20 Pictures Of Celeb Parents Shopping At Target

It’s not always Target, but many families out there have it: that bargain store they shop at to feel like they’re getting a good old-fashioned deal!

It’s not always Target, but I bet many families out there have it: It’s that bargain store they shop at to feel like they’re getting a good old-fashioned deal. Maybe there’s just something programmed into our brains from a young age by advertising telling us that it’s better if we got it for a good price.

Even people who don’t “have” to worry about money or keep a careful budget sometimes find themselves hunting for bargains or being greatly satisfied that they paid a little less than someone else for something new, be it groceries, a car, or clothing.

And are famous celebrities immune? Oh, no. Apparently, they hit up discount superstores now and then just like other people to buy things like Christmas decorations, hats, toys, and home décor.

Sometimes, they look good while doing it! They appear to be their easily recognizable selves as seen on TVs and in magazines and movies.

But other times, they look just like the next mom or dad, showing up in sweats and sneakers, maybe hiding behind a pair of dark sunglasses.

Whether they smiled at the camera, looked embarrassed to be caught in the act, or even shared the snap themselves, here are 20 celeb parents (and a few bonuses) shamefully shopping at Target like the rest of us.

20Angel Heidi Klum Gettin’ Some Deals

What we really enjoy about this shot of Heidi Klum cruising the aisles of Target, shopping cart in hand, is that expression on her face. Whatever was really happening in the moment, doesn’t it look like she’s sort of been caught in the act? How funny.

Also, is she perusing the lingerie section?

Sure, she modeled for years as one of the most recognizable faces (and bodies) in the world for lingerie retail giant Victoria’s Secret, but maybe Target has what she’s looking for!

Is it comfy socks or pajamas that she’s after – or maybe something for the kids?

We do not know. But we do know that there’s something sort of fun about seeing an incredibly famous celebrity weaving with big red cart among the aisles and aisles of plastic hangers, racks stacked full of a wide range of sizes…

19A Solo Stroll With Jessica Alba

If you look around a little bit at all, you might find many shots and accounts of Jessica Alba perusing the aisles of retail superstore Target.

Here, she looks rather pensive or thoughtful, don’t you think?

Maybe she needs just the right greeting card or school supplies to pop in that little red basket she holds over her arm.

She carries a café drink in her right hand as she shops.


And maybe her appearances are sometimes both for business and pleasure. The Honest Company products are sold at Target stores, and many moms follow along with Alba’s family, company, and various adventures and don’t mind buying into the whole idea Alba’s puttin’ out there by purchasing diapers, baby wipes, and other products.

I’ve never used the products myself, but where I live, moms will actually try to sell opened packs of the diapers online if their babies outgrow them.

18Keeping Up With Kylie Jenner

Okay, so I have a confession: I haven’t watched a single episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians since the year that it first aired.

A real job, real life, and not wanting to pay for cable anymore sort of got in the way of that, and you know what? I think I’m okay with that…

But it’s still been impossible to avoid knowing that the family is still filming, still reproducing, still spawning rumors and encircling themselves with all sorts of juicy (to their fans…) drama.


And reportedly, she’s now also a about to become a mom.

Though she was just a little girl when I caught a few episodes of the show about the family so famous for being famous, it seems she’s now out and about doing all sorts of big-girl things, like hawking beauty products, Instagramming, getting pregnant, and even shopping at Target.

17Gettin’ The Goods With Amy Adams

Amy Adams, too, has been spotted more than once shopping at Target. Whether she’s in casual workout clothes and grabbing a coffee and caught on camera by a passerby or striking a pose, she might just be a fan of this store where every-day folk go in towns across the country and beyond to search for deals on clothes, food, houseware items, and more.

Child Aviana Olea Le Gallo doesn’t appear to be with her on this particular trip to the store’s location in West Hollywood.

I wonder how many celebrities one might see just posting up for a while at the front of this store.

Credit card, coffee, and purse in hand, she’s apparently shopped it up and is ready to head on out the door.

Is it just me, or does it look like she just might be trying to keep wet nails separated to avoid messing up a recent manicure?

16Sarah Michelle Gellar Slaying That Checkout Bill

To be honest, we think Sarah Michelle Gellar may just be one of the least ashamed people to have ever shopped at Target – and we mean, like, ever.

Something I was looking up recently for work, I believe, recently led me to stumble upon her Instagram account, and it would appear that the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is now selling a line of food products and perhaps more at the retail giant.

She posts snaps of herself incredibly often within the store’s locations, posing to promote it or her own products, or even just of products she’s found there and loves. (And you know what? There was a pretty awesome-looking mini backpack she discovered recently.)

She always seems to be having a good time, anyway! Wonder if she picks up gifts there for her kids or hubs Freddie Prinze Jr.

15It’s Britney Spears (Shopping Discount), B*tch

Britney spears and Target go together like peanut butter and jelly, some would say. (Or is it more of a Walmart or Kmart vibe that she’s going for? That’s up to the beholder to decide, we suppose.)

In varying levels of dress and undress, with and without huge shades on, and sometimes looking rather serious and focused amid her shopping efforts, she walks around this giant retail store looking for deals on various items just like so many people do.


Will she grab a fast food burger or giant coffee chain latte while she’s there? Who knows?

Maybe she’s looking for a tank top to layer under her shear and midriff-baring blouse? (But in all likelihood, do you think that maybe that’s just the look she was going for on this particular day?)

14Loving The Mascot With Blake Lively

Whether attending promotional events or shopping with family, Blake Lively always seems carefully styled and made up during her Target-related adventures.

Quick question: Is it humane to put red paint or makeup on a real, live dog? Just wondering.

Surely, Target knew what it was doing in inviting Lively to attend this event. Like, a whole generation or more of Gossip Girl fans just started paying close attention.

A blonde California girl starring in a hit series beloved by young adults and teeny-boppers alike… who has been expanding her own family lately with husband Ryan Reynolds… What’s not to love?

From the posh and pricey threads and apartments of Gossip Girl to the common, everyday stuff of Target, fans might just really enjoy associating this actress with a store they can shop at themselves any old time.

13Jennifer Garner Gathers Goods

Mother of three Jennifer Garner has been spotted more than once doing her shopping-mom thing at chain retail superstore Target. (Does anyone else still really enjoy pronouncing it Tar-zjayI?)

Here’s a fun fact: Do you feel like Garner’s been around forever but can’t quite recall the first thing you ever saw her in? Is that maybe because it was very likely stoner comedy Dude, Where’s My Car?

From hit TV series to romantic comedies to serious films, Garner has garnered (he he he…) attention for her beauty and sense of humor and skilled performance of a variety of different roles.


Parents may enjoy looking up or revisiting her wonderful reading of the book Go the F*ck to Sleep.

She’s glamorous, she’s famous, and she’s a parent – and fans with kids can identify with at least one of those things.

12Minding Money With Milla Jovovich

She was born in Ukraine, she’s 5’9”, and she’s starred in sci-fi and action films galore. She’s Milla Jovovich, and when she’s not acting in huge movies, she’s – sometimes, anyway – hitting up target with her family.

Do any other moms out there really enjoy the toy aisle? It’s easy to feel like a kid again yourself swooping up Barbies and musical toddler toys and stuffed animals and more.

Heck, I wonder if her little girl’s snack cup came from the very store that she has just shopped in?

Where I live, moms sometimes arrange entire days around driving to this retail giant, mapping out a schedule and even planning to meet friends and make a day of it.

I’ve happened into a Target a few times myself, but I can’t say I’ve ever left the place with two huge carts full of stuff.

11Buying ALL The Things With Ashlee Simpson

Little sister to famous singer / TV personality / entrepreneur Jessica Simpson has found herself in the spotlight a few times over the years, as well, if memory serves me correctly.

And here, the spotlight is on her as she shops for bargains in Target with Evan Ross and young Bronx.

If you look around a little bit, you may recall that her look has changed quite drastically a few times over the years, and that she, too, has pursued a music and acting career.

This 33-year-old mom to two has already had two different husbands.

It’s so weird for me to type that she’s 33 – having grown up what feels like not so long ago in the era of people like her, her sister, and Britney being teeny-bopper pop princesses.

10Doing The Deal Thing With Dawson’s Creek Star Katie Holmes

No matter what she’s starred in since, no matter who she’s been married to (who awkwardly jumped round proclaiming his love on Oprah…), no matter which huge movies she’s starred in or what’s been reported about her, her children, and her family life in the tabloids, Katie Holmes will forever and always, to me, be the innocent girl next door from Dawson’s Creek.


This really sucked us tweens in when we got home from junior high and eagerly gathered in front of the TV to watch wide-eyed about teens falling in love, having sex (or not), and experiencing a generally soap-opera level of drama in scenic Small Town, U.S.A.

The fashions and haircuts were imitated. The cheesy lines live on in infamy. The song… Oh, the song…

And here, worlds later, the brunette beauty shops for what appears to be home décor with her daughter.

9Getting Real With Gwen Stefani

I don’t know how many times I sat and stared at the Tragic Kingdom album cover, so enticingly cliché California, while I listened to the No Doubt CD on my parents’ living room stereo. This was the start of Gwen Stefani captivating one generation of fans.

Then came some different stages and phases, none of which I personally particularly wanted anything much to do with.

“Holla Back Girl” and products hawked with her name on them and I don’t even know what weren’t the stuff of my deepest pop-culture desires.

But for many, they were! And her fame continues today as she navigates life as a still very famous and successful singer and personality – and parent.

And what do parents sometimes do? Shop for the basics at a little store you may just have heard of called Target.

8American Shopping With American Pie Man Jason Biggs

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen do not seem to be exactly shy about appearing out and about in the world or on social media confronting topics related to pregnancy, babies, and parenting.

They ham it up and steal the spotlight even as they share it.

It’s funny to think that Biggs is now a guy all grown up with a family of his own. So many will forever associate him with teenage awkwardness and raunchy hilarity, specifically involving masturbation and an apple pie left to cool in his mother’s kitchen.

From blowing his chances (almost) with the hot foreign exchange student in that famous teenage comedy to hamming it up with his own growing family at the store, he’s still here, he’s still funny -- and now, he’s a dad.

7All About The Holidays With Alessandra Ambrosio

I think I still have a sparkly pink satin Santa hat bedecked in rhinestones around somewhere from the days that Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio was walking the runway and posing for catalogs and campaigns for the lingerie behemoth.

And I know I’ve stumbled across some rather striking pregnancy photos from this mom’s social media life.

Victoria’s Secret models are many things. They are often tall. They are often busty, fit, and slim. They are often very wealthy and rather worldly and incredibly famous. We often encounter them looking very made up, very likely airbrushed, and very carefully posed.

So maybe that’s why it’s so fun to catch a glimpse of them shopping for holiday decorations at Target. There’s no careful lighting. There’s no glam squad. There’s just a woman, a purse, and huge red shopping cart.

6Banking On A Deal With Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks, mom to children Magnus Mitchell Handelman and Felix Handelman, was spotted at a farmer's market in L.A. sporting what many were quick to point out was a reusable shopping tote from none other than Target.

And in a world in which people have to be charged by the plastic bag until they finally give in and get a couple reusable cloth ones, maybe that’s actually a really, really good thing.

I know I don’t always have the appropriate bag for the appropriate store in hand when it’s time to get groceries or other necessities. I’m at Trader Joe’s with bags from other grocery store chains allll the time – it basically comes down to whatever I happen to have currently crammed in my trunk – that I can access quickly while holding a baby, minding a toddler, and digging around under a stroller.

She's also attended Target events before, as ween above.

5Savings Worth A Million With Christina Milian

Christina Milian is apparently a singer and actress who got signed at a rather young age and whom many youngsters out there would recognize.

She also apparently sometimes dresses in sweats and sneakers, doesn’t worry much about makeup, and hits up Target.

And I’m really not sure at all, but is that laundry soap peeking out of her shopping cart? How’s that? I bet fans might be happy to hear the refreshing news that famous people, too, sometimes need to do their own damn laundry.

Even those who adopt stage names and sign record deals in their teens encounter real life at some point.

Like so many other celebs caught on camera shopping at Target, this mom to child Violet Madison Nash has chosen comfy athletic shoes and what looks like soft, baggy clothing for her trip to the store.

4Accessorizing The Beyoncé Way

All the mommy ladies, put your hands up if you really kind of enjoy seeing a star so many consider to be some sort of pop queen checking out the hat section in Target.

Her pregnancy photo shoots are liked and followed by millions. Her albums are bought and downloaded and revered and obsessed over. Her relationship (with Jay-Z) is, like, more widely publicized than any major world news, extreme weather, or political event.

And here she is, buying stuff off the rack to complete this or that look.

Sure, sometimes there may be a lighting guy and an artful set and hair and makeup team around before the shot is taken and shared to the farthest reaches of the Internet, but sometimes, sweet sometimes, there’s just Be and a big ole red shopping cart.

3Holly Madison: Truly A Girl Next Door

Though she may have once been a Playboy bunny of sorts / girlfriend to Hef, she is now in fact a mom.

She has a couple children by the names of Rainbow Aurora Rotella and Forest Leonardo Antonio Rotella, and sometimes, like so many moms, she just needs to hit up Target wearing a pony tail and jeans.

She’s been a model. She’s reportedly been a showgirl. And I, like many others, definitely recall her time on TV along with the other females living in the Playboy Mansion.

With the blondest of blonde hair, a Louis Vuitton handbag, and shades atop her head, she waits in line and pulls out her purse to pay just like everyone else.

Maybe reality TV exploded so because it gave fans such real-life (sort of…) glimpses into the lives of the rich and famous…

2Fun Finds With A First Lady

That’s right – fans report seeing none other than former first lady Michelle Obama checking out of Target. Even political superstars need to shop for necessities, it seems.

Sporting flats, a baseball hat, a floral button-up shirt, and shades, she’s ready to get some errands done.

And you know what? It kind of makes us think. Even if we could pay someone to do all of the most basic tasks of life for us, would we really want to?

It’s nice, in a way, to shop among the people. It’s good – don’t you think? – to be a part of the real world.

I particularly enjoy that she’s holding some bags in hand and has only what appears to be one in the cart. Maybe she’s getting a little workout in at the same time!

1Mugging With Major League Man David Ortiz

I have actually been to a Major League Baseball game before, a long time ago – two, in fact. And this is the extent of my experience with the game.

I’m not like the many fans out there who can recite stats, spot famous players, and speak impassionedly about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of their favorite teams.

But, boy, were some fans excited to spot David Ortiz in Target, who smiled and posed for pictures with the regular old people shopping there.

Pretty cool when a famous athlete proves to be a pretty normal and friendly person.

And guess what? This father’s nickname just happens to be “Big Papi”!

He’s well known for having played with the Boston Red Sox, and he was a designated hitter as well as sometimes a first baseman. Oh, and he played in 20 seasons.


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