20 Pregnancy Trends Breaking The Internet

Thanks to social media, the world of pregnancy has changed dramatically. With a touch or a click or a button, the world can be flooded with images that can make a statement, and, not to mention "break the internet."

The social media world can definitely be an interesting place. Some may believe that people overshare and yet others might think it's a great platform to feel involved within a community. Whichever side a person takes, social media is definitely not slowing down anytime soon and it will continue to be filled with interesting and wonderful things including pregnancy.

Pregnancy is definitely an exciting time, and sharing this experience with other mothers is wonderful. Having this community is a positive attribute of social media and a platform to share what a mom-to-be or a new mom is going through.

Thanks to social media, people can see what is trending all around the world and below are 20 trends breaking the internet in the world of pregnancy. People may not believe the crazy things that are happening during pregnancy, and social media allows people to see and share these trends. Some may be wild, and some are pretty cool, but whatever the opinion is, they have definitely shaken up the internet.

20 Pregnancy Announcements – Message Boards


With many moms to be wanting to share their exciting pregnancy news with their social media family, they will put a lot of thought into how they want to announce it. One of the most trending announcement ideas breaking the internet is the use of the message board. Whether it is placed with balloons and scan of your little bub or placed next to other siblings, this announcement idea is definitely a favorite.

With so many messages that can be written, including ‘’Arriving in (month due)”, “One more to adore” and “Oh Baby”. For my second baby announcement, I was a culprit of this internet breaking trend. As it was a Christmas announcement my board said “Merry Christmas To Me I’m A Big brother To Be” with my son sitting next to the message board with a scan. What you write on your board can be creative or simple, your options are endless.

19 Push Presents


We all forget about mum when bub is born, however, this trend breaking the internet will definitely make up for it. Known as a ‘push present’ this is a gift is designed to be given to the mom on the arrival of their newborn. From jewelry to designer handbags, everyone is going crazy with this trend. With people sharing their new push presents on social media, you are sure to see all the extravagant gifts that celebrity moms are getting. Kylie Jenner was gifted one of the most expensive push presents after the arrival of her daughter Stormi. Jenner showed off her $1.4 million limited edition Ferrari La Ferrari from boyfriend Travis Scott on social media (specifically IG).

18 Gender Reveal Parties


It looks like many parents-to-be do not want to wait until the birth of their child to reveal the gender of their baby. Gender reveals have been another trend on social media that is breaking the internet and the options are endless. With the common balloon pop or cake filled with the color of the gender inside, parents to be are pushing the boundaries and getting more creative. From gender reveal bonfires, colored smoke, fireworks, powder in a football to a car burn-out that reveals pink or blue smoke, there are so many ideas that are now being shared on social media. Not to mention the emotions of the parents to be along with their family and friends are priceless when shared on a social media video. The social media world cannot get enough!

17 Rachel McAdams - Normalizing Expressing Of Milk 


When you open up a fashion magazine, you would not expect to find an image of a woman sitting on a couch breast pumping milk for their child. Actress Rachel McAdams has recently shaken the internet thanks to her latest image normalizing breastfeeding in Girls Girls Girls Magazine. Wearing Versace and dripping in Bulgari diamonds, McAdams has her jacket wide open to reveal her breast pumps. Breast pumping is not something women publicize however thanks to McAdams, these norms are definitely changing. With social media in a frenzy and many moms around the world loving this image, we can definitely say that McAdams, along with photographer Claire Rothstein and Girls Girls Girls Magazine are paving the way to #normalizingbreastfeeding.

16 Tattooing Over The Marks That Pregnancy Makes


Tattoos are now on the rise with moms worldwide. Many moms are now using this art form to cover their C-section scars and stretch marks, making the area "enhanced" with beauty. Although some would argue that moms should be proud of their pregnancy marks, some think this is an opportunity for them to get creative. Whether it be creative with ornate artistic work or just a place to put their favorite quote, there are so many wonderful choices. With many women sharing their creative imagery on social media, tattoos are a great option in helping them embrace these special areas of their body in an artistic way.

15 Beyonce


Queen B has done it again. With this woman doing no wrong, she has shaken up the internet with the pregnancy announcement of her twins. The image of the pop singer was the most liked image of 2017 and there is no denying why. Covered in a sheer veil, surrounded by an army of florals while Beyonce holds her growing bump. With this beautiful maternity photo, Beyonce shares with the world her ‘love and happiness’ that she is expecting twins. Full of confidence, this image shared with the world has given other women the confidence to share and even replicate this beautiful image. Trending on and off the stage, Beyonce is a power woman leading the way to strong women, pregnant or not.

14 Kylie Jenner: Not Sharing Your Pregnancy Until Baby Is Born


On the other side of the spectrum, we have one woman that broke the internet by not sharing her pregnancy on social media. Although some speculated, the world was not made aware that Kylie Jenner was pregnant until she announced the arrival of her baby girl Stormi. For a celebrity who shares her whole world on social media, this was a surprise move from the social media queen, however, it definitely shook the world and made it go into a frenzy. With her 124 million followers, Jenner shook the internet with her first image of Stormi reaching over 18 million likes. Now that's what you call ‘breaking the internet’.

13 Labor Pains For Men


Men are now lucky enough to feel and share the same pain women go through when they are in labor. Thanks to a labor stimulator, men too can feel all those labor pains by getting attached to the stimulator enduring short buzzes. With many sharing their experiences on youtube, these videos really do raise the question, can a man withstand the pain of childbirth? Not sure if you would watch these videos for pleasure or sympathy, but they are definitely breaking the internet. Who would have thought that thanks to science men can also endure a similar pain the women go through?!

12 Placenta Power

via:The Mirror

Ever thought of keeping your placenta after the birth of your baby? One of the most interesting trends breaking the internet is using the placenta as a superfood supplement. With many new moms requesting their midwives to grind the placenta which can then be used to sprinkle over food or taken as a pill form, it is becoming a growing trend. But why are mom’s choosing to do this? According to Living and Loving, mom’s are hoping that this can relieve postnatal stress thanks to the vitamins, minerals, and hormones it contains. This may not be your cup of tea, however many are taking this trend to the next level.

11 Sonogram Keepsakes


Seeing your baby in an ultrasound can begin to make your pregnancy feel more real. This is a special moment when you will see your baby for the first time and also give you a chance to connect with them. Parents are usually given an image of the ultrasound, however many are making their images last longer by turning them into a keepsake. Whilst some keep their sonogram in a picture frame, others are getting more creative by creating an embroidered keepsake. Using an image of the ultrasound, the image is embroidered on a piece of material, this creative trend will give your image life forever. Gaining huge attention around the world, there is no denying why this trend is breaking the internet.

10 Reborn Dolls


Looking so real, especially when placed in a bassinet or in a person’s arms, it is easy to mistake a reborn doll for a real baby. With images I have seen on social media, I certainly thought these dolls were real! Made from vinyl, reborn dolls are breaking the internet all around the world. But why are they so popular? According to melaniekathrynreborns.com, scientists link ‘a release of oxytocin, a “feel-good” chemical in the human body, to holding and hugging an infant or a small child. Some professionals even believe holding and cuddling reborn dolls – or any doll that has a realistic feel – might be healing to the body and/or mind, as witnessed by this interesting study with Alzheimer’s patients'. With so many positive reasons to have one, we can definitely see why they are trending.

9 Stylish Nurseries


A nursery is more than just a place for a baby to sleep, and many parents to be are taking it one step further making it a beautiful place full of decor and style. From Scandinavian decor to oversized flower mural walls, parents are going wild with their styling. One popular nursery item is the nursery canopy. Elegant and luxurious, these beautiful creations have been a hit trending all over social media. Perfect for a little boy or girl’s room, there are a variety of colors to suit the needs of your nursery. With so many social media platforms to show off the stunning decor of your baby’s nursery, parents are going all out, and these nursery images are definitely breaking the internet.

8 Delayed Clamping

via:HuffPost Canada

Putting the cord quickly after the birth of a newborn seems to be a thing of the past. Parents are opting for delayed cutting of the umbilical cord for more reasons than just a trend. Known as ‘delayed clamping’, this is performed 25 seconds to 5 minutes after giving birth. According to the APA, ‘DCC allows more [nutrients] to transfer from the placenta to the baby, sometimes increasing the child’s [fluid] volume by up to a third’. With many health benefits for your newborn, there is no wonder why this pregnancy trend is breaking the internet. Mom’s to be will always want to give their newborn the best start in life.

7 Normalizing Nursing: Milk On the Runway

via:Kensington Mums

Mara Martin is not only a supermodel, but she can also put on her resume ‘super mom’. Martin broke the internet, making way for a new trend when she chose to take an extra accessory on the catwalk. Not only did she sport a gorgeous gold bikini five months after birth, Martin decided to breastfeed her daughter Aria while making her runway appearance. However, this was not planned. Aria was still feeding when Martin's turn approached to walk the catwalk, so she decided to keep feeding her. Martin told Harpers Bazaar,"Breastfeeding is a natural thing and has become such a normal part of my daily life the past five months that I didn’t really think of anything of it when I decided to walk out.”

6 Mirror Selfies


With selfies breaking the internet several years ago, we now have the pregnancy mirror selfie-taking its place as one of the latest trends. With social media a platform to show off a mom to be’s growing bump, it definitely isn’t easy taking a full selfie with your growing baby, hence the mirror has helped make it easier. Not only showing off your pregnancy the mirror selfie also helps show off your pregnancy style. With just a few simple tips such as taking the selfie on an angle to avoid obstruction of your belly bump or outfit, anyone can nail the mirror selfie! Whether you are at home or in an elevator, these can be taken anywhere and you can definitely be as creative as you like.

5 Proud Postpartum


With many women showing off their baby bumps on social media, there is a new trend breaking the internet. New moms are now taking images of their postpartum bodies and sharing them with the world. Women are embracing their bodies after birth showing off any imperfections such as scars, stretch marks, and rounder figures. Embracing their beautiful body and the wonderful changes it goes through along with bringing a new baby or babies into the world, this is definitely a beautiful trend breaking the internet. One of my favorite images is of a mother with her newborn lying on her stomach with her c-section scar visible. These images are also growing in popularity as they are not only raw but show the reality of c-section scars and that it is just as special as a natural birth.

4 Stylish Pregnancy


Gone are the days of unfashionable maternity wear. Now fashion labels are honing in on the multi-million dollar industry, creating clothes stylish for the bump and making mom’s to be feeling glamorous. With social media taking over the world, we are continuously seeing images of pregnant women, hence it is important for them to look good in their posts. Social media has been a platform where pregnancy fashion is taking over and it is showing to the world that looking good and feeling good is also possible when you are carrying a little bub in your stomach. With so many wonderful styles to suit, whether you are pregnant or not, fashion is a language that the whole world can speak.

3 Milk Baths

via:Miss Lyss Photography

Silhouette to underwater maternity shoots, there is a new fad breaking the internet and our social media feeds. Who would have thought that filling your bathtub with milk and flower petals would be the ingredients to the latest social media trend?! Wearing a beautiful sheer outfit or wrapped in material, moms-to-be are reclining in a milk bath accentuating their bump. Since its rise to fame, maternity milk bath photo shoots have been one of the most requested styles of shoot. Compared to traditional photo shoots, milk baths are definitely a trend that is pushing the maternity boundaries. Whether you decide to get this done professionally or do it at home with the help of family or friends, this is a beautiful and feminine way to depict that special time of your life.

2 Exercising Until Due Date


Healthy eating and fitness have paved its way throughout the 21st century. Living in an era where fitness and health are extremely important, mom to be’s are also taking care of these attributes during their pregnancy. From going to the gym, doing classes such as yoga and pilates, there is no sign of this trend slowing down anytime soon. There are definitely certain exercises should be avoided during pregnancy, hence it is important to always seek professional advice from an obstetrician and a fitness instructor who specializes in pregnancy fitness. With this trend breaking the internet, mom to be’s love showing off their fitness images on social media.

1 Baby Headbands


One of the most popular accessories on our newborn girls that have graced our social media is the adorable headband. Floral, stripes and bright colors, the options of these adorable accessories are endless. From oversized to little petite styles, headbands are the latest baby trend hitting our social media feeds. We can’t help fall in love with these gorgeous accessories and not to mention the beautiful baby girls that are wearing them. With this being a global trend, you will have no issue finding a headband online or at your closest fashion store. Who knows, they may even have one in your size!!

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