20 Pre- And Post-Pregnancy Essentials That Moms Can Buy From Walmart Today

After the excitement of realizing and confirming that she is pregnant, a soon-to-be mom eventually gets to the point where she actually starts to prepare to welcome her new bundle of joy. Arguably, the first-time moms who have been trying for so long to get pregnant are often more excited about the pregnancy and delivery compared to moms who've been there and done that.

The excitement can reach its peak when the soon-to-be mom actually goes out to the store to buy essential items she will need before, during, and after the delivery. Although the soon-to-be moms might feel drawn towards buying the most adorable baby clothes and the super cute and tiny baby shoes first, they need to control their urges and buy the important stuff first.

One of the best places a soon-to-be mom can go in search of pregnancy essentials is a Walmart store because these stores have literally any product an expectant woman would need. Furthermore, we have so many Walmart stores around the country where moms can walk in, in addition to a brilliant website where moms can make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Here's a list of 20 pregnancy essentials every soon-to-be mom should buy before the baby is born. Although it is possible to find these products in almost any store near you, chances are you might not find the variety you need or the savings on each product anywhere else compared to your nearest Walmart store.

20 Diapers 

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Diapers come in various brands and sizes and it's up to moms to choose the ones they want to use on their babies. In addition, moms get to decide whether they want disposable diapers or cloth diapers. On average, newborns use around 10 diapers a day. Stocking on diapers is essential and Walmart stores offer a wide selection.

With brands like Pampers, Huggies, Pure protection, Luvs, and many others, moms have a broad variety to choose from. They also come in various sizes for newborns to toddlers and prices range between $9 and $55 depending on the brand and the number of pieces inside the package. The cloth diaper's price estimate is between $2 and $23 depending on the type and brand.

19 Nursing Pillow 

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A nursing pillow is essential for a mom during pregnancy as well as after the baby is born. While pregnant, it helps support the mom's back by placing it between her legs to relieve any discomfort while sleeping. After birth, it offers extra support to the baby's body during feeding time and helps support the baby to latch properly.

Walmart has a variety of nursing pillows in different shapes and sizes. From prices ranging from $10 to $39, moms can get themselves this extra support. Some of the nursing pillows here have a seat wrap that can prevent a baby from sliding down, and mom can tuck it away in a pocket when she is not using it.

18 Grooming Kit 

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A grooming kit is one of the absolute necessities for new moms and it contains nail clippers, a thermometer, medicine syringe, hairbrush, toothbrush, and a nasal aspirator packed in a durable storage case. For moms, there is nothing devastating than fever in babies. They usually realize the baby is sick when the fever is too high, so it is prudent for new moms to have a thermometer.

Nasal aspirators are also essential especially when the baby gets a cold or flu. An aspirator relieves nasal congestion. On the other hand, a medicine Syringe helps parents to measure and easily administer proper dosage to the baby. The rest are bonus items that mom can use on the baby as they grow. Moms can purchase this kit from any Walmart branches or online at a fair price.

17 Baby Bottles 

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Moms planning to give their babies formula milk need baby bottles and breastfeeding moms will need them to feed the babies the pumped out milk. New moms need to find the right bottles for their babies. The sizes of the holes are also equally important, the wrong size will cause uncomfortably rapid or sluggish flow of milk. Moms need to buy the sluggish one for newborns.

At Walmart, bottles come in a variety of brands, shapes, and sizes. You can buy some as a single piece, others as pairs, and others as a gift set that comes together with an extra nip, a pacifier, and a bristle bottlebrush. Prices range from $3 to $35.

16 Baby Carrier 

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A baby carrier is a must-have for moms. With a newborn, moms might require a sling and as soon as the baby is able to support his or her head comfortably, moms can move them around in a baby carrier. Parents may need to upgrade the carrier as the baby grows because some can only support up to a certain amount.

Both the sling and carriers are readily available at Walmart stores. Sling prices range from $17 to $30 and the baby carriers from $9 to $99 depending on the brand, quality, and material used. Moms can pass down good quality slings and carriers to other children, so moms should choose these items carefully.

15 Bath Essentials 

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Newborns have very sensitive skins and moms need to be careful while shopping for their bath essentials. These include shampoos, oils, soaps, bathing cloths, sponges, lotions, and creams. Moms are always encouraged to try the various bath brands available and see which ones work best for their babies.

Walmart has a variety of options with brands like Johnson's, Aveeno Baby, Baby Magic, Mustela, Bambo Nature Baby, ECO, and many more. Most brands package shampoo, oil, soap, lotion, and powder as a set or sell each individually. The set goes for $9 to $34 depending on the sizes and the brand.

14 Baby Wipes 

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Baby wipes are an absolute essential. Wipes go hand in hand with diapers as moms use them to wipe the baby after every diaper change. Some moms may choose to use cloth and water instead but wipes are more convenient especially when in a public place and the baby needs a change. They can also wipe surfaces before placing the baby on them.

Mothers are always discouraged from using scented wipes, which can react with babies or cause diaper rashes. Walmart has a wide selection of fragrance-free wipes specifically designed for newborn babies. Prices range from $5 to $33 depending on the brand and number of pieces in the pack.

13 Bassinet And Crib 

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Mothers need to create a safe place for the baby to sleep when they are born. Some moms may choose a bassinet and others may prefer a crib. A bassinet is portable, allows moms to easily co-sleep, and can put the baby to sleep in any part of the house. Cribs are fixed but moms can use them for years to come.

Moms should always ensure cribs come with safety measures for when the baby is big and able to move around. Walmart has a wide range of bassinet and crib options from different manufacturers. Bassinet Prices range from $40 to $279 depending on whether they have a stand or not and depending on their sizes. Cribs range from $129 to $249. For moms who want more than one child, a crib is a good investment.

12 Swaddling Blankets

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Moms swaddle newborns to help keep them warm and secure as they slowly adjust to the new environment. Swaddling blankets should be a must-have in every mom's baby list items. They should choose blankets that are not too heavy or too light depending on the weather and avoid covering the baby's face.

Moms should be careful not to tie the swaddle too tight because they should leave enough room for the baby's comfortable leg and hand movements. Walmart has a wide range of colors for both boys and girls. These blankets come in various qualities, sizes, and designs. Prices range from $13 to $29 and some come in sets if one requires more than one piece.

11 Gripe Water 

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Gripe water is one of those products moms swear by. Every new mom should buy it for her baby. While some moms have never heard of it, gripe water is a no prescription product used to relieve colic, gas pains, tummy problems, and discomfort in infants. Gripe water is natural and alcohol-free. Moms should help their babies to drink it in small doses.

Walmart has a wide selection to choose from with brands like Little Remedies, Mommy's Bliss, Parent's Choice, Wellements Inc., and many others. Prices range from $5 to $55 depending on the brand and the Oz amount on the bottle. Moms can always consult the pediatrician on which brand to use.

10 Changing Pad 

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Changing pads are extremely important to new moms. They are useful both indoors and outdoors when changing the baby's diapers or clothes. A mom places the pad under the baby to protect him or her from dirty surfaces and they offer extra cushioning for the baby because surfaces may not always be right for the baby.

Changing pads also protects surfaces from contamination especially when the diapers have leaked. At Walmart, the pads come in different shapes and prices go from as low as $7 to as high as $25. It is easy to fold and packed most of these pads in small bags for carrying convenience while moms might need to carry other types just as they are, especially those with extra comfortable cushioning.

9 Stroller 

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Strollers are convenient for moms who want to be able to move around with their babies and not just stay indoors. Moms should ensure that the strollers they choose are comfortable, strong and have a compartment for holding baby's essentials while on the go. Some strollers are removable while others can easily transform into car seats.

A stroller is important for a mom because she can use it until the baby is a toddler. Walmart has stocked a variety of options even some with double sittings for twin babies or for two babies close in age. Some have four wheels while others have three and prices range from $14 to $359 respectively.

8 Breastmilk Storage Bags 

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New moms need to stock up on milk for their babies, especially for the days they need to step out. Some moms prefer using containers and others prefer reusable bags. In terms of cost and space, reusable bags are the most economical. Breastmilk should be stored correctly to avoid any contamination.

At Walmart just like all other baby products, these reusable bags are in an abundance of choices. The reusable bags go for $13 to $30 for around 100 pieces and 10 pieces of the containers go for $13. It's not a good idea to use plastic bags for this job, because containers or reusable bags are far much better and they reduce the chances of contamination, leaks, or spills to a great extent.

7 Onesies 

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Onesies are clothing items most newborns must have. Onesies are a one-piece garment fastened with press-studs at the crotch. They are super comfortable and they help support the baby's diaper in place. Babies wear onesies from the time they are born to when they start crawling.

New moms need to stock up on several pieces because babies should wear them almost on a daily basis. There are short and long sleeve options for hot or cold weather. Walmart has a variety of onesies, which are inexpensive and come in various cute colors for both boys and girls. The price for one piece is approximately $3.

6 Pumps

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A breast pump is a crucial item for mothers who wish to maintain exclusive breastfeeding for six months. Moms pump their milk so that the baby can have a supply when they are not around. Pumping also helps to maintain a mother's milk supply. A breast pump is also ideal for moms who have to resume work but wish to continue nursing.

There are two types of pumps at Walmart, electric and manual ones. Both can be either double or single. You can get electric double pumps going for $58 to $200 and the single one going for $17 to $169. Manual pumps go for anywhere between $13 and $34.

5 Burping Cloths And Bibs 

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Burping cloths and bibs are essential items for new mothers to have. Babies are always burping and spitting up a lot and having a burping cloth or bib close by is important. Moms may require several pieces because some babies can use a number of cloths within a short time. Burping cloths should have soft materials and be absorbent.

Bibs are good for tying around the baby's neck to protect the baby's clothes from all the wet liquids. At Walmart, burping cloths go for $3 each but a mom can get a set, whereas bibs go for $9 for 10 pieces. Moms should choose sizes depending on the size of their babies.

4 Cap And Mitten Sets 

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A newborn's nails can grow at an exponential rate due to all the calcium he or she is taking in the milk; therefore, new moms should make sure to keep the nails as short as possible, regardless of how delicate they might seem. Babies with long nails will often scratch themselves on the face.

To avoid this, moms put mittens on their hands. Mittens also act as a hygiene measure from everyone trying to touch the baby's hands. Walmart has a wide selection of baby caps and mittens, mostly sold as a set. A set is quite affordable, it goes for anywhere between $7 and $14. Mittens and caps are ideal for the cold seasons as they keep the baby warm.

3 Baby Monitor 

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New moms may find baby monitors essential especially if they plan to have a separate nursery room for the little ones. Moms would want to hear or watch their babies as they sleep from other parts of the house. There are low-tech and high-tech monitors at all Walmart stores. No matter what kind of monitor mom chooses, it will bring peace and comfort knowing they can hear the baby.

The low-tech monitors are just the normal audio baby monitors for listening in on the baby and their prices range from $18 to $50. The high-tech ones have web cameras, which a mom can use to watch and hear the baby when connected to the Internet. These go for anywhere between $50 and $165.

2 Car Seat

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Car seats are a must-have for new mothers with cars, because babies will also ride in the car when moving from place to place, and they should be safe during every ride. Moms need to get the right car seats with top-notch adjustable capabilities and super comfortable sitting for the little one.

Walmart has a wide selection of brands and different colors to choose from. Car seat prices range from as low as $50 to as high as $289. Moms should also make sure to install the car seat properly to avoid any hazards. In addition, car seats are a good investment because moms can pass them from one child to the next.

1 Baby Towels 

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Obviously, there are certain essentials that new moms can't live without, and baby towels are a great example. When babies come from their baths, moms want a nice fluffy towel to dry them. Babies should have their own towels for hygiene purposes and regardless of the frequency of use, moms should make sure to wash them after every third use.

Baby towels should have a soft absorbent material to protect their delicate skin. Walmart has a variety of baby towels to choose from and some come with fancy hoods to keep the baby's head warm and get it dry. Prices range from $7 to $15 depending on material and design.

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