20 Pics Of Victoria’s Secret Models Pregnant

Victoria's Secret models are some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and when these stunning models are expecting, they still manage to look fabulous. Whether Miranda Kerr is on the red carpet for an event or Gisele Bundchen is lying out in the sun, these top models love flaunting their physiques, even when it looks like they are about to pop!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show welcomed these women to walk the catwalk pregnant, and not one of them even appeared to be expecting. So far, only five VS models have walked in the show while pregnant: Candice Swanepoel, Alessandra Ambrosio, Doutzen Kroes, and Lily Aldrige, and in 2018, we saw Irina Shayk wear a spectacular and creative number that covered up her teeny baby bump. Fans would have never guessed that these models were pregnant.

However, these working moms are just like us and have dealt with (or are now dealing with) the stressful and not-so-laid-back parts of being pregnant and parenting children. These top models also sure know how to cover up that stress when they are in public! Here are 20 photos of Victoria's Secret models pregnant that might make people feel a tad envious, but in reality, these women are all experiencing the same things regular moms come across when it comes to pregnancy and raising kids.

20 Miranda Kerr Dressed To Impress (And It Worked)

Photo Via: au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Miranda Kerr has two sons, Flynn, eight, whom she had with her ex-husband actor Orlando Bloom, and Hart, one, whom she and her husband, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. According to E! News, the couple are expecting their third child and growing their gorgeous family. Kerr attended the Gruner + Jahr Spa Awards back in March, where she wore a glamorous pink gown by Alex Perry and took photos cradling her baby bump. The Victoria’s Secret model looked amazing that night out in Germany and even here in this photo, easily rocking high heels while pregnant.

19 Bar Refaeli Baring Her Bump In Form-Fitting Fashion

Photo Via: pinterest.com

Model Bar Rafaeli has two daughters with billionaire businessman Adi Ezra, named Liv and Elle. According to Harpers Bazar, the VS model, who married Ezra in Israel, plans to raise "a big Jewish family" with him. Bar has documented her second pregnancy journey on her social media, with multiple pictures of her in bikinis having a wonderful time, laying in the grass and soaking up the sun. It's safe to say she enjoyed her time pregnant with her two children and looked fabulous during those months. But while she loves to showcase her baby bump online, Rafaeli keeps photos of her two kids private.

18 Adriana Lima Makes Mini-Dresses A Mom Thing

Photo Via: popsugar.com

Adriana Lima has been a Victoria's Secret Angel from 1999 to 2018, making her one of the biggest names in the fashion company. Now that she has said goodbye to her wings, Lima has a lot more time to focus on her two girls, Valentina Lima Jaric, nine, and Sienna Lima Jaric, six. While Lima is known for showing off her figure, she admitted that she doesn't think women should have to live with such "superficial values" that are experienced today when it comes to how a woman should look. "It's not fair for us," Lima told Today, adding, "Beyond fair, it's physically and mentally not healthy."

17 Bianca Balti With A Mona Lisa Smile

Photo Via: thegracetales.com

Bianca Balti is a supermodel from Italy that has walked in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2005. Balti has two daughters with two different men; she has a daughter named Matilde, with her ex-husband Christian Lucidi, and a second daughter named Mia with her current boyfriend Matthew McRae. In an interview with Fox, she admitted that she didn't always have a model-ready body. "When I was pregnant with my second baby I almost gained 50 pounds... I enjoyed my pregnancy, but then I had to lose the [mass] for work. I had contracts and I had to get back in shape immediately. It took me some time. But I've never felt so empowered like I did when I got back in shape because, besides feeling good about my body, it's just empowering to set a goal and make it happen," she said.

16 Jourdan Dunn Doing This

Photo Via: vogue.co.uk

In an interview, Jourdan Dunn stated that she has no regrets when she had to become a parent at an early age. The model had her son, Riley when she was just 18 years old and explained that while finding out she was pregnant on a family vacation was tough, she regained focus and embraced her pregnancy. "Having my son was the best decision I made," Dunn said, adding, "Initially, I worried what other people were going to think and say. Automatically, I said to myself: I can't have this baby. And then it wasn't until I stopped worrying about other people and started to think about what I actually wanted that I realized: 'Yeah, I'm going to do this.'"

15 Candice Swanepoel Stuns, Of Course

Photo Via: rediff.com

Candice Swanepoel has two sons with her husband to be, Hermann Nicoli, Ariel and Anacan and tells People that parenting is quite "intense." "It's pretty intense, but it's amazing," the Victoria's Secret model shared, adding, "To see the love between them is amazing. It's a lot, I'm not gonna lie. The second one is a lot easier, but the situation of having two makes it harder." However, the busy mom stated that she feels way more confident and laid-back with her second child, Ariel, even expressing that her older son is an "angel." "He's like, 'Mommy, I know you don't need more stress.'"

14 Eva Herzigova Chic And Sophisticated

Photo Via: fashionmodeldirectory.com

Model Eva Herzigova has walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show catwalk three consecutive times. The model has three sons with Gregorio Marsiaj: George, 12, Philipe, eight, and Edward, six. In an interview with Tatler magazine, Herzigova admitted that she often wondered about what life would have been like if she wasn't scouted and became a model. "On the one hand modeling has taught me so much I would never have learned in school. I've traveled the world and I've built up a huge visual library of knowledge through my work. But a little part of me wonders what I could have done if I had worked with my mind, not just my body," she said.

13 Coco Rocha Keeping It Casual Yet Classy

Photo Via: twitter.com

Model Coco Rocha has two children with husband James Conran, a daughter Ioni, four, and a son, Iver, one. For Parents.com, Rocha explained that she loves being a mom and also never gives her kids a time out. She explains, "I got spanked. I got grounded for two months at a time. I thought I'd discipline Ioni strongly, too, but just putting her in the corner is the saddest, most upsetting thing. Whenever I say, 'Ioni, if you don't listen, I'll put you in the corner,' I ask myself, 'Why did I say that? Not I have to follow through.' She won't stay, so I sit with her and we wait it out together.'"

12 Natasha Poly With Earth Mama Vibes

Photo Via: rte.ie

Supermodel Natasha Poly, of Russia, has two children with businessman Peter Bakker, whom she married in Saint-Tropez in 2011. The couple has a daughter named Aleksandra Christina, six, and a son named Adrian Grey Bakker, one. Poly has walked for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show twice, in 2005 and 2006. The top model shared this striking picture of her cradling her baby bump when she was pregnant with her daughter in 2013 and looks simply stunning. With a bare face and maxi dress, Natasha can still strike a pose while pregnant.

11 Liya Kebede Dressing For Success

Photo Via: pinterest.com/vogue.co.uk

Liya Kebede is an Ethiopia-born model and has two children named Raee and Suhul, with her husband Kassy Kebede. As a model, Liya travels a lot and motioned that she loves having her two children with her when she's off on her adventures whether it's for work or for fun. "I love traveling with them and opening their eyes to other cultures," Kebede said, adding, "It is very heartwarming to see them blossom and grow right in front of my eyes. Ultimately, I hope that they will cherish family, health, freedom, respect, and creativity as much as I do."

10 Doutzen Kroes (And A Famous Mom Friend)

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VS model Doutzen Kroes and her husband Sunnery James, who are both Dutch, decided to remove their two kids, Phyllon, seven, and Myllena, three, from the hustle and bustle of New York City and relocate the family to their home country of Holland. She told Fashion Magazine, "[My husband and I] we're both Dutch, and so it's nice to have the kids grow up with family around them. They're our link to the future, and I want them to live in a great world." Kroes was of course a Victoria's Secret model from 2008 until 2014, leaving her angel’s wings for opportunities in Europe and of course, to raise her two kids away from the Big Apple with her husband.

9 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley With A Day Look Done Right

Photo Via: breakfastwithaudrey.com.au

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been together with actor Jason Statham since 2010 and the couple welcomed their son Jack Oscar Statham in 2017. Like some celebrities, the couple does not like to show their son's face on social media, however, the model and actress has posted some cleverly cute shots with Jason and their son Jack traveling, on private planes and of her and her son relaxing on a hammock. Rosie's fashion has been on point since she was pregnant with Jack and loved sharing photos of her growing belly with her fans on her social media and when she's attending movie events with Jason.

8 Behati Prinsloo Not Shying Away From Sharing

Photo Via: people.com

Behati Prinsloo became a Victoria's Secret Angel in 2009 and has walked nine consecutive Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows. While Behati sure seems busy with her modeling gigs, she also makes time for her two kids with rocker Adam Levine, two-year-old Dusty Rose Levine and one-year-old Gio Grace Levine. Both parents are obsessed with their girls and share loads of photos on their social media accounts. Prinsloo told People that she and Adam love being parents. "I think for both of us, we're just obsessed with being a family and having a family - seeing this next step in our life. He's such an incredible dad, and so excited to see her grow up. It's so awesome," the model said.

7 Heidi Klum Holding Hands

Photo Via: access.com

Veteran model Heidi Klum has four children, two sons and a daughter, which she had with singer and songwriter Seal, and a daughter that she had with a previous relationship with Flavio Briatore, who Seal ended up adopting. Klum is multi-talented, but she doesn’t want her kids to become models despite the recent trend of supermodel kids. Instead, Klum admitted that she wanted her children to concentrate on her studies. On parenting.com, the model described her parenting style as "loving," adding, "I had an upbringing that was quite harsh. My dad was very strict and at times very harsh, and I didn't want to be like that."

6 Karolina Kurkova Kickin' It In High — Really High — Heels

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Supermodel Karolina Kurkova has two boys, Tobin, nine, and Noah, three, with husband Archie Drury and talked about raising confident boys with Hamptons magazine two years ago. The VS model stated, "We take Tobin a lot of places maybe parents wouldn't take their kids. We take him out to dinner or to certain events and to spiritual places to meet interesting people, so he's very open and he is very comfortable with anybody. He's interested, he's curious, and he loves to learn. We don't say, 'Oh, you're just a baby, you won't understand.' We took him to India and took him to the slums. We are exposing him to different religions. He has questions and I want him to learn properly, so we watch documentaries."

5 Lily Aldridge Glowing Like None Other

Photo Via: dailymail.co.uk

Lily Aldridge is married to Kings of Leon lead vocalist Caleb Followill and the couple has two children, Dixie, six, and Winston, three months. The 33-year-old model has walked in nine Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows and has even appeared in two Kings of Leon music videos. When she isn't modeling or acting, Lily is busy taking care of her children with her husband, telling People that parents should encourage constant communication with their kids. Lily explained that her daughter Dixie "loves to talk to me on the phone, so I'll call her even if I'm in the other room. And she'll pick up and be like, 'Hi, Mom, it's Dixie!' It melts my heart, because she is just so sweet and so talkative, and I'm so proud of her.'"

4 Irina Shayk Doing That Disney Thing

Photo Via: people.com

Irina Shayk was the latest model to walk the VS Fashion Show while pregnant, wearing a creative red piece that hid her tiny belly bump. The model has one daughter named Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper with actor Bradley Cooper. Speaking to E! News, Shayk explained that she is passionate about being a working mom. "I think now a woman has the freedom to work and to be a mom and to be herself. I think it's really important to remember that a woman is the strongest one and that if we want we can manage everything at the same time," the model shared.

3 Alessandra Ambrosio In Comfy-Looking Casual Pieces

Photo Via: todaysparent.com

Alessandra Ambrosio is a pro when it comes to managing her modeling and taking care of her two children at the same time. In 2008, she walked the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show three months after giving birth to her first child and in 2011, she wore the heaviest Angel's wings at the show, which were 30 pounds while pregnant with her second child. After the VS show in 2017, Ambrosio posted on her feed that she was retiring after "17 Victoria's Secret Fashion Shows." The model has a daughter named Anja and a son named Noah with her ex-fiancé of ten years Jamie Mazur.

2 Gisele Bundchen Rocking It

Photo Via: growingyourbaby.com

Top model Gisele Bundchen has two children; a son, Benjamin and a daughter Vivian with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. In her book, Lessons: My Path to a Meaningful Life, Bundchen shared her unconventional home remedies for illnesses like using natural oils throughout her life, including swishing coconut oil in her mouth when she wakes up every morning and massaging her children's feet with aromatherapy oil before bed. The model also wrote that she would put slices of onions in her children's rooms if they have a fever. Her most unusual remedy is pouring really cold milk onto a cloth, covering the outside of the cloth in plastic wrap and arranging it around her children’s throats when they have sore throats.

1 More Miranda Kerr, Sporting Sneakers This Time, And Still So Cute

Photo Via: wsbuzz.com

Like we mentioned before, Miranda Kerr is one stylish mom and knows how to rock her baby bump in the cutest fashions. Kerr has two sons, one with actor Orlando Bloom named Flynn and Hart with husband Evan Spiegel. Even though she is a top model, Kerr told Marie Claire that she is totally fine that she doesn't have quite the same figure as she did before she had kids. Kerr welcomed her post-baby body telling the magazine that she doesn't care that her body isn't how it once was. "I don't mind. It's all part of it. I took nine months - well, 10 months - to grow a beautiful child and it might take 10 months to feel good in a swimsuit again. Or longer. Or never!" Kerr said.

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