20 Pics Of Tori Spelling Treating Pregnancy Like A Fashion Show

Tori Spelling may be best known for her role on the teen hit drama Beverly Hills 90210 where she played the sometimes-innocent Donna Martin, but once the show wrapped, she became famous for her belly bump instead. Her relationship with hubby Dean McDermott has seen its ups and downs, but one thing’s for sure – when it comes to baby making, this couple knows how to get the job done.

With a super huge family filled with love, laughter, and lots of diapers, Spelling seems to have been born to be a mom. And with multiple pregnancies over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to see Spelling flaunt her figure in all kinds of outfits designed for moms-to-be. She embraces her ever-growing figure by wearing everything from casual clothing to fancy ensembles. And when she’s out and about, there’s no shortage of paparazzi waiting in the wings to snap a shot of the actress.

These 20 pics of Spelling prove that she makes the most of every pregnancy. With her evolving shape, there’s no telling what sort of interesting looks she can put together. Perhaps Spelling and her man will add yet another family member to the mix one day? Then we can collect a whole new slew of pregnancy pics to pore over!

20 Spelling on the Staircase

Via: youtube.com

Her dress may not match her shoes, but Spelling is definitely feeling like a well-dressed diva as she poses on the steps and shows off her baby bump. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little impromptu photo shoot, especially when pregnant women don’t always feel fashionable or fabulous. With her designer bag beside her, Spelling is showing off some of her favorite items from her closet, but it is unclear if she’s headed out or is simply spending the evening on the stairs. Hopefully, someone is there to help the mom-to-be get up; with those high heels and the big belly, getting into a standing position can be a problem.

19 Magenta Mama

Via: Pinterest.eu

Spelling looks sensational in her flowing magenta dress as she walks with her daughter. The color looks great on her and the material drapes over her baby bump beautifully. With an accent belt to highlight Spelling’s new curves, she takes the maternity look to a whole new level. Her dark shades add some edge to the ensemble, and her booties are stylish, yet comfortable enough to spend all day in. This dress can go from day to night seamlessly, so Spelling can do what she needs to during the day with her kids then meet up with her hubby for a romantic dinner without missing a beat.

18 Jeans with Dean

Via: popsugar.com

Going for a casual look with her hubby by her side, the pigtail wearing Spelling is all matchy-matchy with her main man. Both are comfortable in their jeans, strolling side by side on what looks like a nice spring afternoon. Looking playful and parental, Spelling covers her bump in a cute pink top while her hubby opts for an untucked button down. Spelling still has time for this bump to get bigger, but it seems like her shirt will stretch as she gets closer to her due date. And since she’s sporting sneakers, Spelling can walk around for a while before her body needs a rest.

17 Way to Waddle

Via: Zimbio.com

Out on a sunny day with some family members, Spelling looks pretty in her purple dress. The smooth and shiny material clings to her baby bump, so we can tell she’s getting closer to being ready to “pop.” Her hubby has a kid holding onto each hand, but once this new baby arrives, he’ll have to figure out how to be hands-on with yet another child. As the other kids get older, they can help out with the younger kids, but still, all of the couple’s kids still need parental assistance to some degree. ‘Till this new one comes along, Spelling can waddle her way up the street, wondering how she’s going to find the time to take care of another little one.

16 Red Lips, Red Carpet

Via: eonline.com

It’s time for Spelling to spill the beans as she is interviewed on the red carpet by a reporter looking for the latest scoop. Looking pretty in pink with a pop of red on her lips, the ultra-blonde baby maker is chatting it up and chiming in. Based on the background, this seems like a 90210-themed red carpet event, so if anyone can dish on the drama, it’s Spelling. There were rumors of a reboot of the popular TV series, so perhaps that’s what the ladies are talking about. Plenty of fans would love to see the return of “Donna Martin.”

15 Window Dressing

Via: twitter.com

Beaming in all her motherhood glory, the angelic Spelling is situated in front of a grand window, allowing the bright sunlight to create a silhouette shadow her ballooning bump. Her sheer dress allows us to see the outline of her pregnancy shape, and it seems like she’s about to give birth any day based on her size. Spelling seems peaceful and happy to be pregnant, ready to add another baby to her ever-growing family. She embraces motherhood’s every moment, even these pre-birth times when she can cradle her baby in the womb. A photo like this is a memory she’ll cherish forever.

14 Exhausted on the Escalator

Via: starmagazine.com

It’s a good thing that Spelling didn’t take the stairs because she looks pretty tired. The escalator is her savior as she holds on for dear life and finds her way to her next stop. While her face has the look of a pooped pregnant woman, her cute style perks her up to a degree. It’s not easy to be at it all day while pregnant, as a woman can get super tired after a few hours on her feet. But Spelling is pushing through, even though she seems to need to cling on to her companion as she moves towards the lower floor. Let’s hope she can find someplace to sit down for a while before she completely crashes.

13 Shopping Spree For Three (And A Half)

Via: nationalenquirer.com

Time for a little retail therapy for Spelling and two of her kids… plus the “bun in the oven.” Those bags with pics of infants on them look like they hold some new stuff for the baby on the way, so Spelling is getting prepared for the little one’s arrival. She must have plenty of hand-me-downs, but this baby deserves a thing or two of his or her own as well. Spelling looks summery in her short floral dress, a pair of cool shades, and a hat to protect her face from the California sun. The kids must be excited for their new sibling to arrive; perhaps they picked out the goodies their mom just bought for the baby.

12 Barks and Beverly Hills

Via: acbcoin.com

Spelling is catching up with friend and former 90210 castmate Jennie Garth, and both of them seem pleased to be posing with a giant-sized version of Snoopy. As Spelling cradles her belly, she is all smiles awaiting a visit from Santa. The stockings hanging in the back let us know it’s that time of year, and the best gift of all is what’s growing inside Spelling’s belly. It’s nice to see these two ladies still maintaining a relationship when many Hollywood friendships are short-lived. When that baby arrives, maybe Garth can help her gal pal out by babysitting every so often.

11 Sweater and a Sidekick


Spelling is striking a pose alongside a cool character from a movie being promoted. Spelling is dressed in a sweater which makes us think the weather isn’t warm at all. We are used to seeing the California girl in sundresses, shades, and sandals, so this covered-up look is not the norm for the warm weather loving lady. But she must feel secure and snuggly in her super cute sweater which hugs her growing baby bump in a warm wooly embrace. Hopefully, her kids got to go to this event with their mom, as it seems like it’s geared towards the little ones.

10 Gumball Machine Mom

Via: amberbaltics.com

Pregnant women have found many interesting ways to cover their bump, but who would have thought a gumball machine would be the latest (and greatest?) thing in maternity wear? Let’s hope this goofy getup is a costume rather than an actual outfit, because as cute as it is, it’s not exactly fashionable. Still, somehow Spelling manages to make “candy couture” a real head-turner, and that bright red shade looks great against her skin tone as she shows off her toned shoulders. Spelling even has some red highlights in her hair to match the look. Maybe this outfit is sweeter than we gave it credit for!

9 Filler Up

Via: todaysparent.com

Just because a gal is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t fill up her truck. Spelling has her hands on the hose and is getting her ride ready for the road. She won’t get far if she runs out of fuel, so as she’s dressed in her canary yellow dress and square-shaped shades, she steps out to the tank and takes matters into her own hands. Too bad her hubby isn’t with her to do the messy work, but Spelling is self-sufficient. Of course, the paparazzi were there to snap Spelling’s pic, but she’s not fazed by their intrusion. It’s not like she’s doing anything out of the ordinary, and she looks cute doing it.

8 Tori, Dean, and the Team

Via: cafemom.com

It’s a family outing at a screening of Disney’s Moana. Even the baby on the way is part of the animated action. The kids must have enjoyed the fun flick as much as they love holding their mom’s belly. Spelling looks happy and stylish, and her family is enjoying their moment on the blue carpet. This film is perfect for kids of all ages, and adults loved the plot just the same. It’s nice to see the growing group out and about enjoying an afternoon at the movies. And with those pregnancy cravings, we can guess Spelling had some snacks from the concession stand.

7 Green and White is Getting Tight

Via: whenyourebored.wordpress.com

Spelling looks amazing in this green and white halter dress, but it is hard to look at anything but that giant baby bump. Protruding and ready to “pop,” this belly is as big as a beach ball. But her size and shape won’t stop Spelling from going out for date night with her “baby daddy.” He is dressed in all black from head to toe and is holding a bag, hopefully filled with some goodies for his goddess. Naturally, these two can’t go out on the town without being photographed, but they keep their heads down and don’t worry about the whirlwind in their way.

6 Sharing with 'Steve'

Via: zimbio.com

Remember Steve Sanders from 90210? Here he is reunited with his former co-star, seemingly at the grocery store. Spelling appears to be handing the actor something from her cart, but it’s hard to tell what exactly is going on. Regardless, it’s nice to see these two together, even years after their hit TV show wrapped. If there is indeed a reboot, it will be fun to see these two back on the small screen together, although the storylines are sure to be quite different. We’ll have to wait to tune in and see if this rumored reboot really does come about. And if so, will the Peach Pit still be the go-to hangout spot?

5 Purple and Pregnant

Via: topsimages.com

Purple hair isn’t something we see every day, but Spelling rocks the uncommon color like only a cool mom could. Her kids are all smiles and posing with their pregnant mom, who is showing off a small-sized bump. Her cute purple dress goes with her hair, and the whole crew looks like they are having fun. Perhaps this is a dad-free afternoon where the kiddos can bond with their mom before the new baby arrives. With four kids already, Spelling is doing a balancing act. So when this next one is born, she’ll be plenty busy. Still, she managed to find the time to go from platinum to purple!

4 From Fetus to Baby Feet

Via: NYdailynews.com

Spelling looks happy (and super pregnant) as she poses in her orange dress waiting for her baby’s arrival. And in the top right corner, we can see those wrinkled feet and tiny toes after the delivery. Spelling loves to share her story, so seeing her pregnant and then showing off her baby’s pic is something fans expect from the tell-all celeb. Her little one is looking up at his mom with wonder, perhaps not understanding why mom’s belly is so big. But as he gets older, more babies will come and he will become more aware of the way things work.

3 Is Grunge Back in Style?

Via: nationalenquirer.com

Sometimes a gal feels more like herself in a grunge-themed getup. No, it’s not the ‘90s, but Spelling is sporting an ensemble that takes us back in time to her 90210 days. She looks casual and comfortable in a plaid button-down, worn out T-shirt, and a pair of jeans. Her baby bump is small but starting to show, and her braids keep her hair off her face as the weather warms up. Not every day calls for a dress or something stuffy, so this laid back look is perfect for a pregnant woman who just wants to get up and go.

2 It’s a…Dog?

Via: listal.com

Spelling is getting some stroller practice in by taking her dog on a walk through the park. As if she doesn’t have enough kids to cart around, now she is pampering her pooch rather than walking him on a leash. At least Spelling is getting some exercise in, but this lucky dog is enjoying a lazy afternoon in the shade. Spelling is dressed comfortably in a fall ensemble, covered in a classic cardigan and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. She is obviously ignoring the paparazzi, but they are probably more interested in her four-legged friend anyway. And with all the kids in the house, that pup is probably seeking some extra attention.

1 Pizza Pregnancy Cravings

Via: radaronline.com

Who doesn’t love pizza? Pregnant or not, cravings are a real thing, and a crispy and cheesy pizza hits the spot every time. Spelling is doing quite the balancing act with a pizza box in one hand and pushing a stroller with the other. The other kids are running behind, obviously excited for their delicious slices. Let’s hope the pregnant mom isn’t too hungry, because she’ll have to share that pizza with her family. Perhaps she should have considered buying more than one pie! Then again, maybe she’s got more tasty treats inside those white bags. Perhaps some salads, garlic knots, or even a crispy calzone.

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