20 Pregnancy Traditions From Asia That The US Should Adopt

Pregnancy rules and traditions in North America and in many other parts of the world are constantly changing. That is mostly due to the fact that medical researchers are constantly coming to different conclusions of what activities and foods should be incorporated or kept away from during pregnancy.

Additionally, some pregnancy rules are based on strong superstitions and beliefs. However, that is not so prevalent in North America as it is in other parts of the world such as in many countries in Asia, especially in China. That said, many cultures in Asia base lot of their beliefs from superstition alone which do not only involve pregnancy. This is something that has not changed very much over the years either.

Yet, at the same time, many individuals in countries such as China, South Korean, and Japan are quite healthy, lean, and can live very long lives. That is because they also are known to have some excellent habits that are quite beneficial to their health. The same applies to pregnancy.

Many pregnant moms in Asia stick to excellent habits and traditions that are quite good for them as well as their unborn babies. And, there are many great habits and traditions that had originated in Asia that pregnant moms from the USA and in other countries in the western world should adopt. That is because they help keep the mom healthy and the unborn baby growing and developing well.

20 Stay Low Key

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Living in a fast-paced world can be incredibly stressful. Especially if you are pregnant when you must do what you need to do in order to minimize the stress that you are experiencing. And, according to GB Times, the pregnancy practices that you will find in Asia include living a low-stress life by keeping your life low key.

This means to rest as much as you can, as well as to focus on anything that relaxes so it will reduce incidents of anxiety that are produced by overthinking. This pregnancy practice that is prominent in Asia is one that should be practiced among pregnant moms at every area of the world!

19 Sesame Seeds Are Good For The Baby

One superfood that is common in many cuisines that had originated in Asia are sesame seeds. And, according to Life's DHA, pregnant moms in Asia eat meals that have plenty of sesame seeds. The reason that this is a superfood is that it is rich in vitamins B, C and E, folic acid, calcium, essential fatty acids, and protein.

These nutrients are essential for maintaining your own good health as well as the development of the unborn baby. That said, if you have a craving for a bagel, you will want to get the ones that are loaded with sesame seeds!

18 Squatting During Labor


The one thing about labor is that you will be in so much pain while you are enduring it that the last thing that you will be concerned about is the position you are in when you deliver your baby. However, according to GB Times, the one practice that pregnant moms in Asia follow is by managing their labor while they are in the squatting position.

The squatting position allows the mom-to-be to handle the pain more effectively, and it is a great position to be in when the delivery is about to happen. Delivery will be smoother this way, and moms will experience fewer incidents of tearing this way as well.

17 Eating Fish Is Encouraged

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Unfortunately, many pregnant moms are afraid to eat fish because of the possibility that they are high in mercury which is not good for the unborn baby's development. However, even though there is truth to this, the type of fish that is eaten matters. According to Life's DHA, the fish that is commonly eaten in Asia are lower in mercury levels and are high in important nutrients such as protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

And, pregnant moms need to get three servings of fish and seafood a week that is low in mercury levels because the omega 3 fatty acids in this food drastically help with the brain development of the unborn baby. Fish and seafood such as salmon, eel, shrimp, and sardines are low in mercury and are high in the important nutrients.

16 Rest After Delivery

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The one thing that many brand new moms all over North America do as well as in many other areas of the world is not resting properly after they deliver their babies. Because the western culture involves living a fast-paced and high-stress life where there is very little time for rest, new moms that have recently given birth simply do not get enough rest. And, the lack of rest can easily lead to complications such as postpartum depression. This is why new moms must take it easy for a while right after giving birth.

According to GB Times, a helpful practice that new moms in Asia follow is getting plenty of rest for the first month after they deliver their babies. And, as a result, fewer cases of postpartum complications happen. Good-quality rest is crucial for any new mom.

15 Stick To Several Small Meals Instead of Three Large Ones

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It already has been mentioned that the one excellent practice that pregnant moms in Asia stick to is eating small amounts of foods that are rich in nutrition. And, they stay away from large quantities of food that are mostly made up of empty calories. According to Smart Parents, there is another reason that these moms only stick to small amounts of food.

Eating several small meals in a day instead of eating three large ones will help with digestion and will reduce pregnancy symptoms such as nausea and heartburn. That is because the stomach is rarely empty this way, and glucose levels never get too low. That in itself is a recommendation for any pregnant mom that is having a hard time with morning sickness and heartburn.

14 Protein Rich Soups Are Encouraged

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Many new moms in the USA as well as in other parts of the world do not follow any particular diet. With that said if they eat foods that are not high in nutrition, not only will the pregnancy be more difficult but so will the postpartum period. And, according to GB Times, new moms in Asia always eat soups that are high in protein such as in low-mercury fish and other meat, as well as eggs.

The reason they eat these protein-filled soups is that it helps speed up the production of breastmilk and makes it highly nutritious for the baby. Protein is important to eat after giving birth because it helps the new mom heal quicker. That said, whether or not the new mom is breastfeeding, this is a practice that should be adopted in the USA and in other parts of the world. It can only help with speeding up postpartum recovery.

13 Quality Over Quantity

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Portion sizes of food in the USA and in other countries that have a culture that is similar to the USA one are not usually monitored properly. The same goes for nutrition. That is why it is common to see plenty of people from North America, in general, eat large portions of food that is lacking in nutrition such as French fries or potato chips. And, unfortunately, many pregnant moms in the USA are not going to necessarily be paying attention to their portion sizes, as well as the nutritional value of their meals.

That only increases the chance of an excessive gain of those pounds which can lead to pregnancy-related complications. And, according to HealthXChange, pregnant moms from Asia are very careful with eating foods that are rich in nutrients and only eat small portions. Basically, they are eating the best quality food in quantities that they need which may be low. This cuts down the risk of developing many pregnancy-related complications.

12 Don’t Move Furniture


There are many pregnant moms in the USA that lift heavy objects such as heavy laptops or small televisions. They also move large and bulky objects around such as furniture for a variety of reasons. However, this is something that you would not see happening among pregnant moms in Asia.

According to National Library Board Singapore, the one practice that pregnant moms in Asia follow is by not moving furniture around. That is because it is believed that if the mom moves heavy objects such as the living room table, sofa, or the bed in their rooms, they are putting their unborn baby at risk. And, even though babies are born healthy for moms who have moved furniture around during their pregnancies, it's not really advisable to do.

11 Don’t Look At Anything That Can Cause Stress

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It is a known fact that too much stress is something to be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. And, unfortunately, life can be stressful as situations that are beyond your control can come up suddenly. However, when it comes to any additional stress that is in your control - that is when you must do what you can to minimize that from happening. And, one practice that pregnant moms follow in Asia is by not allowing themselves to look at content that could be major stress-triggers.

According to National Library Board Singapore, pregnant moms in Asia always avoid looking at any images that can cause them additional stress due to them being unsightly to look at. The same applies to any type of reading material. The bottom line is that they purposely stay away from looking at or reading anything that can cause them stress, and this is a great practice that moms in the USA should follow as well.

10 Meditation


Meditation is a practice that everyone should in order to keep their minds clear and to stay as calm as possible. And, meditation is incredibly beneficial during pregnancy. This is why, according to National Library Board Singapore, pregnant moms in Asia always make it a habit of meditating at least once a day.

They meditate in order to help them think more clearly, and this is a great method to effectively manage stress. That said if more mom-to-be's in all parts of the world made a habit of meditating at least once a day, they would feel a lot better emotionally and mentally.

9 Be Careful With The Words That Are Used

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You would think that speaking certain words, no matter how unclean they may be, it would not have an effect on your wellbeing in general. However, that is not entirely true. If you constantly speak words that are negative by nature, you will end up putting yourself into a negative mindset, and that can end up creating physical and emotional problems that could have been avoided.

And, according to National Library Board Singapore, pregnant moms in Asia are extremely careful with the words that they speak. However, they avoid speaking negative words for superstitious reasons. But, in reality, if you choose your words wisely, you will maintain a more or less positive mindset which will help keep additional stress at bay. This is why a practice like this should be adopted in the western culture as well when it comes to being pregnant

8 Delegating Tasks


Many pregnant moms in the USA end up stressing themselves out more by trying to complete every task and do every chore around. They will frequently run several errands a day in addition to keeping their homes clean and then cooking up elaborate meals. In other words, they end up running themselves ragged quite often. And, this is why delegating is a crucial concept for pregnant moms to take seriously.

According to National Library Board Singapore, pregnant moms in Asia are expected to rest and as a result, their family members and friends will run their errands and complete their tasks. Not every mom in the USA will have helpful family and friends, however, they can always order groceries online and hire a housekeeper to maintain their homes. Sure, it costs money to do, but that money is well spent when it comes to helping these moms stay healthy during their pregnancies.

7 Eggs Are A Superfood


Another excellent food to eat during pregnancy are eggs, and eggs are a huge component of many dishes that had originated from Asia. According to Life's DHA, eggs are rich in protein, essential fatty acids, as well as choline. And, choline is extremely important to get into you during pregnancy because this component is extremely beneficial for the development and growth of the unborn baby's brain.

And, the good news is, if you are turned off by eggs, or have an allergy, or you cannot eat it during pregnancy, you can always take choline supplements that will provide you with the same benefits as eggs.

6 Lentil Stews Are Delicious

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Plenty of dishes that are popular in Asia are packed with lentils and lentils are an excellent source of so many beneficial nutrients that moms need during pregnancy. According to Life's DHA, lentils not only are rich in protein, but they are also rich in zinc, iron, and folate.

The zinc is essential for tissue repair and the iron is important to keep your iron levels at an optimal number. Additionally, according to the same source, lentils contain 90 percent of your daily requirement for folate. And, you are well aware that eating foods that are packed in folate are highly recommended during pregnancy since this can prevent neural tube defects in the unborn baby.

5 Bok Choy Is Rich In Important Nutrients

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Vegetables that are incredibly popular in Asia include bok choy is not only inexpensive but it is high in very important nutrients that any pregnant mom needs to eat. According to Life's DHA, bok choy is loaded with calcium which is needed for bone support, folate, as well as beta-carotene.

Your body converts beta-carotene to vitamin A which is essential for the development of the unborn baby's eyesight, as well as the development of the baby's eyes, bones, immune system, limbs, heart, and kidneys. Not to mention, during pregnancy, mom's eyesight will be affected as well so the Vitamin A will help keep mom's vision strong.

4 Fermented Foods Are Great Immune Boosters

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Fermented food such as the gari, kimchi, achar is quintessential parts of the cuisine in many countries in Asia. And fermented foods such as those are actually quite good for pregnant moms. According to Life's DHA, these foods are actually quite beneficial for pregnant moms to eat because it has healing properties when it comes to helping to ease morning sickness symptoms.

Additionally, they contain helpful probiotics which can fight off any potential infection. Just keep in mind that these foods should be eaten in moderation because they do contain high levels of sodium and sugar, which can be problematic if too much of it is eaten.

3 Birds Nest Herbal Remedy Can Be Any Mom's Best Friend

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Some herbs pregnant moms must stay away from because they are not meant to be taken during pregnancy as it would not be good for the unborn baby. However, according to Smart Parents, the one herbal remedy that many pregnant women in Asia live off of is the bird's nest herb.

Bird's nest is most definitely safe to take during pregnancy, and it provides excellent nutrition such as healthy carbs, protein, fiber, and iron. And, if more moms in the USA and in other parts of the world would incorporate this herb during their pregnancies, then they would be getting a lot more of the required nutrients that are needed to help with the unborn baby's growth and development.

2 Acupuncture


Acupuncture is one practice that doctors in China have always used to treat many ailments and conditions, which includes pregnancy. According to Pacific College, practitioners in Asia treat pregnant women who are dealing with unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness and fatigue by using acupuncture to help balance the energy within their bodies. As a result. many of these patients do experience relief from this treatment that has been used for thousands of years that had originated in the Far East.

That said, even though acupuncture is practiced in many places in the USA and in western countries, this practice is not necessarily easily accessible to those who don't live in large cities. That is because there are not many practitioners who specialize in acupuncture that live in smaller towns in North America. This practice has been proven to be quite helpful to many pregnant moms all over the world, and it needs to be more prevalent

1 Body Massages

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Many pregnant moms in the USA and other western areas underestimate the benefits that are provided by having body massages. This is why very few of these moms utilize this treatment. Body massages help with relaxation, stress relief, and helps maintain good health.

According to Pacific College, pregnant women in Asia will get body massages that are offered by their midwives and nurses that are involved in their care. And, they reap plenty of benefits which has a positive effect on their overall health. This is one practice that the western world should be adopting more because of the fact that body massages offer pregnant moms so many excellent health benefits.

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