20 Pregnancy Side Effects No One Expects

Pregnancy is a magical time, full of wonderful experiences and the pure knowledge that mom is creating life and about to welcome this beautiful and peaceful little person into her life. Okay, if anyone reading this has ever been pregnant, then they know that this is not always true. This is how society looks at pregnancy and how it is portrayed in Hollywood, but it is rarely like this in real life.

While there is beauty and grace in pregnancy, it is also a very messy time. It is a time when mom is constantly sick, and she wants to cry all the time. People know a lot about pregnancy, as medical advancements have allowed them to learn over time what exactly happens to a woman’s system when she is expecting. But people still don’t know everything.

If someone is planning on becoming pregnant, or has just gotten that positive, there is a lot she knows is coming. She knows she may get sick every morning for a while and that she will probably deal with some heartburn and sleepless nights. She even knows that childbirth is painful and long. To add onto that she knows a newborn is hard work and full of even more sleepless nights.

However, she will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of pregnancy side-effects that no one expects. Side effects that are not talked about as much as the more common ones, and she may be taken back by them. We have them covered! We have 20 pregnancy side-effects that no one really sees coming.

20 Weird Stuff that hormones demand

A lot of everything that has to do with pregnancy comes down to hormones. Hormones seem to run a woman’s body and are the cause of a lot of different things. When a woman becomes pregnant, her body will be run over with hormones and they can cause a lot of different things to happen. One of these things that can happen is excessive discharge.

This can happen at any point during pregnancy, from the very beginning to the very end. It is said to get worse as a woman gets towards the end of her pregnancy and the more pregnancies she has. No one talks about the ‘grosser’ side of pregnancy, so it is not as common knowledge.

19 Headaches Are Brutal

I was actively trying to get pregnant at one point, so I had done my research and I knew that sometimes women who are pregnant can get very bad headaches that don’t seem to be eased by anything. When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew right away because I had gotten this debilitating headache that no amount of Tylenol was going to fix.

Headaches during pregnancy are caused by hormones and increased blood volume. They are very common when a woman is pregnant but because a headache can mean many things it is often dismissed as a stressful day or coming down with a cold or the flu.

18 Go All The Time …

When a woman gets pregnant, she expects to reach a point where she will be running to the bathroom all the time, this is a ‘normal’ sign of being pregnant. However, they don’t expect this to happen so early in pregnancy. They normally see this as something that happens later on when the weight of the baby presses down on the bladder.

This is sometimes a common ailment in the first trimester as well and it takes women by surprise. This is again due partly to hormones. It also is due to pressure as the uterus will swell even in those early days and the smallest amount of pressure can have women running to the bathroom.

17 … Or Not At All!

Sometimes, the opposite can happen. Many women are shocked to find out that they get constipated during pregnancy. A lot of women experience constipation when they are pregnant, and it is no fun. Pregnancy hormones cause the digestive system to slow down during pregnancy to allow food to be transferred to the growing baby.

This slow down means that waste also slows down, and this can cause it to get kind of stuck, making it hard for a woman to go to the bathroom. A pregnant woman should introduce more fiber into her diet to help move things along. It is also possible for a woman to experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy which are no fun at all.

16 Too warm

If a woman is pregnant than she obviously knows that she is not going through menopause just yet, so why is she suddenly battling hot flashes? An unexpected early pregnant symptom is overheating, and it is quite normal. When a woman ovulates, her basal body temperature is elevated. A lot of women use this as a way to track fertility because it is so reliable.

If a woman succeeds that month in getting pregnant, that temperature will stay risen for the next two weeks or so causing her to feel like she is always running hot. This is often one of the first signs a woman is pregnant, but it is often missed or mistaken for something else.

15 Dizzy

Pregnant women are very careful when it comes to being on their feet. They are terrified of falling and injuring themselves or causing harm to the baby at such a fragile time. This is even harder when it is quite common for a pregnant woman to feel dizzy or lightheaded in the first trimester. Luckily, a fall in the first trimester does not pose much risk to the baby due to all the cushioning but mom should be careful just in case.

This feeling is caused by the changes in blood volume when a woman is pregnant. Her blood vessels also start to dilate which can cause this uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating experience.

14 Am I Pregnant, Or Not?

One of the earliest and most sure-sign symptoms that a woman is pregnant is her missed period. It is usually the first sign that a woman is pregnant. However, there can be times when a woman can experience a “period” when she is pregnant. This is not an actual period, but it is pregnancy bleeding that can be completely normal. Some women experience implantation bleeding when the egg attaches to the uterine wall.

If a woman knows she is pregnant and experiences bleeding she could be worried about miscarriage. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor if you experience bleeding when pregnant, but it can be nothing to worry about.

13 Sucking On Pennies

We all know that our sense of smell can change when pregnant, it can be heightened. What we don’t always know is that it can affect our taste as well. A lot of women report having a metallic taste in their mouth when pregnant, almost like they were sucking on a mouthful of pennies. While this may be uncomfortable, it is also perfectly normal.

It is caused by the raised levels of estrogen and progesterone that we would find in a woman’s body when she is expecting a baby. The best way to get rid of this taste is to chew some gum or crackers. Unfortunately, nothing can be done to prevent this or completely take it away so stock up on those saltines to help get you through.

12 Sick All The Time (Not Talking About Morning Sickness)

If pregnancy did not come with enough side effects that have a woman feeling less than herself, the good news is she may also get sick more often. Pregnant women are more prone to falling ill with a cold or the flu and that is because they have an immune system that is not working as well as it should.

When a woman is pregnant she will have an immune system that is not working at its best, so she will be more likely to catch a cold during this time. Being sick when pregnant is not likely to cause any harm to the baby, but it is always a good idea to run it by your medical partner as they can also let you know what prescriptions are safe for you to take.

11 Itchy All Over

Another thing that a woman may not expect when she is expecting is to be extremely itchy. There are a lot of reasons why a woman may be extra itchy when she is pregnant. Sometimes, her abdomen will be itchy due to it growing and stretching. Her skin may also be dry due to the pregnancy hormones running through her body. The best way to combat this is with some moisturizer.

There is a time when extreme itching can be cause for concern. Any itching during pregnancy should be mentioned to your doctor because it could be a sign that your liver is not working right which can be dangerous. A simple blood test will help your doctor determine the cause of your itching.

10 Weird Rashes

Some pregnancy symptoms can be quite scar for women as they fear something is wrong with the baby. Another one that is weird and that no one expects is a weird rash that shows up on a woman’s stomach and other areas when she is expecting. This is called PUPPP, and it can be a common ailment when a woman is pregnant.

It is categorized by an itchy and bumpy rash that is usually found on a woman’s stomach when she is expecting. It is more annoying than dangerous, but it should be mentioned to your doctor if you think you may have it. They may be able to prescribe you some cream to give you some comfort.

9 Red from the nose

After getting this far in the article, we are learning that pregnancy really is amazing but weird. It causes so many things to happen that one would not expect. Another thing that can happen when a woman is pregnant is she can experience nose bleeds. These can come out of nowhere and again are more annoying than dangerous.

Nose bleeds can be caused by hormones and by the extra blood volume. It can be even easier for the blood to flow when the air is dry, so mom should make sure that she is always in a room that is not too dry to try and lessen their appearances.

8 Veins!

Who would have thought that we would ever think of veins as a side-effect of being pregnant, but here we are? Some women enjoy the appearance of more veins when they are pregnant, known as spider veins. The bad news is that they don’t always go away after the baby is born either. These veins can stick around when the baby is out, and they may never go away.

These veins can be caused by the expanding uterus, which puts pressure on a woman’s body and can cause these veins to stick out even more. They usually appear on the right side of a woman’s body and on her legs.

7 Stuffy Nose

A woman does not have to be sick to have a stuffy nose, she can just be pregnant and that will do the trick. Pregnancy can cause a woman to experience a blocked or stuffy nose which can be very annoying and have the people around you are thinking that you are sick when you’re not. This is another thing that is caused by hormones.

Pregnancy hormones can cause an increase in mucous and this has to go somewhere. Women will often experience a runny nose or a blocked one. They also may have a congested sounding cough in the morning as their body tries to clear it all from her system.

6 Lots Of Gas! (Sorry)

Whoever said pregnancy is all rainbows and butterflies has obviously never actually been pregnant. A lot of the side effects can be rather embarrassing for a woman and this is one no one saw coming. There can be a noticeable increase in flatulence when you are pregnant. What causes this? Well, if you guessed hormones than you are right.

The increase in progesterone when pregnant can cause an increase in gas. This can be very embarrassing for a woman, especially if she is not showing yet leading people to believe she is just rude or sick. When progesterone slows down the digestive system it allows more time for gas to collect, and it has to come out eventually.

5 Red Gums Are Common!

Oral health is always important, pregnant or not, but pregnancy can do something weird to a woman’s mouth that may shock her. A woman may experience some bleeding gums when she is pregnant, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is going to lose her teeth or that she needs to run to the dentist anytime soon.

This is another thing due to hormones, they can make the gums of the mouth become inflamed and more prone to bleeding. With all that we go through it sure is a good thing our babies are cute, because they are definitely worth it.

4 Linea What?!?

As a woman progresses in her pregnancy she may notice that she is getting a dark line on her abdomen. It may shock her, but it is completely normal and is experienced by a lot of women. This is called the Linea Nigra and it is experienced by a lot of women when they are expecting.

It is likely that this line was always there even before you were pregnant, but it was lighter in colour and you could not notice it. As the pregnancy progresses, the line gets darker because the pigment in the skin changes making it more noticeable. This should fade again after birth, but some women are left with it being a little darker years after their child has been born.

3 Dreams Are Out Of Control

I have had two children, and been pregnant twice, and one thing I have always remembered from both of these times is the weird and out-of-control dreams I would have. I was not expecting this, and I would often wake up in the morning wondering what was going on. It took me a while to learn that this was just another weird, but very normal, side-effect of being pregnant.

There are two possible reasons for this to happen. The first could, of course, be hormones. The second could be based on the fact that a pregnant woman’s sleep is often broken throughout the night as she tries to get comfortable or go to the bathroom. This interruption can throw off the sleep rhythm and cause weird and vivid dreams.

2 You Turn Into A 90-Year-Old!

This one is experienced by a lot of women and they call it ‘pregnancy brain.’ This is the phenomenon of women who are often forgetting things when they are expecting. There has been a lot of research on whether or not this is actually something that medically exists. Researchers are leaning more towards the thought that there is something medical to this.

It could be due to blood flow to the brain causing it to react or work a little slower than normal. Some say it is due to the fact that a woman has a lot on her mind when she is pregnant, so she is more likely to be forgetful.

1 Other Children Act Weird!

This one is a bit of a mystery and has no scientific backing other than the experience of a lot of women out there. Women who are pregnant with older children at home have reported multiple times that their older children start acting a little different, sometimes before she even sees those two pink lines.

Children are very intuitive and there are those out there that believe that they know more than we give them credit for. Children have been known to act clingy or misbehave when their mom is expecting, and they usually act this way before they even know that their mom has a baby in her belly.

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