20 Pics That Show Us What The Olsen Twins Would Be Like As Moms

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen may be grown-ups now — they turn 33 on June 13th — but neither one of them has gotten pregnant yet. Fans of the famous twins are definitely curious about what they would be like if they had children. After all, they were such cute kids themselves and starred in such fun movies, from It Takes Two to Billboard Dad.

We might not know that Mary-Kate is actually a stepmother: When the twins were interviewed by Net-A-Porter, MK said, "But then I have a husband, two step-kids and a life; I have to go home and cook dinner. I ride horses on the weekends." Mary-Kate tied the knot with Olivier Sarkozy in 2015, so she is talking about his children.

While Mary-Kate is married, Ashley is not. According to a Daily Mail article from January 2019, Ashley has been linked to Louis Eisner, so maybe wedding bells are in their future.

We're definitely curious about what it would be like if MK and Ashley got pregnant. We know one thing for sure: They would be winning the style game on a daily basis. Here are 20 pics that show us what the Olsen twins would be like as moms.

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20 They Would Throw Fabulous Parties For Their Children, And Everyone (Kids And Mothers Alike) Would Dream Of An Invite

via Pinterest

Can we deal with how beautiful these dresses are?! In this fabulous picture, the Olsen twins are wearing what looks like a pink velvet dress and a really interesting black dress. They have styled them so well -- one twin has a leather jacket over it and the other one has a sheer cover-up -- and they couldn't look better.

We can see it now: the Olsen twins would be moms who would always throw fabulous parties for their children. They would have the best themes, the best food, and the best games, and everyone would really, really want to be invited... and that goes for kids and their moms, too.

19 They Could Also Be The Moms Who Look Nothing Less Than Fabulous And Fashionable At School Pick-Up

via W Magazine

Oh, school pick-up. Moms know that this is a big part of the day, and if the Olsen twins were moms who did the whole school drop-off and pick-up thing on a daily basis, they would always look fabulous.

Mary-Kate and Ashley would take the #momuniform to a whole new level. Instead of leggings or comfortable athleisure, we bet they would wear something like their black outfits in this photo. They would wear black shirts, pants, and belted coats, and they would look very elegant.

Would they enjoy school pick-up and having to talk to other mothers? We're not sure. As a mom wrote for Babble, "if you’re a fellow introverted mother, you understand the struggle school-pickup presents." The Olsen twins do keep things pretty private, so maybe they would agree with this (but they would look fabulous anyway).

18 The Twins Would Have Flawless Hair And Give Other Moms Beauty Advice

via Forbes and The Cut

It's hard to overstate how perfect the twins' hair looks in these two photos. In the photo on the left, one has long waves and the other has shiny long hair, and in the photo on the right, they've both got long wavy locks.

If the Olsen twins were moms, they would give other moms beauty advice and they would always appear to be flawless. Other moms would message them on social media or try to catch them at their kids' schools and ask them some questions. We would totally do the same thing. We want to know what they do to get those shiny, long waves.

17 Mary-Kate Would Be A Busy Mom, Having Fun Running Errands And Getting Things Done (Never Without A Cup Of Coffee In Hand)

via Daily Mail

This photo of Mary-Kate Olsen makes us think that she would always be running around, getting things done, with her classic cup of coffee in one hand. (Of course, she is a stepmom to two kids, so this might be what she does all the time.)

We can probably remember that back in the day, the Olsens were always carrying coffees: as Life & Style says, "For a brief but glorious time in the mid-2000s, you could not see a photograph of the Olsen twins without them clutching a Starbucks twice their size. Seriously, the entire Mary-Kate and Ashley image was best crafted during the NYU years, when a Venti latte was their only camouflage from the paparazzi."

It looks like this is still the case and the twins still love their coffee. (And so do all moms.)

16 Ashley Would Be The Hyper-Focused Supermom Who Never Misses Anything

via fashionprose.wordpress

When we see this photo of Ashley Olsen, it seems pretty clear that she would be a hyper-focused mom and she would really rock the whole thing. She would make lists, get everything done every day, and never miss anything at all.

Fans of the Olsen twins may not know a ton about their adult lives because we got to know them as kids through their many movies but these days, they're out of the spotlight a lot. But we do get glimpses whenever we see photos of the twins, and we can see that Ashley's sense of style over the years has been pretty structured. We could see as a mom, wearing a similar outfit to the one in this photo.

15 The Sisters Would Have Their Babies At The Same Time And Share Advice, And Sister Elizabeth Olsen Would Make A Great Aunt

via People

In August 2018, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, and according to Refinery 29, Ashley said, “It’s been 32 years of learning how to communicate." She said they are in “a marriage and a partnership. We have had ups and downs...We do everything together."

Since we always see photos of the twins as a pair, even now, we can guess that they are still so connected to one another. That makes us wonder if, once they became mothers, they would have their babies around the same time. We also think that their sister, Elizabeth Olsen (a very talented actress), would be a great aunt as they seem close. The twins gave her advice about not talking about her love life: according to Vogue.co.uk, Elizabeth said, “I don’t want to tell anyone else’s story."

14 The Olsen Twins Would Definitely Be Amazing Working Moms, And Would Figure Out A Balance


Based on this photo of the Olsen twins wearing cool long coats and looking very serious, we can tell that they would be amazing working mothers who have figured out that balance.

We bet that MK and Ashley would give interviews about "that elusive and tough work/life balance" and other moms would gain a lot of wisdom from them. The twins have been running their fashion brand, The Row, since 2006, and they also have Elizabeth and James, which has been around since 2007.

They're very devoted to their jobs and, in an interview with Harpers Bazaar in 2010, Mary-Kate said about being photographed, "We're either at home or here at the studio. I think they got bored of us."

13 They Would Teach Their Kids To Be Themselves And Express Themselves Through Clothing, And Sign Them Up For Creative Activities

via Vanity Fair

When it comes to celebrities who totally express themselves through fashion, we have to hand it to the Olsen twins because they do this all the time. In almost every picture that we're lucky enough to see, we praise their outfits and their interesting choices.

This photo gives us a glimpse of the twins when they've put together two really creative and beautiful outfits. The bohemian chic look always looks great on Mary-Kate and Ashley, and we love the cowboy boots and patterns and layers here.

If the Olsen twins were moms, they would definitely encourage their children to express themselves through clothing just like they do. They would also sign them up for acting lessons or singing lessons or art classes, we bet.

12 They Would Be Healthy Moms Who Go To Yoga And The Gym A Lot

both images are via Pinterest

There are quite a few candid photos of Ashley Olsen going to and from yoga class (with her trusty coffee cup in hand sometimes), so we bet that if the Olsen twins were moms, they would be healthy and go to yoga a lot.

Yoga is so awesome for your mind as well as being a good way to exercise, and a lot of moms like to work out because it's good "me time" and can really help you de-stress.

According to My Domaine, Ashley works out with Jessica Schatz, a trainer in L.A. Jessica told the publication, "She is extremely strong and works incredibly hard... Ashley is extremely disciplined, hardworking and open to trying anything new."

11 The Twins Would Totally Have Their Kids See The World (And Travel In Style, Of Course)

via Zimbio and Pinterest

If you're fortunate enough to have the means to travel with your family, it's definitely something to be grateful for. We know that the Olsen twins have quite the hefty bank accounts by now since they were child stars and have been working steadily in the fashion world for quite a while now. We can guess that if they were mothers, they would want their children to see the world.

Of course, it probably goes without saying but they would always make sure to travel in style. Based on these two photos of the twins en route, we can tell that they love to wear sophisticated all-black outfits when traveling, and their luggage is always stylish as well.

10 The Twins Would Be Hippie Moms Who Grow Their Own Vegetables And Believe In A Natural Lifestyle

via Bravo NZ

When we see this photo of the Olsen twins, we definitely think that this is a hippie look, which makes us think that they would be hippie moms who grow their own food. They would totally follow a natural lifestyle and be the moms who others turn to when they want advice on natural, organic remedies.

Of course, the Olsens look like very high-end and fancy hippies in this photo, so they would always look their best and also give fashion and style advice to other moms. We bet that other moms would wish that they could borrow clothes from them.

9 MK And Ashley Would Love Being Moms... But Wouldn't Let Go Of Their Glam Sides, Either (And Would Keep Attending Fashion Shows And Events)

via Buzzfeed

The Olsen twins seem very comfortable in the fashion world, and they seem to attend a lot of fashion shows. They're always nothing less than flawless and stylish whenever we see pictures of them attending these events.

We can guess that if they became moms, they would still attend fashion shows and they would fit them into their schedule. As all moms know, you have to juggle your interests and job and raising your family, but with planning and thought it can totally be done. Mary-Kate and Ashley would figure it out, we're very certain... and maybe give the rest of us some tips? (We can always use them.)

8 They Would Totally Be The Mysterious Moms That Others Are Envious Of From Afar... But Super Nice Once You Get To Know Them

via Pinterest

It seems that the Olsen twins tend to keep to themselves and they are very close, so we tend to think of the famous sisters as very mysterious. They also have a very elegant and mysterious look about them as they often wear all black and they enjoy long coats and lots of layers.

If they were moms, they would still have an aura of mystery surrounding them. Other moms would see them at their kids' schools or around and wonder about them... but once they started talking to them, they would see that the sisters are super nice. (Honestly, we all probably thought this about various people, even if they weren't famous.)

7 They Wouldn't Join Mommy And Me Groups And Would Rely On One Another

via Us Weekly

Since we usually see the Olsen twins together, we would have to guess that they wouldn't be big on "Mommy and Me" groups.

There are a lot of moms who like these groups and just as many who don't. As a mom shared on Working Mother, "Ladies, if you meet with other moms and feel discouraged afterwards, stop and assess the fit. Have the courage to walk away and find a new set of moms. I do meet with other moms, but not in a group format. For me, I get what I need from one-on-one coffee conversations with other moms."

It seems like the Olsens wouldn't join these groups and would rely on each other. They could give each other help and advice.

6 Mary-Kate And Ashley Wouldn't Share A Lot About #MomLife On Social Media... But Would Randomly Pop In To Praise Coffee's Powers

via Olsens Anonymous and Pinterest

Do we love coffee? Like really, really love coffee and think that we can't possibly get enough of it (even though we know that we can't drink it all day because #nosleep and we already are so tired as moms)?

The Olsen twins definitely enjoy coffee, and based on these two pictures, we can imagine them as moms who praise coffee's powers in social media posts. They wouldn't write these posts all the time, of course, since they're not big on social media and they keep their personal lives, well, personal. But maybe they would upload some fun selfies with coffee (and their cute babies) every once in a while.

5 The Girls Would Encourage Their Kids To Always Play Fair And Get Along (Since They Love Their Own Special Sisterly Bond)

via Pinterest

It's very sweet to see that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have remained super close and that even in their early 30's, it truly seems like nothing has changed since their childhood and teen years.

It seems like the Olsen twins would be moms who would encourage their kids to love their siblings and always get along. Moms with more than one kid totally know that there are days when siblings just don't mesh well together but for the most part, you can do your best to make sure that the kids are all happy and playing together. We're also pretty confident that the twins' kids would be friends with each other, too.

4 Their Mom Uniforms Would Totally Be Black Coats, Not Sweats Or Leggings

via Bloglovin

Do any of us wear leggings all the time as our #momlook or #momuniform? Leggings are always a solid clothing pick for busy, time-strapped mothers, so it's really no wonder that they are so popular.

If the Olsen twins were mamas, it seems like they would go for black coats instead of black leggings, and that would be a staple of their #momuniform. And, of course, we would be waiting for any photos that we could see of them with their kids, walking around and looking so fabulous. We might even be inspired to get a long black coat ourselves (and wear it over leggings, of course... we just can't give those up).

3 We Bet That Mary-Kate Would Be The Boho 'Go With The Flow' Mama And Ashley Would Have More Structured Routines

via Huff Post and Pinterest

Okay, so we don't know a ton about the individual personalities of the Olsen twins since they don't give a lot of interviews and they don't share their lives on social media the way that many other celebrities do.

But they do know how to dress (really well, at that) and we have seen countless photos of them in both formal and more casual wear. That leads us to believe that if the Olsen twins were moms, Mary-Kate would be more of the "go with the flow" type and Ashley would follow more of a structured routine... based on some of the outfits that the twins have been photographed in.

2 The Twins Seem Like Moms Who Would Go All Out For Halloween (As Black Is Their Fave Color)

via In Touch Weekly

You either really enjoy Halloween and go all out for it every year or you try to avoid it at all costs. There isn't really a middle ground between those two. But once you become a mom, you definitely appreciate Halloween a lot more, along with every other holiday. It's so much fun to celebrate and make it super magical for your little ones.

Since the Olsen twins really love wearing black (and almost every time they're photographed, they're wearing at least one black item of clothing), it seems like they would be the kind of moms who love Halloween. They would decorate and dress up and make it a really fun time... And since they're fashion designers, maybe they would even design their kids' costumes, too.

1 The Olsens Would Be Chill Moms Who Never Judge Others (Since They Have Been Famous Their Entire Lives)

via Pinterest and Glamour UK

If the Olsen twins were moms, it seems like they would be very chill and non-judgmental. After all, they started off as child stars and they have been famous for their entire lives.

Why would they judge other moms when people have said things about them and written about them online for decades?

It would definitely be cool to see the Olsen twins as moms and watch out for their pregnancy looks, along with how they would raise their children and what kinds of interviews they would give (if any). But even if that doesn't happen, we'll be happy to see pictures of our favorite twins in their latest looks.

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