20 Pictures Of Nannies Raising Celebrity Kids

It's no secret: Most celebrities nowadays have nannies. We get it; the nature of their job often requires them to have a nanny, and daycare is usually not really an option for famous people's kids.

Besides, these celebs definitely have the money to afford not just one but a couple of nannies — so why wouldn't they? Today we wanted to take a look at some photos of nannies raising celebrity kids, and while we do know the parents are the ones who actually mostly raise the kids, we thought it'd be fun to see how extra celebs can sometimes get with their nannies.

Some get a nanny so that they don't have to be the ones who push the stroller, some get a nanny to pick their child up after they fall, and others get a nanny to push the child's swing. But all jokes aside, don't take our list too seriously — we don't actually know how much time these celebrities spend with their kids; we're just over here judging the paparazzi photos of the kids with the nannies.

Here they are, 20 celebrity nannies who have been put in charge of raising, hopefully, the next generation of famous people we'll all obsess over!

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20 Kim And Kourtney Kardashian's Nannies Taking Their Kids For Some Fun At The Shopping Mall

Via: dailymail.co.uk

It's obviously no secret that the Kardashians have quite a few nannies, considering there are so many young kids in the family nowadays. According to Daily Mail, back when Kim's daughter North and Kourtney's daughter Penelope were a bit younger their nannies would take them to shopping excursions in Calabasas, which is where this photo was taken. While we don't want to judge too hard, we do kind of think that shopping should be a mommy-daughter activity, rather than a nanny-daughter one. But obviously, with the Kardashian sisters having to worry about their workout sessions with personal trainers and their newest sponsored social media post, who has time to go to a mall with their child?

19 Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt's Nanny Taking Their Kids School Supply Shopping 

Via: heartyhosting.com

Honestly, the nanny's face says it all — there's probably a million things she'd rather do. According to OK Magazine, the photo was taken shortly after news on Brad and Angie's divorce broke, which makes us think it's only natural the kids would spend a bit more time with their nanny — as their parents are going through some hard stuff. In the photo above you can see a visibly sad Knox and Zahara coming out of a store with their nanny. We have to give it to the nanny though, being with the kids through such a difficult period must have been a very tough job.

18 Beyoncé's Nanny Picking Her Daughter Up After Falling — While Mommy Is Just Watching

Via: pinterest.com

Honestly, we don't know if we should laugh or be extremely upset with this photo that pretty much sums up what we usually think of when someone mentions celebrity nannies. Most of the time we imagine the parent not doing any work around the kid and this photo is kind of proof of that. Singer Beyoncé was clearly not feeling being a mom on that day, so she brought a nanny along to take care of little Blue Ivy. And while that's okay, we do expect a mom to be a bit more concerned if her child trips and falls — at least we'd hope she'd be the one to help the child get up. But no, Beyoncé pays her nanny to do that.

17 Gwyneth Paltrow's Nanny Struggling With Her Son's Tantrum

Via: pinterest.com

Celebrity child tantrums are amongst our favorite things to discuss here, and above you can see a photo of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's son Moses being visibly upset over god knows what. Unfortunately for the nanny, she doesn't really seem to be able to calm the little one down, so he just kept on screaming. It does kind of seem as if having a nanny can make the child a bit more spoiled simply because they tend to think that a nanny's niceness allows them to get away with way more things. Either way, we definitely wouldn't like to be in this nanny's shoes.

16 Sarah Jessica Parker's Nanny Realizing She's Wearing The Wrong Shoes For What The Kids Want

Via: zimbio.com

And we're going to finish off today's list of celebrity nannies with this hilarious image of Sarah Jessica Parker's nanny. The poor girl was spotted in New York City with three kids on her hand, all of which are suspiciously wearing rain boots. Yeah, we can all imagine what the kids were about to do, and judging from the look on the nanny's face, she knows she's definitely wearing the wrong shoes for it. But hey, jumping into puddles is part of a happy childhood — and celebrity kids are also entitled to that. That was it, hope you enjoyed our list of celebrity nannies raising the kids of the rich and famous!

15 Gwen Stefani's Nanny Doing All The Work While The Parents Chill

Via: lifeandstylemag.com

Alright, now let's talk about Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale's nanny. We all know Gwen and Gavin got divorced back in 2016, and according to Daily Mail, nanny Mindy Mann is reported to be the reason. While we won't go into that, we do want to mention how ridiculous it is that the parents brought the nanny for a day out with the kids in the park. Seriously, the two should be perfectly capable of taking the kids on their own, and in this case, the nanny could have gotten a day off. But nope, there she is doing all the hard work!

14 Selma Hayek's Nanny Pushing Her Daughter Because Her Mom Just Can't Be Bothered

Via: pinterest.com

Spotted: another case of a can't-be-bothered mom. This time, we're talking about Hollywood actress Selma Hayek. The mom was photographed outdoors with her daughter Valentina Paloma and a nanny. All of this wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't another case of a celebrity mom being too lazy to push the stroller with her child in it, but she'd rather pay someone else to do it. Well, at least little Valentina couldn't care any less, as she's trying to relax and potentially take a nap during this little excursion. The nanny, on the other hand, looks everything but pleased with the situation.

13 Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom's Nanny Having Fun With Their Son — While His Parents Tag Along

Via: pinterest.com

Yup, another example of just how over the top celebrity's nanny habits are. Here are Orlando Bloom and his ex-wife Miranda Kerr with their son Flynn and — you've guessed it — their nanny. Of course, the nanny is in charge of carrying the child and making sure little Flynn is doing well, while the parents just casually tag along. Honestly, sometimes we wonder if these people would even be able to raise their kids without this much help. We do think that while having kids is definitely not the easiest job in the world, every parent should try their best to do as much on their own as they can — because once the kid is grown up they might regret not doing so.

12 Matthew McConaughey's Nanny Is Clearly Getting A Lot Of Love From His Son

Via: huffpost.com

One thing we love seeing is when a child loves their nanny. And when it comes to Levi McConaughey, that seems to very much be the case. Just look at how adorable he is while clinging onto her! Granted, she doesn't seem too thrilled about it, but a child that adores you is definitely way easier to deal with than a child who hates you. Having that said, we bet a lot of these other nannies on our list are secretly jealous of Levi's nanny because we can't even imagine what it's like to deal with a spoiled celebrity kid who doesn't like you.

11 Julia Roberts' Nanny Taking Her Daughter To The Nearby Park

Via: livejournal.net

Often we'll see celebrity nannies taking the kids out for some fresh air — as the parents often have no time to do so. In the photo above you can see Julia Roberts's nanny taking her daughter Hazel to a nearby park. Hazel, who was a bit younger at the time, is clearly upset over something — but the nanny is trying to shake that off and distract the little girl with a red ball. Obviously, just like all kids, celebrity children are also prone to tantrums, and their nannies need to be able to deal with those. Of course, being followed by paparazzi never helps.

10 Halle Berry's Nanny Making Sure Her Kid Doesn't Run Into The Water

Via: pinterest.com

We love seeing a nanny alongside a celebrity parent because it reminds us just how rich these folks are. Honestly, us normal peasants only get a nanny when we physically can't be with our child, but celebrities — they seem to get a nanny anyway, kind of to have someone else also tag along and keep an eye on the child. Don't get us wrong, we're not necessarily judging, but we may be a bit jealous. So here's actress Halle Berry relaxing while her nanny keeps a closer eye on her son Maceo, making sure the little one doesn't run into the water.

9 Victoria And David Beckham's Nanny Taking Their Daughter Out For A Stroll Because Fresh Air Is Important

Via: pinterest.com

As we already mentioned, it often seems as if nannies are there to make sure the children get enough fresh air. Some of the celebrities mentioned on the list have been quite rarely spotted doing that themselves. Anyway, we're not going to point any fingers. Here's a slightly annoyed nanny with Victoria and David Beckham's daughter Harper. We have to give it to these nannies, taking a celebrity kid out and having to deal with all the paparazzi cannot be easy. We do have a feeling however that they get paid quite a bit more than your usual average nanny — so that kind of balances it out!

8 Madonna's Nanny Taking Her Kids Home From A Kabbalah Event

Via: therichest.com

Is this another case of a grumpy nanny? We think so. In the photo above you can see singer Madonna's nanny taking her adopted children David and Mercy home after they all attended a Kabbalah event. David, who was adopted by the queen of pop in 2008, and Mercy, who was adopted a year later, would probably rather have their mom be the one who takes them to these events, but hey, Madonna surely has more important things to do. Trying to stay relevant is currently her full-time job, and well, we're not too sure she's too good at it.

7 Nicole Kidman's Nanny — Who According To Her And Husband Keith Doesn't Even Exist — Taking Her Daughter Out For Some Sunlight

Via: justjared.com

According to Hollywood Life, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have on multiple occasions claimed they try to not use nannies. However, both of their daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret have been rather often photographed with nannies. In the photo above you can see a very young Sunday Rose in the arms of a nanny that apparently doesn't really exist. While we do think celebrities should try their best to raise their kids on their own as much as possible, we also think there should not be any prob with having some occasional help, nor should that help be denied publicly.

6 Mariah Carey's Nanny Dragging Her Son Away From Her While She Calmly Poses

Via: pinterest.com

Mariah Carey already has a diva reputation and the singer never denied it. In fact, we repeatedly keep witnessing how extra and over the top the singer can be. So it doesn't really come as a surprise that Mariah is a nanny addict. Here she was in August 2015, getting her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and well, son Moroccan wasn't having any of it. Mariah, being the diva that she is, completely ignored her precious son, and the poor nanny had to drag the little one away from his mom. Honestly, we're just happy this photo exists, 'cause it's so hilarious!

5 Gisele Bündchen And Tom Brady's Nanny Taking Their Daughter For Some City Fun

Via: pinterest.com

Okay firstly, can we take a moment and discuss how absolutely adorable little Vivian Lake Brady looks here? Seriously, her animal-printed dress, her little palm tree hairstyle, her purple sandals — but most of all her cute face? Of course, we didn't expect anything less to come from such good-looking parents like Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, but still, Vivian is the ultimate example of cuteness overload. Here you can see the youngster being carried around by her nanny for some city fun adventures, since her parents are probably too busy modeling, playing football or just looking gorgeous in general.

4 Blake Lively And Ryan Reynold's Nanny, Who Comes Along For All The Trips

Via: pinterest.com

According to Daily Mail, these photos of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were snapped at the Toronto Airport, and you can see the adorable couple with their two kids Inez and James. And in case you haven't spotted her yet, their nanny is also tagging along pushing their double stroller. We love to see a happy family with a nanny, and this is definitely one! Even after a flight, when most people are grumpy and tired, the bunch seems rather happy and excited. Sometimes having a nanny can contribute to the happiness of the whole family, and we think that's the case here!

3 Jennifer Lopez's Nanny Making Sure Her Kids Get Enough Outdoor Time

Via: zimbio.com

Jennifer Lopez is another diva who we definitely can't imagine not having a nanny. In the photo above you can see her nanny with the adorable twins Maximilian and Emme, spending some fun time outdoors. The older the two are getting the more they look like their famous parents, and little Maximilian is taking after his father Marc Anthony so much! Anyway, while the parents are probably off recording songs in the studio, the kids get to explore some nature with their nanny. It's nice to see that most of these kids seem rather happy, and they don't really mind hanging out with their nannies.

2 Katie Holmes' Nanny Carrying All Of Her Daughter's Essentials

Via: pinterest.com

Often we'll see a celebrity nanny being in charge of pushing an empty stroller or carrying a bag while the celebrity is having fun with their child. Frankly, we think that's kind of sad, nannies should primarily be there for the kid, and not to carry additional things for the parents. Here you can see a young Suri Cruise — Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter, demanding that her nanny carry all her stuff. Katie couldn't care less about what's going on, and instead of making sure Suri knows she needs to carry her own stuff, she allows the child to bring a huge toy along — which, of course, ends up in the nanny's hands.

1 Heidi Klum's Hoard Of Nannies Taking Her Kids Out For Their Daily Walk

Via: pinterest.com

Heidi Klum, whose kids are now a bit older, was known for having multiple nannies around. And here they were spotted taking the model's at-the-time still stroller-bound kids for a fun day out in the sunny weather. Now we know Heidi — just like every other mom out there — wants to make sure her kids are always safe and cared for, but four grown-ups for three kids does seem a bit excessive. Frankly, two would have done the job just as well, but hey, if the model has the money to spare, who are we to tell her how to live her life.

Sources: dailymail.co.uk, hollywoodlife.com, okmagazine.com, usmagazine.com

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