20 Freaky Pics Of Twins From The Past

When it comes to twins, there is a very special connection that the rest of us do not share. They are not always best friends though, there are those that are just the opposite, and for whatever reason, one may turn out very kind and sensitive, while the other one seems to have a tremendous chip on their shoulder.

Sometimes twins like to have some fun with playing tricks on people and pretending to be their brother or sister. One of the cruelest jokes is going out on a date as your brother or sister’s twin just to see if the person you are going out with would notice. If they don’t and they try to go too far on the date, I really don’t think it should be their fault.

I myself have two nieces who are twins and when they were younger I never knew who was who. Although as they had grown older it was easier to tell them apart.

Not all twins look alike, I have a friend who has a twin brother and you wouldn’t even know that they were brothers.

For generations, the entertainment industry has used twins on so many different television shows especially when it comes to comedies. Here we are sharing with you some twins from the past. You might recognize some of them.

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20 The Wade Sisters

Diane Arbus - Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, 1967

The Wade sisters as they were known, whose real names are Cathleen and Colleen as it is said in the washingtonpost.com were 7 years old when a lady named Arbus found the girls in 1967, at a Christmas party. This was actually a party for twins and triplets and where the photo of these two girls was taken. In the picture, they are standing out on a sidewalk close enough to each other to almost seem as if they were conjoined at the shoulders, but they were not.

Arbus had a very large collection of photography some of which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Unfortunately in 1971 at the young age of 48 she ended up taking her life.

The twins father was not all that pleased with this photo because he said that Arbus really made them look kind of creepy and that they don’t really look like that in any of the other photos that he had of them.

You wouldn’t know it unless you look really close, but they both have a little chocolate on the corners of their mouths because they had just gotten finished eating some cake before the picture was taken.

19 The Original Siamese Twins

According to npr.org Chang and Eng who were born in Siam in 1811 were considered to be the original Siamese twins. These boys arrived in the United States in 1829 with Abel Coffin the businessman who saw these two boys and realized the potential to make some money.

The twins were quite talented and could do backflips and somersaults which is not an easy thing to do when you are attached to another person.

They were very good-natured boys. Once they took off half of the admission price for a man who only had one eye because they said that this man could only see half of what everyone else could see.

The twins were very resentful towards Abel because while they were being exploited, he was keeping all of the money. After a long battle they finally broke free of his clutches, and eventually started making their own money.

Chang and Eng married two sisters, and after being treated like someone else's property for so long, their father-in-law gave them their own 'helper' as a wedding gift.

Chang was the first to pass and, until Eng passed a couple of hours later, he had to face the horror of still being conjoined to his twin.

18 The Internet's Most Taken Picture

According to ModelMayhem.com, this photograph of twins Desi and Casi, for some reason, is one of the most stolen pictures on the internet. Is it because of their appearance?

Or maybe it's because of the mystery surrounding the photograph? No one really knows who these two brothers are but the internet speculated that their parents were, perhaps, related. Their ears, noses, and mouths are abnormally large which could prove what the internet has long been thinking. But, we will never truly know.

The only thing that we really seem to be known about these twins is that they were from South Africa and that this picture was taken in the year 1993. These two could definitely make it big in Hollywood cinema if they haven't already. I could really see them in a dark thriller that is set deep in the woods. I could always be very wrong though because for all I know they are two of the nicest guys you could meet.

Even though they both look strong and powerful, they also look like they have quite the story to tell.

17 The Famous Pip And Flip

Pip and Flip were very famous and well known “twins” in the great depression era. While they aren’t technically twins, they earned their spot on this list rightfully. They were open broadcast as twins. They were in the 1932 film called Freaks. They were professionally known as Pip and Flip but their birth names were actually Jenny Lee and Elvira snow, according to TheHumanMarvels.com.

The girls were from Hartwell, Georgia. Their parents were supporting the family by loaning the two out to all different shows. It is not certain about their age but some seem to believe that they were about 12 years apart.

These sisters were very far behind mentally for their age and Their childish ways are one of the things that people liked about them. They had made a good amount of money for that time period, but unfortunately, Jenny had died when she was only in her 20’s in 1934, but her sister Elvira lived on into her senior years, though it must have been quite lonesome without Jenny around.

These two may have looked a little odd, but their audience loved them. There is just something funny about grown people on tv acting like children, only these two weren’t acting.

16 The Tocci Twins

Giacomo and Giovanni Batista Tocci, or as they are better known according to thehumanmarvels.com the Tocci twins were born in Italy and although the exact date of their birth is not certain, it is believed that they may have been born in October of 1877.

Although they had separate hearts, and organs and they both had two functional arms, they each had only one leg so there may have been two legs total but each boy was in control of one of the legs so total cooperation was necessary in order for them to be able to walk. They also had to share one private part which I would imagine may have caused some trouble later in life.

Their father was their manager as they toured all around Europe, and eventually into the United States. During a visit to the US in 1891, The author Mark Twain became inspired by the twins which led to him Writing a short story called, “Those Extraordinary Twins.”

The twins retired at 20 years of age in 1897. During those years of touring, they had made a good amount of money and the boys bought a villa near Venice and after getting married to two separate women in 1904 they came under attack in the media and their wives were considered to be vulgar women because the boys only had one private part and two women. It is unknown when the two had died.

15 Twins Marrying Twins

In this picture we have two twin men marrying two twin women. According to hybridtechcar.com, these two couples work at the same restaurant. They work different shifts but for the longest time, many of the regular customers thought that is was just one couple working tirelessly around the clock. Eventually, after giving an interview for Today Morning Post, the truth had come out. I think that most of the customers probably got a nice laugh about it. It is pretty funny.

The trick some of these twins could play on people is endless. I really wonder what it was like for them in school, I think school is about the best place for twins to really have some fun.

I could very well have a twin out there somewhere because throughout my life I have been accused so many times of being places I hadn’t been, I even went into a video store and the clerk tried telling me that I was just in there about 10 minutes ago with a dog, I didn’t even have a dog. My own father even claimed he saw me walking a dog and I was nowhere around. Being adopted it is very possible, wish I knew for sure.

14 A Strong Bond

According to findagrave.com, this is a picture of conjoined twins, Guadalupe and Josephine Hinojosa which is dated somewhere around 1914, they were known as The Cuban Twins.

They are cute little girls who unfortunately were being used in a freak show in the early nineteen hundreds.

Guadalupe and Josephine were born Nov 25, 1912, in Mexico. In 1917 they had a very long surgery to separate them, unfortunately, they were sharing a liver and the doctors gave the liver to the oldest child Josephine, and Guadalupe very quickly passed because of not having one. Josephine had gone on to live a long life and died at the age of 89 in January 2002 in Mexico.

I am sure it must have been really hard for Josephine to grow up without her twin sister, and there may have even been some feelings of guilt knowing that she was chosen to keep the liver, while they had to just let her sister die. Even at the young age of 5, it must have been traumatic. It’s hard enough to lose a sibling, but twins, especially conjoined twins seem to share a much stronger bond than the rest of us do.

13 Millie And Christine McKoy

Millie and Christine were born in 1851 in North Carolina. They were born into slavery and along with their mother they were owned by a man named Jabez McKay who was a blacksmith. The twins were sold for $1,000.00 when they were only 10 months old to a showman who wanted to make money by putting them on exhibit.

Eventually, they were owned by a man named Joseph Pearson Smith who would hire them out to different shows. They appeared in P.T. Barnum's American Museum when they were 3 years old. At some point, they were stolen away by one of the showmen, but eventually, Mr. Smith found them and took them back home with himself.

Mr. Smith’s wife taught the girls a lot, like reading, writing, dancing, singing, and how to play the piano, all of which they used in the shows. The twins stayed with the Smiths even after they were emancipated and they continued performing for nearly 30 years.

They performed for Queen Victoria in 1871. They eventually joined Barnum's traveling circus in the 1880’s. In October 1912, Millie passed away from tuberculosis. In order for Christine to be able to pass quickly and painlessly, they gave her medication.

12 Born In 1912

According to researchgate.net, these twin boys were born in 1912. People could not tell these two apart and they would take advantage of it. One time one of the boys took a German language test for both of them and the other boy took the English language for the both of them.

I would imagine that these two may have really had some fun growing up. I know if I had an identical twin I would have really been messing with people all of the time. If I excelled in one class, I would have gladly taken the test for my twin and I, and then my twin could have taken all the tests that I was unsure of. It would have worked out great! Perhaps, we could have been valedictorians together.

There is not as much information on these boys as I would have preferred. It would have been great to know more about them. In my opinion, they look like little girls. But since this picture was over 100 years ago, I know that they would have typically been in dresses if they were little girls. I also believe that it may have been easier to tell them apart then people let on just because the one twin is a little chubbier in the face than the other

11 The Dolly Sisters

Yansci and Roszika Deutsch, otherwise known as, “The Dolly Sisters.” were born Oct. 25, 1892, in Budapest. After coming to the United States, the girls became an entertainment sensation. They eventually headed to the west coast were it appears they were very famous.

Both of these sisters seemed to have an eye for wealthy men, some of whom they married.

A choreographer in New York described them as being,”Cute as dolls,” thus they began calling themselves The Dolly Sisters.

They began attracting the attention of some very big names like Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, and even the future King Edward VIII. They became very well known names in all of the gossip columns and had they been part of this generation you would be seeing their faces in every grocery store aisle, and they would probably even have their own talk show, or reality television show.

They performed as Siamese twins in 1911 for Florenz Ziegfeld in his “Ziegfeld Follies.” And then they spent the rest of their career as Siamese twins. It was because of this show that they had become international stars.

10 The Kessler Twins

This picture of Alice and Ellen Kessler better known as,”The Kessler Twins,” is frompinterest.com backstage in 1959 at the Lido, Paris. The rest of the article comes from wikiwand.com where you will also find many more pictures of these two beautiful twins.

The girls were born in August of 1936 in Germany. They were very popular in Germany and Italy in the 50’s and 60’s. They may not have been very popular in the United States but they did appear in Sodom and Gomorrah in 1963 as dancers and were also on the cover of Life magazine that same year.

They appeared in a men’s magazine at the age of 40. In 1986 they had moved back to Germany. Even though they are in their 80’s they are still very pretty ladies. I guess true beauty never really fades. The world of beauty is a tough way to live because it is for the younger women, and as you get older, companies just replace you with a younger face, but some women carry their age very well.

There is a difference between aging, and getting old. There are those who somehow appear as though they had just stepped out of the fountain of youth.

9 The Hilton Sisters

According to allthatsinteresting.com these conjoined twins were born in England in 1908. Their mother Kate Skinner was a barmaid at the time and was not married. Kate believed that the girls were born the way they were as a punishment from God.

Kate’s employer, Mary Hilton took the girls under her own care which is where they got the name the Hilton twins. Mary did not care at all about these girls, the only thing she saw was a chance to exploit them for money.

Beginning at the age of only three, the twins had begun their journey to all different places in a sideshow circus. After Mary had passed, her sister took over with the twins and didn't treat them very well. The girls had learned how to dance and play instruments in order to bring in even more money.

After some encouragement from their friend Harry Houdini, the girls at age 25 sued Mary for a substantial amount of money and finally went out to live their own lives. They had spent some years acting in films until later on in life they worked in a grocery store which they enjoyed, but then one day they did not show up for work and they were then found in their home, they had passed away from the flu in 1969.

8 Lucio And Simplicio Godino

According to positivelyfilipino.com this picture of Lucio and Simplicio was taken around 1918-1920 when the boys were about 10 years old.

As soon as they had turned ten an American promoter had brought them to the United States where they were exhibited in the freak show, Samar United Twins in Coney Island.

Their days in this show were brief as someone from the Brooklyn Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children quickly had the boys removed from the show. After this, a man named Teodoro Yangco from Washington DC gained custody of the boys.

They were placed in a public school and became fluent in English. The boys moved back to the Philippines with Teodoro in March of 1920 which he then formally adopted the boys.

1929 was a big year for the twins, they had turned 21 years of age, their father had given them their own automobile which was a model T. They also started a band called, “All Filipino Band.”

In 1929 they married the Motos sisters. Lucio died in 1936 and then was successfully separated from his brother just to give him a couple more days to live. The twins only lived to be 29.

7 Seeing Double

Twins. Studio Shehrazade, Saida, Lebanon, 1950s. Hashem el Madani 2007 Akram Zaatari born 1966 Presented by Tate International Council 2008 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/P79501

The only thing that seems to be known about this picture is that it is from the 1950’s according to andfaraway.net. Not even sure if they are two boys, two girls or even a boy and a girl. The one on the right is much smaller than the one on the left.

The blankets and the fir rug make it look nice and cozy, but the one on the left doesn’t really look like he wants to stay sitting for too long. Looking at their faces, they are probably of an Arab descent.

Anytime I look at pictures of twins but don’t have any info on them I can’t help but wonder what they look like today, and what they are doing with their lives. Obviously, if these two are still around somewhere they are kind of old now. So it also makes me wonder what kind of life these two had lived. I think about that not only with twins but with any old photos from the past. It is always interesting to think about all that they may have experienced throughout their lives.

I always thought it would be neat to have a twin, whether a brother or a sister.

6 Modern Times

Who hasn’t heard of the Olsen twins? Those cute little girls who stole our heart in the 90’s. As adorable as they were, according to intouchweekly.com they really did not care for the spotlight. The older they got the more private they became.

The twins were 18 years old when they retired from acting. In 2004 they played in the film New York Minute, which just happened to be their last film together. Even though Ashley stopped acting at 18, Mary-Kate had continued acting for a little while.

In 2007 Mary-Kate appeared in, “Weeds.” and in 2011 she appeared in, “Beastly.”

Mary-Kate had entered a facility for eating problems in 2004. Ashley hasn’t gotten married but Mary-Kate has. In 2015 she had married a man 17 years older than herself. She and her sister have both done very well in the fashion industry.

Although they were so loved for their role in the Full House series, they did not return for Fuller House which aired in 2016.

If you look at their younger pictures, you would never know that they are not identical twins but rather fraternal twins. According to graziadaily.co.uk they were the youngest Hollywood producers at the very young age of 6. Quite an accomplishment for such young girls.

5 The Brown Twins

Marian and Vivian Brown were born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, they were born 8 minutes apart and Marian said that Vivian was older because she had kicked her out. They graduated high school as co-valedictorians in 1945.

In 1970 they moved to San Francisco at the age of 43. When they had gotten to San Francisco Marian got a job in a bank and Vivian got a job as a legal secretary.

The two women were more like one because they would always dress identical, walk arm in arm and would even eat their meals at the same pace, even to go as far as lifting the food to their mouths at the same time.

You would think that one brain was controlling both of them.

Vivian had taken a bad fall in 2012 and from that point on her health started to deteriorate. Vivian died in 2012 at the age of 85 and her sister Marian died two years later at the age of 87. I am sure that after all of those years of being so very close it must have hit Marian so hard when her sister died, it must have felt like a huge part of herself was gone. It’s even surprising that she lasted another two years without her other half.

4 Margaret And Barbara

This is a picture from the early 1950’s according to pinterest.es of twins Margaret and Barbara, or the Skinner twins on Congress Beach. This was a time when swimsuit designers were creating suits that were slightly more revealing, but still a far cry from what is available out there today.

Some of today's swimsuits are nothing more than a piece of string, not much different than going nude. I think our great-grandparent would be turning over in their graves if they saw what the women are wearing these days.

Women might look good in today’s swimwear, and I may be a little old fashion but I really wish some of the old fashions would come back again, and start covering up a little more again. But I guess some of the men today are just as bad with what they wear, I saw some men wearing something that didn’t even cover the entire package.

The way the world is today we might as well just get rid of swimwear all together and just start going all natural. These twins are not showing all that much, they are well covered and yet still very lovely. You don’t have to show off your goods to be sexy.

3 Twin Baby Girls

According to pinterest.com, this is a 1960’s photo of two beautiful twin baby girls. You really don’t see those types of little bonnets anymore on babies. It’s too bad I think they look adorable. Not sure if these two are identical but if you really look closely at all of their facial features, they sure look identical.

I think a lot of the baby clothes that went out of style used to be really cute but time goes on and changes take place and we adapt, that's called life, although many times different trends end up coming back to us eventually.

Mothers are usually good at telling their twins apart but there are some cases where even the mother gets confused. I am constantly getting my children mixed up and none of them are even twins. I was thinking about making them were name tags, and I wouldn’t doubt that there are some parents of twins out there that have done just that. But then I could also see the twins purposely switching their name tags just to have a little fun. I wish my mom would have gotten my brother and I mixed up when it was time for punishment.

2 Frank And John

According to thewareaglereader.com in the early 1940’s there were two twin brothers named Frank and John who played for the Tigers.

It was so hard to tell them apart that they had to wear huge, clumsy looking signs on their chests with their names on them so that everybody would know who is who.

At least they were on the same team, can you imagine twins on opposing teams?

You would think that their jersey numbers would have been enough, but apparently not, unless maybe the coach was heartless enough to make fools out of them for some twisted reason, maybe he didn’t like twin who knows, it just looks a little degrading.

I haven't found too much about Frank, but John did quite well for himself as he became the head coach at John Hopkins and Baylor. And from 1973-1979 he became Florida State’s athletic director.

In 1979 John left Florida State to go to the University of New Mexico where his brother Frank was serving as a principal at an engineering firm. So the two boys have been reunited. John passed away at the age of 84 in New Mexico, They were a very accomplished set of twins.

1 A Gloomy Shot

These two twins would be much cuter if they would maybe smile a little, they really do look a little sad, like mom is making them dress up for pictures but they would rather not. But then again, look at the mother, she really doesn’t look like a happy camper either. Or maybe back then people really did not like to smile. I have noticed in a lot of older pictures you don’t see a lot of smiles on their faces

I don’t know what is with the canes that the children are holding unless momma has them dancing for people or something, but my guess is that it is just some kind of fashion statement.

I like the feather hat the mom is wearing, they were quite popular many years ago. The mother may be forcing these children to pose for this pic but as I look at her face, she really looks like someone else is forcing her to stand there as well, it doesn’t look like she wants to be there at all. I just wonder why the person taking the picture didn’t get them to look a little happier before taking it

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