20 Popular Australian Names Making Their Way From Down Under

One of the biggest conversations in the parenting world is baby names. There are hundred of articles, books and Facebook groups about what to name your little one. It makes sense too, as what you name your baby is a large decision, one that may just impact the rest of their life. It is only fitting that this decision be taken very seriously.

It seems there are two types of people in the world when it comes to baby names. Those that love those old-fashioned, traditional names and those that really want to find the unique and uncommon names. The problem may be that the more people try and find the unique names, the more common they will become. To fix this problem, people have been taking traditional names and changing the spelling up a bit to give it a unique flair.

So, you see, it is not so simple to pick a name for your baby, especially when you are usually picking this name before you even meet your little one. Well, we want to make sure that we offer you all the options of baby names, and sometimes this means travelling around the world.

For this article we have traveled to the land ‘down under’, or Australia as it is better known. It is a place that is literally on the other side of the world from us here in North America. When it is day here, it is night there. When it is Summer here, it is Winter there. For a place that is so completely opposite us, we must think we should be able to find some great baby names!


20 Acacia

Acacia is a perfect name if you are expecting a pink bundle of joy, and it does not get much more Australian than this. The Acacia is the national floral emblem of Australia, so it is a perfect name when you want to capture something that is purely Australian. The name is pronounced A-kay-sha, so it may be a little confusing at first, when you have to help people out when they try and pronounce it.

The name Acacia means “thorn”, and while that may immediately put a bad taste in your mouth, just remember that a plant that has thorns is a tough plant and is able to protect itself from danger. The plant has thorny branches, but beautiful yellow and white flowers that bloom in the Spring. It may be even better if you are expecting a spring time baby.

19 Alfred


Alfred seems like one of those names that is really old, and that you do not see many children running around with the name Alfred. The name did fall out of popularity for a while, but it is slowly growing and becoming more and more common. Parents are stating to realize that they are naming future men, and it is best to give them a strong name that will carry them through adulthood.

Alfred is a great name if you want to honour the land down under. Alfred was the name of their second prime minister, Alfred Deakin. He was instrumental in the movement of liberating Australia, and anyone who shares his name should feel proud. If Alfred is too ‘adult’ for you, the name Alfie is full of little boy charm. The meaning of the name Alfred is “wise counsellor”. Can’t get much better than that!

18 Adelaide


Parents everywhere are loving naming their children after places currently. With names such as Boston and London popping up everywhere, this is the perfect name if you want a name that plays homage to an Australian territory. Adelaide is a place in South Australia, and is perfect for those who want to stray away from naming their daughter Sydney (because that has been done!). Parents still want to be unique.

The name Adelaide means “noble”, and that is as strong as it gets. It has been used in many media outlets, and is mostly preferred over the name Adeline. When you look at the charts for the name Adelaide, you will see that it had a dip in popularity in the 1940’s, and stayed that way until about 2009. Since then, it has skyrocketed and is off the charts. So, it may be name that you will start to see more and more of.

17 Angus


When a lot of people hear the name Angus, they may think of a certain type of beef. Well, this is definitely changing thanks to Australia, as this popular name makes its way across the pond. The name can be a bit deceiving as it actually has Scottish origins, but it widely known as an Australian name. This could be due to the co-founder and guitarist of AC/DC, Angus Young.

The meaning of the name Angus is “one strength”, so it is sure to be a strong name for any young lad that you welcome into the world. According to Irish myth, there was a god named Aonghus who was the god of love and youth. If there are two things we could wish for our children, would it not be love and youth! Like we stated, while the name has Gaelic origins, it is most widely used in the land down under.

16 Alice

Alice is one of those names that will always stand the test of time. It can be considered a vintage name, and has always remained one of the more common names for our little girls. It has periods of ups and downs, but it has remained pretty consistent. Alice is another name that comes from a place in Australia. It is linked to the beautiful town, Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

Alice is a name with German origin, and means “noble”. Alice is also widely known from the story Alice in Wonderland. If you want a royal name, then Alice may be the one for you, as it has been used by many monarchs for their children. Queen Victoria had a daughter named Alice, and Alice grew up to shock her mother when she breastfed her children. If that isn’t noble, I don’t know what is.

15 Banjo


If you are having a boy, and want an Australian-inspired name that is way out there and totally unique, then this is the name for you! When you hear the word Banjo, you may automatically think of the musical instrument, and you are not entirely wrong. It is the name of a musical instrument, but it means a little more to the Australian people. It is a great name if you want to pay homage to a great Aussie.

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo” Paterson is a world-renowned poet and is best known for writing Waltzing Matilda. Since Banjo is not a known name, it does not have a listed meaning or place of origin. This means that it will definitely be a name you won’t hear often. It is however known that there are celebrities out there who have chosen this name for their sons.

14 Jacinda

If you have a pink bundle of joy on the way, and are looking for a floral name than Jacinda may be the one for you. It derives from the name Jacinta, which translates to ‘hyacinth’ in Spanish. The name Jacinda is primarily found in Australia, but it is making its way over the North America, as many celebrities are starting to name their little girls this name. It has a magical and whimsical flow to it, that is sure to transform any little girl right into a princess. Just make sure you have a tiara ready for her.

It currently does not have any popularity statistics to relay how common this name is, which tells us that this is in fact an uncommon name. So, if you need a little girls name that will stand out, then this is the one for you. Check back in 10 years and we can guarantee this name will be on the list.


13 Clancy


If your bundle of joy is a shade of blue, then Clancy may be a name that pops out to you. And not because of the author, Tom Clancy. This is another name that is very close to the hearts of many Australians. Remember that poet we spoke about earlier? Banjo Paterson? Well, one of his most well-known pieces of work was entitled, ‘Clancy of the Overflow’. It tells the story of a drover named Clancy whose rural lifestyle makes quite an impression on an envious city person.

This poem is so well-known that it has inspired the name Clancy for a lot of little boys in Australia. Clancy is one of the names on our list that is actually classified as a unisex name, and it is of Irish origin. It means “red-headed warrior”, so it will fit even better if your little one is going to have a head of beautiful auburn hair.

12 Kylie

This may be one of the most Australian names out there. If you want a name that fully envelops all things Australian than Kylie is the name for you. Kylie just happens to be the first name of one of the biggest pop stars to explode from the land down under. It also is a distortion of the word ‘kirli’ which is the word for boomerang in some of their aboriginal languages.

To take it a step further, the origin of the name Kylie is aboriginal, and it literally means “a boomerang”. Don’t take a name meaning at face value, as you may think it is not that special being named after a toy. Think about it, no matter how far or hard you throw it, a boomerang always comes right back. It is resilient, and I would think that is one thing we wouldn’t mind our daughters being when they grew up.

11 Henry


Henry may not be a name that makes you think of Australia right away. It is mostly thought to be a British name, as there are many monarchs who are named Henry. Australia and Britain were tied together for a long time, so it is to be expected that some of their names will be tied together as well. When we are talking ties to Australia, Henry was the name of their ‘Father of Federation’ and is also the name of a very well-known short story writer, Henry Lawson.

The name Henry is of German origin and means “estate ruler”. Seems like a pretty fitting meaning for some of the men who have shared this name. While it may seem old-fashioned, Henry is a name that has remained at the top of the popularity charts, and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

10 Matilda

The name Matilda is without a doubt, an Australian name, after all their national anthem is the Waltzing Matilda. Matilda has always been a popular Aussie name, and just last year came in the 17th spot in popular names for Australian girls. This may not seem like such a high number, but when the list is out of 100 names, it is pretty good.

The name Matilda means “battle-worthy” and you can not get much more powerful than that. Us over here in North America may love the name Matilda because of the Roald Dahl book of the same name. It is a story that is loved by millions, with a fantastic movie paired with it. Matilda also has a handful of really charming nicknames to us; Tillie, Mattie and Tilda being just a few. It is also a name that has been chosen by a lot of celebrities, such as Heath Ledger and Chef. Gordon Ramsay.

9 Joey


Joey may not scream Australian at you, but we promise it is a name for the biggest fan of this continent. A Joey in Australia, is a baby kangaroo. Australia is one of the few places you will see Kangaroos in the wild, and they are powerful and adorable creatures. Not much is cuter than a mama Kangaroo hopping around with her little Joey in her pouch.

Joey is normally a short-hand for the name Joseph. Joseph means “Jehovah (God) increases” and may be the perfect name for you if you are a biblical person. The name Joey has also been used in Hollywood for a lot of lovable characters on TV. Joey from Dawson’s Creek being one. I think the one we all mostly resonate with is Joey from Friends; the lovable and goofy Italian friend. It is a strong name, that has remained on the top of the popularity charts for a long time now, and doesn’t show any signs of dropping.

8 Nellie

Nellie is often seen as a nickname for other names, such as; Helen, Eleanor and Ellen. However, it is a name that is so strong it is able to carry its own if you choose this name for your little baby on the way. There have been many notorious Australians who have shared this name, and have made it a popular choice for a lot of Aussie’s.

This name has one of the best meanings for a little girl, it means “bright, shining one.” It doesn’t get much better than that. We often take a name meaning into consideration when naming our children, as it does usually reflect in who our children grow to be in some way. That is why this may be one of the best names for your daughter. The nickname, Nell, is just as perfect and reminds us of a simpler time long ago.

7 Lachlan


Has anyone watched The Wiggles? Who am I kidding, we are all parents we must have. Well, they are a quartet of Australian singers, dancer and entertainers, and one of them is named Lachey, short for Lachlan. Now, he is not the main reason why this name is on the list, but there was another historical figure named Lachlan (that he was probably named after too).

Lachlan Macquarie was a Scottish Major-General and served as the Governor of New South Wales from 1810 – 1821. He helped shape the Australian society to be what it is we know today. Just last year, the name Lachlan was number 13 for boys. You may be wondering how to pronounce this name, well you are not the only one. The correct pronunciation for this name is LACK-lin. This name is just starting to show up in North America, so you may want to hop on the train before everyone else gets on.

6 Poppy

We are starting to realize that a lot of names for little girls are inspired by flowers. It makes sense, flowers and delicate but tough, and are extremely charming and beautiful. This is no exception, as our next Aussie name comes from a flower. A poppy is a beautiful, tall, red flower that Canadians use as a symbol for Remembrance Day. It is also the name of one of the most well-known actress in Australia, Poppy Montgomery.

The name poppy is unlike a lot of the other floral names. It has more spunk than Rose or Lily does. It is not as feminine sounding as other floral names, and may be perfect for a little girl with a lot of spunk. Of course, we do not know our baby’s personality before birth, but it you feel that names influence who we will become, then you are on your way for an energetic and spunky little girl.

5 Ned


Who would have thought that the name Ned is an Australian inspired name? Not me, that is for sure. One of the most famous Australians of all time is Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly was an outlaw bushranger, and is known all across Australia. His true first name is Edward, but he always went by Ned, and we think there is a certain charm to it that Edward just doesn’t have.

The name Ned means “wealthy guardian.” This is a very strong and promising name meaning. If you are looking for this name somewhere in pop culture, then you have to look no further than Ned Flanders in The Simpsons or even Ned Stark in The Game Of Thrones. Two of the most iconic shows of our lifetimes. Even if one character is a nut, and the other one is dead. Either way, this is an adorable name that will stand the test of time.

4 Sheila

Sheila may not be the most popular name at the moment, but it is definitely rising in popularity and it is 100% Australian. Sheila is the type of name that people associate with the older population. Names that seemingly belong to older women are making a come back. Names like Sheila, Mary and Margaret are becoming more and more common. Showing that everything always comes back.

Sheila is actually a variation of the name Cecilia and it means “blind one”. If Sheila isn’t exactly your cup of tea than you can always choose the name Cecilia. Sheila was very popular through the 1930’s to the 1960’s, so it definitely has a vintage feel to it. You could even take the name and make a completely new name, Shea, which is beautiful and will absolutely stand out in a crowd. Sometimes we have to look at one name, and that gives us a ton of inspiration for other names.

3 Shane


The name Shane has a special spot in the hearts of a lot of Australian people. Cricket is a huge sport in Australia, with many taking part in the fun game. One of their most well-known cricket players is named Shane Warne. The best things come in pairs, and there is actually another cricket legend with the name Shane, and that is Shane Watson.

Another great thing about the name Shane is that it is categorized as a unisex name, so it can be used for a boy or a girl! A perfect choice for those parents who are waiting until the birth of their child to find out the gender. It is also a name that allows you to have fun with the spelling. You can use the traditional spelling, or try Shayne or Shaine. It is definitely one of those versatile names with endless possibilities.

2 Victoria

Victoria is probably your best choice for your little girl if you are looking for that perfect vintage name. The name Victoria is primarily known as the former British monarch, Queen Victoria, but it has its place in Australia as well. Victoria was also the name of the Roman goddess of victory. Victoria is also the name of a place in the south-eastern state.

Victory has a simple meaning, and that is “victory”. Could there be a better name? Victoria has always remained popular, as it is a strong name that stands the test of time. Victoria still rings in at the 20th spot in popularity, which is pretty impressive for a more classic name. There are even some pretty great nicknames you can pull from this name. There is Vicki and Tori, too charmingly sweet names to call your little girl.

1 Sydney


We could not end our list without having the name Sydney on it. It is probably the most iconic name when you want something the envelops the Aussie culture. It is a name that can be used for both a baby girl or baby boy. It is not a name that the Australians use for their own children, because it would seem kind of silly over there to name their child after the countries biggest city.

While the name Sydney is listed as a unisex name, it has gone through periods where it was more popular with one gender. It started out being popular for the little boys of the world, before making a change to the more feminine side. It is bound to be one of those names that goes back and forth, so if you want to make a statement make sure you give it to your child of the gender to which it is not currently popular.


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