler more harm in an accident than it would do him any good.

2 Like Father Like Son

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There is nothing wrong with matching your kid with similar outfits, similar style, or similar hair cuts. My son is a toddler and has managed to adopt his father’s style subconsciously. He wears his long socks pulled up as high as possible and refuses to leave the house without his sunglasses on. Almost all of the time, the matching styles between father and son are super cute and causes a collective "awww." But, for some reason, the matching mullets are not nearly as cute as the matching t-shirts or sunglasses. Mullets haven’t been in style since the 80’s and even then, I am not sure how cute they were. Trying to reignite the mullet haircut and bringing your son into it is an interesting style choice, to put it lightly.

1 Walmart Outfit Strikes Again

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I don’t know what it is about Walmart that brings out the strangest of outfit choices. I don’t look like a runway model when I go grocery shopping but I certainly try to look appropriate at the very least. Sweat pants that fit and a t-shirt is a perfect mom outfit to wear to the grocery store. From moms with shorts that are entirely too short to moms wearing full on costumes to the store, there is never a shortage of strange outfits. However, this mom’s outfit doesn’t even make sense to me. The leggings look like they were shredded in the wash and the crop top paired with the long tank top is just counterproductive. While the mom is wearing her favorite ensemble, her daughter is crawling into the trunk of the car.

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