Moms Need To Stop Buying These 20 Popular Baby Products From The Past 5 Years

There is nothing as joyous as a woman finding out that she is expecting a baby. There is the excitement of wanting to meet her bundle of joy and the preparation she needs to make before the baby comes. By the time the little one is almost due, many mothers want to have prepared everything the baby needs.

Being prepared for the baby is critical, so she should get all the items the baby needs before it's too late. Chances are that once the baby comes, a new mom will not have time to do any shopping. A baby demands his or her mother's undivided attention and by the time the young one is asleep, there are a ton of things waiting for a mom to tend to. Shopping at this time is almost next to impossible.

First-time mothers, on the other hand, tend to over shop for their babies. They have this notion that their babies should not lack anything. There is also a booming baby market with a variety of baby stuff for expecting mothers to purchase. With this in mind, mothers must always purchase items that are absolutely necessary, so they don't end up wasting money by not using them at all once the baby arrives.

Most of these items also don’t come cheap and the funny bit is that a mom may be so preoccupied with her baby that she forgets to make use of most of the baby items she purchased. It is therefore important that as a soon-to-be mom prepares her shopping list so she only plans to buy things that she is certain she will use otherwise she will just be wasting time and money. Here is a list of items we think moms should avoid purchasing...

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20 Stroller Phone Holder

Via: muckme.com

Many millennial moms would go grab this stroller phone holder because, as their name suggests, mobile phones are carried everywhere we go. Moms want a safe place to keep their phones without having to worry about it slipping and falling. The stroller phone holder allows you to listen to music and have your phone within view so that you can get to it quickly when you receive a call.

The popularity of this product was however short-lived because moms discovered that they barely had time to be on their phones when they went out for strolls with their young ones. That walk outside is a perfect time for moms to unwind and enjoy being outdoors and the majority of them prefer to keep their phones away.

19 Glow Nightlights

Via: pinterest.com

These popular glow nightlights are supposed to replace cell phone flashlights used when you need to creep into the baby’s room at night. They also lull the baby into a gentle slumber. On top of that, the lights make the nurseries look cool at night. However, moms don't need these nightlights because they tend to keep the babies awake longer into the night.

A baby is usually attracted to colors and if you have these glow nightlights, which emit colorful rays in their room, they will focus on them for a while before falling asleep. Babies require no nightlights to sleep. Sleeping in the dark helps them differentiate between day and night.

18 Bath Seats

Via: cpsc.gov

Bath seats seem like a great invention for moms who find it difficult to hold and bath their fragile little beings at the same time. These seats come in different shapes and designs and moms will go for the ones that they think work best for them. However, as years go by, most moms have realized that they really don't need them.

A bath seat is dangerous, it tricks mom into thinking their baby is secure while sitting on it, which is not always the case, the baby can easily topple out especially when left alone in the tub. The baby will also use it for only a few weeks until he or she graduates to an adult bath.

17 Diaper Cream Applicators

Via: youtube.com

Diaper cream applicators became so popular when they hit the markets; arguably because they left the mommy’s fingers clean and free from the creams they apply. However, moms have discovered that diaper cream applicators are just some of those products they don't need, simply because they are just not practical.

Most babies are impatient when their moms are changing their diapers, and the traditional method of applying the cream is much faster. The mom is also required to wash the applicator after every use, which is just similar to her washing her hands after every application. Diaper creams are also not meant to be harsh if they are to be used on the baby’s sensitive skin.

16 Pacifier Sanitizers

Via: youtube.com

Babies’ pacifiers can germ traps and this is a major concern for most mothers. Some mothers feel like the pacifier is not clean enough for the baby to put in its mouth. At the same time, they also feel that it is something they cannot do away with because it helps the baby self soothe. Initially, there were moms who were happy about the invention of a pacifier sanitizer.

This sanitizer uses UV lights to get rid of germs on the pacifiers and bottle nipples. It is also not practical especially when on the go. Babies tend to drop things and pacifiers are no exception. Some moms find it easier to clean it normally or to boil it in hot water instead of spending money on this sanitizer.

15 Remote Control Baby Warmers

Via: popsugar.com

Technology has really advanced over the years, and baby warmers are now being controlled using remotes. Moms can prepare a bottle and leave it in the warmer at night. When they need to warm the milk at night, they just press a button. Moms soon realized that they get very little use from using the remote, they still need to wake up to get the babies bottle.

When babies wake up at night, they need to feed immediately and waiting for the bottle to warm will just keep them fussy for longer as opposed to just breastfeeding. For mothers who want to bottle feed, placing the bottle in a bowl of hot water will do the trick, without mom having to spending a dime.

14 Clip-On Stroller Fans

Via: cottonbabies.com

The hot sunny days may tempt moms into thinking they need to keep their babies cool when they go outside. The clip-on stroller fan was once popular among moms until they discovered they did not need it. As long as the baby is outside, he or she is likely to catch some fresh air without needing the fan.

Babies also like to play with just about anything, as they are not yet aware of what is dangerous and what is not. They may end up hurting their fingers with the fan’s blades while trying to touch it rather than letting it do its intended job. The fan definitely poses a safety hazard.

13 Sleep Positioners


A sleep positioner is a product made to hold the baby on his or her back while they sleep. Moms were overly excited about this product especially those with babies that startle themselves when they sleep. The positioner also prevents the baby from rolling over at night when placed on his or her back.

As moms began to use it, they realized they did not need it because once the babies were old enough to roll over it was okay for them to sleep on their bellies. It is very risky for babies to roll over and land between the sleep positioner and the side of the crib. A bare crib with fitted beddings is always the safest option.

12 Baby Food Processors

Via: mysocialmate.com

When the time comes for weaning a baby, most moms find that transitioning to solid food is a little tasking especially when it comes to preparing the food for the baby. Most mothers fall into the trap of investing in a baby food processor to ease up the process. There come in many different brands and designs, some with a hefty price tag.

Many of these items seem like they would make life more convenient, but they really just cost more money. Baby food processors are quite costly and a regular food processor or blender will do literally the same job just as well.

11 Baby Timers

Via: itzbeen.com

Baby timers can be popularly especially with first-time mothers because they can help them learn the basic needs of their baby. They remind moms when the baby needs a diaper change or when he or she needs to feed. They also keep track of their sleeping patterns. Moms often buy this item because they feel like they are convenient in establishing a routine for the baby.

As much as it helps set reminders, moms must also remember to check it which deems it unnecessary and hence a waste of money. Babies will always cry when they need a diaper change or when they are hungry; moms don't really need a timer. By the time, the baby is also a month old; the mother has mastered all of his or her cues and patterns.

10 Designer Diaper Bags

Via: timiandleslie.com

Many trendy designer baby bags have hit the market over the last five years that moms have felt the need to purchase. In addition, because these bags are more fashionable, they cost more than the regular diaper bags. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. As more and more moms use these bags, they realize that they don't need to have them.

A designer diaper bag does the same thing a regular diaper bag will do. They both can store a change of clothes, diapers and baby bottles. The only difference is that a regular bag does it at a cheaper price. Most of the time, the bag is also kept in the car and no one gets to see it neither do walk around with its price tag for people to see how expensive the bag was.

9 Wipe Gloves

People have come up with very many interesting baby items in the past five years to help make life easier for millennial moms. Among these products are wipe gloves. These gloves are a revolutionary new way for moms to clean their baby’s poop while protecting their hands from any fecal contamination.

While the gloves can come in handy during the bad explosion days, moms have discovered they don't need them. The gloves are in the shape of mittens and therefore are hard to maneuver with while attending to the baby. Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap after every diaper change will prevent the risks of accidental fecal contamination.

8 Baby Jumpers

A baby jumper is a sling held on both end sides by a doorframe or by a stand. A mom places her baby on the sling and he or she can jump up and down or swing sideways to amuse him or herself. Posh sleek designs and digital counters are some of the newer editions of the latest baby jumpers.

While they are fun, these jumpers are now becoming a thing of the past. Moms don't need them anymore. Some baby jumpers are also not safe; especially the ones held on doorframes, they could easily fall off because they are pressure mounted. Most of them also don’t provide the baby with little gross motor development.

7 Formula Mixers

Via: fashionplaytes.com

A formula mixer may sound cool especially to first-time moms but it surely deserves to be on this list. Most moms realize they don't need this mixer but unfortunately, it is after they have already spent money buying it. Pouring formula in a bottle with measurements and then adding water and shaking it is not a hard task.

The mixer just does the same but in a fancier way using a motor. The results are the same. It is not worth the price nor does it make a mother’s life easier. In any case, it even requires more cleaning up after use compared to doing it manually.

6 IPotty

Via: digitaltrends.com

An iPotty is a combination of an iPad and a potty designed to help babies with potty training. Since potty training can be difficult for some moms, the iPotty can come in handy as it helps kids sit on the potty seats for long periods while being entertained by a securely held iPad.

Moms seem to have declined its use because it encourages overuse of digital media and potty training should be a time of positive interaction between the child and the mom, with no destructions. The iPotty is also expensive compared to buying a training seat and seating with your child to encourage them to relieve themselves.

5 Baby Mops

Via: youtube.com

A baby mop is a baby onesie that doubles up as a mop. The moms who purchase this product do it so that their babies can clean the floors while crawling. Once babies start crawling, they hardly stay in one place, so the baby mop acts similar to a red carpet. This is a ridiculous product as babies are not aware of what cleaning is and how to do it.

The baby mop’s popularity was short-lived once mothers realized it was a waste of their forty dollars. It is just not practical as a baby will obviously not do a good job cleaning, yet it is not hygienic to let a baby mop the floor with his or her clothes.

4 Room Thermometers

Via: pinterest.com

The room thermometer is a recent invention used to monitor the temperature in a room where a baby frequently stays. This easy to use room thermometer changes color to indicate what temperature the room is at. It will turn red when it's too hot, blue when it's too cold and orange/yellow when the temperature is just right.

This is one of those items that are just pretty to have but moms don't need them because they can easily tell if the room is hot or cold by how they feel. It also has a bright glow light, which can keep the baby awake for longer periods especially at night.

3 Speakers and Baby Monitor Systems

Via: warpcom.com

Mothers look forward to trying new items that make their lives easier and convenient especially with needy babies. Baby monitors have come a long way from being just audio devices to delivering live 24/7 video streams. Others connect to smartphones and can play soothing music to the baby.

Some monitors are personalized and advanced and moms can use them to ask the monitor to perform tasks like checking the room temperature where the baby is whilst in another room in the house. Frankly, moms don't need some of these fancy gadgets. They are super expensive and as much as they should make it easy for a mom to monitor her baby, they are not practical. A good example of this is where the baby cries because she is hungry, no soothing songs will calm her down, mom has to get up on her feet and get the baby to feed her.

2 Baby Shopping Cart Covers

Via: dhgate.com

The baby shopping cart covers became so popular among moms who were concerned about placing their babies in carts that exchange hands all day, every day in supermarkets. Every time mom has to shop, she needs to set up the cart cover before placing the baby in order to provide comfort and safety for the little one.

After a few trials, moms realized that they did not need the shopping cart covers anymore. They take forever to set up at the store and are a waste of money. Research has also proven that exposing children to germs builds up their immune systems; however, if children have an underlying condition, then exposure to germs should be as minimal as possible. Sanitizing the cart before baby touches it should always be done, and should be enough of a precaution.

1 Slip-Proof Baby Knee Pads

Via: aliexpress.com

Baby kneepads are supposed to help the baby not hurt his or her knees when learning to crawl. They are also supposed to prevent babies from sliding on slippery floors. While some moms thought the baby knee pads were a good invention, their popularity was short lived. After buying and trying them out, moms realized they never needed them in the first place.

The babies were uncomfortable wearing them. Billions of kids have learned how to crawl without these kneepads and billions more will be born and still not use them. It is safe to say that babies will be okay crawling without them.

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