20 Pregnancy Items Nobody Actually Needs

Pregnancy comes with a lot of good tidings, besides the biggest gift of all: the little one everyone is waiting for. These good tidings come in the form of how mom is treated by family and friends, sometimes even strangers. Some of the great things many pregnant women or moms who've been there at one point say is how they'd be allowed to jump the queue, or get a seat in the bus or train. There's just something special about that period of time, because everyone seems to embrace and respect the life mom is carrying.

Gifts are also brought when a woman is expectant, especially with the advent of the baby shower function, which seems to be ingrained in every culture today, regardless of the form it takes. This is where family, friends and just people who mean well, come and shower mom and the soon-to-be-born baby with gifts. The nature of these gifts is where the content of this discussion comes in, because moms will get anything and everything anyone thinks of getting for her. While mom may buy for herself some pregnancy stuff, she may not be in control of what others bring to her shower. Stuff like bassinets, strollers, cribs, lots of toys, expensive clothes and baby powder - yes - these are the things people will buy and bring that mom may never get to use, at least not every other day. In fact, mom may end up without a clue of what she'll do with them. So, in random order, here's our curated list of the 20 pregnancy products nobody actually needs.

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20 High-end, branded maternity pants or dresses

Branded maternity wear can be found at very inflated prices. Instead of purchasing them only to be warn for a short period of time then tossed aside, several other options are available that still ensure your comfort as an expectant mother. You can choose to leave your trouser undone, of course under a baggy top. Besides that, loosely filling dresses such as wrap-arounds, smock and tunic tops and tops made from stretchy material and anything with an elasticated waistband can be a substitute for the maternity dresses and still provide the same level of comfort. Alternatively, you can use a nice piece of material that fits comfortably around your waist to create a wrap around. This allows you to wear your normal tops with ease.

19 Gimmicky tech gear

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These are those apps that record the baby kicking and upload them to your social sites. Every kick your baby makes it shares to your social media account. Sounds interesting, right? I guess so. But do your social media friends really need to know all this information. Sharing is good, but there is a thin line between sharing information and actually oversharing it, especially in our era of social media where we basically air our lives on the media. The oversharing tends to get worse during pregnancy to some people, and even though your friends may never tell you, it gets annoying. Most of these products give you the option to link it to your social media account, therefore sharing all the information it is required to.

18 Morning chicness bags

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Some women buy these bags to give the feeling of being glamorous every time they pull out the bag to puke .The morning sickness is normally very common in the first and second trimesters and it is normal to feel the need to have these bags with you. They may not really cost you a fortune but are they really necessary? It may even get annoying to have to carry them around all the time just in case you need them in the course of your day. Then you may end up buying them in bulk, but when the moment arises when you need to puke, and you are probably in the presence of other people, you will have to excuse yourself to use a washroom, which clearly beats the logic as to why you bought the bags.

17 Prenatal mp3 player

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There's a common hype that playing music, especially the classical type to your unborn baby makes them smarter when they are born. There are downstairs and uterus headphones that can be used if there is need for this. But why bother with all that so much yet the mother can just sing to the baby, after all it is a more familiar sound and has higher chances of soothing your baby more than that of a stranger from a music player. Though there is nothing really harmful about playing music to the unborn baby and it does not have any known effects, it is unnecessary to have to buy such gadgets to provide music to the baby when you can actually sing to them for free.

16 Really cute 0-3 months outfits

Pregnancy gives mothers the urge to just buy and buy and buy. Every time you see an outfit on saIe you think of how it would look on your baby. There should be so much caution when it comes to baby outfits. What if your baby is born earlier than expected? Majority of these clothes will not fit him/her in this case, and by the time they will fit,it may be the wrong season. The baby may be born a lot bigger than had been expected, which would mean either the clothes will never fit and if they do it will be for a very short period of time. Then lastly, most of these outfits that mothers buy they end up rarely using them even if they fit the child.

15 Anti-stretch creams

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A good number of women develop stretch marks on their chest during pregnancy. This is caused by the collagen beneath the skin tearing as it stretches to accommodate the enlargement in body. Various products exist in the markets that we have been made to believe they clear these marks. However, all these creams applied on the skin surface do not have much effect on what happens deep beneath the layers of collagen within our skin. Some massages such as perineal massage, can really help get rid of stretch marks that arise from child birth. This however does not give permission to use very pricey oils because just a simple oil, with vitamin E extracts will work just fine or even better than the highly priced brands.

14 A million Parenting books


Parenting books provide information on how to care for babies and the do's and don'ts of pregnancy and parenting. It is however important to note that not all babies are the same, and not all parenting books are written equally. Furthermore, each pregnancy is different and unique in its own way. Going by the book may misdiagnose a complication in pregnancy that would have been treated should the doctor have been consulted. Further, raising a child by the book limits the parent to a specific character expectation for their children which results into a lot of frustration when the expectations are not met. It is important to not rely on books but instead make the doctors and pediatricians a reliable source of information.

13 Car seat belt extender

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As your baby keeps growing bigger in your womb, so does your bump. The bigger the bump the greater the level of discomfort that arises in doing specific tasks. There arises a need to buy items that can help reduce the level of discomfort even if it is only by a small percentage. A seat belt extender is one such item. The normal length of the seat belt may not be able to fully accommodate the mother therefore she may decide to buy the extender to ensure her safety and that of the baby when she is driving or being driven. Needless to say, this is pointless. One just needs to ensure that the lap part of the seat belt is below the bump the other part sits between the girls.

12 Home Fetal Doppler


Any mother to be would like to be able to hear the baby's heart beating at any point in time during the pregnancy. Of course there are gadgets that are specifically made for that. A Doppler for example is one of such items. But what good is there if instead of bringing joy to the mother it brings stress and frustration. The fetus tends to move around a lot making it very difficult to get the heart beat of the baby. Besides that, the heart rate of the fetus has variations .Therefore the heart rate may be higher or lower that before making the mothers very worried and frustrated. This ideally means it is better to have a peaceful pregnancy without much worry.

11 Wallpaper

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The motherly instinct kicks in and the need to decorate the coming baby's room comes along with it. You find mothers very eager to decorate, they get on the ladder which is in itself very risky and start doing the wallpapers. It is however advised for mothers to stay clear of wallpapers. It is however advisable to use paint if there is need for decorations. This is because children's tastes tend to develop and change as they grow up. This means there will be need to constantly keep changing the theme of the room and as such wallpapers will prove to be very expensive to keep removing and re-papering. Painting is a lot easier to redo as compared to paper. Besides that, if there is any paper that is unglued, children can never resist tearing it off which will prove to be a waste of time and money.

10 Designer hospital gown

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Women are known to always want to appear fashionable and classy. It is their nature. All the way from buying very stylish baby clothes ,to stylishly decorating the room, some go as far as having designer hospital gowns. It is not a bad thing to want to look stylish when delivering your baby but is it really necessary? Consider the fact that you will only wear it for a few hours and by the end of that day, it will be filled with a lot of bodily fluids . Now who wants their designer outfit ruined by bodily fluids, which may end up being permanent stains. It is understandable the need to want to have as many memories as possible, but how about other ways like photo shoots.

9 A decked-out diaper bag

These bags are normally very expensive, within the range of £60 and £100 in most baby outlets. But even after buying them, you end up using your cute handbag most of the times because lets face it, who wants to walk around carrying a big and ugly looking bag all over and not to mention the risk of having it being stained with all kinds of messes. Preferably, reasonably spacious pockets are enough for a newborn just to carry a few diapers, wipes and a sleeping pyjama. A smaller bag also allows the mother to walk with as little luggage as possible therefore not end up feeling overly exhausted because of carrying lots of luggage that may not even be used in the end.

8 A Full Changing Table

So you choose to buy a change unit. This is one item that is totally unnecessary. Alternatively, one can choose to buy a chest of drawers, which is cheaper. All one needs to do after is to put some wood around the edges to prevent the mat from slipping. When you no longer need to use it, you can easily remove it. A crib can also be used. All you need to do is lower it and spread a waterproof pad on top of the mattress and change your baby. You can also use the simplest option of using the floor. It is much safer as there is no risk of the baby falling over. However all you need is a mat or towel to ensure your baby does not go directly on the cold floor.

7 Diaper disposable system

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Supermarkets always have special offers that aim at making you spend less. However these offers may not be strictly on the particular brand that you normally use. So if you are going down the disposable diapers route and you do not mind switching to other brands which are fairly cheaper and still good quality, then trying the supermarket brands is a good idea and a great way to save money. Then what is the need for buying so many garbage cans in the name of diaper wrappers making you end up using so many plastic bags to try cover up the smell of a used diaper. Plastic bags are bad for the environment too. It is easier and cheaper to just use the normal dustbin to dump in your used diaper. It saves a lot of money and time.

6 Baby wipes

Disposable baby wipes are normally very handy, especially when you are not at home. However, they have the tendency to dry out very fast. Wipes are not necessary for babies at a young age because of the baby's tender and sensitive skin. ''You should start using wipes when your baby is at least six weeks old as they will remove the natural oils from her skin and leave it dry and uncomfortable” (Stoppard 2008).These natural oils protect your baby's sensitive skin from the harsh environmental conditions that pose harm to it. It is however preferred to clean the skin of newborns with cotton and warm water. It protects the environment as well because there is not much to be disposed.

5 Baby Talcum powder


Baby talcum powder has no benefits on your baby's skin. The powder in itself can have an irritating effect on the baby,s skin more so when they get to the moist folds.It is considered also as a potential irritant when it gets inside the body. (Cooper 2011). It further has an irritating effect when inhaled to the lungs and can cause significant problems (Spock 2004). It has adverse effects on particularly baby girls as it increases the chances of developing cancer as it is spread from the genital areas up to near the Fallopian tubes. It can further cause chronic inflammation of the ovaries leading to long term pains and other symptoms.

4 Crib mobile

Babies can be a handful when it comes to nap time.Buying a crib mobile seems to provide the nearest option to solving this problem. But what if instead of soothing the baby to sleep it actually stimulates them. A crib mobile looks nice appears to provide the solution of but it actually does not. They have the effect of keeping your baby awake for longer hours because of their stimulating nature. Which simply means the baby will sleep less and in return we all now how a baby who is sleep deprived can get very agitated. Besides that, crib mobiles have a very limited shelf life as they have to be removes immediately the baby can sit for safety reasons.

3 Moses basket


It is okay to want to have your baby as comfortable as possible. It is even more okay to want to get your hands on anything that you feel is good for your baby. But let us get realistic. Why should you expensively buy something which will only be used for less than six months then your baby outgrows it. That is a complete waste of money. Buying a Moses basket is one such example. Your baby is definitely growing and will outgrow it by the time he/she gets to 3 months, rendering it useless. Besides that, they are very expensive, bulky and very difficult to be stored. There are other available alternatives like the carry crib attachment from your pram which can still do the same work just fine.

2 Crib

Almost all parents buy cribs for their babies. It is not really a bad thing but what of the other available options like co-sleeping. It is an option that saves on money and space, assuming there is limited space available. Co-sleeping enhances the child-parent attachment and also provides an easier and faster way of the child being monitored or even breastfed. The child gets a feeling of security when he/she is close to the parents, which promotes better sleep as well. However, if there is still need to buy a crib, a crib bed is a viable option as it lasts longer and eases the transition from it to a proper bed, which is normally one of the difficult stages in a child's life.

1 Traditional pram

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Traditional prams appear to be very classy and cute at the same time. Basically what every mother wants for their child. Besides that, they are very expensive, and mostly suitable for only small babies. When children get to at least six months it is advisable to transfer them to a stroller. This is because this would provide them with more comfort. However, one can choose to use a sling for the first few months therefore not requiring to use a prom within these first few months. Therefore only requiring to buy a stroller later on . There are also strollers for newborns, which are affordable and can be used if the idea of slings is not really appealing to the mother.

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